Haupiri River Hot Spring

Haupiri River Hot Spring
West Coast
Haupiri River

Access to the Hot Springs is through private land. Please contact the Gloriavale Christian Community on 03 738 0224 or 03 738 0257 for permission, so that trampers can be told about possible hunting activities in the valley. [Peter Righteous, NZ]


Follow track up true left of Haupiri river and continue along river bank or riverbed if river is down, to Cone creek. Cross Cone creek near the confluence, which can be difficult at high flow levels, and climb onto river terrace. There is a short track (50m) through the forest to the pools. Otherwise combine it with a Lake Morgan-Cone creek hut-Cone creek circuit (3 days). Perfect temperature. Bliss!! (Paul, Haast/New Zealand)

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Bather Reviews
Beautiful surrounds. the hot pools were perfect qs it was raining when we arrived and the river was freezing.
Rating: 10/10
Joshua King - Dunedin
17th February 2021
Trash. Someone left plastic all over the place to try and give the pool shelter and contain the mud which now has holes and it’s just a mess , not enough hot water for anything.
Rating: 3/10
Adrian - New Zealand
31th August 2020
The best most private pools in New Zealand Take a net to remove the leaves Temperature 30degrees plus so ease yourself in It may be hotter great after the walk to get there Take a lunch as it is a full day walk to return to car park Track is a little rough but not steep The pools are in the grove across the junction of the Cone Creek and Haupiri Not accessible in rain
Rating: -/10
Steve Harris - Nz
29th May 2020
Small, muddy, a bit difficult to locate. Could only really soak our legs. Was nice after a long rainy day of tramping though. To access, give Gloriavale a call and let them know you'd like to tramp up the Haupiri. There is a DOC parking lot and signage. We actually came in from Lake Morgan and went out down the Haupiri, which was a 3 day loop.
Rating: 3/10
Kevin Fraley - Alaska, USA
22th May 2018
i was shooting the haupiri block for the govt,in 1959,there was a hut within 50 meters of the spring back then,the concrete bath had steps one end and a race the other, the area covered in high tree ferns
Rating: -/10
bob ralph - waipukurau
16th July 2013
Been there three times. Once it was too hot to bathe in the spring. You can divert hot water through a pipe into the concrete bath & let it cool a bit by unblocking the pipe intake which has a plastic cover on it. The intake for the pipe is below water level in the spring.
Rating: 6/10
Trevor Kaniere - Kehutahi
1st March 2011
Would love to write a description but how do we know who to contact to get permission and more to the point how to find it? Can anyone help
Rating: -/10
Phil Cooke - Hawarden
15th November 2007

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