Butchers Pool

Butchers Pool
Northeast of Golden Springs, near Reporoa

Butchers pool is named after a Mr Butcher one of the first settlers in reporoa. It was near his homestead and he and his family used it as a bath. He later ‘gifted’ this pool to the people of Reporoa and it has been upgraded during WW2 by persons who were ‘objectors’ as part of their work. It has since been greatly improved due to a substantial grant of money for the year 2000, and now comprises sealed walkways, toilets and changing rooms, etc. Please treat the pool with respect when visiting. [Robbie, Rotorua]

Butcher’s pool fills from hot and cold internal blue, non-smelling mineral springs and water exits continually so renewing and cleansing itself. Rotorua District Council mow lawns and clear rubbish so this is a clean, attractive public pool with a changing room and toilets.Visitors could assist council by placing all rubbish and cans in bins provided. Good parking is provided. [Josephine McLean, New Zealand]


This pool is situated on the eastern side of Broadlands Road, approx. 2 kilometres south of Reporoa township. It is signposted from Broadlands Road, and is accessible via a short gravel road, approx. 400 metres, from Broadlands road. [Robbie, Rotorua]/n

The pool is also accessible from SH5 by turning off onto Homestead Road which leads all the way up to Broadlands Rd to a few metres from the pool driveway - signposted [Josephine McLean, New Zealand]

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Bather Reviews
We visited in August 2022. First of our branch of the Butcher family to visit. G grandad HR Butcher gave this to the people of the area and it is now maintained by the Council and cared for and valued by the community. It was wonderful.
Rating: 10/10
wendy Butcher - Christchurch
29th September 2022
Great semi natural pool the scum is natural and underneath is clean and fresh bubbly only issue would be the odd car load of hoons having a drift in the gravel car park other locals very friendly and welcoming
Rating: 9/10
Richard - Kawerau
14th May 2020
Awesome place to visit alone, with friends or Whaanau. Clears away the aches and pains
Rating: 9/10
marina pouesi - Aotearoa nz
19th October 2016
I can remember my Mum and Dad farming at Reperoa, and the whole family always went down for a soak and having to get the cows out before we got in, baby and all, that was 40 years ago always rememeber these great times, people are spoilt today always want the best. And we are all still alive
Rating: -/10
Siaht - Auckland
30th June 2011
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! absolutely fantastic.... the natural setting, stars, hot spring water, great company, great conversations a few wines makes for a night a fun...what can i say but.... ooohh it's romantic.... haha lol!
Rating: 10/10
7.4 - Auckland
31st March 2009
Recommended to us, we visited today and found pool in similar state to previous review. The metal sluice gate has been removed, hence low water level, scum probably not helped by local lady shampooing her hair and soaping her body. Such a shame, very pretty place and the water WAS lovely.
Rating: 6/10
Brixham Kiwi - UK
26th February 2015
We visited in 2005 and found this little gem. We are in the area again with our friends and visited on Wednesday. What a disappointment. The pool was covered in scum. The gate was broken and there was broken glass. We won't be going back.
Rating: -/10
Debby Gauch - Trausse/France
6th February 2015
worked in reporoa in early 90s and have lots of fond memories of butchers pool. one day i will return!
Rating: 8/10
jonathon Dickinson - Sheffield,UK
3rd November 2014
I am looking to get in contact with Edith Butcher about the history of this pool. Is anyone able to help me out with this? Thanks
Rating: -/10
kirsty - Auckland
14th February 2014
Very nice soak in hot water relaxing clean and tidy 22/06/2013
Rating: -/10
Rex - NZ
29th June 2013
I had been looking forward for some years to visiting this pool, but was terribly disappointed when I visited inMay 2013. The pool was more than half empty and full of scum. Someone brave could have got in and dealt with the inlet/outlet situation, but it was very unappealing. The rural surroundings were about the only thing it had going for it. There was also a car full of unsavoury characters drinking in the car park. So sad.
Rating: 2/10
Jane West - Victoria, Australia
1st June 2013
Thankyou Edith Butcher for your comments. Butcher's pool is a great energy booster. So glad of your family's heritage in this pool
Rating: 9/10
Grant -
30th January 2013
I am a grandaughter of Mr Butcher. 73 years ago as a small child I visited the Butchers hot springs on their property. Recenly I returned and was amazed to see how well it has been improved and maintaned well done local council
Rating: -/10
Edith Butcher - N.Z.
21st January 2013
When I was travelling wiht the kids years ago it was tradition for us to stop at butchers pool. What an awesome place for whaanau to gather. Lokking forward to bringing the mokos.
Rating: 10/10
marina Poues - Whanganui-a-tara, Aotearoa
2nd May 2012
A great facility for the community! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Butchers Pool. Look forward to another hot swim when we are next in the district.
Rating: 10/10
Kay Burgess - Hastings
12th April 2012
Lovely natural hot spa. In one corner the gas bubbles up giving a nice natural spa. Improved greatly in recent years. Well sign-posted off Reporoa Rd. In open farmland.
Rating: 8/10
Mark Stuckey - Napier
1st October 2011
Awesome pool, in the middle of nowhere, no lights, great place..
Rating: 10/10
Alan - NZ
11th September 2011
Have been there Loads of times, once about 10 years ago before it was done up and it was just a hole in the ground, and a few times in resent years and its still a great pool ! - just have to watch out for loud drunk teens as i was one of them once
Rating: 9/10
Laura - UK
6th September 2011
Unforgetable out-of-the-way place, fabuous public treasure and a gorgeous temperature on a cold winters day. A dip cut short with the unforgetable, disgusting array of litter, the council van that came and left & seeing local women washing their hair with shampoo. Loved the harakeke planted area, steps etc. How about a sign re how it works - geothermal, why gravel and pea soupyness and local pride to leave only footprints!
Rating: 7/10
Pam - Wellington
24th July 2011
Awesome idea and we loved the pool, but a pity about the scumbags that did the tagging all over the place. There was broken glass at the side of the pool which made me a bit nervous - I'll wear jandals next time! Be aware the water won't be crystal clear - there is no bottom to the pool. The hot water is coming straight up from the gravel in the bottom. We jumped into the brown water (in the rain!) and loved it. Well worth stopping off for a swim. Please look after this facility!
Rating: 8/10
Goddygirl - New Zealand
18th June 2011
My husband is a Reporoa boy, he took me there on our last trip to NZ, what a lovely spot for some romance.
Rating: 10/10
Shellie - Australia
14th June 2011
We used to go here as kids - an awesome place to relax! Great memories, and great games played 'staying away from the algae' - I loved the gravel bottom of the pool too.
Rating: 9/10
Genevra - Te Awamutu
10th December 2010
Nice spot. Very quiet, nobody else there despite it being school holidays. Take a hat with you, as there is no shade at all.
Rating: 8/10
David - Chch
7th October 2010
I have visited this pool over a period of years, whilst en route between Auckland and Wellington. It is a "must do" stop for me. A beautiful spot at 2 a.m. on a starry night. A very pleasant hot soak and a rest in hot or freezing weather. I will usually have something to eat - a pie and a coffee, when I sit down in the water. The muddy-coloured water and the scum are harmless and a natural product of the unfiltered and untreated hot springs which feed into the pool. When the water gets a bit too scummy, you can always open the sluice gate and let it flush out for a while (but do remember to close it so that the pool will fill up again). I gather that the council flush it like that once a day anyway. I wouldn't recommend immersing your head in the pool or drinking from it, simply because there is a *very slight* risk of amoebic meningitis from amoeba that *may* live in the pool. Having said that, quite a lot of regular/local visitors to the pool do immerse their heads - including children. I have not heard of any cases of amoebic meningitis there though.
Rating: 10/10
Slartibartfarst - Auckland, NZ
18th August 2010
there was scum all over the top we couldnt even see the bottom natural thermal water is usally clear and there were disgusting plasters everywhere and the water wasnt even warm and there was a naked old man in the pool with a bucket and soap..... disgusting we say wouldnt even let our dogs swim in it. wont go again was a waste of time only dipped a toe to feel temp.
Rating: 3/10
christina and toni - taupo new zealand
20th July 2010
Big plus from me and worth the extra k/m's into the country for a free soak at bath temperature. Easy access and good facilities
Rating: 8/10
Grant - Napier
31st May 2010
Amazing!!! How's that, having a pool in the middle of a paddock well thats a first for me. The water is clean and clear, you can see the bubbles rising from the bottom through the natural filter system of the gravel floor. Then taking a step into the water and slowly sinking in deeper till the water is sitting under your chin, it's so relaxing and warm that you don't want to get out. Move around a little and you can feel the heat difference throughout the pool from 37-41 degrease. So in all it is the best, oh and so are the locals!!!
Rating: 10/10
Hoki -
8th March 2010
late 1990 was the last time i was there...magic memories...great spot after the sessions at the Woolshed Tavern...Takes me away...
Rating: 10/10
Mike Galvin {Tiny} - Australia
30th October 2009
love the bubbles. They are in the cooler part of the pool, but well worth an hour or 3 of close quarter contact
Rating: 8/10
david - Taupo
26th September 2009
what about otakatak hot pool in reporoa
Rating: -/10
peter - reporoa
21st July 2009
stays hot even after alot of rain
Rating: 9/10
peter - reporoa
21st July 2009
A poor imitation of a genuine hot pool. When I went there their was thick algae atop the water. This is hardly in a natural setting. The concrete pool is on the edge of a paddock. I dipped my finger in, but walked away without risking immersing anything else.
Rating: 2/10
Robert - Australia
25th November 2008
Lovely natural setting. A most enjoyable experience. Late in the evening, noisy parties can be a problem
Rating: 9/10
JJ - Huntly
13th October 2008
Every chance we get to tank up the car and go for that relaxing drive we head off to "Butchers" as we call it. A nice scenic drive of rolling hills and great, green pastures from my little town Putaruru in the South of Waikato. Awesome locals and a handy fish n chip shop nearby, not to mention the quaint Public Bar thats situated not too far from the takeaway shop. Yes, I give this place of free leisure a big thumbs up!
Rating: 8/10
Helena Moore - New Zealand
9th October 2008
awsome hotpool been there nice and hot love the view been there heaps of timessteps are slippery rating i would give it is 10/10
Rating: -/10
brandon - upperhutt
1st May 2008
Fantastic - clean, hot (almost too hot) and set in a nice paddack surround which is really peacefull. Well maintained too.
Rating: 9/10
Julie - NZ, Hastings
11th October 2007
9/14 have been to Butchers pool. "When you get in it's warm and when you get out it's freezing'- Charlie "At night it's shallow and during the day its deep' - Daejah. "Some people use it as a nice bath" Israel " You can pull out a metal pole that works like a plug" - Finn
Rating: -/10
room2 - reporoa
15th August 2007
I have been to this natural pool since I can remember. As my whanau are from all over Rotorua, Kauwerau, Murupara etc... It has changed over the years but is still extremely natural!!!!
Rating: 10/10
Chrystal Heke - Waikato
8th December 2006

Rating: 10/10
manus -
20th November 2006
Awesome spot - watch the steps... they're slippery!
Rating: 9/10
Nicky - Wellington
30th August 2006
This pool is not owned by the Rotorua settlers but is owned and maintained by the Rotorua District Council for the free use of all. RDC developed the site in 2000 after a generous grant to them for this purpose by the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust. For more info and further verification contact Garry Page, Parks & Recreation Manager with the Rotorua District Council.
Rating: -/10
Garry Page - Rotorua
3rd January 2006

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Josephine McLean
Source: Golden Springs
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