Kerosene Creek

Kerosene Creek
35km south of Rotorua (on the way to Taupo)

The hot spring is a small stream and flows downhill through natural bush. There is a good old kiwi corrugated iron changing shed there. Bathers have excavated small smooth rocks to form their own little hot pools that you can sit next to and enjoy the hot water cascading down. It’s a very effective way to ease aches and pains after a hard tramp. It’s a good idea to be aware of the dangers of theft from vehicles parked at the beginning of the track down to the pools and to ensure that you don’t leave valuable items in your car. [Pat MacKay, Auckland]


Heading south from Rotorua on the road to Taupo (about 30km), pass the turn off to Murupara on your left, pass a lake on your right, then take the next left turn, just past a small bridge (only about 1/2 km from the Murupara turnoff). The signpost is Old Waiotapu Road. Trip your odometre at the start of this forestry road. Stop exactly 2.2km down the road and pull over to the grass verge on the right. Follow the path down a couple of hundred metres beside the stream to the pool itself. Enjoy. [Rowena Yalland, New Zealand]

Interactive Map
Map showing location of Kerosene Creek . Use the controls on the map to zoom in and out.
Bather Reviews
24 Sept 21 Many fallen trees over the track. Water temp was only Luke warm.
Rating: 3/10
Chris - NZ
26th September 2021
the road in is badly in need of the grader again
Rating: -/10
Dennis - Hamilton
22th August 2021
Have been going here for over 30 years... Its been a couple of years between soaks... The smelly short drop is defo better that people using the bush as a loo... But the number of rats was a bit gross... In the carpark and not scared of people.... Is one thing.. But when they join you in the pool for a swim is eeeekkkk it was a big bugger too.... Some trapping needed... Yes realise they are there cause of the food rubbish from all the humans, cause its now on the tourist map... The small pool is still my fab, water temp is fab, and the massage from the waterfall is great.... Just cull some rats....
Rating: 3/10
Delene - Palmerston North
09th May 2019
As we in the Wai O Tapu area we decided to visit kerosene creek again. We were saddened by what had become of the falls and pool. All generally scruffy and someone had put large stones across the stream to deepen the pool. It has lost its natural allure. Further upstream, halfway to the carpark things were better. There is a small waterfall and at this point a large part of the bank has been washed away leaving a flat stony area. This area has a gentle flow of warm water where you can sit, or go into the stream beneath the mini fall. This part of the creek is much less spoiled. I think kerosene creek is suffering from its popularity.
Rating: 5/10
Bernard - Bournemouth UK
04th March 2018
it was amazing we went there at about 9,10 at night and there was nobody there, it was super nice with a lot of mini water falls, we went to the spot right at the front and it was lovely, so lovely we went back the next day, except we went at 12pm and it was packed! we had to walk for awhile till we could find a empty spot, it didn't really mater about the walk, it was all worth it ! the water was the perfect temp, and the even though it was raining i enjoyed the whole thing! i definitely recommend you to go there if you are heading up to Rotorua ! also i recommend going to blue lake! both amazing places!
Rating: 10/10
isabella - Auckland
13th February 2018
Too popular now. Very crowded with people. Lots of rubbish. Car park has glass everywhere from broken car windows. The site needs someone to take charge and upgrade it to handle the heavy use.
Rating: 3/10
R Streiff - New Zealand
16th August 2017
Stopped by here on Monday 14 July 2017. Whilst some travellers describe to access road as if it was tough, it is just a short gravel forestry road and would not be considered difficult by local drivers. The track to the hot pool can be muddy but it's only a few minutes walk through the bush to the hot pools. Once there it's great to bath in the warm pool by the cascade on a cold morning. Dig you toes into the sand by the water fall and you can feel the hot water as it bubbles up from the springs in the bottom. When we were there there was no rubbish although it would be nice if those who are compelled to drink could take their empties with them. All in all a great treat for the family and plenty of people around by day to feel safe.
Rating: 9/10
Nick Brougham - Auckland
19th July 2017
We visit this place every summer. This year in March is was unbearably HOT, too hot for the children to enjoy. At the time I wondered whether the temperature was connected to geothermal activity in the area. Has anyone been recently given the slew of earthquakes?
Rating: 9/10
Maren Williams - New Zealand
27th November 2016
Beautiful creek, HOT! good size pool dug out with a sandy bottom, longdrop toilet at the carpark, road has been re done so there are no potholes.
Rating: 10/10
Hanmah - Waiouru New Zealand
22th December 2015
!!!!! WE GOT ROBBED!!!!!!!!! RENTED TOURIST CARAVANS, CARS, CAMPERS ARE THEIR TARGET!!! Be warned about this place. While the attraction itself is amazing, local youths are mugging!!! Our campervan was broken into with crow bar and EVERYTHING was taken (passports, phones, go pros, all clothes, toiletries and backpacks/ suitcases). We hid everything under the seats as well because we were weary but these guys are pros. BE WARNED !!!!!
Rating: 1/10
Katie - U.K.
17th October 2015
Went about 6 months ago. The awful state of the potholed 'road' in spoils it for me (the worst public road I have been on in NZ, and I come from the South Island!). You should drive very carefully and slowly, I wouldn't risk taking a rental car down it for fear of 'bottoming out'. Not sure why that is (forestry wants to discourage the public from using it?). Pools themselves not bad. Unusual smell of the water takes a while getting used to. Plenty of space. Quite a nice variety of places to bath in and spread out (stream or beneath the waterfall).
Rating: 6/10
Bren - Christchurch
27th October 2015
Went to Kerosene at about 8am on a Sunday morning after a rowdy night (was hungover) wasnt many people there, round about 2 car loads. The water was beautiful and hot, we didnt want to leave. We then came back at about 3pm and there was soooo many people like way too many people (12-16 car loads) and lots of screaming children. They absolutely ruined it for me, supposed to be relaxing but i suggest if you want it to be relaxing, wear ear plugs. Or go after 9pm or before 9am. No rubbish from what i could see. so it was really nice and natural, and to the sneaky skinny dippers down the stream, lucky for you we didn't hide your clothes !! In broad daylight, lucky i wasn't a little child. ALSO; TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELRY AND LEAVE IT IN THE CAR, after my relaxing little swim, got out of the water and all my jewelry had gone from silver to bronze!! apparently it was because of all the sulfur in the water?
Rating: 8/10
Nicole - Tauranga
07th September 2015
Well...yeah, the road is dirt and full of fun potholes and yeah...the site is undeveloped for the most part, but that's the way Alaskans like things. Undeveloped. Lots of native folks hanging around just chilling and taking a dip. If you go on a weekday the place is pretty quiet. I had it all to myself for the most part. Beautiful! So great to just lay back in the water under the falls and look up through the tree canopy.
Rating: 10/10
Karen M McLane - Nome Alaska USA
23th August 2015
Horribly pot holed road to get there. The warm bit of stream and waterfall are very nice and warm. HIDE ALL VALUABLES. We went back to our car (Rav4 which doesn't have a proper hidden boot) and had been broken into. We kept some valuables with us and tried to hide others but they got our laptop bag which contained passports. Should never have left them but then we may have been more at risk. The handwritten 'Thieves burn in hell' sign is most apt. Be very careful or don't go if you can't protect your belongings.
Rating: 4/10
Chris - Scotland
7th October 2014
Fue el mejor spot gratis de la vida! Esta muy limpio y en realidad nunca esta muy lleno (si vas en la mañana, esta vació). El agua no es muy caliente, pero es bastante agradable, y esta en medio de un bosque, lo cual lo hace un lugar bellísimo! recomendado mil veces antes de pagar un lujoso y carisimo centro pagado! [Translation thanks to Google Translate: It was the best spot free life! This actually very clean and never too crowded (if you go in the morning, is empty). The water is not very hot, but it's quite nice, and is in the midst of a forest, which makes it a beautiful place! Recommended thousand times before paying a luxurious and very expensive paid center!]
Rating: 9/10
Karina - Chile
18th August 2013
Once a local secret for skinny dipping, this place is nearly always busy now with backpackers and campervans, children and teenagers. If you are lucky enough to get the first small waterfall bathing spot to yourselves you can go au natural and still be relatively disguised around the white bubbles in the water. Most people we've stuck there don't blink an eyelid even if they do see you naked bathing. It goes with the territory. If people are bashful they will head to the second waterfall. No big deal, everyone is happy. You'll have a much more enjoyable experience if you skinny dip and no stinky wet toggs to have to deal with.
Rating: 8/10
Peter Woods - Rotorua
30th December 2012
Absolutely a Kiwi Icon. Only improvements I can imagine are Toilets and Rubbish dumping facilities. Its free and its natural and caters to all sorts.I recommend doing the Crater Walk (15mins) up the ajacent Rainbow Mountain.
Rating: 9/10
Ken - New Zealand
27th October 2012
This place would be perfect if it were not for all the rubbish and broken bottles that are strewn around. be very careful of where you tread.
Rating: 6/10
Chris - NP / New Zealand
27th January 2009
absolutely out of this world
Rating: 10/10
cristina - auckland
21st January 2009
i am a kiwi living in the uk but been to this place many times and miss it terribly. (tourists make it so easy) leaving unlocked cars or locked with handbags etc right in view. course theyre gonna get stolen. dont let it put you off though.
Rating: 10/10
deborah - UK
24th July 2008
Not a bad spot, Creek was kinda cold though (due to the rain i suspect) Watch out for the little native munters who thought it'd be fun to throw firebombs onto the road.
Rating: 4/10
Joe - H-town
2nd July 2007
nice in the evening if you take your own candles to light the pools by placing them on then on the rocks
Rating: 8/10
scott wilson - hamilton
23rd July 2005
ここはワイルドな温泉です。 林の中に温泉がざあざあと流れている光景はここでしか見れません。 しかも入浴に適温です。 泉質は不明、泥臭い独特の臭いがします。せっかくですから飛び込みましょう。でこぼこ道を5分程度、行き止まりで下車後、徒歩3分、車内の窃盗に注意してください。 Translation: Here is a wild hot springs . Sight of flowing hot springs Gazaazaato in the forest does not only see here . And it's suitable temperature to bathing . Izumi quality unknown , then the gory distinctive smell . Let's dive Because it is long-awaited . A bumpy road for about 5 minutes , after get off at a dead end , a 3-minute walk , please be aware of the car theft .
Rating: 4/10
Masashi - Japan
13th December 2014
Rainbow springs Mtb trk awesome, soak in the stream amazing but can someone fix the disgusting road in/out. Pot holes to die in. Come on Tourism Rotorua count your dollars we spend.
Rating: 5/10
Shane Taylor - NZ
13th October 2014
Well thanks we did exactly what you told us re the directions to kerosene creek and did not find anything but a very steep path going down to a very tiny smeely dirty bit of water, got injured climbing back up. You should have more sign posts telling people where to go, we passed lots of lost cars on the way. Not clear at all. Very disappointing
Rating: -/10
Lesley - nz
31st August 2014
Totally loved soaking in the lovely warm water at Kerosene creek amongst the peaceful bush setting. Will definitely be going back there next time.
Rating: 10/10
Rose -
4th August 2014
what a gem in the wonderness that is New Zealand
Rating: 10/10
nene Martis - cairns
4th August 2014
This could be a really amazing family fun place. We enjoyed our swim, but found big glass chunks a little down from the main pool. I know locals who stay away from there because of the drinking (rubbish thrown up the bank, glass in the water) and potential to come across skinny dippers. For some back packers this is what makes it, but for local families, it's what can ruin it. Will return but have an adult check it out before taking kids down.
Rating: 8/10
Sez - Rotorua
29th April 2014
OMG! Kerosene Creek is the best creek I've EVER been too ^_^ Can't wait to go back! x
Rating: 10/10
Shaneice Kaire - Hamilton
6th April 2014
Rating: 10/10
Daniel - Germany
1st March 2014
Seriously the best end to the perfect day with the family. Use to come here 20 years ago after tramping with groups of friends -never had any trouble with the locals -sad to see some people have. Keep in clean, keep it green - God i seriously love my country - don't spoil it!!!!
Rating: 10/10
Brain Ashman - Hamilton NZ
23rd February 2014
Oh the memories :) went here on my first night out in Rotorua with a group of locals, we skinny dipped, drank red wine (and smoked!) this was back in 92 and it was one of those travel moments that is forever etched in my memory, back then it was also known as the secret spot as only locals knew about it, sounds like everyone does now and sad to read the last post, I hope future generations learn to respect the beauty of that spot again :)
Rating: 10/10
Caroline Johnson - UK
12th October 2013
The latest as of 29/9/13 is some idiots have set fire to the bush and scrub leading from the car park down to the first small waterfall on the left hand side so its all black and charred looking. Doesn't affect your swim but it just looks ugly now. Will take quite a few months to grow back some vegetation. Also a lot of beer bottles thrown onto the banks. No respect some people.
Rating: 8/10
P.J. Woods - Rotorua
29th September 2013
Directions are perfect! I looked up this site for the first time today and I followed the instructions and just returned home now. Beautiful, warm and perfect on a horrible winters day. Thanks guys for letting us know secrets in our own country! Heaps of tourists were there. Good to see that too! I was a little nervous about leaving my car there but, the people who were there when we arrived seemed nice enough and even friendly. I would hihly recommend it and will return
Rating: 10/10
Donamite - Tauranga, NZ
15th August 2013
Fue hermoso y gratis! perfecto para unas vacaciones para mochileras !!! [Translation: It was beautiful and free! Perfect for a holiday for backpackers!]
Rating: 9/10
Karina Salas - Chile
22nd July 2013
Would be 10 says my daughter if she could put her head under. OUTSTANDING! The huge grins and screams of delight said it all. We had visited Waitomo, Hobbiton, Sky Tower and I was even visitor chief at Rotorua. This was better than the lot by some way, and they were good! The directions were just spot on. Warm, sandy/ gritty bottom so no worries re what's under foot. Stayed in for 1 1/2 hours.
Rating: 9/10
Magnus - Wales
19th July 2013
Was taken to Kerosene Creek by a local, together with a bunch of friends, about midnight after several beverages. We all had the best time skinnydipping and I have never forgotten it. This was in early 1971!!!
Rating: 9/10
Cheryl Hayward - Australia
2nd July 2013
Rating: 8/10
tia - rotorua
20th June 2013
funny for kids,eldders,you can even have pinick there ,while exploring falls,hot rivers
Rating: 8/10
Patrick -
29th April 2013
Stunning, We are truly lucky to have something so beautiful available to us free of charge..I have driven past this place so many times and didnt know it was there till recently, A MUST DO!!
Rating: 10/10
Karla - Wellington,NZ
19th February 2013
Must see!
Rating: 10/10
Lauri -
3rd February 2013
Thank you for the straightforward directions. We found our way easily! Like others said, make sure you lock up your valuables. We ended up taking everything with us because of some shady guys parked in their van asking us suspicious questions. Girls, go with friends and be safe since it is a secluded spot!
Rating: 10/10
12th December 2012
Thank you for your excellent instructions on how to get to Keresene Creek. My visiting German friend was amazed at the uniqueness of this swimming experience! And I didn't get lost getting us there!!
Rating: -/10
Valerie Setters - Rotorua
21st November 2012
this place is just mint!! use to spend alot time here when i was living and working in vegas:) hadnt been back for some time but made the effort and called in on my way up to auckland and when i came home againand took my 12 year old there. and its as mint as it ever was. i will be back every chance i get:)
Rating: 9/10
rachel - NZ
11th October 2012
Never knew about it. No rubbish when we went ,no glass,some people drinking wine and beer,perfectly safe, hid valuables in car ,few cars so no problems,few local families . My 9 year old kids loved it. One of thoses magic tourist things you remember for ever. Do it. Make the effort.
Rating: 10/10
Dave - Nz
7th October 2012
I'm a Kiwi and this would be the number one thing to do with visitors to NZ. Kerosene Creek is easy to find but hidden enough to be peaceful. There's a choice of three pools, with the downstream one featuring a waterfall. Temperature is perfect; I would guess low 30s Celsius, so you don't get too cold or too hot and stay in indefinitely. Don't know why some people are uptight about beers in the water... it'd be rude not to! I guess just exercising common sense by drinking from cans (not bottles, for safety) taking away empties/rubbish and not being noisy does no harm to anyone or anything. Very relaxing to lie back and enjoy the of random eye candy that comes and goes from time to time. :)
Rating: 10/10
Tim - Auckland, New Zealand
10th September 2012
Went there with wife and family had place to our selves for 5 mins before some drunken idiots showed up and started throwing bottles around, warned them to pick it up, didnt want to listen so sent family back to car and then made them pick up there rubbish and the rubbish that was left there from other idiots, whakatane hard rotorua soft
Rating: 7/10
whakatane - NZ
7th September 2012
Have enjoyed Kerosene Creek many times over the years. The pool below the waterfall is beautiful & very relaxing. The water & the bush setting are nicer than the hot & cold streams further south. The best way to soak in any hot pools is naturally & I’ve shared the creek with others, both nude & clothed. Once in the water you can’t see whether people are wearing anything or not & no problems with those not comfortable being natural. However, being about 3ks off the main road security & rubbish are a problem. I’d suggest going either early in the morning or later in the afternoon, when the locals aren’t there. It appears they don’t like tourists using “their’ creek. The pool is about 200 metres walk from the carpark & cars are regularly broken into & damaged. If there are no other cars there I’d suggest going to the hot & cold streams. Once some locals arrived who were either drunk or on drugs & were abusive & throwing beer bottles around. In those cases, you just need to get out of there as quick as you can.
Rating: 7/10
Prost - New Zealand
20th July 2012
Stunning place. kids enjoyed it
Rating: 10/10
Jeanne - NZ
12th July 2012
i think this is a perfect natural stream which has many intersting waterfall i have never seen before. warm and clean water with sulphur smell. it is stupid if someone compare to spa houses. my wife and i enjoyed there, i never foget!
Rating: 10/10
byung gu kim - South Korea
29th June 2012
Beautiful spot. Natural, laid back and free also. We stopped there in august 2010, 2 days after completing the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk and it was a beautiful place to relax even when it was pretty cold outside the water. Because it was totally out of season then, we had it for ourselves - a fantastic experience. The place is wonderful, but because it´s free, it atracts not so wonderful people. There are broken beer bottles all ovrer the place even under water so I was not brave enough to leave my sandals on the shore (that´s why I mark 9 of 10).
Rating: 9/10
Ludek - Czech Republic
20th April 2012
If there ever was a title for the most romantic free thing to do, then Kerosene Creek will win hands down. A wonderful gem tucked in the middle of nowhere, we arrived at the spot at dusk when all the day bathers were leaving and we were the only ones there till the nightimers arrived 1.5hrs later. So it was just us, the trees, the stars, hot running water and a bottle of wine. Perfect! If you are the nature loving, outdoorsy type, then this is a must do. One can pay good money for an experience like this!
Rating: 10/10
Arpi Dutta - Wellington, NZ
10th April 2012
Amazing place and it's free!. Went there with rellies in January for the first time! It is a must visit! Don't be so paranoid people!. Now I have done the five top free things (without even knowing there was a list!) to do in New Zealand and I'm only 52! Mightlook at Oz's list next! Enjoy the adventure of Kerosene Creek. I'm going back.
Rating: 10/10
Anne - NZ
6th April 2012
This spot is now sighposted from SH. Road is very badly potholed. New sign by security gate closed at night
Rating: 9/10
malcolm - nz
11th February 2012
Ended up there last night after trying to find hotncold again, no regrets here! Gota bit iffy bout leaving the car there after dark but no probs. Bit of rubbish there, so took it back to car, shame it was left there
Rating: 10/10
Alisha - NZ
24th January 2012
Rating: 10/10
Mike Larry - new Zealand
5th January 2012
Its absolutely brilliant - and its free !!
Rating: 10/10
Bronwyn - England
20th December 2011
In response to the review about people having beers in the stream and it being disrespectful. I take great offense to that statement. If you clean up your mess ie:bottles & caps and dont drop a drip in the stream then what is the issue? I have never littered in my entire life but I still enjoy the odd brew in the abode of mother nature as long as the mess is taken away!
Rating: 10/10
Leighton - Auckland
5th October 2011
[some text removed] itz not nice to see people with beers in the creek that is jst disrepectful
Rating: -/10
tearoha - kaikohe
15th June 2011
I visited these pools yesterday 29/5/11 I am ashamed as a kiwi to even suggest anyone visit these pools. Dirty, littered muddy, and obvious water pollution. We are saddened we cannot present this potentially beautiful wonder with pride!! Please close this to the public until it can be bought back to its natural state.
Rating: -/10
glenda kennedy - NZ
30th May 2011
another visit back to this superb site-what an experience-temperature ideal.Until next trip.
Rating: 9/10
marcus - sydney
29th March 2011
Best place ever!
Rating: 10/10
Hannah Rae Strange - New Zealand
8th March 2011
It is such a beautiful place, couldn't get better. BUT. I was only able to enjoy this for a little while before a group of the native people came. They had children who ran about breaking glass bottles into the river, jumping, slashing going beserk. Everyone who was there left soon after. Sad to see something so beautiful trashed like that
Rating: 7/10
Travis - South Africa
27th January 2011

Rating: 10/10
roy - auckland
4th January 2011
The turnoff is called Old Waitapu Road, although Google Maps shows it as Waikaremoana Road. There's a gate at the carpark that stops you proceeding further into the forestry area, so it's hard to miss. Very, very warm water with a bit of sulphur. It might take a while to get into the water due to the heat, but it's great once you're in! Just down the road is Wai-O-Tapu featuring strange volcanic landscape and a geyser they induce at 10.15am each morning.
Rating: 9/10
John R - Sydney, Australia
20th December 2010
So many wonderful childhood memories here, if you're brave enough, slide down the waterfall into the main pool! Love this place, you must visit!
Rating: 8/10
Tim Nesdale - Hamilton
23rd November 2010
Still prefer this spot to "The Bridge". Seemed quite a bit of litter round the car parking area. Go in the morning, as there was nobody there when we went. Started getting busy towards lunch time.
Rating: -/10
David Cox - Chch
7th October 2010
Beautiful. Read of it in Lonely Planet. First visit to Rotorua. Visited amazing sites at the adjacent Waiotapu complex ($30 worth it!)...and chose this over, say, Polynesian baths. Perfect intro to Rotorua (cheaper/prettier than the tourist establishments!). Not crowded 4 pm mid-July (winter!!). Cold out, warm in! Luckily, seemed clean - no beer bottles when we were there - please keep it that way!! Maybe DOC cleaned it? or good locals? Ugly graffiti over DOC's useful info notice board. Was careful to clean up car and lock. I'm from N. Ireland. Lucky to be here, I guess...just don't screw it all up people with trash! You're lucky. So are we for visiting it. Hot & Cold next time...
Rating: 10/10
Jack - Cambridge NZ
13th July 2010
As someone else said, saw some candles, went with school group, thought it was sweet. too hot meant you could move further away as it cooled down.
Rating: 9/10
henry -
22nd May 2010
Exhilarating, invigorating so much so calming 4 body and mind. Favourite stopover point when travelling through nz most years. Be back 4 more of no doubt. Shame to have de-afforestation adjacent to site.Such a magnificent country to visit, a real treasure.
Rating: 10/10
Marcus - Mt.Kuring-gai/Oz
18th May 2010
I went there yesterday. The temperature was perfect, I didn't see any litter (apart from some tea lights under the overhang where people had apparently been having a candlelit swim), nobody else was swimming there, although we passed a lot of friendly people on the way there who looked like they'd just been swimming. Nothing was stolen and I have not died of amoebic meningitis (I didn't put my head under water because I know there are such dangers in all hot pools.) Maybe we were just lucky.
Rating: 10/10
Angela -
15th May 2010
Great thermal pools. Just too many thieves coming around.
Rating: 9/10
Tim - Wellington/New Zealand
9th April 2010
Visited recently. The area seemed clean, I didn't notice any litter around. But it was quite busy, with a constant stream of people coming and going.
Rating: 8/10
David Cox - Chch
15th January 2010
I like Kerosene Creek but it is true lazy people do put you off with the way they leave their rubbish about.
Rating: 8/10
Pete - NZ
15th December 2009
OMG how much more rubbish can people dump here, it is disgusting. Very sad that our nature is vandalized by lazy idiots.
Rating: 4/10
John - NZ
13th November 2009
I went there last weekend and had a great time. It's easy to find with the directions posted here. There is no entry charges (or any other arrangements). There is a creek and a pond with a small waterfall. I went in the morning when there was just another local guy in there. He was in there naked, so I also jumped in without swimshorts. He left shortly afterwards, so I had the place to myself. Wonderful experience - highly recommendable.
Rating: 10/10
BP - Auckland, NZ
3rd November 2009
I loved it, the fact that it was out in nature and freeeeeeeeee.
Rating: 10/10
Rita James - Auckland/New Zealand
8th September 2009
My partner and I were on holiday and were travelling on a whim, we were heading to Taupo and I was looking for some water to bless a taonga I had just got my partner and I told him to take the next random turnoff in hope that I would find water low and behold we came across this place. We are now looking to get married there. Absolutely beautiful.
Rating: 10/10
KT - Sydney
19th May 2009
Bought a few of my aussie mates along last weekend, could not get it any better! Water temp was perfect, scenary beautiful. nice place to sink a couple of beers.Will defintely be coming back with the mrs :) Recommend to all!
Rating: 10/10
Latez - Auckland, NZ
19th May 2009
Please be careful, our friends had broken glass in the car and stolen some goods , it was day time.
Rating: 8/10
Tanya - Auckland
4th March 2009
this creek was lovly but too cold inplaces. grate seenery and nice water. exelantae! i vood com here a gan for sure.
Rating: 10/10
freeda yeotar - germany
24th February 2009
awesome place and yes there are a few thefts but as above leaving valuables in view is screaming at theifs to steal , dont go their that often even tho only 20 mins away but there is another one in waikite called hot water creek same thing, leave from the ngakuru reserve and travel by boat , best place take alcohol and sit and relax LOVE IT, :)plus u get drunk quick bcoz of the heat
Rating: 9/10
kyle - wiakite valley
20th February 2009
i went there the other day after last times failed attempt to find it (turns out we were 300m away from turn off) such a awesome place so relaxing will deffently go back next time im around only problem was it was to hot when we went!!
Rating: 9/10
laura - wellington
23rd January 2009
It's incredible! Perfect!! :) Don't miss it!
Rating: 10/10
Rafael Audy Glanzner - Brazil
12th November 2008
incredible magical place keep our secret!
Rating: 10/10
xavi - barcelona spain
1st November 2008
Went to Rotorua for a day with a work mate and met a friend there, after spending a number of hours flattening off the wheels on the luge carts (by trying to do the longest skid and leave the best black marks) we headed down to the creek to soak for a couple of hours. The temperature was 35.9 degrees celsius which was just right. Looking forward to the next trip... :-)
Rating: 10/10
Lester Brook - Wellington
12th September 2008
Rating: 10/10
chrissie -
12th September 2008
havnt been here for years but use to go down there everynight with workmates after a hard nights work at tamaki tours:) use to steel all the candals and light them round the sides of the pool was such magic:) I do intend to go back:)
Rating: 10/10
rachel - nz
16th July 2008
was there just a few days ago and it was amazing - full moon, skinny dip, midnight soak. nothing is better!
Rating: 10/10
lauren - canada
21st June 2008
I lived in Rotorua as a young boy and our parents took us there often.Fantastic place at night or winter when it is cold I have been back to soak over the last 30-40 years and always felt it is a special place.Inspite of the vehicle break ins and the dangers of meningitis it is still well worth a visit. I have traveled alot around the world and all I can say is Its True You Never Know what You Have Until It is Gone . Now living In Perth and there is no such place as Kerosine Creek
Rating: 10/10
Mike Russell - Perth West Australia
11th June 2008
Last went here 30 odd years ago,we visited this month on a Saturday nice afternoon.......nothing much has changed,nice spot,few others there.....tell no one :-)
Rating: 8/10
brian - new zealand
22nd December 2007
Great Place. Plenty of lovely ladies around.
Rating: 10/10
Marshall - Adelaide
20th December 2007
Was there after an 80km tramp. was amazing therapy for aching muscles! Well worth a visit!
Rating: -/10
Gunther Adam - Auckland
27th November 2007
I have visited your site 670-times
Rating: -/10
Visitor585 - Visitor585
18th November 2007
These Pools are as close to, "Back to Nature" as you will ever find. An Amazing Spot. But beware of theives and keep your head above water!!!
Rating: 10/10
Stu - Whangaparaoa
12th November 2007
Was taken there by our friendly Rototrua billeters whilst on a school boy hockey trip 1971 . Great memories , jumped in in our undies and had a great time . Very special place . Never been there since but will make the effort if Iever get close again .
Rating: -/10
Evan - Auckland , NZ
18th October 2007

Rating: 10/10
anonymous -
17th August 2007
Went there years ago when I lived in NZ. Great spot, but there are others nearby. Go to far end of track, turn right until you get to a small bridge, then follow track on left - K Creek runs below, and there are several other pools on this stretch, well hidden!
Rating: 7/10
Paul - Gympie Queensland
15th August 2007
I loved the atmosphere of the creek. There was so much to see. And even though it was misting, the temperature was perfect.
Rating: 10/10
Jessica - USA
19th June 2007
quite simply the most beautiful place on earth!
Rating: 10/10
Oskar - London, UK
27th April 2007
very kiwi!
Rating: 10/10
Dayna - new zealand
28th February 2007
loved it, best kept secret gonna stop there on my way back its that good, private, clean, hot, and relaxing!!
Rating: 9/10
Trent Robichaud - Canada
19th February 2007
the only reason this does not score 10 is because of the tourists who still leave their valuables in full view front seat of the car then get them pinched. Please put all your stuff in the BOOT! of your car. Thieves will soon get the idea and go away. Enjoy this place its a true wonder and the many times i have been still fantastic.
Rating: 9/10
Deborah Mortimer - uk
26th January 2007
Magical and soothing. Ledges available for placing cool beers. Feel the heat from below.
Rating: 10/10
7th January 2007
incredible...something we just sort of ran into..and had to visit everyday we were there. probably my favorite place in the world.
Rating: 10/10
cassi - usa
21st December 2006
Best place around. I highly recommend it. I remember going there every time we would drive down to Wellington leaving Tauranga early in the morning. Slipping into the hot water helping revitalize you for the long trip ahead.
Rating: 10/10
Anon - Hamilton
15th December 2006
It was kool until everyone found out about it!
Rating: -/10
Sam - Reporoa
31st October 2006
A special friend took me there late one night when there was a full moon. We were fortunate enough to be the only ones there and lit the bank up with candles. One of the most magical places I have ever been to...and I have travelled most of the world.
Rating: 10/10
Jen - Tauranga - NZ
20th July 2006
Our best-kept secret is out!!!!
Rating: 10/10
Joan - NZ
31st May 2006
Fantastic - remember not to put your head under!
Rating: 10/10
Chris - Auckland
24th February 2006
Many years ago my partner & I owned a B&B in Rotarua, at nights we would take our guest for a nights swim, with or with out swim wear, wonderful times and great memories, we miss the place very much, now up in Auckland. Well worth a visit to Karosene Creek if you are a visitor, to Rotorua.
Rating: 8/10
Leigh Neighbour - Auckland
11th February 2006
Amazing find. Let that waterfall pound your back but keep your head out. Fantastic in the rain...
Rating: 8/10
Rowena Yalland - New Zealand
23rd December 2005
Kerosene creek has always been a favourite place of mine for years, My partner from down south i took him there to show him the beauty of the place, he has arthuritis in his hand and when he soaked in it he found that he was able to move his hand alot better and brend it more, i go to soak my back as i have back prob and the next day my back is soo good, I now call our healing pool. This place is a must for all aches and pains
Rating: 10/10
scarlett k - Rotorua
26th August 2005
Went there, had a lovely bathe, then discovered parents honeymooned there 35 years ago!
Rating: 10/10
leanne - NZ
21st August 2005
Didn't realise you could still go there. Many a night spent there years ago, one night we went, and were happy to discover 3 or 4 LOVELY naked young ladies bathing there, not at all shy. Nice memories...
Rating: 10/10
Reuben - Gold Coast Australia
12th August 2005
And I know the person who made the pool in the first place! It all began with one boss ordering one worker with one digger to make a hole!
Rating: 10/10
anon - NZ
11th August 2005
very dangerous, people have died from "amoebic meningitis" and also cars get broken into and things get stolen!!!!!!!!
Rating: -/10
anon -
11th August 2005
always great for a late night swim many a late hour spent there
Rating: 10/10
Sean -
11th August 2005
To date three people have died from contracting amoebic meningitus from these pools. The waterfall has a powerful undertow. Get too close you go under.
Rating: -/10
Daniel Ford - Whangarei
11th August 2005
Temperature of the creek varies greatly depending on rainfall. After a dry spell the water is perfect for a long hot soak but can be disappointing after heavy rain.
Rating: 8/10
Peter Thompson - New Zealand
11th August 2005
The best hot running water in NZ poss the world. Rare to find a running hot water stream. Loved the jacuzzi pools and the setting. Great. Fabulous. Marvelous.... and I know what I'm talking about too
Rating: 9/10
Grace Lee - Wales UK
29th July 2005

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