Deception River Hot Springs (Lost?]

Deception River Hot Springs (Lost?]
West Coast
Deception River, Arthur\'s Pass National Park

We came across a warm sulphur creek leading in to the Deception River on our descent from Goat Hut, about 3 quarters of the way down. [Lisa, New Zealand]


GPS: -42.8295, 171.631333, There are pools at this location (unless washed out) [Richard]

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Bather Reviews
We located via GPS. Unfortunately, it appears that both the spring and the creak leading to it are now dried up. We could smell Sulfur and hear thermal vents. Feb 2016
Rating: 1/10
Tim - Christchurch, NZ
28th February 2016
The spring is marked on the 'Arthurs Pass 2012 1:55k topo' in about the right spot. The coordinates already provided are good. I used GPS to locate. Only a tramping route up the Deception River - no track, be prepared to get wet on the way.
Rating: 4/10
Dave Young - Greymouth, New Zealand
15th June 2014
Couple of nice little pools to be found at -42.8295, 171.631333, hot water. The cold spring marked on the Topo Maps near Midday Creek is not the spring, you need to walk up the Deception River past Midday Creek and then scout around to find it. If you spend the time to find it you will be rewarded. Use a GPS.
Rating: 6/10
Richard -
20th March 2011
Really hard to find. Spring, not pools, I think. Near the old (now removed) bridge/walkwire IIRC. Interestingly, marked as a cold spring on the topo maps (near Midday Creek)
Rating: 5/10
Roy Britten - Christchurch, New Zealand
1st February 2011

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Source: Spring dried up.
Filip Mitlener
Filip Mitlener