5 Therapeutic Benefits From Hot Spring Pools You Didn’t Know You Were Getting

Hot spring pools are, without a doubt, extremely relaxing and beautiful.

They are considered a spa treatment for obvious reasons, and one of those is the mere ability to lay back and de-stress from your hectic life.

They are popular all over the world, with the most popular being in France, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland.

So, what are the benefits of a hot spring pool?

Why should we make a trip to an Earth’s natural spa, or a synthetic local spring at a day spa?

Let me give you a few reasons.

1. For one, it boosts blood circulation.

The hot springs actually contains different materials like calcium and sodium bicarbonate. (more…)

How To Handle Negative Reviews About Your Hot Pool

Found a negative review on nzhotpools.co.nz about your hotpool?

It is a frightening experience for a business owner to have a negative comment out there on a website visible to the public.

You are worried about your reputation and scaring away potential customers, right?

Your first reaction is probably to ask me to remove it.

That’s not going to happen. (more…)

Latest Reviews
  • Ben
    I simply cannot believe I've been coming to Rotorua for so long and have not found this place. I arrived after dark to find the pool empty so stripped off my clothes and got in. An Indian couple who had just left promptly came back when they realised I wasn't a threat, followed shortly after they left by a Canadian dude and a chick from Melbourne and another couple of groups of locals. Was really cool chatting to them...
    30th January 2019
  • Rose
    Really loved this pool. Peaceful green location, nice temperature, friendly staff. We were almost the only people there. Nice cafe and small play area with playhouse and sandpit.
    17th January 2019
  • Rose
    Almost didn't come here because of some of the other reviews, but actually it was totally fine, and we had a nice day here. Nice pools - one fairly hot, the others cooler. Lots of kids around (including ours) but no issues, person at the entrance was friendly.
    17th January 2019
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Oropi Hot Pools, Cafe & Beauty Spa
New drone photo of Oropi Hot Pools, Cafe & Beauty Spa
Tarawera Hot Springs [CLOSED]
Now it’s completely ruined. Almost nothing left that resembles a pool. And the track is super dangerous with mudslides having blicked the track
Amethyst Hot Springs, Lower Wanganui River
Taken 28/11/18.