Maungataniwha Hot Springs

Maungataniwha Hot Springs
Western part of Te Urewera National Park

There are no established pools, keen bathers will have to build a structure of river stones to hold a tarp, and also work out a collection system. Numerous sources appear from cracks in the cliff face near the river. [Alan England, New Zealand]


The spring is up the Wairoa River in the Ureweras, about 2 hours upstream from the site of the Parahaki Hut (Burned to the ground in 2007) which is about 2 hours from Te Totara hut, which in turn is 4.5 hours walk from the track entrance at Waikaremoana Rd. We did it in two easy days. [Alan England, New Zealand]

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Bather Reviews
Bit of hike but a nice spot
Rating: 5/10
Paul - NZ
18th April 2017
Trust me - there is no big source above the trickle. My son and I climbed up there a few years ago - very rugged country up there and a long climb/walk to get back down to the stream
Rating: -/10
Danny Jacobson - NZ
25th September 2015
Came past after hairy trip down Te Wairoa stream from Rogers hut. As noted trickles off cliff but apparently if you climb up (NOT ME!) source above is substantial. A tarp needed to make pool and strongly sulphurous.
Rating: -/10
John Miskell - Aotearoa
15th January 2010
Access from Rogers possible but not for unprepared or fainthearted! 5 of us got through in low water February but very dangerous unavoidable rapid with following waterfall. Safety roping a must!!!
Rating: -/10
John Miskell - Auckland
16th October 2008
What a remote Spring! There is no hut or established clearings near these springs, but if you are clever you will find a choice campsite not too far away. Definitely need a shovel/wok, waterproof plastic tarp (bigger the better) and INSECT REPELLENT for construction during the day. The spring is possibly unreachable from the West in winter, but not sure about coming in from the East and Rogers hut.
Rating: 10/10
Alan England - New Zealand
18th June 2008

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Alan England
Alan England