Akatarewa Stream

Akatarewa Stream
Eastern side of Lake Ohakuri

The hot pool and waterfall are both accessed by boat from the Waikato River, downstream of Orakei Korako and the naturist club. The entrance can be difficult to find the first time.
The hot pool and waterfall is a 10 minute walk upstream through the chasm known as “The Squeeze”.
This pool is used and maintained by the members of the naturist club so this is not a suitable venue if you disapprove of nudity. Out of respect to the naturists and the private landowners which boundary the stream, please stay within the stream area and do not cross the boundary land. Please respect the safety of this area by not bringing glass bottles.
Tour groups visit this area twice daily around 11am and 2pm so avoid the busy times. [Lisa Janek , New Zealand]


This stream is only accessible by boat and can be tricky to find.Once you've located the entrance, there is a narrow chasm to negotiate then you can walk further upstream to the waterfall. The Rotota Sun Club (nudist group) maintains the hot pool at the top of this waterfall which you get to enjoy. Please respect all public users and do not bring glass bottles! [Lisa, NZ]

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Bather Reviews
Great spot. Glow worms come out at night. Some clothed people can be offended by nudity and one man(with a group of teen girls) was upset by it on the day I was out there with 4 other naturists. Bit of a bummer for both us and them. Might contact Rotota club and see about a warning sign being placed downstream to warn adventurers. Overall a nice spot with a nice walk downstream too but be mindful that the spot is frequented.
Rating: 9/10
Brett -
26th June 2014
Is worth the walk up the stream, first you find the waterfall, then take the path to the pools, agree PRV is describing Paradise, which is easier to get to, especailly with kids, and equally as good.
Rating: 9/10
Linda - Auckland
5th April 2011
Please note, this venue is often confused with "paradise", which PRV and Steve are describing.
Rating: 9/10
lisa - nz
29th January 2009
great to bathe in. Have used it while stayng at rotata nudist club. Boaties have spoilt it somewhat.
Rating: 7/10
kiwi - ohakune
6th February 2007
This used to be a great natural spot in the middle of nowhere to stop and have a soak. There is a concrete pipe in the side of the bank where hot water flows out 24/7 into a small tributary of the Waikato river. Unfortunately the spot has been discovered by a large group of boating people who stay on the other side of the lake (Lake Ohakuri) and they come over in their boats en masse, park up then proceed to crowd the place full of people and start drinking. This seems to happen only in the popular warmer months, which of course is the best time to be soaking in the hot water. The spot has traditionally been a nude swimming area, and the boating people are intolerant of nude swimmers. In the cooler months, the cold water of the river mixing with the hot water of the spring tends to make swimming a little unpleasant. Access to the spot is via Te Kopua Rd.
Rating: 5/10
PRV - Auckland
18th September 2005

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Source: At the waterfall. If you are offended by nudity, don’t go there!
Source: Passing through the narrow gorge to get to the waterfall