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This is a commercial hot poolMount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools

Bay of Plenty Region
Adams Avenue, Mount Maunganui

Phone: (07) 577 8551

**Please mention when you call**

Adams Avenue, Mount Maunganui

Official Website:

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Provided by Mount Hot Pools


For centuries, the ocean has healed and re-energised us...the benefits of warmed seawater include its ability to rebalance and detoxify our bodies.

Salt water bathing is believed to improve mobility by easing muscle and joint inflammation, and general aches and pains.

Today, those healing properties remain, and it's all right here beneath the majesty of Mauao, Mount Maunganui.

Open Monday - Saturday 6.00am - 10.00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays 8.00am - 10.00pm

You can get cold drinks, hot coffee, enjoy a massage, or come to an aqua aerobics class - there are plenty of things to do at the Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools, located at the base of the Mount. [Rachel Bauer]


When you are in Tauranga you can see the mountain (Mt Maunganui) from just about anywhere. The pools are right at the base at the end of Maunganui Road. Just head towards the base and the pools are at the little roundabout on Adams Avenue. [Rachel Bauer]

Interactive Map

Map showing location of Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools.

Use the controls on the map to zoom in and out.


  • 2 outdoor spas (37.5 – 39.5)
  • 3 Private spas (38 – 39.5)
  • Toddlers pool with Slide (31 – 33)
  • Relax in the sit and soak pool with massage jets (37 – 39)
  • 22m activity pool (32 -34)
  • Onsite Massage Therapist
  • Disability Access including a Hoist and Water Wheel Chair

  • My Experience

    The Mount hot pools are great but they sure get overcrowded at times! Bring a water bottle to put on the side because the salt water really makes you parched. Three essential experiences when visiting the Mount: a walk on the beach, a Copenhagen cone and a swim at the hot pools.

    87 Bather Reviews

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    1. Closed for maintenance Monday 3 November to Friday 28 November. Re-opens Saturday 29 November 2014

      Sheldon Nesdale -    
      23rd September 2014
    2. Pools were great, various temps which allowed warming up and cooling down. Friendly staff very clean areas including change rooms, toilets etc. We will be back

      Balks Family - Te Awamutu New Zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   6th May 2014
    3. We decided to give it a go as its only up the road but we were a bit dubious as it has mixed ratings well we we were greeted by a very pleasant lady who was most helpfull, and we found the pools lovely the first we treid was really hot and had lovely shaded areas out of the sun the massage jets were good and strong the next pool we tried was cooler but still had enough warmth not to be a shock i walked round and tried the temp in the small was good to we spent a very pleasant 2hrs plus in the private showers the water was tepid and was fine after the heat of the pools cooled me down without freezing me. We have our local resident card now and are plannig to be regulars

      Louise - Papamoa    
      Rating: 9/10   28th February 2014
    4. Best value for money totally amazing experience able to fully relax in hot water

      Dave - Australia    
      Rating: 9/10   25th February 2014
    5. I hope you sort it out before i visit. I remember going to the hot pools eight years ago and having really enjoyable experiences but it sounds as though you have dropped the temp and your customer service standards!? Reading these reviews is almost enough to put me off but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt

      Tyler White - Australia    
      Rating: 7/10   19th February 2014
    6. URGENT __ YOUR URGENT attention is required . Last night we visited 18/12 && NO HOT SHOWERS &&&& NO EFPOS -- this must have corrected TODAY a fantastic facility marred by these aspects

      Robert Clark - Mt Maunganui    
      Rating: 2/10   19th December 2013
    7. Hi Guys,I am bringing two of our staff to NZ, staying at the motor camp. I do hope those disgruntel vistors requests from staff would be sorted. The last time I was there it was great so I wont be disappointed?????

      warwick peterson - australia Brisbane    
      Rating: 10/10   14th November 2013
    8. Water was lovely and warm. Plenty of space. Change rooms and toilets were clean and dry! All areas well looked after. 2 lifeguards on duty, with more when a large children group arrived. We will be back!

      Krystal - Auckland NZ    
      Rating: 8/10   13th October 2013
    9. NEEDS TO BE HOTTER!!!!!

      Aaron - Tauranga    
      Rating: 3/10   21st September 2013
    10. I remember going here when I was a child used to be a good experience but the older I have got over the years has somewhat changed my views the water temp has been much colder cold showers and rude staff

      Jessica - Tauranga    
      Rating: 3/10   2nd September 2013
    11. today we traveled to your pools for a soak and were surprised they were not very warm. In fact we wonder why we traveled so far and were not told when we paid our entry fee for two seniors that the pools were not up to standard advertised and as we have previously found very good.

      noel nicholls - hamilton    
      27th August 2013
    12. My family and I visited the pools on Saturday while holidaying at the Mt for the weekend. My husband is in a wheelchair, and I thought (based on what is written on your website) that he would get in free. When I asked about this, the girl at the desk didn't know what I was talking about, so spoke to, who I assume was a supervisor/manager. He was very rude when I asked him about it and stated 'no one gets in free!' I mentioned what I had read on the website, and he then acknowledged that there were circumstances where you could get in free with a disability and very rudely said that we had to apply for this and it involved more than just turning up and needing a carer to be with you. The fact we had to pay for my husband was fine, but the rudeness of this staff member was not! I didn't get his name, but he was there on Saturday morning, and I think he was in charge that day. I was not impressed at all with the way we were talked to which put an instant downer on the morning. All other staff members were polite and friendly, bar this one guy. The facilities were clean, and the range of temperatures for the pools was great. We ended up having a fun morning. However, when getting changed, the showers were cold! Skipping the shower normally wouldn't bother me, but with the pools being salt water, we really did need to rinse the salt off, but I couldn't put my kids into cold showers during winter, so we just had to get changed and have showers when we got back to our accommodation. I was meant to mention this to staff as we were leaving, but I completely forgot. I think you need to put up more information on your website regarding the free entry for disabled people as the wording is quite deceiving! Our visit overall was a mixed bag! The actual pool facilities were great, but I cannot get past the rudeness of this staff member!

      Chantelle Williams - Rotorua    
      Rating: 6/10   26th August 2013
    13. @Mike. Good Afternoon Michael, I would like to apologise for your unpleasant visit. The Mount Hot Pools are ultimately owned by the city and therefore the ratepayers. To thank locals for their support, we offer local residents a discounted rate, however some form of local ID is required whether it be a letter with your address, Library card or TECT card. We have over 200,000 visitors per year and unfortunately we cannot take everyone’s word as we often have a number of non residents attempting to get the discounted rate. We don’t believe this is “penalising” locals but a fair and simple way to determine who is a resident. Once we have viewed one form of ID we can issue you with one of our Hot pools local ID cards. On your next visit, if you would also like to bring in your local ID and your receipt from this weekends swim, we will be more than happy to refund the difference, as we do this with all locals who bring receipts back with proof of residency. In regards to the lifeguard referring you to the shower to flush your eyes out. We do have an eye wash that we use for chemical spills however stinging eyes from the salt does occur often and it is common practice for the staff to recommend customers rinse them under the tap or shower. Thank You for your feedback and we hope to see you back soon. Regards Kent (Centre Manager)

      16th July 2013
    14. I love these pools but had a really poor experience this weekend. As a local ratepayer not having any utility bill on me I paid $26 for myself and my 2 sons to go to our local pool. the girl at the front counter was not interested after I was unable to produce any local authentication. My so and I did something silly we swam the length of the pool under water. Yes we opened our eyes and yes they were stinging. I asked the lifeguard for first aide. Did not expect her to say just wash them out under the shower. I would have thought that they would carry a bottle of fresh water to assist? anyway off to teh shower and find after hitter the button that I now have hotter water coming out of teh shower so off to teh basin same again. Getting relly peeved by now. I would expect that if I requested first aide I would get more then a fob off. Also why does th epool penalise locals without ID please take our word for it. Is the price a deterent to visitors? pretty expensive if you camp there for a week and have to fork out money to that level?? Like I said I love the pools but a more proactive approach would be nice

      Rating: 4/10   15th July 2013
    15. My husband and I visited the hot pools last night for the first time in a number of years. I have to say I was disappointed at the warmth of the pools, the two small pools and the larger one all seemed to be the same temperature which was not quite warm enough. On our last visit there were three small pools which I remember to be way warmer than the main pool. We sat in the smallest pool which seemed to be the hottest and lots of people that came in were also looking for something warmer. We were also disappointed to see all the water jets in the big pool had gone. Also the service on reception was very poor, the girl 'serving' us seemed more interested in her conversation with her work mate than serving us. The complex did seem clean which was good to see. If the pools were at their normal temperature I doubt we will visit again.

      Pam - Tauranga    
      12th May 2013
    16. My wife and I just spent a week in Tauranga on holiday and the hot pools were an attraction we wanted to visit before going home. I'm so glad we took the time to go. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the facilities were nothing short of awesome. We will definately return and bring friends with us.

      Brett - Hamilton    
      Rating: 10/10   4th May 2013
    17. Visited Friday night for the first time since the recent upgrade works had been completed. Facility was clean, staff were friendly an the warm/passive pool temp was perfect. Enjoyed the new jets as well!! Highly recommended.

      john - abrahamson    
      Rating: 10/10   10th March 2013
    18. As a frequent user of the pools for many years the recent improvements to the decor (and screens cutting out the wind tunnel) have made it most attractive. Have travelled extensively and cruise ship passengers and locals alike have a facility here which is unique, attractive, and one of the Bay's true icons. Don't commercialise it to the extent that you destroy its unique character

      Warwick Braithwaite - Tauranga    
      Rating: 10/10   13th February 2013
    19. @Lizzy. Hi Lizzy. We sincerely apologise for you having to pay for your under one child. Under two is free entry at our pools so I expect it must have been a miss understanding with the reception team. We will contact you to find out how this has happened and rectify asap. Regards

      3rd January 2013
    20. i think the prices are disgusting i dont see why we have to pay for under 1s.

      Lizzy - Tauranga    
      Rating: 4/10   2nd January 2013
    21. im not sure why they were closed for so long as they have gotten worse not better. The pools were luke warm even the hottest of the pools. When i questioned the staff about it, they said this was the normal temperature much to my dissapointment i doubt i will be returning. Such a shame they used to be really good

      stacey - nz    
      Rating: 5/10   26th September 2012
    22. @Chris. Thanks for your feedback Chris. We are really sorry to hear your experience was not an enjoyable one. We do our very best to ensure our front line staff are friendly and welcoming to all customers. We will be addressing this with the staff member on at the time and also holding additional customer service training for all front line staff. The changing ammenities are not the best currently and we do apologise for this but the only other option was to close the facility so we felt this was the better option for our customers. The contractors are doing their very best to finish as quickly as possible. In recent years our hot water bore consent levels have decreased. This has meant we are having to use less hot water to try and heat the pools and unfortunately, on the really windy, cold days, the system can sometimes struggle to keep up. We are currently working through the process to have the consent updated and espect next winter to be much better. once again, apologies for your experience and we do hope you will visit again some time.

      20th July 2012
    23. Incredibly disappointed, basic facilities unavailable. Arrived on a cold, wet and windy July looking forward to a nice long hot soak. Firstly, the reception staff almost seemed inconvenienced by the arrival of customers, which wasn’t the warmest of welcomes. Secondly, during the renovations there are no male changing facilities available. Tucked at the back of the complex was a dirty portable toilet block with no heating or lighting. Outside was a small wooden bench and a singular strip of Astroturf, and that was the extent of the male facilities, certainly not an acceptable temporary solution. One of the pools was surrounded by junk, chairs and other builders materials. So completely unavailable, yet this wasn’t explained nor was the price reduced to reflect availability. Most of the lockers were battered and faulty, hopefully this will be rectified during the ‘refurbishment’. None of the pools were particularly warm, in fact most could only be described as tepid. We took friend from overseas to visit and found ourselves apologising and left feeling toughly disappointed. Refurbishment is most welcome, however, the price should reflect the absence of essential facilities. Much better hot pool options are available.

      Chris - New Zealand    
      Rating: 1/10   17th July 2012
    24. Loved our first day at Mt Mounganui hot pools and will go back more often. Kids were dissapointed when we had to go home. Guards were on alert at all times especialy with the kiddy pool. Only thing that i didnt like there is only one family/disable in a changing room so had to take my kids (4-6yr boys) in womens bathroom. Besides that was a very good experience and great customer service.

      Priscilla - Tga    
      Rating: 8/10   14th July 2012
    25. people complain too much, you're not meant to go underwater and open your eyes. wear some goggles if you hate salt and chlorine pools that much!? i have been going to these hot pools for so long and i love it so get the hell over it!

      Renee - Mount Maunganui Local    
      Rating: 10/10   29th May 2012
    26. Great pools. been going there 20 years.

      28th March 2012
    27. Nice selection of pools, but way too salty. Salt irritates nose, mouth and eyes. Another family next too us was remarking that it was irritating also.

      Rating: 4/10   7th February 2012
    28. perfect temp the salt just makes my eyes sore!!

      chelsey - palmerston north-new zealand    
      Rating: 9/10   1st October 2011
    29. Mount hot pools just reopened and we thought it would be a big revamp, but just plumbing by the looks. Also none of the cracked tiles, esp in the baby pool, have been replaced! We've already had an incident of a cut foot! Maybe there is more going to happen but I think it is now worse, if you have kids anyway. Loads of the benches to sit and watch the kids are gone, shade sail is gone and that was a great one for the glare, sun or rain. Family shower is ice cold, so no washing off the very strong salt or chlorine, whatever it is. This was a great place to take the Family but in the future back to Fernland Spa

      Dean - Papamoa    
      Rating: 6/10   24th September 2011
    30. After being closed for 3.5 months for repairs, the Mount Hot Pools reopened this morning: Wed 21 September 2011

      Sheldon Nesdale -    
      21st September 2011
    31. VERY dissapionted now, i have been waiting since July to go back to the hot pools and couldnt wait till this month (sept) to go, and now seeing that it is closed untill now december!! Are they ever going to be open again?!?! I am guessing there are alot of dissapointed people out there as these hot pools are amazing for a nice relaxing time away, where the kids can go off and play and the parents can just relax. But thanks to Fernland spa that we found on Cambridge Road, for an amazing relaxing time we had there, will definatly go there again :)

      Ashleigh Mills    
      Rating: 8/10   3rd September 2011
    32. Dissapointed once again. Very fond memories as a child and wanted to share this with my children. Checked the website for pricing and drove on a horrible day (perfect for hotpools) from Hamilton to the Mt. Let the kids get wet and cold at the beach then walked to the pools. Sorry closed until further notice. I'm gutted. But found that Fernland spa on Cambridge Rd. was cheaper and on the way home. Thanks Fernland.

      Chris Williams - Hamilton    
      7th June 2011
    33. don't mind the drive over to such lovely hot pools but just wondering why it was not open when we arrived on the 5th of june. Very disappointed after driving over just for this reason. I noticed your hours yet no saying about not being open on this day.

      mrs stanley - hamilton    
      Rating: 9/10   6th June 2011
    34. We love the Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools. We use them pretty regularly in the early mornings and swim our 20 laps. We would love to have the temperature kept at 33 or 34 + degrees - sometimes it gets quite cool. This and hot showers would mean we could use the facility for longer into winter. The showers, particularly the womens', are usually cool to almost cold and only very occasionally really warm. But we don't need a huge upscaling of the pools. Little things like new stainless steel handbasins and some cleaning up wouldn't cost a lot, but a Maori Culture Centre and bigger pools and other large expenditure items would probably not make the pools any more attractive, and may make the entry price increase, which obviously we would not like to see. At present they are an affordable, value-for-money, enjoyable outing and means of exercise, and one of the reasons we live in the area.

      Colin & June Webb - Papamoa, Tauranga    
      6th June 2011
    35. Nah! Those $80 board shorts must have been made cheap in China! Have taken our kids here for years and never had a problem. It's salty but guess what - so is the sea!

      Peter - New Zealand    
      Rating: 8/10   27th May 2011
    36. Life long users - no more! Totally over-chlorinated, must be a health hazard to take the colour out of our $80.00 board shorts and gave us itchy, red skin!

      David & Koen - Australia    
      Rating: 1/10   25th April 2011
    37. it was very good and i enjoyed myself

      Samantha - Tauranga, New Zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   20th April 2011
    38. I really miss having these pools only a short drive away. If you are in the Bay this is a must visit>

      Deborah - Australia    
      Rating: 10/10   29th December 2010
    39. lool..i avent been home in ages so they beta not be over chlorinated other wise im going crack the shets @ ya's & they best be clean too..!!..because thats how I remember them to be..:)..soo carnt wait to jump in that pool..!!..

      parehuia - australia    
      16th June 2010
    40. these pools are over chlorinated the private spas are like troughs. Heaps of people complain of how itchy the over chlorinated pools make them feel

      14th May 2010
    41. these hot pools are awesome and have such good massage therapists, my husband and i went for a soak then had a massage at the same time, went back again 3x in one week for more swims and massages. The therapists were not all airy fairy,knew what they were doing and got stuck into our knots. very very impressed

      Janet Boulton - Sydney,Australia    
      Rating: 10/10   12th April 2010
    42. My wife and I visited Tauranga last summer and had a wonderful relaxing afternoon at the hot pools

      douglas knape - Glasgow Scotland    
      Rating: 9/10   29th March 2010
    43. Our 2nd visit to this great pool. No complaints about anything. General area was clean and the pools where perfect. Keep up the good work

      Kevin Swain - Auckland    
      Rating: 8/10   17th February 2010
    44. It was great! The pools were so relaxing. I went there with my sister and my mom too. I only suggest making the water a tad hotter. In my opinion though.

      Alicia - Hamilton    
      Rating: 10/10   16th January 2010
    45. annual trip for me to relax, great pool to jump in after swimming in the ocean

      gogo - hamilton    
      Rating: 10/10   13th December 2009
    46. Super

      james - New zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   15th November 2009
    47. Nathana Smith - New Zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   26th October 2009
    48. Ashleigh Porima - New Zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   12th October 2009
    49. awesome

      wats it 2 ya - bla bla bla    
      Rating: 10/10   20th August 2009
    50. Amazing and therapudic, I wish I could teleport back It's a fond memory of my visit to New Zealand.

      Greg - Montreal Canada    
      Rating: 8/10   5th August 2009
    51. I really hope us locals can still get in for a local price when they get up graded.

      21st July 2009
    52. We are going to some of the other local places this time. They are always great to go to but now with a family they are way too expensive, crowded and the salt water hurts the eyes a bit. Maybe the cost helps the crowd control lol!

      taranaki tribe - New Zealand    
      Rating: 8/10   1st July 2009
    53. A very relaxing experience coming from the cold climes of the UK, we would certainly visit again! The schools had just gone back so lovely and quiet. Only one complaint - the areas surrounding the pools we found a little painful to walk on but otherwise excellent!

      Doyle Family - Yorkshire UK    
      Rating: 8/10   27th February 2009
    54. when i had finished my netball tournament our team came here there were lots of people but it was controlled though so i thought that was great.

      Lydia J    
      Rating: 10/10   8th January 2009
    55. Fantastic place to relax and soak in the hot salt water. Experienced a great massage after my swim as well.

      Rating: 10/10   23rd August 2008
    56. its nice and fun 2 go there but its very dear

      Ellie - BOP    
      Rating: 5/10   5th April 2008
    57. price $9 per adult or $5 if you stay at camp ground. times, open till ten at night.

      stacy watkins - feilding    
      Rating: 9/10   31st March 2008
    58. went to pools over easter, go their every time we are up their.yea price has gone up,but if you stay at camp ground you pay local price.they are going to spend big money on doing up pools so maybe thats why price has gone up.

      stacy watkins - feilding    
      Rating: 10/10   30th March 2008
    59. I am not impressed with the phone not being answered so I can find out a simple question - how much does it cost to get in to the pools?? Opening hours is good but no price???

      Cath - NZ    
      Rating: 1/10   30th March 2008
    60. What is the justification for the shocking cost of swimming in the pools. A family cant afford to go there anymore.

      Leanne - Tauranga    
      Rating: 6/10   13th March 2008
    61. to dear and saltey

      brendon - nz/mount    
      Rating: 2/10   4th December 2007
    62. its way to dear

      gangster - mount    
      Rating: 1/10   4th December 2007
    63. Loved these pools in 1998 when my husband and I started going at $2.50 a visit, not quite so in love now that it costs $9 and nothing has changed in 10 years. We would rather go somewhere that is doing something to earn the money. Shame though.

      Loral Morrison    
      Rating: 6/10   18th October 2007
    64. I will be going with a school John Paul College and I hope it will be nice and relaxing after having kids around for a whole week so look out Hot Pools a tired Lady will be coming your way!

      Tegan - Rotorua    
      16th October 2007
    65. Nice pools but the price has gone up AGAIN to $9 for one adult.. this is starting to get rather pricey considering what is on offer and that locals can enter at $5.

      SV - NZ    
      Rating: 8/10   6th October 2007
    66. The best pools in the world

      Lorraine Dobson - Rotorua    
      Rating: 10/10   11th September 2007
    67. this is really cool,awesome keep going

      khanyiza - south africa    
      Rating: 9/10   2nd September 2007
    68. I would have to sya these are definitly on my good list. They are relaxing but I don't like the salt hurting my eyes.

      Kendra - Tauranga    
      Rating: 7/10   19th May 2007
    69. Went to these fairly recently and had a great time. Yes, take a waterbottle because the salt can dehydrate you and remember not to shave your legs before you go! Waited 10 minutes before the salt stopped stinging hahaha! But had a lovely time. Will definitely be back...WITH HAIRY LEGS! :P

      Kym - Te Aroha    
      14th May 2007
    70. Go The Hot Pools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mitchell - Hamilton    
      Rating: 10/10   6th May 2007
    71. A hot pool we just keep going back to again and again. It's a must for your day at the mount especially if it's cold. Suitable for all ages and constantly hot water. Charges have gone up though now $7.00 per adult from $5.00. Recommend a visit if your in the area.

      graham - hamilton n.z    
      Rating: 8/10   15th April 2007
    72. Show de bola! Depois de alguns dias ralando nas fazendas de kiwi vale a pena ir lá para dar uma relaxada!

      Lincoln Moro - Curitiba/Brasil    
      Rating: 8/10   13th April 2007
    73. What a fantastic establishment we absolutely loved it especially my little girl (19 months) the padling pool even had a slide which she absolutly loved. Our group comprised of 8 adults, 5 teens and one todler, we even had my elderly mum with us as well who absolutely loved it - it helped with her aching joints. The wonderful staff were helpful & friendly, The facilities were fantastic and clean, we cannot recommend this place even more. We will definitely be back. It was a long day trip from Auckland - especially with such a young child - so next time we might stay a night in Mt Maunganui.

      Rufus, Elena & Aarian - Auckland, NZ    
      Rating: 8/10   4th March 2007
    74. The pools are great. It's so nice to see that while th rest of The Mount has become exploited and developed the Pools have stayed essentially the same. I am ex pat kiwi but fortunately Mum and Dad still live at Papamoa so I get there every year. A walk up the Mount (alt 232m) is a must do. The view up there is breathtaking. The only negative about the pools is the proudly displayed difference between the cost for residents of the area and visitors. If you are local and can prove it (Drivers license etc) your swim costs less. Now obviously this is partly due to a ratepayers discount but the fact that visitors are paying more is kinda offensive. (Resident family 2 adults and 2 kids = $10.00 while visting family =$20.00)

      Geoff - Victoria Australia    
      Rating: 8/10   22nd January 2007
    75. These pools are great for bathing in no matter what kind of weather consumes BOP as there is a pool with a temperature to suit everybody with the just over luke warm pool then the perfect hot pool with a sial so if your there during the day you don't get sun burnt! Great kids pool with a simple but fun slide that children are always enjoying :) The atmosphere is lovely to with dim lights and the beautiful mountain as a back drop. Always alert lifesavers.Well worth it!

      Local Bather - BOP    
      Rating: 10/10   29th October 2006
    76. i was there in 1982 en it was very very good in de salt warm water with mn girl friend she was gumming out new zealand greating out holland

      wils - holland    
      Rating: 9/10   8th September 2006
    77. anonymous    
      Rating: 10/10   3rd September 2006
    78. I remember going here when I was little with my mum, dad, two brothers and two sisters. It was really cool although one time I slipped a step but a blonde stranger saved me! My sister nearly drowned aswell but my dad and 'pool-workers' (don't know what you're called, sorry!(: ) saved her. She got chocolates! I didn't, no fair. Well thanks, this was like 8-10years ago, it was good then and probably now. I soooo have to go back. I used to live in Mt. Maunganui.

      Dyani - WGTN, NZ    
      Rating: 10/10   1st September 2006
    79. used the hot pools on our last visit to NZ, we found the complex to be of a good standard at a reasonable cost, and the best place to be when it is raining. Will be there again next February.

      Ted & Chris Rowley - bromsgrove, England    
      Rating: 8/10   28th August 2006
    80. i grew up in the mount and the pools were always neat and clean... every one there was friendly and there was always lifeguards watching everyone and no one ever ended up getting hurt while i was living there... i recomend the mount hotpools as they are safe and very where you look is happy faces

      bumble - paeroa    
      Rating: 10/10   9th July 2006
    81. On Saturday the main pool was closed for a while due to "something" in the water. So everyone was packed into the other pools. Of course we were still charged full price. I was very dissappointed that the change rooms were very unclean and smelly.

      Jodi - Hamilton    
      18th April 2006
    82. It's where i grew up. Every friday night and sunday after nippers.. without fail - trying to not get kicked out because we were too rowdy and annoyed the tourists!! the best hot pools ever - at least they don't stink like sulphur!!

      Ariana Heemi - Brisbane, Australia    
      Rating: 10/10   9th April 2006
    83. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! is all i can say! Went on a class trip wth Paeroa Central School Rm3 2006 Friday March 17th there were lifeguards everywhere! the whole thing we are definetly coming back here! The price for such an awesome place Hey what more could you want. I urge anyone to check this place out! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

      Ward Whanau - Paeroa New Zealand    
      Rating: 10/10   21st March 2006
    84. I really enjoy going to the hot pools at night because it is really relaxing. Every time I visit the Mount I go to the hot pools.

      Sarah - Feilding New Zealand    
      Rating: 9/10   15th March 2006
    85. Lovely complex, well maintained, reasonable cost. Dont go there during the school holidays, thousands of screaming kids. Handy to camping ground. Kirky

      M and C Kirk - Devonport    
      Rating: 8/10   12th August 2005
    86. Commercial and busy but still one of the great places in New Zealand. Social but friendly, warm to hot water, the great stress-busting hoses and its all clean, well organised, and efficient - this place still rocks! A cold surf, a hot soak and an orange milkshake! Memories are made of this!

      Murray Steward - UK    
      Rating: 9/10   12th August 2005
    87. This pool is the rocks. Hurts my eyes though, dam you salt!

      fyx - Palmerston NOrth    
      Rating: 7/10   11th August 2005

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    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Donated by Donna Gregory
    Donated by Donna Gregory

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Donated by Donna Gregory
    Donated by Donna Gregory

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Provided by Mount Hot Pools
    Provided by Mount Hot Pools

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Provided by Mount Hot Pools
    Provided by Mount Hot Pools

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Donated by Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools
    Donated by Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Donated by Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools
    Donated by Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools ::  	Donated by Mike and Judy Kigin, Arlington, VA, USA
    Donated by Mike and Judy Kigin, Arlington, VA, USA

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Donated by Mike and Judy Kigin, Arlington, VA, USA
    Donated by Mike and Judy Kigin, Arlington, VA, USA

    Mount Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools :: Donated by Elena and Rufus. Taken 3 Mar 07
    Donated by Elena and Rufus. Taken 3 Mar 07

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