Mangatainoka Hot Springs

Mangatainoka Hot Springs
Hawkes Bay
Up the Mohaka River

There are two small fibreglass baths surrounded by a decking. You can adjust the temperature by filling fresh hot water into the tubs with a pvc pipe. It’s best at night when you can sit in the hot pools and watch the stars, glow worms and look for the ‘Faces’! You might get a small furry visitor too. Run across to the river for a cold plunge. [Mike, NZ]


Follow the same directions for the Mangatutu Springs but continue driving about 100 metres to a clearing known as 'The Gums' car park. This is the starting point for a popular tramp to Te Puia Hut (about 4 hrs tramping). The tramp is quite steep in some parts but there are plenty of good resting spots to take in the views or do a bit of trout fishing. From Te Puia Lodge the track continues up river, passes the turnoff to Makino Hut then crosses a wire bridge over the Makino River, just above its confluence with the Mohaka River. The track continues alongside the Mohaka, then climbs steeply to a large terrace before dropping back to the river. This section takes about 45 mins. [Mike, NZ]

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Bather Reviews
The hot pools were great. I endorse Ben McEwan's recommendation -this is just what we did. In addition, we packed barely anything, put it all in a dry bag, and tramped up with an inflatable raft. Then we cruised back down to the car park skipping the 3 hour walk home, it was great. It is possible to do with kids, I did it with my 8 year old but he found it a bit scary, though it wasn't really.
Rating: 8/10
Fiona Hood - Wellington
1st November 2012
Enjoyed the trip and overnight stay immensely. Have to say though the pool was a little dirty (but not too bad) but the problem was it was extremely hot. A bit too hot for most in our group to hop in. We did run into the river first and that enabled us to hop in for a few minutes. I kind of recall it used to have an option to divert the water, but the pipe was solid there now. Overall still well worth it though. If you were camping at the actual springs you may be able to refill them and then find a way to divert water allowing it to cool down, then it would be primo ;_)
Rating: 7/10
carla - napier
25th March 2012
Beautiful clean and clear pools at start -Mangatutu pool at small carpark before start of Te Puia track and at top of Mohaka -Mangatinoka hot pools. I went mid week and had pools to myself -so peaceful and refreshing to have a soak half way thru day's tramp and at the end of 7 hours walking. I went up to the Mangatinoka pools via Te Puia hut track and then returned via Mt Makino track and walked back down road to carpark and final hot pool soak. Great way to spend a day off work! Takes about 3 hours drive from Pahiatua to get to start of track. Takes 3.5 hours to walk to Mangatinoka hot pools. The climb up Mt Makino is steep -took about 1.5 hours to climb ridge. You do need to allow full day -I had daylight until 7.30pm.
Rating: 10/10
Debbie - Pahiatua
19th March 2009
Pools are ok, to crouded on weekends and tomany people drive to them for just the pools and not the bush. You could turn up there after a long walk back to the car park and find it full of townies who drove their for the day. Leavs you waiting for ages just to have a wash from tramping all weekend. Pools also full of pumice grit and mud often.
Rating: 3/10
Rod Knight - Hawlks bay
21st August 2008
i love this place, it really is one of nz's best kept secrets:) had an absolute blast after a hard days walking we hit the home brew burbon while lying back in the hot tubs admiring the fanstatic full moon we had , and having races to and from the freezing mohaka in our drunk state lmfao cant wait to go back
Rating: 9/10
Rachel - Nz
16th July 2008
Great pools. Note: There are TWO hotpool locations: There is one fiberglass hotpool in the bush near the camping ground at the road end, before beginning the walk. The Hot Pool is 5 minutes walk from the camping area. Would fit 6. The second Hot Pool is up the valley, about a 3.5 hour walk. Check DoC's website for info on the walk. There is a hut (Te Puia Lodge) 30 minutes before you reach the hot pools. I recommend taking a tent and camping at the pools. Good times. They're the fibreglass ones pictured above. Space for up to 12? Could cram more in though. Note that the hot water PVC inlet pipe can be slid back to stop hot water coming in. A few buckets of cold water from the river are well worth it too. Good times. My recommendation: Arrive at the road in the evening and camp the night there. Have a hot pool that night. Next morning, have a hot pool. Tramp up valley to the next hot pools, pitch the tent and have a hot pool (or several) that evening. In the morning have a hot pool. Pack up, tramp back to the car, have another hot pool! Enjoy.
Rating: 10/10
Ben McEwan - Wellington, New Zealand
30th May 2008

Rating: 10/10
Al - Auckland
29th April 2008
This is my favourite place in the whole world. It is wonderful walking here on a full moon, and having a glass of wine with some candles. You can also camp here and if you're game enough fun into the mohaka river and race back to the springs. Truely amazing plae that has not been ruined by tourists.
Rating: 10/10
Kiriti - Napier
3rd December 2007
It was amazing to have a hot bath in the middle of may (which is already autumn in New Zealand). When we started our walking in the morning it was only 1 degree and by the time we got to the hot springs was 13 celsias. The water was really hot but be carefull to have plenty of water for drinking as it is dehydrating. We stayed in the pool for quite a long time (nearly an hour) and we all felt dizzy after that.
Rating: 7/10
Katarina - Bratislava/Slovakia
5th September 2007

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