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This is a commercial hot poolA.C. Baths

Taupo Region
Cnr Spa Road and A.C. Baths Avenue, Taupo

Phone: (07) 376 0350

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A.C. Baths Avenue, Taupo

Email: info@taupo.govt.nz

Official Website: www.taupodc.govt.nz/our-services/Leisure-and-Recreation/swimming-pools/AC-baths/Pages/ac-baths.aspx

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Nestled into a quiet valley, AC Baths is the perfect location to soak away your cares. Hot private geothermal mineral pools are self contained with their own garden setting, shower and change area. Temperatures range from 39 to 42 degrees and are perfect to keep you warm and eliminate any aches and pains. Complemented by a sauna and steam rooms plus a huge indoor and outdoor leisure pool at a warm temperature of 35 degrees if you want to swim around and stretch out. AC Baths is a swimming complex the whole family can enjoy.


Located just 4 minutes from the Taupo town centre, AC Baths sits alongside the Taupo Events Centre. (Follow sign post from Woolworths roundabout on SH1, go up Spa Road to you reach AC Baths Avenue and then turn right)

Interactive Map

Map showing location of A.C. Baths.

Use the controls on the map to zoom in and out.


  • Huge Indoor/Outdoor Thermally Heated Leisure Pool
  • Sauna & Steam Rooms
  • Two (2) 25m Training Lap Pools
  • Private Geothermal Mineral Pools
  • Two (2) Hydroslides
  • Splashes Cafe on Site
  • Security Lockers for Valuables
  • Ample Free Parking

  • Watch Video

    14 Bather Reviews

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    1. A.C. baths is easily the best pools of been to. The price is good and the pool layouts are perfect, you don't have to walk to far to get to whatever pool you want to go to and the pool temperatures are just perfect. So going there again the next time i'm in taupo.

      Ross - Auckland/NZ    
      Rating: 10/10   4th August 2014
    2. I enjoyed a bathe in a private pool early on a frosty morning. The water temperature was nice and hot and I enjoyed the privacy and the view into a little garden. The facilities are a little careworn, but clean. I paid $10 for a half hour and would have liked to stay in the water longer. Did not try the bigger pools but there is plenty of variety. Because I am reasonably disabled awaiting a knee replacement, I appreciated the easy access steps and handrail into the pool, something which is lacking in a lot of hot springs/pools I visited.

      Jane West - Australia    
      Rating: 7/10   28th May 2014
    3. really really really really really really really COOL!

      eva - new zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   5th October 2010
    4. Perfect place for Family .......Extremly economical......well maintained .includes indoor and outdoor hot pools, very spacious , lots opf fun for kids. AMUST VIST PLACE IN TAUPO

      sweety - NZ    
      Rating: 9/10   4th October 2010
    5. great place to go really enjoy the sauna there, staff a good value the place is clean and is a relaxing time out.

      Colin - New Plymouth    
      Rating: 8/10   17th July 2010
    6. it woz awesome i love i heart NZ!!!!

      abby vartan - pomona qld    
      Rating: 10/10   3rd June 2008
    7. Pretty good...Liked the indoor - outdoor flow. Staff were good. Price was fantastic, Usually hotpools charge alot more for the priviledge. If they needed ideas for the future, a hotter - public pool wouldnt go amiss, but yeah, theyre a great place to go, if youre thinking of going there, you should. Staff are great too...

      Matt - Palmerston North    
      Rating: 8/10   12th May 2008
    8. diego - taupo    
      Rating: 2/10   9th April 2008
    9. Brilliant facility! We had a great time, the slides were great but the thermal private pools - beautiful & relaxing. Keep it up..

      Ginny Bryce - New Zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   24th February 2008
    10. this pool is great real cheap well worth the travelling great slides i think you need to update the changing rooms and heat them freezing in there and more little single cubbies to get changed in not cool geting changed in front of a whole pile of strangers

      danielle de rider - foxton beach    
      Rating: 9/10   27th September 2007
    11. i think ac baths is the best swimming place have ever been to because my dad werks there his name is john waru

      Angel waru - Rotorua / New zeland    
      Rating: 8/10   16th April 2007
    12. Fantastic facilty that we use most times we are in Taupo. Friendly staff who go the extra mile to be helpful.

      Julie Vickers - Cambridge    
      27th December 2006
    13. Outside pools fantastic BUT hey when are private pools going to be available again please!!! Great staff at front counter.

      Owen Perry - Masterton    
      Rating: 9/10   6th August 2006
    14. Well, I prefer the rugged, older styled pools and usually steer away from the commercially developed ones like this now is. But, if its winter and not school holidays etc., its a good soak.

      Denise Moffitt - Auckland    
      11th August 2005

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