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This is a commercial hot poolPalm Springs

Auckland Region
155 Parkhurst Road, Parakai

Phone: (09) 420 8321

**Please mention when you call**

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Need time away from the rat race, a carefree day with friends or your children? Then Palm Springs is the place to be!

Two large pools cater for both adults and children, the smaller of the two being cooler, is ideal for swimming.

Toddlers are catered for with their own shallow 'fountain' pool.

A more private, spa 'rock pool' is an ideal area for couples who crave some quiet time together.

Bring your own picnic basket or try the wide selection of delicious food and drinks on offer.

Picnic tables, shade areas and BBQ facilities available. [Judy, Red Beach, Auckland]


Drive north from auckland on highway 16 until you get to the Helensville Roundabout. Turn left instead of right and head towards the Parakai pools.Palm Springs is located across the road from Parakai Pools about 10-20 meters further. [Jarrod, New Zealand]

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  1. Went there the weekend of Kumeu Hot Road Show, it was really nice, clean, and relaxing, you are doing a lovely job of the renovations, and wish you a great future. PS I love the new pool

    Lorraine Ellis Smith - WELLSFORD    
    Rating: 9/10   31st January 2015
  2. So excited see awesome renovations taking place truly going be stunning once complete. All the best deffinately be recommending this place to my whanau...Mauri Ora!!!

    Eileen - helensville    
    Rating: 10/10   24th January 2015
  3. One comment says Its a Shit place and the next comment says its great, nice and clean yada yada yada. Now I haven't been for well over 12 month so I cant say. So Why cant the new owners stop the bull shit and post some new photo's on line of all the new improvements. At the moment from all these negative comments on here if I was going to the hot pool at Helensville I would turn right on Parkhurst to Aquatic Park Hot Pools Road in stead of left to Palm Springs Sorry but Im like every body else I don't want to be ripped off

    Andrew - Auckland    
    11th January 2015
  4. Have not been to Palm Springs for at least 12 months, I was shocked in a great way to see what they have done. Damn fantastic!! I see you still have a way to go with the entry, but hey you guys you are doing a wonderful job. My family and I will now come back. The pools are clean and re-tiled etc. Great job, the place looks wonderful.

    Carolyn - Auckland    
    Rating: 9/10   9th January 2015
  5. Hadn't been for a while but i was shocked in the pools which smelled like chlorine and being able to rub the algae off with my hands. To me that means it hasn't been cleaned for some time. Found on the web the website where they advertise 'Soak in our mineral-rich thermal pools, well-known for their rejuvenating health benefits.' Are algae and chlorine considered minerals? What happened to the couple that used to run it properly?

    Johan - Titirangi    
    13th December 2014
  6. Went there yesterday for an afternoon/evening soak. Wasnt very impressed at all with the algae/ green slim in the rock pool or by the fact you could feel it on your feet. Also rock pool was left to flood in both Afternoon and evening, not very safe and a waste of water really. Food however was very nice though and lady behind the counter. Hope you get this up to scratch soon, will go 4 hours further to Ngawha hotsprings next time.

    Blake - Dunedin    
    Rating: 3/10   8th December 2014
  7. the new owners have done a great job, nice food, clean pools changing rooms, and good friendly service, its the only pools i ever go to, its nice now they done the place up,

    sharon - auckland nz    
    Rating: 8/10   5th December 2014
  8. Thats not a very professional comment Shelley...considering your the managers partner

    Karen - Auckland    
    Rating: 1/10   29th November 2014
  9. Wow! I don't know what planet you've just stepped off Karen but I was at Palm Springs on Thursday 20th November . The water clarity was unbelievable, I always thought the pool was green - turns out it's BLUE! The temperature was just perfect, not too hot & definitely not cold. The staff were very friendly & helpful and the food was not only affordable but FANTASTIC! Try the burgers - they're to die for. I was impressed considering the aged look of the place but the place was CLEAN, the showers were hot, the customer service great & friendly. It wasn't so crowded I couldn't chill out & basically I had a wonderful time! You need to pull your head out of your a.... Karen & get over yourself! I would happily recommend this place to people, it's affordable! Thanks Palm Springs & Good Luck with your future renovations!

    Shelley - Auckland    
    Rating: 9/10   25th November 2014
  10. I just read the latest review...are you sure you were at the right place? I went there when the place changed hands and couldn't believe how fast the standards had dropped...I miss palm springs so I thought I would go again to see if there has been any improvement...why can't these new people get it right..the water used to be so clear and sparkly...its still murky and yuk! The guy running the pools seems to have every excuse under the sun but the correct one, when you ask him why the water is looking like it is! He probably wrote the review himself!! Such a waste of what used to be a nice place to go and relax and benefit from all the minerals these waters hold...You people are killing the place!!

    Karen - New Zealand    
    18th November 2014
  11. Since I was last here, there have been some great improvements. Love the rock pool and the gardens. The new staff were very friendly and helpful and the pools were cleaner than my last visit. I look forward to more improvements as the new manager talked about future planned work. A great place to visit for a long hot soak and of course this place is very affordable.

    Dave - New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   8th November 2014
  12. As a child I attended the day the place opened and have seen many changes over the past 50 odd years! The latest change is the worst ever! All pools were substandard in cleanliness with slime on tiles/concrete or in the water column as well as dead floating insects! All pools were at best warm and certainly not the advertised temperatures in the new glossy brochure! The man manager possessed no people skills whatsoever and the lady receptionist was anything but helpful, not evening welcoming! My admittance fare was reasonable - but not for what I received, which I consider fraudulent! I will not be returning (if ever) until things greatly improve. Please bring back staff who know what they are doing!

    Michael - NZ    
    4th November 2014
  13. What has happened to palm springs!! We went back for a soak and the place has changed hands over night! The whole atmosphere has changed..there is no music anymore and the food totally sucks! No more nice burgers...the place feels so eerie now...the new people have no customer service skills! Bring back the couple that created the nice feeling around this place....we won't be back and I will be letting my friends know...

    karen - Auckland    
    Rating: 1/10   20th October 2014
  14. This was my first visit but my boyfriend had been here before. The renovations are well underway and I was impressed. Very clean and enjoyable. The smaller pools are nice for couples and the childrens pool is lovely for little ones. The changing rooms are being done up and are clean. The people running it are friendly and very approachable. I recommend this place to everyone. Going to thermal pools is one of my favorite things to do and this place is up and coming and will be the place to go soon. Don't wait until the renovations are finished, go now and support this place so they can be finished sooner. Bring a picnic or bbq items. Make a day of it! Well done Palm Springs.

    Rachel - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   5th October 2014
  15. Had a great experience at Palm Springs Hot Springs in Parakai! Colin was kind and helpful when he learnt that I left my wallet in Auckland and the $20 bill I had flew up in the air! What I liked a lot about this place is that they use a minimal amount of chlorine in the water, which they can't stop putting cause of health regulations. But still the water felt clean and amazing. I travel around the world and go to hotsprings often, and Palm Springs in Parakai is a great value for money, it is peaceful and has nice people running it! You will enjoy your visit and warm soak :)

    Alejendrah East - Japan    
    Rating: 8/10   24th September 2014
  16. New owners and the place has been done up quite a bit. Really friendly, great value for money. They're doing more renovations in the future too. Highly recommended.

    Rating: 9/10   9th September 2014
  17. AAAAAAA++++++++++

    Rating: 10/10   22nd August 2014
  18. My grandfather used to own these pools years ago when I was little I grew up here spending most my weekends swimming, having bbqs I spent every christmas there as well. I will always love this place no matter what. Great memories! In the slightly colder pool there used to be a ladder with a platform and a tramp you could jump off too into the pool I used to absoutley love!! Going to take my partner here soon cant wait to see the new look!!

    Rating: 10/10   24th July 2014
  19. Wow! Have you seen the new upgrades. The place is looking flash now and still being improved. Best news is that the previous manager has left and new staff have taken over. These guys are friendly and value your custom. The food has improved heaps. Overall the place is worth going to again. You cant beat a relaxing mineral soak and awesome feed in a friendly atmosphere.

    Judith Cowan - Auckland New Zealand    
    16th July 2014
  20. NOTE OWNERS TAKEN OVER AND HAVE NEW MANAGEMENT team, water clean & hot, problems sorted out, had a great family time on Sunday 13th July 2014, David

    David Daniel - Muriwai    
    14th July 2014
  21. This pl was horrible!!! The lady did not tell us the hot pool was closed for renovation so the only was the cooled one open! We did not get a refund! I recommend you to go to the Parakai Springs instead!

    Cpss - Sweden    
    Rating: 1/10   14th July 2014
  22. Love this place, great atmosphere. Better then Paraki for the over 25's.

    Ruby Slugrove - Auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   11th July 2014
  23. THIS PLASE IS A DANGER! DO NOT GO THERE! the staff was absolutely horrible. they closed and turned of all the lights when we still was in there. I ended up having to go to HOSPITAL for stitches as i fell over! the staff simply did leave us and did not bother at all. No first aid, No safety at all.

    Sartaj - NZ    
    Rating: 1/10   9th July 2014
  24. I thought it was reasonable charge of $14 per adult. The pools were clean and clear. 4 different pools. 1 kiddy pool with fountain. 1 general family pool. 1 medium temperature spa which had small waterfall feature surrounded by natives. That pool was new and it was awesome. The biggest pool is the hottest temperature. Changing area tidy and clean. Toilets were fine. Didn't buy any food. Stella beer $7. The front entrance and outside of the building is tired. Good swim at a reasonable price. Would recommend anyone but toffy nosed whingers.

    Strachan - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   21st April 2014
  25. Short version: Palm Springs is Clean, Relaxing, Not crowded, Hot enough and just generally great!I had an enjoyable time there so I recommend this place to others. And to those worrying about previous negative comments Palm springs have made some nice renovations and now its much cleaner. Now if you want to know why I think those things read the rest. Went there today, a Saturday night, I've been going infrequently there for about ten years yet never noticed the nude nights? Not sure if they still have that but it sounds interesting, unfortunately that Saturday happened to not be a nude night one. Looking for more info about this one, someone mentioned it was family safe, were they right and when does it start on Saturday? I took a glance at the pricing when coming in and the prices are as follows: Adults $14 (Over 18yr) Students $11 (under18yr) Senior $8 (golden card or over 65 I think?!?) Children $7 (not too sure about this one as I only glanced briefly) Basically imo that is affordable and it was definitely worth it!! I'm not too sureon closing and opening times but I was there till 9:30pm so they should be open to late. The pools were great. I think there's a varied idea of the temperature here so I'll just try clear the confusion by saying that there are 2 big/decent sized pools, one lukewarm, ideal for swimming especially if you don't want the icy bite of normal swimming pools. The other hot, yet not hot enough to ban children from it, it's family welcoming temperature. There is also a long curved (bean shaped?) spa hidden behind a wall which can give you more privacy and seems to be popular for couples, I had an awkward fast feel of the water temp and I think its slightly colder than the hotter one of the pools. It used to be quite unauthentic but now they have renovated everything and from what I could tell in the dim lighting they have decorated it nicely. Also a very shallow small pool for toddlers which has a new fountain, water is suitable for babies as it isn't too cold or hot, so shallow that I'd be more amazed if someone drowned in it. Not a lot of people there as always, tonight there were less than 30 customers and normally in the day time there's way less than that. Great if you want to relax without ppl bumping you every minute yet don't want to spend money on a private spa. Personally, I prefer this place to Parakai as it is cheaper, quieter, cleaner (I have a grudge against Parakai as it tends to be fond of giving me head lice :( ).On the downside Palm Springs doesn't have any slides, I don't mind that but others might. As for the state of the changing rooms...HURRAY THE WOMEN CHANGING ROOM HAS FINISHED RENOVATION, sorry guys turns out you still need to wait a bit. Now the walls have been repainted, three more showers added (although they're on the outside close enough to the benches that half of them get wet) these showers actually work well and have steady temp of water, no time limit set for the shower (I made sure to take full advantage of that) And they've replaced all the yucky wood with new wood. Around 7ish changing stalls with new curtains and the toilet also looks less dodgy and much cleaner. There has been reviews about the hygiene but I found that it was all quite clean? All those times I've been there I've never encountered "Asians spitting into the pool" so I guess you were just quite unfortunate and came on a day with rude customers. Even if there are I don't think the staff can do much about it, if those people don't have the common sense to not spit in pools I doubt they'd be reading signs and following what they say. As for all the mention of Asians, today it was actually mostly Europeans so it depends on the day you go on. I think the customers balance between Asian and Europeans and then there's some others. I don't see what the fuss is about however. The pools were clean and I didn't find any slime or other yucky stuff. I think that's thanks to the renovation, really, everything looks newer and is cleaner, aside from the top tiles that are the parts that lead from the changing room to the pools. Those tiles are really old and don't look so nice but they aren't too bad, just wear some jandals and you'll be fine. I seldom get food there but from the times I have the food was nice, I think it was quite expensive, though. Someone was playing the piano when we got there, not sure if it was a Saturday night thing or every month but it was quite nice and relaxing. Calming music was also played through the speakers near the pools. Not sure if it's allowed but there are people drinking beer while in the pool, I've never seen drunks there, though. The staff are nice and the other costumers I've met there are mostly friendly people. As for the staff I think the renovations are so slow as they actually don't profit that much because of the lack of customers. And so the price also keeps on raising. I found out today that someone in my family actually knows the owner of the land who rents it to the Koreans that run Palm Springs and it seems they're in charge of the renovations and the amount of money needed for it surpasses the amount of money he's getting for renting the land out. Either way I hope they don't close this down or renovate it so much that it loses it's 70's feel as I think it's part of it's charm.

    Sherry - Auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   15th March 2014
  26. haven't been up there for 3 or 4 years, are the nude nights on a Saturday still going or have they canned them now?

    Jay - Bop    
    Rating: 8/10   1st March 2014
  27. 1st time back for a year. WOW they have made new pools and the HOT pool was great last time you could boil an egg this time PERFECT. Keep up the great work in doing the place up. Just dont tell everyone else it will be very popular....

    Kevin - Auckland    
    Rating: 7/10   22nd December 2013
  28. Great that renovations are finished. Couldn't wait till it happens. Good on you Palm Springs!.. and THANK YOU!

    Elena Miller - Auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   2nd December 2013
  29. I love hot pools but this one is dodgy! The usually very hot pool is now 39 degrees and growing vegetation of the walls and floor. The bathrooms are still scungy. The renovations have been started and then stopped. But the children's fountain pool is clean and warm and I enjoyed that.

    Janlee - Australia    
    Rating: 3/10   21st October 2013
  30. The management of the pools have recently left a lot to be desired and when patrons are told by way of a grapevine, there would be no more nude nights then the people who would have gone there at the end of last month to find no more nude nights would have really been annoyed to say the least.

    elaine - Aukcland    
    Rating: 4/10   1st October 2013
  31. I have been going here for years and keep coming back. Love the new spa pool and look forward to seeing the new big pool that is being totally rebuilt. Great value and nostalgic for me. The catch 22 in doing the place up is that it will get very popular and lose its laid back atmosphere - but it has to be done.

    Cliff - Hopkins    
    Rating: 7/10   25th August 2013
  32. I read all the reviews then went there for the nude night 2 weeks ago. Indeed, it looks grotty, run down, un-sanitary. Filthy toilets. They could do with closing the place down for a month and cleaning the pools/toilets etc. despite all that, i will be going once a month to the nude night as the atmosphere is good and its nice to be in a hot pool in my birthday suit !

    Paul - AKL    
    Rating: 6/10   14th August 2013
  33. It is addvitised as HOT SPRING, But it is more colder then The Olympic Pool spa in Auckland. Next time i spend $8.00 there insted od $13.00 at Palm Springs...

    Sarah - NZ    
    Rating: 1/10   29th July 2013
  34. I saw the review's that was saying it is burning hot... We went there and it is LUKE WARM max 39c+ and the ovners said somthing about the ice is cooling it down.. i newer will come back there again, my tubb is warmer than that.

    Anna - New Zealand    
    16th July 2013
  35. Was my first tyme thea and it may not look spectacular but the atmosphere and the staff is really gud, was that happy with it I am going bac there tonyte

    Harna-lee - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   7th July 2013
  36. Just been for our first swim and after reading the comments below I was a bit hesitant HOWEVER the way I see it is Palm Springs is like shopping at the supermarket, you can buy budget brands like No Frills Or Pams but the product is the same. The water is clean and warm, yes the buildings are dated but we went there for a swim and it was lovely. Plus it's cheap and the new addition of a fountion pool looks fantastic.

    Rating: 8/10   6th July 2013
  37. It might be VERY tired looking and basic (esp the changing rooms) but I loved it because: It had a lovely new spa area with fountain. It was very quiet and chilled out You could buy beers and drink these in the pools The water was crystal clear.

    Zippy - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   16th April 2013
  38. Have been going there for some time now, yes, it is a bit run down. But that's what you get for the price and the quiet. A great place for a peaceful soak. By the way, they have started upgrading the facilities, hope this doesn't attract the hoards!

    Jarn - Auckland NZ    
    1st April 2013
  39. Good Water quality is fantastic ! Bad The big Hot pool is called the Lobster Pot for a good reason - it too damned hot ! Concrete needs major repairs as does the changing rooms.

    Greg Hogan - NZ    
    Rating: 5/10   22nd January 2013
  40. Quality water and pleasant service. Not the top equipment but satisfied with price and thermal pool. Great burger by the way!

    Kumar - North shore    
    Rating: 9/10   13th December 2012
  41. have gone to palm springs a few times with friends (we are in our early 20s) and while we enjoy the hot soak and peacefulness the complex is really in a disgusting state and in dier need of upgrade... surely charging $16 pp for entry they would be able to afford for some maintainence esspecially the disgusting bathrooms

    miss - NZ    
    Rating: 5/10   24th November 2012
  42. Until things at the pools are rectified, we will not be returning, We go regularly on the nude night and have come out of the water with our skin feeling like the water isnt clean or for that matter the whole set up of the place. The mens urinal has been turned off and a piece of timber put in so it can not be used, and this is meant to be a way of saving water. Get your act togethor.

    Elaine Sarginson - Auckland    
    Rating: 6/10   28th August 2012
  43. I LOVE these hot pools!! The water is excellent - not too many chemicals like the large pool complex across the road. Plus, there is a delightful lack of kids most of the time. The only downsides for me are: the disgusting state of the changing rooms (I hear the men's room is worse) and SOME people spitting beside and in the pool (this has been mentioned elsewhere on this page - this really should be stamped out by management).

    Rating: 7/10   21st August 2012
  44. I love going to Palm springs in the winter months. Because it is very 70s and tired looking it puts off a lot of people which i just love, because i cant stand crowded noicy hot pools like waiwera. The water in the pools are always clean and the pool temperature in the hot pool is always hot and a nice cooler contrast in the other pool. It is a relaxing place to bathe and i dont miss the crowds and expense of some other complexes

    jason sadler - auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   16th July 2012
  45. Quiet and relaxing. 70's look and feel. Pretty tired and unPC which i can't salute enough! (Makes it a great place to visit). Great pool temp, hot pool was hot! and lower temp pool was above warm. Cheers.

    sam - auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   5th July 2012
  46. Last time I came here I woke Up the next morning the sickest I have ever been in my life. I couldn't get out of bed, I had to be helped into a bath to try make me feel better. I know it's the pools that made me sick, I got some kind of bug Or illness from them. I had had friends have the same thing after swimming there.

    Michelle - Auckland    
    Rating: 1/10   24th April 2012
  47. i have been going here regularly because its cheap.$7 per visit if you buy a ten trip for @70..where in nz can you get that value for money.i've been to the noisy neighbours for $17 slide was closed water was cold the hot water pool was indoors but quiet compared to the big pool which was full of little hooligans throwing gravel at everyone.waiwera is 26 bucks and you cant even take food there anymore.the big advantage of palm springs is they have a pool that you can swim in comfortably and dive into the deep end.the hot pool is big and hot .the water is the cleanest i,ve seen in any hot pools .obviously this is not a place for the pc brigade.the people who go there go to avoid them anyway.i think thats why the owners keep it like that to keep them away so like minded people can enjoy the peace and quiet.i go there for the clean deep water.the shower works fine and it is very safe.the owners have always been curtious as far as i can see.they probably shouted at some rude kiwi who cant see the woods for the forest. sometimes the water is too hot but i guess that depends on whats happening underground.the tiles have some algae on them but thats ok as another reviewer mentioned.the water is really clear and the changing rooms are are allowed to drink and eat as long as its not in the pool.

    jez - nz    
    Rating: 8/10   27th January 2012
  48. Was going to take my wife this Sat.But well and truely put off now. Thought a good option to Parakai

    Steve Williams - Auckland    
    30th November 2011
  49. Went there last weekend, management was rude and tried overcharging for the use of their BBQ even though it clearly stated $10, they tried charging $25. When asked why pools were green, was told that it was coz the tiles were green coloured, on closer inspection, it was slime. Kids pool was just a lump of empty concrete, asians were spitting on the ground and in the pool, very disgusting!! Ended up going to Parakai. Dont recommend to anyone!!

    Nadine - New Zealand    
    Rating: 1/10   29th October 2011
  50. I've been for the nude nights a couple of times, so I haven't had the opportunity to inspect the amenities with a microscope, but it looked fine to me, hygiene-wise. I found the service to be pleasant, the water was a great temperature and there was a lovely friendly vibe. Looking forward to going again.

    Guy - NZ    
    Rating: 8/10   24th June 2011
  51. I was going to visit this place but I am shocked about all the negative comments... The owners have definitely lost me as a customer and should really check out their customer service and hygiene skills!

    25th May 2011
  52. Yes, definitely still a 70's feel but the peace & quiet is a bonus. Price per adult is $11 now, which is a little expensive for what you get, no shade or umbrellas ... the food is delicious, the management are warm and friendly. Main downside is the spitting by some visitors. Disgusting!!

    Jude - Auckland, New Zealand    
    17th November 2010
  53. Love this place, quiet, realaxing, a tranquil retreat with minimal chlorine, and real surrounds not clinical or consumer orientated. Have been coming here of over 10 years and have enjoyed every experience

    Drina - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   15th September 2010
  54. Hi do you still have the nude bathing on the last saterday of the month? please a quick reply as only one day to go Ross

    ross - nz    
    30th July 2010
  55. very nice and relaxing also very friendly .

    briarna - auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   17th July 2010
  56. I love this place. There is not to much chlorine so these pool actually still have therapeutic effects. The presence of the occasional spot of algae on tiles at the water line is a good sign and attests to the natural, healthy quality of the water. If tired, after a soak you will be fully revived. Mellow music is played over speakers and one gets a transported to s different era away from the sterile homoganised nonsense that our consumer culture has become. Live a little!

    jarad - New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   3rd July 2010
  57. Was keen on taking the family to a different place, but after reading the reviews for these pools I think I might pass! Has anyone informed the council/health department about this place? Sounds disgusting to say the least.

    Mel - Auckland    
    Rating: 1/10   30th June 2010
  58. Review this place several years ago,and visited it for a brief moment the other to see if it has changed. WHY hasnt it been closed.Its disgusting. Interesting comment further back about blowing stuff into pool.I saw a similar thing but even worse.

    paul rowland - new zealand    
    2nd May 2010
  59. great, quiet , it relaxing . thats why i go to thermal pool, to relax. prices reasonable . you dont get a remote control camera to inspect the whole place before you pay , you dont get a slide , you do get to relax. try it

    terry - nz    
    Rating: 6/10   18th April 2010
  60. DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED!!!! returned to childhood memory visit. CHANGING ROOMS - ugggg floors looked like not cleaned for years, very smelly and slippery. Hot pool with many Asian people spilling beer from bottles even though sign says no alcohol. Mens changing smelled so bad of urine that we could'nt sit on seat outside. Pool sides and bottom covered in brown slime that stirred up when you moved showing white tile underneath. Slime and algre around spa pools and main pools. Elderly man slipped badly in this while we were there. Have been surfing net on how to put complaint into Public Health. We have visited many hot pools in NZ and these pools were the worst - loke bathing in a hot toilet as we say uuggg.

    Rating: 1/10   18th April 2010
  61. Use to come here as a child, such fond memories, decided to take my own children on the weekend, however the kids pool itself was empty and just a pile of concrete, the 3 spa pools were surrounded by a mildew infested wooden floor (which my 2 year old slipped on) the spa's themselves had mould floating off the side of the pool and into the water (which my children were trying to drink). At that point after 20 minutes of arriving, I decided to pack up and leave and ask for my money back, I only got half. Then we headed to Paraki. Absoultely Disappointed!! And feel the council need to go in and check it out.

    Davisty - New Zealand    
    7th April 2010
  62. A blast from the past, Palm Springs takes you back to the carefree days of growing up in the early 70's before beauracricy and over regulation took over. The place is pretty much a time capsule from that era, very old concrete changing rooms and outdated seating areas but that just adds to the character of the place. Theres 2 large pools, the cooler one is the deepest at about 2m and the hottest pool on the top level has steps right accross one end which make their way down into the pool to a level of about chest deep, the steps are great to sit on and you can regulate your depth into the water and you can get a bit highter out of the water to cool off without having to get out. Theres also some open air spa pools around behind a fence but havent used them. Have been to the last Saturday of the month a few of times and found it to be a very social and chatty group and made pretty welcome, a lot of other couples and single males middle aged to elderly, some in suits and most without, that seems to be the busy social night. The place is definately one of NZ's best kept secrets and it'll be a sad day and the end of an era when the developers and investors arrive.

    D & H - Hibiscus coast    
    Rating: 8/10   4th October 2009
  63. Awesome hotpools, love the way that it is so run down. The water is fantastic with a great temperature range between the pools. Fantastic toasted sandwiches too. I'm a regular on nude night.

    Captain Long Johnson - New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   26th September 2009
  64. i'm surprised no ones mentioned nude night?

    parakai resident    
    21st September 2009
  65. Such a relaxing place to be. It sure delivers on the HOT! One of the two main pools is a really good hot soak while the other is quite a bit cooler...more suited to kids and those who prefer a moderate temp. We've been a few times now and despite some shabby parts, these are our pools of choice. Great value for money and it's nice to be able to enjoy a relaxing, quiet drink in the pool. Haven't tried the last Saturday night swim but many seem to enjoy it and I'd have to say that the way things are laid out and lit, it wouldn't phase me at all. Great.

    Pete & Sharon - Hibiscus Coast    
    Rating: 7/10   15th September 2009
  66. Yes it run down, but we love that 70s feel, we love the peace and quiet and no kids running about uncontrolled, bombing into the water The pools are the cleanest water of all the parks (and weve been to them all several times) Value for money Palm springs wins every time

    Esther - Auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   14th August 2009
  67. We choose to go to this rather than the hot pools across the road as it tends to be cleaner and less crowded - no kids running around unsupervised! However, the place is VERY rundown and requires a serious paint job of not only the pools but also the changing rooms and the outside tiles. This alone would dramatically decrease the customers who walk in but walk straight out because of the rundown nature of the place. If you can look past the environment, the pools are clean and the water is hot.

    Stephanie - Kumeu    
    Rating: 4/10   19th July 2009
  68. It is good place to visit especially last saturday every month, nudity evening after 6 pm ,BUT the second saturday is NOT for Naked People as some people mentioned it is normal ,may be it was

    carl - auckland    
    12th July 2009
  69. Disgusting state the pools are in also entire complex dirty, Owners do not care about hygiene at all - when told pools unclean we were yelled at and asked to leave.

    kim - auckland    
    23rd April 2009
  70. This place is in very poor state of (dis) repair. Could not recommend it at all, really third world and some.

    Grant - Auckland NZ    
    Rating: 1/10   8th March 2009
  71. 70s feel, rundown but best in auckland great place to relax. going to try the last sat in the month :)

    kevin - Auckland    
    Rating: 7/10   27th February 2009
  72. it was lovely and everybody had cool togs.i had a headache after and my lady too but well be back quick as a flash im saving up for a consesshion card as i type

    michelle - auck nz    
    Rating: 10/10   14th September 2008
  73. Easily my favourite NZ hot pool, not because it's the best pool or facility, but because it's a blast from the past - a faded glory from the '70s. What's great about Palm Springs? It's NEVER busy, and usually quiet, so one of the few hot pools you can really relax in. The hot-hot pool is really hot, and the not-so-hot pool is great for swimming. The prices are astonishing ($10 or buy a concession card for $60, which works out to $6 per visit), and you can relax with a bear and a burger beside the pool. Sure it's run down, but that adds to the charm, and I couldn't afford to soak my aching bones so often at the kind of prices most facilities are charging these days. These days it's run by Koreans and I have to admit I've had a few incidents with Korean visitors to the pools (one male was blowing his nose directly into the pool!) but these incidents are incredibly rare. Aucklanders just don't realise how close Parakai is... a mere 40 minutes from downtown Auckland, and they can combine a day trip between the hot pools, the MacNut macadamia farm, bush treks or beach. Lovely.

    Gary - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   12th July 2008
  74. This place is classic. I come her often. A little bit shabby but hey,it's worth it for the general friendliness,lovely HOT pools,and the price! Long may it remain!

    louise - auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   5th July 2008
  75. The last time I visited Palm Springs I was disappointed. The decking was dangerously broken and the spas were green and slimey. I spoke to someone who told me they had ordered "home made lasagne" and got a lasagne topper. It appears that the positive comments are mostly from those who appreciate nude night. Not everyones cup of tea.

    Ann Forward - Auckland    
    Rating: 1/10   15th April 2008
  76. Chill, George. That is why its so special. Relaxed and friendly. There isn't another place like it, go to the main pools if u want beer free bathing.

    Neville - Auckland    
    31st July 2007
  77. Great value for money and splendid people running the pools. However, there are some,I presume, local reprobates that frequent the place and they drink stubbies of glass bottled beer in the pool. I find this objectionable aswell not to mention dangerous.

    George - Auckland    
    Rating: 6/10   10th July 2007

  78. Petrus - Aucklan, New Zealand    
    Rating: 8/10   24th May 2007
  79. Would be nice if the site had opening hours,pricing info etc.And even better if they had their own website with food menus.

    Renee - Auckland NZ    
    29th December 2006
  80. Lovely relaxing deco style pools without the pretence of shiney boring newness and a great price. A bonus it's open until 10pm.

    cherylee - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   30th July 2006
  81. It would help if this listing had contact details (phone etc) and times of opening, otherwise, what on earth is the point of the listing?

    Lynda - New Zealand    
    Rating: 7/10   16th April 2006
  82. Fantastic laid back atmosphere, good food. Good place to try out some tiny swimwear, no one seems to mind. Nude nights are very sociable,

    Peter Johnson - New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   18th November 2005
  83. This may not be the flashest pool complex in NZ but they make up for it with great food, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. The last Saturday of each month from Feb - Nov is clothes optional and the second Saturday of each month is nude swimming only. This is aimed at families, bring the kids along, it's quite safe and a great opportunity to get into naturism. I take my two girls each night - they thoroughly enjoy it.

    PRV - Auckland    
    Rating: 8/10   13th August 2005
  84. Very run down the last time I saw it about two months ago.

    paul rowland - auckland    
    Rating: 1/10   11th August 2005
  85. It is great to swim and relax.

    jdm - Auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   11th August 2005
  86. Great management..Best price in town..Not too much chlorine which defeats the purpose..Fabulous food..Even discounts for groups..Definately worth the trip..

    Gene Penman - Auckland    
    Rating: 10/10   11th August 2005

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