Mangatutu Hot Springs

Mangatutu Hot Springs
Hawkes Bay
Kaweka Forest Park, Northwest of Napier

Small but pleasant pool situated halfway down a mountainside overlooking the Mohaka River. Water is drawn from the hot stream via a pvc pipe so you can adjust the temprature by filling fresh hot water into the tub. Makes a nice day trip/picnic. [Mike, NZ]


From Napier drive to the Kaweka State Forest. You will pass through Patoka and Puketitiri and then onto metal road. Keep going until you think you're lost. There is actually a sign at that time! Once you've forded a couple of small rivers you'll come to a car park/bbq area. Park there and follow a track down the cliff towards the Mohaka river until you find the pool. [Mike, NZ]

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Bather Reviews
When here, and what an awesome place, couple of people were there, no swim suits required, I’m pretty conservative, however decided to strip off also. Just glad I had just got a Brazilian week before lol
Rating: 8/10
Julie Thompson - Auckland
12th August 2022
Great place, no swimsuit needed as many people swimming nude, so we did the same
Rating: 8/10
Ann van Engelen - Holland
26th June 2020
A long, but pleasant drive into the bush clad hills. The road is very twisty and narrow but sealed for most of the way, the last 23k's are unsealed, starting off quite wide but narrowing as you get deeper into the bush. Once the road narrows, drive slowly and carefully, there are idiots who drive way too fast and head on crashes will occur, not recommended for large vehicles like motorhomes although there is plenty of room to park and turn around at the end. The walking track down is quite steep, but manageable except for those in wheelchairs. The views are awesome, pools clean and tidy, but there's nowhere to change clothes, so do this in the carpark or toilet (long-drop version). You can camp along the road a 100 meters, but no power etc.
Rating: -/10
Ian - Hastings
03th January 2018
Just beautiful, I'm not sure what is wrong with children seeing naked bodies though, we all came that way? Surely hiding something only makes a child feel that there is something to be ashamed of?
Rating: 10/10
Liz - napier
16th June 2017
I am posting this review to get a nice new one up on the top of the list, the previous post is of people that cant appreciate the place for what it is. They would rather post negative reviews lime that have nothing better to do with there lives. So what! there were nudists there when you went. Big deal! If you can't handle a little naked real life don't go there! The place is the most amazing place I the country in my opinion and im Not a nudist and yes I have been I the spas naked.. I'm not afraid of the human body.
Rating: 10/10
Darin reid - Whangarei / Hawkes bay
17th November 2015
If this is a clothing optional area please make this very clear on the website as its gutting to get up there to find the place overrun with 30 nudists.And we had 3 little kids with us!!
Rating: -/10
Lyn - Hastings
31st December 2014
19/5/13. Wife and I went to pools. people already there. Both had cars and it was raining. No problem crossing concrete ford in river. Has red post to tell you it is too high to cross, and the river level nowhere near it. Nice clean pools, great temp, about 38.5 degrees. Would have stayed longer, but clothes getting too wet.
Rating: -/10
Wayne - NZ
20th May 2013
am planning my next trip back here already - overnight stay from puketapu it took just over an hour to drive out to the hot springs car park - a 200m walk gets u to the hot springs if you're worrying about not having a 4x4, don't. I managed to get up there no troubles in my 3 series - this was in summer though, may be different with what winter brings. a great place to chill out with friends or family
Rating: 10/10
Matt - NZ
18th March 2013
very lovely and nice place for relaxing and chill out. I stayed overnite and this one of the best moment of my life.
Rating: 8/10
rajiv - india
12th April 2012
very lovely place! the car couldnt get up the road to the pool (should have got a 4x4 car) so we had to walk to the hot pool and lucky on the way this couple gave us a lift. it was so relaxing after that walk to get in the hot pool. i will never ever forget this experience in my life. i highly recommand to everyone to visit this place.
Rating: 10/10
Serge - Lebanon
26th March 2012

Rating: 8/10
Adam -
13th February 2012
REALLY relaxing and clam
Rating: 10/10
Markos - Spain
24th January 2012

Rating: 10/10
Jan - Czech Republic
12th June 2011
Well worth the long drive, took a bbq & relaxed by the river before an awesome soak! Will definitely do it again, probably camp overnight next time!
Rating: 10/10
Alicia - Napier, NZ
29th November 2010
great drive though i was lost again. lovley for camping or just a day trip. AAA++++
Rating: 10/10
letitia lloyd - napier
7th May 2010
This is one of our favourite places and we visit quite often, sometimes to stay and sometimes just as a day trip. The second pool is a great addition. If it's a bit dirty (from overhanging trees, it's easy to empty out and give it a scrub with the brush provided and takes next to no time to refill. Beautiful in the evenings upder the stars! Boy racers, noisy people and drinkers and those who leave their rubbish - stay away, we don't want you there.
Rating: 10/10
Goddygirl -
4th May 2010
One of NZ's majic spots! Hunting right at your tent door! Gr8 place to go! Pitty it's not harder to get to to keep the boy racers out in in there lowered cars!!
Rating: 10/10
Blair Alabaster - Palmerston North
19th April 2010
Visited the springs again at New Years. They've added a second tub which was kewl. Lots of swimming in the river & soaking in the hot tubs. Drove a 4 berth camper van with ease all the way to the end camping ground, although I wouldn't recommend this to an inexperienced driver or someone who doesn't like gravel roads. Great place:)
Rating: 10/10
Robert Beedell - NZ
3rd February 2010
Fantastic !!!!, we enjoyed it so much, the next time we will come back to do the tramp to te Puia lodge.
Rating: 8/10
Ria & Annelies Adriaansen - Emmen The Netherlands
26th November 2009
Great spot, we caught a huge rainbow trout just down from the hotpool (tub). it is cold there, so take warm clothes!!!!!! well worth a trip!!
Rating: 10/10
Stephanie - New Zealand
24th February 2009
This is just such a wonderful spot...some excellent day walks up the Mohaka, and get fresh water swimming spots along the way. The camping area is great, but remember to take fresh water in...this camping ground has no access to fresh water!...otherwise great trip, and well worth the visit!
Rating: 10/10
Vince & Keita RASELL - Hastings, New Zealand
30th December 2008
Unless it's after heavy rain, you can get to this in a normal car if you've got the right attitude. The pool is at Gums carpark, at the start of the tramp up to Te Puia Lodge (3 hours away) with the Mangatainoka Hot Pools 45 minutes further.
Rating: 9/10
Ben McEwan - Wellington, NZ
2nd June 2008
Great place to go for a couple of nights camping and enjoy a relaxing time in the hot tub at night, and if you get too hot, a short walk down to the river for a cool off.
Rating: 8/10
J Maultsaid - Waipukurau/New Zealand
9th December 2007
Would only recommend this to 4-wheel drive vehicles. Gets quite dangerous in places.
Rating: -/10
Donna - New Zealand
13th September 2007
It's a lovely spot to have a soak after a hard days fishing, soothing for weary legs, and oh so relaxing. Beware the drive home!
Rating: -/10
Stu Hastie - NZ
20th October 2006
Its well worth the trip especially for visitors that would like to fish up the Mohaka. After a days fishing its fantastic to warm up in the pool. Its not all that big but the atmosphere of being there is hard to beat.
Rating: 6/10
Paul & Thersa Hines - NZ
30th April 2006

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Source: Stunning spot overlooking the river that we had all too ourselves
Steve Hudson
Source: Showing 2011 DOC upgrade to pools and decking
Steve Hudson
Source: Showing 2011 DOC upgrade to pools and decking
Annelies and Ria Adriaansen
Robert Beedell
Stu Hastie
Source: It’s a lovely spot to have a soak after a hard days fishing, soothing for w
Mike - Kiwi
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