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This is a non-commercial hot poolWairua Stream

Rotorua Region
Lake Tarawera

Lake Tarawera

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It's well worth taking a boat and visiting the Wairua Stream. DOC has cleaned up the stream (which used to be a bit slimy) and built some stairs to get in. The water was lovely and clear when we visited in December 2011 a few days before writing this. It takes less than 1m to walk to the bathing area from the lake's edge. I have been there many times and we have always been the only people there. (The picture to the right with lots of people was our group). [Diana Clement, New Zealand]


By boat, launch at Stoney Point and head straight across Lake Tarawera to the mysterious-looking headlands to the right of the dominant Mt Tarawera.

Go straight through these narrow headlands, beyond which the lake opens out to reveal a hidden mini-lake. Steer gently to starboard, make for the only beach in this area.

This beach area is a DOC public camping ground, a haven for water-skiers and fishers alike. New Years and Easter holiday breaks become indelible memories as the remoteness and bountiful natural resource combine to provide an environment where city living habits are at odds with where you are now.

The cliff at the right-hand end of the sandy beach has a gentle-flowing but scalding hot waterfall - take a bucket which you fill halfway with cold lake water before topping with thermal flow, then pour the lot over yourself for a supreme shower.The grassy embankment bordering the beach hides a small steaming creek in which campers have fashioned makeshift spa pools from volcanic rock. Ranging from temporary to substantial, midnight star-gazing has never felt so good as from the heated luxury of a seat in one of these simple creations.

The final, and largest treat is a 500m boat trip away, past the cliff and further around the bay. The wide-mouthed stream isn't navigable by boat so pull up on the reedy bank and take a short walk along the DOC-provided pathway to the expansive, bath-like hot pools where hours can simply melt away.

Even in the chill of winter rain, a hat to ward the downpour from your face is all you'll need - simply tuck in deeper to the comforting heated waters.

The area is also accessible by foot, although it's a decent tramp from the foot of the mountain whose explosive history still provides unending warmth for visitors to this particularly magical spot. [Brett Patchett, Auckland]

Interactive Map

Map showing location of Wairua Stream.

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  1. Visited ith Splash n Catch. Awesome soak, rustic natural charm. Steady numbers of friendly people.

    Lynette - NZ    
    Rating: 10/10   22nd October 2012
  2. I have been twice to Wairua Stream Pool, most recently in January 2011 when the pool was nice but too shallow (2ft deep?), clear, and someone has put shingle on the bottom (noticed the cute little fish everywhere). The year before it was murkier, deeper, and had a couple of brazen water rats that stared at you from the bank.

    Bren - Christchurch    
    Rating: 6/10   13th April 2011
  3. I remember this place from my school years - 25 years ago. Our school camps used to be in tents under Mt Tarawera and we'd hike to Wairua Stream for a warm "bath". And I know my parents have old photos I've taken so will post when back in NZ.

    Julianne Wright (Roe) - Sydney formerly Rotorua    
    Rating: 8/10   13th August 2005
  4. great after a day tramping up Mt Tarawera. be careful getting off boats as had friend land in hot spot and cooked his foot in seconds

    Rating: 8/10   11th August 2005
  5. Wonderful place to visit especially in the off season when there are few people around. Sit in a natural shallow pool with small fish swimming over you and surrounded by native trees. What more could you ask for!!!

    Joan King - Rotorua    
    Rating: 8/10   10th August 2005

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Wairua Stream :: Donated by Diana Clement
Donated by Diana Clement

Wairua Stream :: Donated by Diana Clement
Donated by Diana Clement

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