Lake Rotowhero

Lake Rotowhero
Lake Rotowhero, Near Waiotapu

Sally Jacksons book, Hot Springs of New Zealand, describes it thus: The temperature of this lake tends to vary – it is usually somewhere in the low thirties. Staying close to this shore is advised, due to possible temperature fluctuations further out. The water deepens quite quickly from the edge. [George Booth, Papakura]


After passing the SH38 junction to Murupara on SH5 from Rotorua, take the first turn left down Old Waiotapu Road. After 100m the lake is on your left. Kerosene Creek is 2km further down the road. [George Booth, Papakura]

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Bather Reviews
Beautiful emerald lake, temp like a warm bath, swam about three meters out. Nobody around. What a delight!
Rating: 10/10
Amelia - Nz
02th January 2017
Was at the lake for a science field trip. The water was tested and a temperature of 40 degrees at least and a pH of 3. So not ideal at all for swimming.
Rating: 1/10
charlotte - Hamilton
10th September 2015
This lake gets deep very sharply and is very green, it is a bit spooky because the opposite side of the lake from the road is obviosly much hotter and I worried about ending up in scalding water.
Rating: 4/10
Gillian - Sydney, Australia
25th October 2005
The lake pH is not so low that it will burn your skin off it is only 6.3-6.7 which is fine. I do not recoment this lake for swimming as it drops off close to the shore. There is amoebic meningitis bugs present in this lake and all geothermal lakes so do not put your head under!
Rating: 5/10
Abigail Leonard - Hamilton
12th September 2012
Really not a good idea to go swimming in this lake as it is quite acidic (as in a pH of 3.7) so if you want to keep your skin then, well, speaks for itself really doesn't it...
Rating: -/10
Fiona McIntosh - Hamilton, New Zealand
10th April 2006

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