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This is a commercial hot poolTokaanu Thermal Pools

Taupo Region
Mangaroa Street, Tokaanu

Phone: (07) 386 8575

**Please mention when you call**

Mangaroa Street, Tokaanu
P.O. Box 181, Turangi

Open Everyday (closed only Christmas Day). Public Pool 10am - 9pm; Private Pools 10am - 9.30pm (sales close 9pm)
Manager: Phil

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Public Pool At Night. Provided by Tokaanu Thermal Pools


Tokaanu is a small village situated in a very pleasant quiet spot with a stream running through it. Boasting a Thermal bathing area a taonga of the Ngati Kurauia people a hapu of Ngati Tuwharetoa, which for generations has been recognised as having the 'wai ora (healing waters)'.

The thermal waters and steam in generations past was used for puia (cooking with the steam) and boiling harakeke (flax) for raranga (weaving). This still happens today.

Come and share our taonga and we will ensure that you enjoy every moment of it.

Our complex is in need of a little TLC but that just adds to the flavour.

Adults and children alike can enjoy the public pool to their hearts content all day if they wish, and the private pools at night with the stars shinning bright and the occasional snow flutter, brings out the romantic side of one.

Public Pool

Adult Public Pool $6.00
Child Public Pool $4.00
Preschooler Public Pool (with paying Adult) Free
Adults 12 Visit Concession Card Public Pool $60.00
Child 12 Visit Concession Card Public Pool $42.00

Private Pool

Adults Private Pool $10.00
Child Private Pool (accompanied by adult) $6.00
Preschooler Private Pool (accompanied by adult) Free
Senior Citizen Private Pool $8.00
Adult 12 Visit Concession Card Private Pool $98.00
Child 12 Visit Concession Card Private Pool $49.00
Senior Citizens 12 Visit Concession Card Private Pool $84.00
Senior Citizen: 65 Years & Over
Adults: 16 Years & Over
Child: 5 Years To 15 Years
Preschoolers: Under 5 Years


A few kilometres North-West of Turangi on SH41. Just off the main road in the tiny township of Tokaanu. Look for the steam!

Interactive Map

Map showing location of Tokaanu Thermal Pools.

Use the controls on the map to zoom in and out.


  • 1 Large Public Pool (heated with fresh chlorinated water to around 36oC- 38oC)
  • 12 Family Sized Private Natural Mineral Pools (range from 39oC- 41oC)
  • Kids Pool (heated to 36oC with fresh chlorinated water situated right beside the main pool)
  • Free Thermal Bushwalk. While you’re with us, why not take a relaxing short walk around our natural thermal area located in attractive native bush, where you can see steaming hot mineral pools, set in sinter basins and spluttering mud pots. It only takes 20 minutes is accessible by wheelchair.
  • Feed the Trout. At our entrance you can peer down from the bridge into the cold Tokaanu stream, which flows beside the thermal areas and feed the Rainbow trout in their natural environment.
  • Shop. Ice creams, chocolate bars, sweet, packeted snacks, and cold drinks for sale.
  • Historic and Scientific Display

My Experience

Essential after a hard day skiing.

60 Bather Reviews

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  1. It was nice, but nowhere near hot enough to comfort my legs after doing the Tongariro Crossing. Not as hot as my bathwater! Pity the public pools were unavailable. Also, for the amount of money my group of 4 paid for entry, surely someone could drive to Turangi, purchase a lock for the lady's loo door and install it! Don't slack on the basics, people. It was clean, at least.

    Julie - Auckland    
    Rating: 3/10   26th November 2014
  2. Just letting all interested people know that the Private Pools only are closed for major upgrade. The Public Pool is still open for business. My apologies for not alerting all to this fact. It is an exiting time for us and we are looking forward to when the up grades are completed. In saying that there are ongoing repairs and maintenance happening and have been happening for the past year. Sometimes it has been disruptive to the public and we apologise for this and hope that these small interludes will not discourage people from visiting our pools.

    Miria Cockburn - New Zealand    
    9th September 2014
  3. Before going there, double-check (call them) whether the thermal pools re-opened after maintenance. The are closed since 26/08/2014

    Olga Likhatcheva - New Zealand    
    8th September 2014
  4. well i came back to torangi to fish the rivers . i didnt get any fish so i spent some time in the pools . thay are a nice place .

    tony menzies - surfers paradise    
    Rating: 10/10   27th January 2014
  5. We recently visited the pools, I have been before and found them great value for money. On the most resent visit we had the unfortunate luck to encounter the lady which seemed to be the person in charge(older of the two ladies). Starting with the foul scary look on the lady's face to her extremely abrupt and loud manner the whole encounter was scary and rude and I am hesitant to return with such crap, rude service.

    Rebecca Edmeades - New Zealand    
    25th November 2013
  6. Our management contract for the pools expired on 31 October 2013. We really enjoyed working here, and hope the pools continues to bring in more and more tourists to the area.

    Tui Brabyn & Rod Brown    
    13th November 2013
  7. it was very good

    D smith    
    Rating: 8/10   9th September 2013
  8. Kia Ora Jo

    Thank you for your invaluable feedback. We are very sorry for the way you and your group were treated when you booked a Private Mineral Pool for 20 minutes.

    We're striving for 100% satisfaction and customer service. You are right, when this happens it does not help bring our valued visitors to Tokaanu and to the thermal pools. To help prevent this happening again, can you please give us a date, a time, and did you notice a name badge or can you give a description of the person who served you?

    We hope you will email us directly at as soon as possible.

    We’ll be doing our best to remedy this.

    Tui Brabyn & Rod Brown

    P.S. As subscribers to the website, Tokaanu Thermal Pools is given the opportunity to directly email reviewers. We had hoped to make contact with you directly Jo, but the email address you supplied, produced a failure notice. Hence the reason we are using this public forum to try and get in touch.

    Tui Brabyn & Rod Brown - Tokaanu, New Zealand    
    4th September 2013
  9. Paid for 20 mins @$10 each total of $50 after ten mins got told time was up when we said we only 10 min they said not there problem as they had lots of people waiting never go there again and wonder why Tokaanu is dying with people like that working at the pool

    Jo Harrington - Australia    
    Rating: 1/10   2nd September 2013
  10. What an incredible place to visit, especially in the April to September period, when there is a chill to the air. An awesome historic walk near geothermal springs is only a stones throw away and staff are very welcoming. I visit each year, sometimes twice a year if i am lucky.

    Caroline - Wellington/NZ    
    Rating: 9/10   19th March 2013
  11. We allow 20 minutes in our Private Mineral Pools, to reduce the incidences of faints as the water temperatures in these pools are between 39 and 41 degrees. It also frees up these very popular pools, to allow others to bathe in the private mineral water without waiting too long. Staff allow 5 minutes either side, for guest to get changed, so in total 30 minutes is allocated each time a pool is in use. Our single entry charges have remained the same since 2009. Check out on this website, our concession, senior and child rates for the Private Pools too. After soaking in the Private Mineral Pool there is also complimentary entry into our Public Heated Pool for a long as you like to visit, until closing at 9 pm. We welcome your comments. We can also be contacted directly by emailing . Thank You

    Tokaanu Pools Management    
    Rating: 10/10   30th January 2013
  12. We have a bach in Kuratau and have been going to the Tokaanu pools for years. Lovely- but we feel $10 is steep for just 20 mins in the private pools. At least 30 mins would be good!!

    nicky - nz    
    Rating: 6/10   29th January 2013
  13. Our Private Pools are open from 10 am till 9.30 pm (sales close 9 pm). A couple of the private pools will be available for public bathing until 9 pm, whilst painting of the public pools is taking place from Thursday 6 Nov 12 and hopefully completed and open by Tuesday 13 Nov 12 (weather conditions permitting). Please check this website or phone 07 3868575 in the event of any delays.

    Rod Brown & Tui Brabyn    
    Rating: 10/10   7th November 2012
  14. Loved it! The pools, both public and private were excellent value, and the walk around the thermal area was a brilliant bonus. The staff are lovely too. Very friendly and welcoming.

    Amanda Douglas-McCaig - Leeds    
    Rating: 10/10   27th September 2012
  15. many years ago i use two live in turangi. I would love to thank Mere Albert olive whakatihi gillian donna debs and most of all spike angove and the whanau frm papakainga f it wsnt for the aroha of embrace i would not have known ths pl existed....

    taan Rawiri - aotearoa    
    Rating: 10/10   3rd September 2012
  16. We just went there with family for the long weekend. It was wonderful. Private pools are amazing, very relaxing, clean. The big public pool is also a good one and comes as a combo when you buy access to the private pool. I would definitely come back, there are so good.

    Rating: 9/10   5th June 2012
  17. Such wonderful people and SO EVERY helpful. Thanks

    Arlene Barbeau - New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   26th April 2012
  18. Love it, near my marae, private pools are great.

    Tinishia Bowlin Henry - Whangarei    
    Rating: 9/10   18th April 2012
  19. We welcome and thank everyone for their feedback. When a constructive comment is made we endeavor to first contact the reviewer to provide a personal response to their concerns. At this stage we haven’t had a reply from the last reviewer, whose expectations were not meet, with regard to the type of water and temperature of our Public Pool. The Public Pool is advertised as Chlorinated Fresh Water and is heated to between 36 - 38 degrees Celsius. Unlike the mineral pools this pool allows for a long warm soak and and parents “You don’t need to worry about your children ducking their heads under”. Our pool temperatures are checked hourly, and adjustments are made to account for weather and time of the day. Our private mineral pools are natural water (it’s advisable to keep heads above water), and are often around 41 degree Celsius. This is great for those aches and pains after an adventurous time in Southern Lake Taupo and the Tongariro National Park. A time limit of 20 minutes is given, to prevent faints, and so others can also enjoy these private natural mineral pools, without waiting long. We include a complimentary public pool afterwards. As the temperatures aren’t as hot as the mineral pools this allows you to stay in as long as you like till closing. Our answer to B. Welsh’s review below: The Tokaanu Private Mineral and Public Chlorinated Pools cater well for a huge range of locals and visitors. We do not have an infinite supply of mineral water, and the beautiful thermal walk behind the pools would be in jeopardy, if changes were made as suggested. Again we welcome your feedback! Should anyone wish to comment to us directly, please email us at

    Tokaanu Pools Management    
    4th April 2012
  20. The private pools are great but the outdoor pool is disappointing - too cool and not even thermal water. It's basically a warmer than average swimming pool. Can't it be hotter and the genuine smelly stuff?

    B. Welsh - NZ    
    Rating: 6/10   19th March 2012
  21. We have been coming to Tokaanu hot pools for close to 30 years and have never been disapointed. The service and surroundings are the best and the only fault is that you have to try and drive home before the beautiful warmth leaves your joints!! keep up the awesome work guys ..its very much appreciated

    Gaye McQuarrie - NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   3rd February 2012
  22. Great, went in the private pools, nice and relaxing.

    30th December 2011
  23. I love spiders they are part of the nature experience. Feeding the trout is fun! Soaking in the pools after a weekend of skiing OOOOH-AAH Tokaanu pools rule, keep it simple and afordable!

    Tim Sharp - New Zealand    
    14th September 2011
  24. Took the (pre-school) kids to the pool - had a private pool before jumping into the main pool. Facilities are a little dated and the facilities were 1950s standard and confused some of the users who kept looking for the showers but they looked clean, were well priced and the kids thought it was really neat. Kids also enjoyed the bush walk, couldn't take their eyes off the boiling mud.

    Michael Ellis - Lower Hutt    
    Rating: 8/10   7th August 2011
  25. Since late 2009, we have been managing the Tokaanu Thermal Pools, and wish to comment on the last reviewers remarks. These pools have been in operation since our eldest residents were children. They are very popular not only with the locals, but to tens of thousands of visitors each year. The vast majority of our patrons, appreciate our clean hot pools to relax in, and at a very reasonable price. The Pools are surrounded by beautiful bush and manuka trees, as well as bordering on the freshwater Tokaanu Stream, so spiders naturally inhabit the area. To help keep spider webs at bay, we have had an exterminator in, and daily, staff work at removing webs throughout the complex. For every web that you may see, we have removed hundreds, and will continue to do so. Repainting has been addressed. This has involved closed down periods, during our quieter times, where we have grinded layers of paint, and repainted all the pools. The toilets, changing rooms, seating, architraves, doors, partitions, some of the fences, the inside and outside of reception have all been repainted in this time too. Maintenance is ongoing, and yes the pools will need repainting again this summer, and more of the premises will get a fresh coat of paint too. Come and enjoy Tokaanu Thermal Pools, and all that the area has to offer. From the Staff and Management.

    Rod Brown & Tui Brabyn - Tokaanu    
    13th June 2011
  26. Needs a complete repaint, spiderwebs every where, not a pleasant place for tourists

    Alban Reid - New Zealand    
    Rating: 3/10   12th June 2011
  27. Loved it! We come here every year after a long hard week of Hunting in the ngahere!!

    Jhonelle Richards - New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   23rd April 2011
  28. wonderful helpful very freindly staff great service wonderful hotpools

    wendy symes - new zeakabd    
    Rating: 9/10   21st April 2011
  29. Kiaora te whanau o Tokaanu Waiwera just sending some love to you all miss and see you all when we get home.....Sam and Whanau in Rockhampton. Mauriora....

    Sam Maxwell - Rockhampton Australia    
    Rating: 10/10   20th September 2010
  30. He rawe enei hopua! He tino pai mo to kiri me ou ua. Pai ki ahau mo te whanau me nga hoa katoa o te motu nei, o te ao whanui hoki. Tenei taku mihi maioha ki a Ngati Tuwharetoa mo to koutou manaakitanga ki a matou te hunga-kore-hopua wera-:)

    Arini Loader - Aotearoa New Zealand    
    Rating: 10/10   21st July 2010
  31. I love this place, awesome gathering spot for when all the whanau come for huis. Even better when you know your tipuna are watching over you. Good place to take all the kids when the whanau are having a party at the marae

    Kailee Hepi - Hamilton    
    Rating: 10/10   12th June 2010
  32. Love this place. Good for a soak in the main pool after a days skiing in the winter. Just beautiful. Provite pools are great to for a more authentic experience.

    Adam - Wellington, NZ    
    Rating: 9/10   3rd May 2010
  33. Terrific friendly staff especially SAM. made to feel very welcome. Will recommend and also return

    Nola Walkinshaw - Wellington    
    Rating: 9/10   31st March 2010
  34. Just to let everyone know that the Tokaanu Thermal Pools will be closed until Monday 22 February 2010 for our Annual Maintenance. From the Tokaanu Management

    Tui Brabyn    
    Rating: 10/10   12th February 2010
  35. Great pools! Enjoyed the private thermal pool, nice with the open air, I can imagine how nice it would be on a clear night with the stars above. Just needed a bench to sit on in the private pool. The public pool was nice and warm, I thought it would have been cold, but it wasn't! Very relaxing and great woman on the front desk who was helpful and very friendly and informative! Next time I'm up this way will definitely stop in again!

    Ivan Rainforth - Wellington, New Zealand    
    Rating: 8/10   30th November 2009
  36. We visited these pools to avoid the crowds at Whakapapa. we hired a private pool, and it had plenty of space, probably fit 4 adults comfortably. temperature was lovely & warm and the open roof was refreshing. Will definitely stop by again.

    Rissa - Wellington, NZ    
    Rating: 8/10   8th September 2009
  37. you don't even have the open hours on the site - pathetic. And when you call their number they don't have a msg with hours either - it's medieval.

    james - nz    
    21st August 2009
  38. Had a fantastic time, was so great as we got there early afternoon before the crowds! So nice, relaxing, and hot! Will definitely be back, thanks!

    Stacey - NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   11th August 2009
  39. The best hotpools in the country, great atmosphere, really friendly staff and excellent service. Very clean as well...

    Tracey Mosen - Te Awamutu    
    Rating: 10/10   12th July 2009
  40. Fantastic, a must after a day at the mountain!!

    Chrissie Crawshaw - Porirua,Wellington    
    Rating: 10/10   6th July 2009
  41. Great family outting location

    Peter Henare - Auckland, NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   24th April 2009
  42. Lovely staff and great pool. This place has such a nice feel to it. My little girl learnt to float on her tummy in the small pool. It was so nice one night with the steam rising and a full moon coming up among the stars.

    Aimee - NZ    
    Rating: 9/10   20th April 2009
  43. don't forget the trout in the creek, they love a feed of chips

    29th March 2009
  44. I love this place. Its well worth the journey....Im not sure why people talk about it being old. Its been there along time. Its nice to read the history about it. Its so cheap. I find it a peaceful place and am only sorry I cant get there more often...Infact I think my girlfriend hinted she wanted to go up there for for relaxation tomorro night..Valentines day..Better than any present. My skin problems seem to settle alot after visiting..Thats a real bonus for me

    Michael Lockwood - Wanganui    
    Rating: 9/10   14th February 2009
  45. Enjoyed a wonderful dip in these pools after doing the Tongariro Crossing. Waht could be better? Hired a private pool for only $2 extra (and we could use the public pool afterwards as well for free). Just great. Sure it's a bit tired, but the staff and water are wonderful.

    Alan - UK    
    Rating: 9/10   21st December 2008
  46. gggggggrrrrrrrreat!!!

    Anonymous Person - NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   12th December 2008
  47. This is a nice hot pool for the family. It has a good/medium sized pool and a smaller shallow childrens pool. It is nice and hot and has a cold shower and a drink fountain near the pool. There is a nature walk near the pool that is free and along the path has plopping mud, steam and natural thermal boiling water. Also a traditional maori hungi area that is still in use.

    Ms Lee - Auckland, NZ    
    Rating: 9/10   14th July 2008
  48. I always go here for relaxation and for my bones, skin and hair. Everyone I bring here are impressed with the lovely staff and the entire facility. I don't care if it is old and would hate for it to be made modern. I am here for the water and the peace, not anything else. I love the natural beauty of the surrounding area which is graciously provided free to walk by the owners. The pricing is affordable. The best in the country.

    Christine Fiori - NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   25th May 2008
  49. Love the place, try and visit everytime i'm in nz. However the place needs a bit of TLC. Staff are awesome, price is good, but really starting to look old.

    Kate - Aus    
    Rating: 7/10   12th May 2008
  50. anonymous    
    Rating: 10/10   3rd April 2008
  51. If you haven't been to these pools, I'd recommend it. The private pools are exactly that, and have an open roof so you get a nice breeze. It was around 40 degrees, untreated thermal hot water, marvellous. You only get (and only need) 20 minutes in them and I would recommend taking a large bottle of water with you to both drink and cool yourself down a bit. After that we went to the outdoor public pool which was a much cooler and extremely pleasant 32 degrees. They are great to just sit in and relax. The waters treated so you can put your head under the surface. Recommend sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when in the pool on a sunny day. It was my second visit in a 15 year period. I won't be waiting so long next time.

    Brent - Auckland    
    Rating: 7/10   29th January 2008
  52. One of the highlights of our tour of NZ in March. Gave me that extra boost to complete the tour of the country. Karen Gillis 9 Aug. 2007

    Karen Gillis - Dominion, NS. Canada    
    Rating: 9/10   10th August 2007
  53. Great place to relax. We go there heaps when up that way. Staff very friendly. Change rooms could do with being heated

    Lynne Whitworth - New Zealand    
    Rating: 8/10   27th June 2007
  54. anonymous    
    Rating: 9/10   3rd April 2007
  55. Tokaanu rates as my favourite commercial hot pool in NZ. I always build it into my trip itinerary when I'm in that part of the country.

    Tom - Hamilton, NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   18th March 2007
  56. Good value for money plus nice & hot! The private pools are great with the open roof to view the stars while soaking....very romantic!

    Tim - Wellington    
    Rating: 8/10   17th March 2007
  57. We went to Tokaanu Thermal Pools to soothe our aching legs the day after completing the Tongariro Crossing. After relaxing in the lovely warm outdoor pool, there is also a short walk (accessible from the carpark) around some small mud pools and thermal springs. Well worth stopping if you're passing and great value for money.

    Eilidh - Edinburgh UK    
    Rating: 8/10   8th February 2007
  58. would like to know opening hours +avaliablity of BBQ inoctober we are possibiliy bringing a group of cub scouts on a trip .

    fred van lier - waitakere    
    6th June 2006
  59. Great after a day in the snow

    Rating: 8/10   11th August 2005
  60. I always stop here and go for a soak every time we pass through (1956 - present)! The large public pool is one of the hottest, and always wear your sun glasses as its the glariest pool I have ever been in. There are private pools etc but we always go to the public large pool which is crystal clear and suitable for all kinds of weather.

    Denise Moffitt - Auckland NZ    
    Rating: 8/10   11th August 2005

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Tokaanu Thermal Pools :: Public Pool At Night. Provided by Tokaanu Thermal Pools
Public Pool At Night. Provided by Tokaanu Thermal Pools

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Entrance. Provided by Tokaanu Thermal Pools

Tokaanu Thermal Pools :: Provided by Tokaanu Thermal Pools
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