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Online directories suck

Often, when I’m looking for something on the internet I come across an online directory. Directories suck. The lists are incomplete and biased towards whoever is paying to be listed on the site.

For example, ALL of the online NZ tourism directories have an accommodation section but you’ll only get a small list of total number of accommodation options – you’ll just see places that can afford to pay to be listed.

To get a complete picture of your options, you could visit multiple directories… who can be bothered? Not I!

The system is great for the website owner (they are earning revenue from the paying members) and great for the paying vendors (they get exposure) but not so great for the website visitor – you!

I believe that you, the website visitor is the most important element. Your needs must come first, because you are the reason websites exist at all.


Search engines are great

That is why you and I and millions of others love Google so much. The search results are unbiased. Every website has a chance to be in the list whether they pay or not.


We list every thermal hotpool in NZ

This website is based on the same idea – we list every thermal hotpool in New Zealand. The commercial ones, the free ones, ones for guests only, and ones on private property. All listed. All for free. Because we want you to be sure this is the only website you’ll ever need to access NZ’s thermal hotpools.


I love hotpools, do you?

I grew up in Rotorua which sports about 40 thermal hotpools within a 50 kilometre radius, and I love them still (even though I have to drive further to find them now). Life’s a pain in the arse, but in a thermal pool those pains just seem to dissolve.

There is a small catch. I do give owners the opportunity to pay me a small monthly fee to be able to provide additional details on their facilities for you to read. I’ve got bills to pay, I make no apology!


You can write the content for this website

  • I would like you to use this website to find hotpools that you haven’t been to before.
  • I would like you to share your experiences with others about the ones you have been too – the ones you hate and the ones you love.
  • I would like you to make suggestions to the management of a facility when the experience didn’t meet your expectations, and for you to be able to do so anonymously if you prefer.
  • I would like you to help me improve the website. If you can think of a better description or a better way to describe how to get there, you can write one.
  • Click here to find out more.


If you are an owner of one of the commerical hotpools on this website, find out more about improving your profile.

nzhotpools.co.nz immerse yourself!

Latest Photo
Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
Lower pool with gravel base
Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
Lower riverside pool
Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
Top pool, formally enclosed prior to recent redevelopment.