Kawhia Springs (Te Puia Springs)

Kawhia Springs (Te Puia Springs)
Kawhia Beach

After a dip in the ocean, enjoy the unusual, a warm bath. Bring your shovel to dig with. Although it is difficult to dig a pool more than about 20 cm deep, the water is pleasantly hot. Temperature varies upon location. A sulphur smell is present, but not overpowering. At the car park, sits an old changing room. A toilet is available, but tap water is not. See directions. [Luke, Hamilton]


Check websites for tide charts. You have a little over two hours on either side of low tide to dig a pool. Take SH 31 to Kawhia. In town, turn on Tainui Street (following signs for \

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Bather Reviews
This mini hot water beach is very nice and off the beaten track. It is easy to find and there is a carpark at the beach. A steep climb brings you to the top of the dunes with the beach spread out before you. For us, finding the hot area was easy: we just headed to the small group of people already there. Before long we had dug our own pool and settled back to enjoy. There were only about 6 families there and all were quietly enjoying the warm water. Much more peaceful and relaxing than its more famous twin on the Coromandel. We stayed until the tide came in.
Rating: 8/10
Bernard - BournemouthUK
04th March 2018
Check the tide heights as well as the times. We tried on a midday tide with a predicted low of 1.1m, but after 11am the hot spot we could feel under the sand was still knee-deep.
Rating: 6/10
Dennis - Australia
12th October 2016
Great! Huge beach at low tide. Only spoilt by small depth of water obtained by quite a bit of digging. But we found a particularly hot spot. Lovely. From the track crossing the immense sand dune walk 2 o'clock direction to the low tide mark. We found a line in the sand not caused by the receeding tide, and followed it to a wet patch in the sand. When lying in the pool you can see bubbles breaking the surface of the wet sand.
Rating: 9/10
Peter & Katherine -
9th July 2012
Beautiful beach off the beaten track. Find a hot spot with your feet dig a hole and jump in - Awesome & FREE We also stayed @ the Oparau Roadhouse 20 min before the springs - Free Camping, Great Food, fully stocked store and Amazing owners and staff. They went far and beyond their way to make our trip incredible. Thanks for Everything Bill & Brenda
Rating: 10/10
Tim & Sheila Gibbs - Canada
14th April 2012
Beautiful big black sand beach,definitly worth the trip,the ocean even seems a little warmer to..just like hot water beach but without all the tourist buses,20 mins before the springs you'll hit oparau roadhouse (big yellow building)where you can grab a shovel,good eats,internet,gas, and great people, bill the owner will let you park for the night ,there are tolets and free coffee in the morning!!Cheers
Rating: 10/10
brian kelly - haiku,maui,hi
17th December 2008
Well worth the trip, take an extra few minutes to find the hotter pools you need it especially on a cold windy winter day! We stumbled accross an unsuspecting tourist couple who obviously thought they had the beach to themselves, they were quick to dress and jump on their quad bike! Thanks for locating the hot water for us! Visit the bar on the main street (not the tavern) for friendly hospitality a warm fire, coffee and pizza to warm up after the mad dash back up the sand dunes!
Rating: 8/10
Jeremy - Hamilton NZ
2nd October 2006

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Source: Black sand and hot water.
Louisa Woods
Source: Donated by Louisa Woods, Northam, Western Australia
Natalia Volynkina
Source: Taken Nov 2012. Donated by Natalia Volynkina
Natalia Volynkina
Source: Taken Nov 2012. Donated by Natalia Volynkina
Peter W.
Source: Donated by Peter W. Taken at sunset Sat 7 Jul 2012
Peter W.
Source: Donated by Peter W. Taken at sunset Sat 7 Jul 2012