Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach
East Coast of Coromandel Peninsula

Hot water Beach is acessable from SH 25, 20 min drive north of Tairua between Tairua and Whitianga. Important to check tide tables as digging for hot springs is only possible in low tides. usually loads of people at this beach good idea to be there 3 h before peak low tide. Stay at Te Aroha Holiday Park after your visit, only a 2 hr drive south from there and not so crowded [Anna, Te Aroha]


Hot Water Beach is on the East Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. It is up the coast from the popular beaches of Pauanui and Tairua. If you travel along HW25 going north you will come to the turn off on your right for Hot Water Beach and Hahei, take this and go along for a few miles before taking another turn right which will take you to your distination. Make sure you go to the end of the road where you will find a car park and a cafe/dairy. The dairy have spades that you can hire for a small price. Happy bathing. [Elizabeth Martin, New Zealand]

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My Experience
Surprisingly popular, as seen in the background of my 2nd photo above. If you don't remember to bring your own spade don't worry, just wait to one side and someone is bound to offer their hole to you once they are done with it. As you can see in the 1st photo, it doesn't get very deep!
Bather Reviews
I visited Hot Water Beach back in the mid 90's and made sure I was visiting ona full moon - it was a festive atmosphere, stunningly beautiful and a whole lot of fun to dig your own hot pool! I can imagine it getting quite crowded these days however.
Rating: 9/10
Cass - Australia
21st August 2007
I Love Hot Water Beach from the first time I was taken there with a Group of friends. Now its been 20 plus years later since Hot Water Beach first captivated my attention with its Natural Beauty & its surrounding, it is an absolute delight of New Zealand 's Perfection every time I return with my family. Hot Water Beach is a "MUST DO" for everyone to try.
Rating: 10/10
Isabel Harris -
16th April 2014
Great little beach with bubbling hot springs under the sand. Some are scalding hot, so be sure to mix hot pools with cool pools! Only really worth the time about 2 hours before low tide to two hours after low tide. Get there early, or make some friends quickly. There are only a couple of spots that generate the hot pools. But it's fun, and you get to meet new people since it's packed. There is a spade rental before the beach, and if I remember it's NZ$5 with NZ$20 deposit. There is a small swimming area with lifeguards, but I have also heard that there is a rip, so keep your children close if that's a concern of yours. My kids stayed on the beach and only at the edge of the water. We all had a blast!
Rating: 9/10
Hackswell - USA
9th June 2012
A great place to visit and enjoy the hot water. Just remember not to swim opposite the hot springs (near the offshore rocks). There is a permanent rip current they has cause many visitors to drown - especially those who wanted to cool down after siting in the hot water. Always swim between the flags!
Rating: 8/10
Paul - Auckland
12th March 2009
Nothing worse than ruining this experience by having to dig your hole in the summer crowd. I really advise you to show up in spring or autumn, during the week, even better during the night !!! this is truly the most amazing experience ever if you are alone with your friends !
Rating: 5/10
alex - hamilton
20th June 2007
If you were to draw a line between the rocky bank/cliff and the rocks immediately offshore, the springs are immediately either side of that line and near the low tide mark. It is best to visit an hour to two hours either side of low tide to get the best of the springs. You will need a spade and you may find a bucket useful for adding cool water to your pool or to cool down after bathing. It can be fun to lay on your pool as the tide starts to come in and the odd wave splashes into your pool. This is not a safe beach for swimming and apparently the part immediately by the rocks, just out from the springs, is the most dangerous.
Rating: 8/10
Gillian - Sydney, Australia
25th October 2005
Famous, unique feature that sure draws the crowds! Lately etiquette has gone out the window, and the area gets busy - tends to be hogged by vistors with little propensity to share. Nice setting and a great spot to take friends and relatives, but patience and consideration needed!
Rating: 5/10
Murray Steward - uk
12th August 2005
Dig a hole at low-tide at this beach, and water from an underground reservoir as hot as 64ºC will come up through the sand. Bring a spade and have fun finding the hotspots. When? The short answer is: ONE hour either side of low tide (okay, up to two hours but only if the low tide is REALLY low).
Rating: -/10
anon -
11th August 2005
One of the most popular free thermal spots in NZ. You need to take a spade. Watch out for territorial visitors! The correct etiquette is to share pools.
Rating: -/10
Margi - NZ
11th August 2005

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Source: Ben Runciman showing his new rim that makes your pool deep
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Sir Woody Hackswell
Source: Sir Woody Hackswell. Taken Christmas 2011
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