Miranda Hot Springs

Miranda Hot Springs
Front Miranda Road, Waitakaruru
Phone: (07) 867 3055
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

I found the waters of Miranda to be revitalising as they flowed across my body. I felt something I have never felt before. I call it an ‘awakening’. I call it pure joy. [Daniel Martin, New Zealand]


Head out of Auckland toward Hamilton along Southern Motorway. Watch for the off-ramp to Tauranga into SH2. Follow SH2 to Tauranga until the turn-off to Coromandel Peninsula into SH25. drive along to Waitakaruru, about five miles. As you hit Waitakaruru, just before the bridge, turn left into Front Miranda Rd, drive approximately three miles until you see the sign Miranda Hot Springs to your left. All up from Manukau it takes about an hour to get there. [Leo Veniaminov, Auckland]

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My Experience
I thought the price was a little high. It sure is a huge pool, and I quite liked playing around with the equally gynormous inflatable rings! 8/10
Bather Reviews
We went on a wed afternoon just after Labour weekend 2019. Not the best signposted, uses same driveway as campground in front of it, advertised early but almost missed on approach. Entry $15 per adult. There were half a doz customers when we arrived, had doubled by the time we left. We were there for maybe an hour and never saw any staff outside the office (one at entry, 2 diff when we left). Signs all over the place telling adults to supervise their children and that health advice was not to put your head underwater (ignored by some). No lifeguards etc. Note that in the main pic used on this website, the big pool is mostly what you're paying for, which claims to be the biggest hot mineral pool in nz. Temperature depends where in the pool you are - inflow (hottest) is a pipe halfway along the left side, the further you are from it the cooler it is. Steps by the changing rooms were more like cooling bathwater. Depth is about 1.4m, wide steps good for sitting on run along both long sides. The booth-looking thing at the far end is an adults-only "sauna pool" (higher, more stable temperature, pipe running along the front providing constant water jet upwards). There is a split level paddling pool on the left, bathwater temp. The entry and restaurant (closed on weds) is behind the photographer. Secure lockers available (far end) and chair lift into main pool (also far end but didn't see it used). Partner dehydrated himself (lost track of time) in the "sauna" but I didn't notice any drinking fountains around so glad I was carrying water bottle. Also no shade in the big pool or paddling pools. (No provided pool floats that we saw either). We didn't use the private pools. Apparently average temp of the main pool was 37C that day, their website says the "sauna" is about 41C. Overall... not certain its worth the long detour to find, as pretty basic and lacking in atmosphere but IS the only public hot pool in the area. I wonder if the camp ground next door, that apparently has its own set of guest-only pools, is any different. Highlight: talking to a couple of fellow hot-pool enthusiasts in the changing rooms. Low light: just underwhelmed I guess.
Rating: 6/10
AMC Whangapirita - Wellington, NZ
01th November 2019
Absolutely disgusting, watched a “life guard” using his cell phone while guarding the pool, what a disgrace you people have no clue what so ever
Rating: 1/10
M Wellz - Nz
03th October 2018
We’ve been here a few times, different days of the week. Although it seemed fairly quiet on Saturday what I did notice was the lack of staff actually monitoring the pool, it’s the same during the week when we’ve stopped off on our way to Whanga. I doubt many of the staff have ever worked in hospitality prior to working here as they aren’t very polite or friendly, the young ones seem to only know how to grunt, they don’t even have knowledge of the place the work at, general stuff like the size of the main pool, or what minerals are in the water. The food was good, still don’t know why we can’t pay for drinks at the same time as ordering our burgers. Obviously this place isn’t being run as a business, more of a hobby. Oh and the changing rooms, ok I get that they are pretty old, but considering there weren’t many people there they could have been cleaner.
Rating: 6/10
Tom Larkins - Auckland
04th December 2017
Stop off here occasionally on the way back from the Corromandel if we get on the road early enough. Not the most exciting of places but the kids like it. They like the bouncy pillow - if they get a chance to go on it when there's not a bunch of boys fighting each other on it (they're girls 4 & 6). They just need to wait for a gap no dramas there. Main issue I have is that I've been there twice on a Sunday evening, and both times the food shop has been closed. We're there around dinner time on the way home it's super frustrating as we want to get the kids some dinner. The Kaiaua fish and chip shop is about 10 mins up the road if you phone in your order it'll be ready by time you get there. Seems like people in the know take food and use the BBQ's provided. Other issue is the fact there's only 1 shower in the mens changing room which seems crazy for a place this size, and the facilities look like they haven't been touched in 30 years. Overall it's OK for a every now and again stop off but I find it pretty expensive for what it is I wouldn't rush back.
Rating: 6/10
Andy - Auckland
21th March 2016
I come here with my family reasonably regularly, for a swim and hamburgers for our dinner from the shop here. The burgers are really good. If you are looking for a modern aquatic centre with slides and a wave pool this is not the place to come to. Miranda has been there since I can remember, I used to come back in the 60s. The big pool was repainted in February this year, 2014. The changing rooms are dated and do need a spruce up, but we cope. (Recommend you wear jandals in there). Miranda has one large pool, a small very hot pool and a couple of small pools for little kids. Most adults soak in the big pool, it is a good temperature for soaking in. The rules about kids 8 years and under are the same in all public pools. We got told off once for not supervising our child - fair enough, although she has been swimming like a fish since she was 4, but rules are rules and I would not want the job of lifeguard - I would probably get grumpy too. They would get the blame if someone drowned. Miranda is a low key place, very pleasant and relaxing. It is dated but it's clean and generally seems well maintained. We go when we know it won't be too crowded, usually on a week night or Sunday night. Sometimes we are practically the only people there. We've never had an issue wth the staff being rude, but we all have bad days don't we? I just treat others as I want to be treated and my life goes well! Keep up the good work Miranda, you are part of our family's DNA.
Rating: 7/10
Muz - Franklin, NZ
1st June 2014
I visited in May 2013. I found myself with a couple of hours to spare as the drive from the airport to Thames took less time than I thought, even with a detour to Hunua Falls (go & see them!) so I decided to go to the Miranda pool. Fabulous! Such a big pool, at a perfect temperature for soaking (37-38) There is also a bubbling spa pool at one end at 42 degrees, too hot for me to stay in for more than 5 minutes. (And kids pools and private spas which I did not see.) On a cool but sunny May day there were only 4 elderly people there, nice to talk to, plus one man and young daughter came in as I was going. The change rooms were fine. My only criticisms are that the office staff could have been friendlier, and the paint was a bit flaky. I liked the outdoor lockers where you could keep your eye on your stuff. The café was closed when I went there. If I had known I would get so thirsty I would have taken bottled water in with me, as it was I had to pay top $ for a fizzy drink. I am looking forward to going back there on my last day in NZ next trip (May 2014).
Rating: 9/10
Jane W. - Victoria, Australia
21st April 2014
Miranda Hot Spring is open as of today. Thanks from the team at Miranda Hot Springs.
Rating: -/10
Miranda hot springs - 5th November 2013
Wicked place to go, had a great time queens birthday weekend, the only problem was half of auckland followed us there lol, food from the on site food bar was amazing, best hawaiian burger i have ever had
Rating: 9/10
Tiffany - NZ
5th June 2013
Pool was great, meal was fantastic, coffee had either hair or fur in it. Animals, cats included shouldn't be allowed to sit on the coffee machine
Rating: 5/10
Sarah Lawson - NZ
22nd October 2012
hi i love ur place
Rating: 10/10
samara civil - auckland
22nd October 2012
After a very recent visit to Miranda hot springs I left feeling harassed and disgusted. The service was rude, over the pa a screeching lady demanded! parents to supervise their children. A totally inappropriate bloke with tats commented about other female customers costumes to my wife while she was buying drinks from the store, she was very uncomfortable after that and refused to go to the store further that day. And the time I went to buy something there was a different tattooed bloke in the store who refused to serve me? I had to wait several minutes for someone else to arrive to do so? The changing rooms and bbqs were very dirty! The prices were steep. The water in the big pool could have been hotter. All in all 1/10. Shame on you Miranda hot springs for poor service, standards and ignoring customer feedback, shame on you!
Rating: 1/10
Sam Scot - New Zealand
1st October 2012
Just read last comment. Sounds like you havent been to Miranda lately. They have recently re- concereted the changing rooms with non-slip. As for the jumping pillow it HAS been replaced with a new one. Non-swimmers are $8.00 ??? In all the times my family and I have been to Miranda we have never struck the staff as been rude, quite the opposite really have had lots of laughs with them all.
Rating: 9/10
will - nz
21st April 2011
There seems to be confusion amongst the reviews on here. Miranda Hot Springs is the hot pools. The Caravan and Camp Ground is nearby, and also has it's own little hot pool. Reviewers seem to be confusing the two. We have no opinion about the Hot Springs because we haven't been (yet), but the Campsite's pool was very nice. The lady owner is also very proud of it and when you check in she'll tel you that it's the best site in NZ. This (she thinks) will justify the fact that this is the most expensive camp site in the whole of New Zealand that we could find on our 6-month tour, staying at around 150 sites. Although the pool is indeed great, the lady's 'Stalag Commandant' attitude also made it the least enjoyable site in new Zealand. She dictates where you park, and insisted that we had to be on crunchy gravel under strong flood lights with no privacy, no sleep and a huge air-conditioner motor running next to us all night. The rest of the site was empty, but she wouldn't let us park in a nice private quiet corner. Hated it, hated her. Don't go there.
Rating: -/10
Paul - Pukekohe 23rd May 2010
I love Miranda hot springs and would be a regular customer had I not been so very disappointed with my experience yesterday (Sunday) evening. I can handle the new 'premium' prices, but along with premium prices comes the responsibility to provide a service that's professional. We paid a rather huge price to be able to do what we always do - first relax in the private spa, then have dinner, then relax in the less-hot large pool. What we found after the spa was that the hot food shop was shut, this at 6.20pm on a Sunday night of the school holidays. The excuse on a sign was that they had run out of food. I think this is disgraceful: Miranda Hot Springs is miles from any other place for dinner, and it more of less spoiled our night and made paying the extra price to spend some time in the main pool pointless, as we were too hungry to enjoy it. But more seriously, when I went to the changing room, the rank smell over overflowing urine was overpowering. As there were no other changing options, I had to risk getting my feet wet and then risk passing this on to my shoes. I have to say, I'm tempted to report this to authorities. I know the place was busy, but there is no excuse for not keeping the facilities clean, and this was downright dangerous. It looked like the place was being run by all junior staff and there was no-one there I felt it worthwhile complaining to, so here it is. I'm very, very disappointed and so is my wife. A lovely place that's now, unfortunately, a memory of what should have been a romantic night for us, shattered.
Rating: 3/10
Gary - Auckland
29th April 2008
Returned to Miranda for the first time in ages over the weekend. A wonderful spot spoiled by poor service! I'm not sure who's running the place but they really need to brush up on their PR skills. William, I think that's his name is friendly enough but totally unprofessional! The guy is an idiot! As for the Indian lady on the front desk, very rude! The rest of the staff looked very despondent. Last time I was there some bald guy was in charge and the service levels were fantastic! Plus the pools were much hotter!
Rating: 7/10
Debbie - Hamilton
8th April 2008
I returned to Miranda recently after having been told it had sold. Pleasing to see many familiar faces including William who was his normal cherry self. Not the same without Shane (despite what Emily from Thames said!) Not nearly as friendly, as helpful, as professionally run nor, most importantly, as clean! Not nearly as hot either which was disappointing!
Rating: 7/10
susan - Auckland
7th April 2008
I returned to Miranda last weekend for the first time in about three months and I was little bit disappointed. The prices had dropped which was pleasing, although the way they were advertised was very unprofessional. Come on, removing a professionally sign written price and replacing with black felt is NOT a good look! It's the little things like this that people notice when they first visit a place. The pool did not appear as clean as it used to be, nor as hot. And the staff, who are normally so pleasant, weren't their normal cheerful selfs. Where was Shane? That place rocked when he was in charge? I can't believe you let him go yet kept William? Still, Shane was a professional and incredible to deal with and as such would have struggled with such an unprofessional environment now! If anyone knows where he is tell him we miss him and the place is NOT the same without him!
Rating: 5/10
Michael - Auckland
24th February 2008
yes we do, Team Miranda...
Rating: -/10
william laverty - NZ
24th February 2015
Is it true you dont have any qualified Lifeguards?
Rating: -/10
char - nz
6th December 2014
I was here Sunday just gone, everyone in my group agreed that the toilets were dirty, smelly, and in need of some discenfectant, the staff weren't friendly or welcoming, the lifeguards spent more time gossiping than watching the pool, Drinks were bloody expensive $5.50 for a thickshake after paying $14 entry. I don't mind paying good money for good service, according to your sign you recently put your prices up, how can you justify it?
Rating: 4/10
Thomas - NZ
1st December 2014
Staff could do with some PR skills. Nice for a one off but a little overpriced.
Rating: 5/10
Kyla -
6th August 2014
We have been coming here reasonably frequently over the last few years, we love it, our kids do too. The large main pool is awesome with the steps (recently repainted) descending into the pool on two sides, makes a great place to sit. Staff have always been friendly, changing rooms very basic, no doors for private dressing on the cubicles, but we always take Sarongs and hang them over the bar. Love heading to Miranda Hot Pools for a nice relax and unwind.
Rating: 8/10
m&m -
18th June 2014
Weren't expecting an awful lot after reading a ton of reviews but we just had a lovely late fall Sunday afternoon with the family. The reception staff were polite, helpful and pleasant. The staff at the kiosk were super personable, bloody quick and their food was streets better than any other hot pool setup in the Auckland area including overpriced Waiwera. The facilities were cheerful, pleasantly clean and well-maintained. If we were picky, all we would change is perhaps the green plastic roof in the changing rooms that makes you look like a corpse! Not a major however - we even took a series of ghastly photos of our blue lips and general hulk-like appearance! Overall we had a lovely surprise on our first visit to Miranda and will definitely be back.
Rating: 8/10
Derek & Liz - New Zealand
13th April 2014
To our valued customers, We would like to inform you that we will be closed from the 7th of February re-opening the 14th of February, to re-paint our main pool. This is weather premitting. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. From the team of Miranda Hot Springs.
Rating: -/10
Miranda Hot Springs - NZ
20th January 2014
Pool was nice, food was good but the older woman at the main counter was rude and rather sour, someone needs a lesson in customer services, or go work in a factory where you don't have to deal with people. They say a smile requires less facial muscles then a frown, you should try it
Rating: 6/10
John and Edith - new zealand
31st December 2013
Me & the whanau have always enjoyed this place its all good.
Rating: 9/10
charlie.sherman - franklin
24th December 2013
Miranda hot springs will be closed Sunday 3rd November, Monday 4th November, Tuesday 5th November hopefully re-opening Wednesday 6th November due to major pump problem's. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We will update when re-opening. Thanks from the team at Miranda hot springs.
Rating: -/10
Miranda hot springs -
3rd November 2013
it was disgusting water never going there again yucky
Rating: 1/10
renee - Christchurch
4th October 2013
Sorry Joss you had a bad experience here at Miranda Hot Springs. Regarding the signage there is one in entrance way and one at the main pay window. There's also six other signs plastered all around the complex, each of these signs clearly state children 8 and under must be ACTIVELY SUPERVISED - this means in the water in the pool. These rules are made by Water Safety New Zealand and not by us as a company.
Rating: -/10
Miranda Hot Springs - NZ
31st July 2013
Very disappointed with my one and only visit to these hot pools. My 10 year old grandson and I were staying at Kaiaua with my sister and her three grandchildren and thought we would take the kids as a treat. When we arrived the carpark was quite full including two buses of holiday programme children (July school holidays). After paying for the four children to swim and two adult non swimmers - we were told that children 8 and under were not permitted in the big pool without an adult (16 and over), they were expected to stay in the small pool. As my sisters grandchildren were all under 8 they were most upset to see the small pool - a toddlers paddling pool. To make matters worse one of the seven year olds had visited 2 months earlier with a non swimmer adult and was not told of this rule then! He spent an hour and a half in the pool. I have no issue with pool rules as long as the facilities accommodate those rules. No one should expect 5 - 8 year olds to sit in a paddling pool while everyone else is enjoying the bigger pool. The girl who took our money and then told us of this rule walked away when we started questioning. Another attendant was standing nearby and when one of the children cried with disappointment, she asked what was wrong, when we started to explain she wasn't interested either and she too walked away. We collected our refund and took our very disappointed grandchildren home. No where was there any signage to inform us of this rule and no where on their website is it mentioned. Seems the rule was made to cater for the busy school holiday period. We also noted that the child admission price is the same for the paddling pool as for the large pool. We will certainly not be returning.
Rating: 1/10
Joss - Ngaruawahia
27th July 2013
Wow what a difference a month can make, was here 4-5 weeks ago and couldn't fault the place. Went down last Wednesday and wow, the unfriendly old woman on the counter when we arrived seemed more concerned with her cell phone then letting us through, when she got around to charging us she was snappy and plain unfriendly. Lounging in the pool was nice until the grumpy fat woman started at me about watching my kids, strange thing is I didn't have the kids with me, they were at their grandparents. I'm assuming that she thought the children near my hubby and i were with us. I doubt either of the rude women are qualified in any field, least of all life guarding or customer service. Time for a career change ladies. Glad the people in the food shop hadn't been infected by the stange grumpitis illness that was apparent with the so called life guards
Rating: -/10
Tiffany - nz
21st July 2013
Loved it,massive pool, great meal
Rating: 10/10
Alex Davis - Auckland
5th June 2013
I used to come here as a kid and have recently started the tradition with my own kids, what a great place for the boys to vent their energy while i soak up the minerals. Great onsite food from the little cafe meant we could stay longer, best nachos ever and the boys loved their burgers and chips. We will be back in a couple of weeks
Rating: 10/10
Kerry Peters - NZ
4th June 2013
I go to miranda pools every year and have been doing so for a few years now, I haven't had any problems with the staff ever, they are always pleasant, sure the changing sheds aren't perfect but so what no place is perfect, I think if people don't like it, best don't go there again, but don't pull it to pieces let everyone make up there own mind about the place.
Rating: -/10
catherine - New Zealand
16th April 2013
Awesome way to spend our last day in kiwiland. GREAT atmosphere, awesome food at the cafe. See ya next year guys
Rating: 10/10
Alex - Brizzy Australia
12th November 2012
Just got on here to read what the place is like after what I have read will not be going and will reccomend to other Auzzies not to either WAKE UP AND SELL THE COFFEE MIRANDA!!!!!!!!
Rating: -/10
Leesa - Australia
1st November 2012
We take customer feed back very seriously here at Miranda Hot Springs. We believe in dealing with unhappy customers as soon as we can, but are unable to do so if we are not made aware of the situation when it happens. Could you please make contact with either Shibani or Megan regarding this matter on (07) 8673055 or via email info@mirandahotsprings.co.nz
Rating: -/10
Miranda Hot Springs -
8th October 2012
We, were enjoying ourselves but the lifeguards comments has completely soured ever coming back.Our 4 year old decided to get back in the pool, and yes we were in arms reach.The life guard came over and said to our son HAVE YOU LEARNT YOUR LESSON YET,MAY BE YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT HIM UNDER A BIT LONGER. I find this totally inapproiate and disgusting.
Rating: -/10
raewyn - nz
30th July 2012
One big pool with a separate open air sauna on the side. The main pool is just the right temperature. It's a standard pool, with a maximum depth of 1.35m and several steps all along both lengths of the pool. Not much variety, but good value overall.
Rating: 7/10
David - Auckland
16th June 2012
On behalf of the team at Miranda Hot Springs, we would like to inform our customers that we will be CLOSED from the 13th of February 2012 and re opening the 19th of February 2012, for the re painting of our pools. This is weather premitting. Kiwitaste kitchen will be open from 5pm til 7.30pm daily.
Rating: -/10
Miranda Hot Springs -
7th February 2012
I think its quite good, the entry fee of $13 is a little steep for only 2 pools. The standards of cleaniness and facilities are excellent and the pool is very clean and inviting. I think its unfair that there is so much flack here from parents who can't be bothered doing their jobs. I noticed a lot of uncontrolled kids and feel sorry for the lifeguard, he's a lifeguard not a babysitter, and as for rudeness, get over it and grow you are not royalty and the pool owners are not minders, they are honest hardworking people trying to do their job to the best of their abilities. I think its choice.
Rating: 9/10
Tane McManus - Christchurch/New Zealand
28th January 2012
lol been going there for years now myself never had a problem ? ( abuse and anger given back ) speaks for its self ???? 98 people have died in the water this year already, was there last sunday and seen two tiny tots pulled from under the water by staff, where was the parents ? just takes seconds.
Rating: -/10
bill - nz
27th October 2011
Going to Miranda Hot Pools has been a tradition in my family since before I was born. Unfortunately I will be in no rush to get there again anytime soon. I visited during the school holidays with my parents and children and was offended when I had barely stepped a foot in the gate before a "lifeguard" accosted me and told me at least three times that my children had to be supervised and that I would be suprised at how many people wanted their children to drown (YES, you read correctly). I am definitely not against the rule of child supervision around water, but when you have a sign before you enter the property; a piece of paper handed to you when you pay; multiple signs around the pool; people blaring it over the speaker as well as someone in your face assuming you have come to swim but not to look after your own kids... well it's just a bit too much. I heard a rumour that there was a tragedy there recently, so can understand the emphasis on safety but there needs to be a balance of precaution and trust when it comes to your customers enjoying a day poolside with the family. At the time I felt uncomfortable with my welcome, so I thought the best thing to do would be to let the "lifeguard" know - perhaps he wasn't aware of how invasive his approach was. Afterall, how many other customers have felt the same way but not said anything? Well, to cut a long story short my mother and I were called 'hoity toity' by one of their staff and patronised by another. My initial approach to them was not threatening or in anger, but by the time I walked away I was very upset. We stayed for about 40 minutes (as my children thoroughly enjoy the place) and during that time not one of their staff came to follow up or apologise. Is the customer not allowed to provide feedback on service without abuse and anger being given back to them?? If I don't take my children there it will not be a tradition for them and you have just lost a generation of customers from my family.
Rating: 1/10
Tracey - Auckland
26th October 2011
I went to Miranda on Thursday with my Mum and daughters.Was really pleased to see it so clean.I thought the takeaway menu was excellent,friendly staff and fair prices.BBQ facilites were great,loads of tables and shelter.There was absolutely no rubbish anywhere and the changing rooms are adequate and clean and tidy.The only minor constructive critiscism I would offer is if the toilet cisterns were bleached it would look better the green stuff although on the inside still looks gross to touch.Will definately return.
Rating: -/10
Mary -
2nd July 2011
My only suggestion is that instead of putting so much time and effort into collecting the admission fee, you put more effort into cleaning your changing rooms, and grounds, it was disgustingly filthy
Rating: 1/10
Alice Cambel - NZ
15th June 2011
I love miranda and so do my kids...but I agree with some of the people below. The womens toilets can get really smelly at times. Thats a sort of thing staff need to keep on top of. No excuses. The other thing is the last 4 times we have been (in 1 and a half years) the giant pillow has been out of order. its annoying because my son is 7 so hes too big for the little park they have there. plus a few of our big kids love it too. The staff can be really rude too i agree with that. and the prices are ridiculous. It was that time of the month for me so i couldnt swim, and i had to pay $12 to sit there. thats crap if eva i saw it. Miranda for our family is like a tradition. We have to go their at least 5 times a year but with all these things going on we may have to find another place to go to have fun. I wish it was like it used to be.
Rating: 4/10
rose -
21st April 2011
We visited the Miranda Hot Springs Camping Grounds the end of April 2010 with our caravan and could not of wished for a more pleasant place to stay. The staff were just fantastic and helpful the kitchen facilities was spotless as were the showers and toilets. We have rebooked again to visit this wonderful place and would have no hesitation in recommending anyone with a motorhome or caravan to pay this place a visit.
Rating: 10/10
Marama and Robert Gibbons - Waiuku
4th May 2010
I had forgotten what a great pool this is. Staff friendly, food very good and well priced. The Sauna Pool was hot and very clean. I would recommend to anyone and a only about a 3 kms detour on return trip from the Coromandal. Will certainly call again. Thanks
Rating: -/10
Biggles - New Zealand
14th March 2010
We stayed in Miranda Holiday Park for nearly 6 weeks in June/July 2009 and had a wonderful time. We are new immigrants to NZ from the USA and hope to settle in Mount Maunganui. Miranda was our first stop on the way to the Bay of Plenty. The park itself is beautiful and quiet. The hot mineral pools are heavenly to soak in during the cool winter days and evenings. Russ and Sasha, the managers, were exceptionally helpful and made our stay a joy. They had a few wonderful surprises for us ☺. The accommodations in Miranda Holiday Park have first class kitchen and bathroom facilities and great views over the pools tucked in palm trees and the Coromandel Range in the distance. The highlight in our apartment was a large spa/jacuzzi bathtub with a choice of either mineral or regular water. We could not have asked for more. Just 25 minutes away from the park is Thames, a small town and gateway to the lovely Coromandel Peninsula. We shopped for groceries and other necessities there. 10 minutes away is Kaiaua, an even smaller town on the ocean, with its award winning Fish and Chips Restaurant and Takeaway. In Miranda there is a bird refuge where we could spot many interesting species of birds from Antarctica. All in all, Miranda Holiday Park gave us a great experience, thanks to its outstanding management, staff and beautiful natural surroundings. We recommend the park to anyone who wishes to relax in a quality place with some of the most charming hot pools in New Zealand.
Rating: 10/10
Eva and David Niedzielski - San Antonio, TX, USA
24th July 2009
I think the staff of Miranda Hot Pools should not comment on here as its getting a bit out of control, considering customer's are always right even tho there not you cant argue with customers thats the first rule. Great pool, does need upgrading a bit and a little bit more cleaning.but other than that no problems
Rating: 4/10
sarah - Ngatea
24th July 2009
Lovely staff but the private spas left a bit to be desired!!! Not the cleanest water as we found dead skin floating in it. The bigger pool seemed cleaner!
Rating: 4/10
Sarah - Thames
31st May 2009
Thumbs up to MIRANDA and their STAFF
Rating: 7/10
Gina - Auckland
23rd May 2009
A top place to take kids. The jumping pillow is something else!! Well worth the drive. The water could be a bit cleaner, but all in all is a great time, every time.
Rating: 7/10
Barry - NZ
8th March 2009
prices are Adults 14yrs and over $12.50 children 3-13yr $6.00 under 2 are free
Rating: 10/10
mat -
21st February 2009
Can anyone tell me how much is the entry fee? I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I would give the website a 1/10.
Rating: -/10
Lisa - Auckland
12th February 2009
im not giving a rating, but maybe miranda shud just take on whats been said,do something about and put all this feedback behind the, kepp the stall open or state the closing times at the front gate, clean the dam toilet its not that hard, i was considering having my bday @ miranda but after all this no thanks,but honestly,it is a great place, just get some work done and prove to all the feedback writers that yourve done better, cheers
Rating: -/10
tuddz - nz
30th January 2009
Had a really great time at the pools with the family. Would like to suggest that they pay some attention to updating the changing and toilet facilities in the future. Wouldnt take much but it would just top off a really fantastic family orientated swimming facility.
Rating: 7/10
Sarah - Auckland
8th October 2008
as i said, can only make lemon juice from lemons... unfortunate
Rating: -/10
Layton -
6th October 2008
i was very dispointed to c dis coment from gary i went to Miranda hot spring and thought it was great. may i please ask what is the name of the book that you are talking bout that has bout pools that are non cholrinated cheers =) [ed: Hotsprings of New Zealand]
Rating: 10/10
rosy -
4th October 2008
So Layton, an employee at Miranda Hot Springs, now chooses to attack me, rather than answer my concerns, as a paying customer. Firstly, Layton, the hot food shop WAS closed both of my recent visits, and these visits WERE in the early evening. My wife can vouch for this. Secondly, Layton, you didn't address any of my concerns except for the hot food shop being closed. Instead, you attack me for repeating a claim made in a highly-regarded book about hot pools that your pool isn't chlorinated. You rather missed the point: non-chlorinated is GOOD. So by admitting that the pool is now chlorinated, that's another black mark against Miranda Hot Springs. In civilised countries (like Japan) where hot pools are a part of daily life, invasive chemicals like chlorine (which can reap havoc on the human body in all sorts of ways) have been replaced with much gentler ones. Thirdly, you attack me for not speaking to staff while I was there, like I was really in the mood while I was hungry and just wanted to hoof off and get some good tucker. I think the NZ Hot Pools site is fantastic, and the opportunity to WRITE to you isn't an inferior option to speaking to management in person. You seem to be suggesting that there's something cowardly in writing rather than fronting up in person, which is plainly ridiculous. Lastly, there are two 'fields' that a writer an fill in on the NZ Hot Pools site, and one of them is 'Make A Suggestion To The Managers Of Miranda Hot Springs'. This requires putting my name and email, and I assumed that when I sent this form, the Miranda Hot Springs management would also get my email3rd October 2008 address to respond to. It seems not. But having said that, I did look for a direct email address to Miranda Hot Springs, and couldn't find one on the internet, so... It's a great pity that you guys don't even have the basic customer service skills to say sorry and 'we'll try to do better'. My wife works in the restaurant trade. You could learn a few things from her. Gary
Rating: 1/10
Gary - Auckland
3rd October 2008
Hey Garry, I am an employee that works at Miranda and has worked at Miranda with the last owners also. To you comment about the place going down because of the new owners is absolute rubbish. The place is now currently looking better than it has in the previous years. There is constantly improvements going on and many of them are behind the scenes as they have to be, no point building your castle on the sand. AND THEN you call us liars?! That’s a bit off, I know for my personal fact that the cookshop was open as I was working, so to go ahead and call us liars is one step too far. And if you were such a dedicated fan and did your research you would have surly looked up more resources to find out about our pool chlorination, surely someone that is well educated will know that to get accurate information you need it to be confirmed from another unrelated source, because for many many many years the pool has been chlorinated. If you have concerns you can surly approach a staff member, even if the was just the lifeguard why can’t you just ask him for the manager? Im dam sure that he would help? Or get someone in charge? Or is it just because you didn’t want to ask and jut state incorrect statements on the internet and attack people. It's pretty easy to go and hide behind a keyboard and make accusations but we would much rather to be directly approached. You say you had NZHOTPOOLS to email us directly and we did not reply, but how are we ment to when we font get an email address?! So well be happy to hear you voice your concerns in person and happy to be able to have our say n tell you our facts. But I guess you can only make lemon juice from lemons. Layton
Rating: -/10
Layton -
1st September 2008
Well, the 'Team of Miranda Hot Springs' finally replied to my concerns, and lied, bare-faced. Shame on you. Both times I visited the hot food shop was closed the whole time we were there, during school holidays, and as early as 6pm or 6.30pm. I find it hard to believe that management defend this by fibbing. And worse still, instead of being interested in what a paying customer has to say, they then attack me for not communicating with them personally. Both times I was there, only one staff member was visible most of the time, and this chap was obviously the 'pool watcher'. So I used the NZHotPools facility to email the staff directly. THEY chose not to reply. Interestingly, while bathing at the wonderful Palm Springs in Parakai earlier this week, I got talking to a woman who was up from Port Waikato. She mentioned the dire state and service at Waingaro hot pools. I mentioned Miranda and my disappointment, and she immediately said that Miranda was now run by the son of the people who run Waingaro. The penny suddenly clicked. What a pity that these wonderful resources are being taken over by people who haven't a clue about management, and who don't seem to see the value in redeveloping to a high standard, or even maintaining to a clean standard. And to the chap who disagreed with my assertion that the (main) pool wasn't chlorinated, I'm just getting my info from the NZ Hot Pool book, which says that so much water goes through this wonderful pool that it doesn't have to be chlorinated. Gary
Rating: -/10
Gary -
29th August 2008
cool place man you should all try it out
Rating: 10/10
sam -
8th August 2008
I love the pool. I go for the waters not the friendly staff. I must say though I feel they ought to enforce the no smoking on premises. Even one of their staff were smoking. I hate the smell and taste that gets into your mouth. Other than that, you make your own fun there. Linda
Rating: 9/10
Linda - New Zealand
3rd August 2008
The complaints that "Gary" has been making against our team and our pools are not justifiable. Last Sunday 6th July as quoted the cookshop was open till 8pm, and the staff member who runs the shop had taken a 10 minute break which she is by law entitled too. We have had hundreds of people come through our pools during these school holidays and most of these people have complimented to us on the cleanliness. The changing sheds and toilets renovation will be done in due course. The staff at Miranda Hot Springs have been involved with this establishment for over 6 years and some senior staff members have been involved in this industry for over 20 years. How can we improve our facilities to accommadate your needs if you are unable to communicate personally with our management. From the wonderful team at Miranda Hot Springs.
Rating: -/10
Team of Miranda Hot Springs. -
14th July 2008
buddy, the pools are chlorinated..... :] **some text removed**
Rating: 10/10
Joe Sheilds -
13th July 2008
I wrote a disappointed review of Miranda Hot Pools back in April, noting that when I went the changing area was in a disgusting state, and also that early in the evening of the school holidays the takeaway food stall was shut... appalling because Miranda is miles from anywhere. Well, I went back there this last Sunday to see if there had been any improvements. Once again, school holidays, 6pm, and the takeaway stall was CLOSED with no explanation. Once again, the changing shed and toilets less than clean. It's interesting, I could swear that the owners/managers of this facility are TRYING to get rid of loyal customers. I've been going to Miranda for years and could remain a happy camper with even a small acknowledgment that they are trying to do something about these concerns... concerns which I notice other customers have expressed above. But when I complained last time, and this wonderful website sent my complaint to the pool's owners, there was absolutely NO response. Miranda Hot Pool owners, you could at the VERY LEAST address the concerns of myself and others on this site. Are you going to do ANYTHING to fix this situation? Miranda Hot Springs is a wonderful facility, a fabulous huge pool and (a bonus) it's not chlorinated. I love it, but can't justify supporting such slack management.
Rating: 2/10
Gary - Auckland
12th July 2008
me and my family went there da other day and man da staff where just so friendly my child fall over and before i knew it 1 of the staff was out helpen clean up da graze they where just all sum and da pools where so warm and clean it was a fab day
Rating: 10/10
sue - nz
2nd July 2008
The pool is hugh and very nice the ladies changing rooms are yuk get with it people if you want as to pay that high price give as a clean place to change i had to stand my daughter on the seating and i changed my 2 year old outside in front of everyone along drive out of there so i didnt want them to have durt on them
Rating: 5/10
Rachel -
15th June 2008
wow it such a great place we go there all the time and the kids always have a blast staff so freindly
Rating: 10/10
mel - waitakaruru
28th May 2008
YES ITS TRUE. It seems they own miranda aswell now since december and from what ive seen and heard its going down hill to. They are just so tight and blind its a shame. As i know the staff that have been working there for along time I know its not there fault and that they do the best they can so please dont blame them. The good staff will leave anyway. so very very sad as mirand has been so good to go to over the years......
Rating: 5/10
anonymous - THAMES
15th May 2008
it is tru
Rating: -/10
tracy - thames
12th May 2008
Please tell me it's not true? Is Miranda Hot Springs now owned and operated by the same family that run Waingaro? It wouldn't surprise me given the state of the the place. My friends and I come on average every six weeks but we've noticed over the last four months that the service standards and cleanliness have slowly deteriorated. Now we know why! It's an absolute targedy as we love the place but we won't be back!
Rating: -/10
Ruth - Auckland
11th May 2008
Having heard this place had been sold made me excited as i thought the new owners would upgade the place and restore it to its former glory. BUT it doesnt seem so, they seem to tight to do anything. I remember before it sold the old manager Shane telling me about the toilets getting knocked down and rebult, and that the plans had been drawn up and ready to go.... and since the the place has been sold and look they just replaced the roofs on the changing rooms with the cheapest materials that could be found. Also when i came in the other day i found that the hot food shop wasnt open so i went to the main office to enquire and was told it would not be opening because it was short staffed. I ask whether someone had called in sick or somthing and weather it would be opening later in the day and was told only if it isnt so busy because they simply dont have the amount of staff to do it. ABSOLUTLY PATHETIC! Then also i see a add in the newspaper claiming a fully refurbished sauna pool, but when actually it has just been given a coat of paint, not refurbished. And the paint job hadnt even been done properly as it had already started peeling when i was there. I dont know if it the staffs fault for not painting properly of the managment for being to tight and not wanting to spend another coat on the sauna. Also i noticed only half the complex had been newly painted a creamy coulor and the rest left that blue. I also queried when it was going to be fully painted and if it would be closed in that day and was told not to worry about it because the new owners told them to stop painting with that paint because it is to expensive. Hmmmm.
Rating: -/10
Concerned - Paeroa
27th April 2008
Hey i went back to miranda like after 7years ago something like that i went their with my very large family went out for a day and it was good the price is alright could be abit cheaper but service was good and very clean the temperture was just right for us even that was hot so yeah i can't wait till i go back in 2 weeks with a bigger lot of people
Rating: 4/10
shandi moke - papakura
22nd April 2008
Wow! Miranda is such a good place. And Im so glad they got rid of Shane, he was so rude. Yes, the pools could be hotter but they were still great. I will be back and will bring my family and friends.
Rating: 10/10
Emily - Thames
7th March 2008
All I needed was to find a price list of entry costs so I could budget for my large family to visit the springs. This was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Come on guys. How hard is it to put the basics on your website?
Rating: 6/10
Pukekohe resident - NZ
16th February 2008
been going for years vry nice place. been told its sold so a msg to new owners. the guy running it now I think hes called will or willy has been there a cpl of years now dont ever let him leave at whatever cost the place has improved so much with him there and the PR is impressive and he and his team keep it so clean. he always asks is pool temp ok when he walks past these guys care and that makes this place a 10. brian&wendy
Rating: 10/10
wendy&brian - auckland
11th February 2008
Just been to Miranda Hot Springs the staff were excellent especially Willaim and Matt. They were very helpful- especially when i couldnt operate the lockers. and the food in the takeaway bar was great. i would definiatly go back again. FANTASTIC to see the prices have dropped from $15 TO $12.50 ALSO :).....
Rating: 10/10
jack - Auckland
19th January 2008
Its a great place but could you plz put pening and closing times on website thanx
Rating: 7/10
john bobby - nz
26th December 2007
I would like there to be a fully serviced hotel there so we are released from the onerous chores of taking food and cooking
Rating: 9/10
Norman Milligan - nz
26th October 2007
i luv going 2 miranda hot pools! have since i was a little girl. . . good safe fun. friendly staff. 1 broke my leg at the pool one time, totally my fault but got excellent care from the staff. also was there once in a storm e tree blew down knocked out the power lines. staff were excellent got refund and food, drink, etc until firemen came and could get out! cheers guys, luv ya all. . .:-)
Rating: 10/10
rochelle fausett - pukekohe nz
21st October 2007

Rating: 8/10
Aaron - thames
20th August 2007
its great and lovely!!!!!!
Rating: 9/10
william whiunui - auckland New Zealand
20th August 2007
thanks heaps everytime i go there its always nice and relaxing i hpoe to go back for a holiday next time.
Rating: 10/10
david whiunui - Kaiaua
20th August 2007
I think you need some minor upgrading. E.g. Slides, More Lights for night and more things to do in the pool and the hot food should be sold later at night. You should be able to have alcohol around the bbq areas? The area around the bouncy thing needs to be attended to so ya dont get muddy. Thanks guys! Look forward to these improvements : )
Rating: 5/10
Locals - Maramarua/Kaiaua/Kerepehi
13th August 2007
you guys are awesome
Rating: 10/10
abby leonard - new zealand
9th August 2007
To evryone who thinks the actions of the staff on that day of the incident was shocking? maybe you should have had a proper look beyond the chaos! you may have been busy over the otherside help will the boy and i congratulate you for that BUT! i saw a staff member do all they can, cll the ambulance and get involved with the resusitation himself and you say this is pathetic? i say that within the chaos the staff did well, there will have been room for improvement but within all the chaos it wasnt to bad. here has been action taken afterwards by the pools as i see lifegaurds regulary patrolling the pools now, well done mirnada, i will still be a rugular costomer with my family
Rating: 7/10
John William - Auckland
18th May 2007
i know that you cant help the smell bu it was alright once you got used to it i thought that the changing rooms needed some work and that the baby pools needed improving other than that it was a great experience and was fun for us all to enjoy thanx
Rating: 7/10
ami-lee - pukekohe, auckland
30th April 2007
Hi, having read the comments relating to that fateful day in December, I feel compelled to comment. Yes, the incident was tragic for all concerned, especially the whanau but to lay blame on the staff at Miranda I believe is unfair. I feel they reacted as quickly as possible once they realised the incident had occured and did as much as they could to assist, unfortunately to no avail. I'm sure they were traumatised by the event as much as anyone and the memory will live with them forever. It is easy to lay blame, but ultimately parents or caregivers are responsible for their children. Having been back to Miranda since, I know that they have taken measures to avoid such a tragedy occurring again. The complex is a bit dated but it is always clean and the service is on the whole excellent. A day at Miranda is always an excelleny day out!
Rating: 9/10
Ben - Auckland, New Zealand
25th March 2007
i have been frequenting the hot pool for some time now, all i can say is that it is definately the best place for a relaxing hot soak,clean, tidy and the staff are fantastic, the food is excellent, i cannot find fault in any aspect of the pools or it's management, i have been to three other hot pools and if you compare, then miranda comes TOP!
Rating: 10/10
Alan - uk/nz
21st March 2007
Miranda Hot Springs has always been a popular outing place for our family, we celebrated my eldest sons 1st birthday there back in 1999, so we thought it would be a good idea to take our Baby boy there to celebrate his 5th birthday which was the next day. Even though that is a day that we will never forget we would like to express our DEEPEST OF THANKS to the "Concerned Aucklander" and the other people whom i only know as Stephen and Jane Leak, who helped revive my baby just for a short time for the family to say goodbye. We wish you all the best for the New Year.
Rating: -/10
Parents of Jahrian Akarana-Griffin - Tuakau
6th January 2007
''miranda hotspring is pretty unprofessional alright man thir website doesn't even tell you opening closing hours or tell you about days it will be closed! drove all the way from mt eden on dec 4th to find it closed!
Rating: 5/10
p.o'd guy - akl
3rd January 2007
Just responding to Concerned-Auckland Our Whanau would like you to know how much this notice has meant to us, Your brave and loving effort you did for our mokopuna will never be forgotten Our Whanau would like to extend our love and best wishes to you and your whanau @this time of the year Happy New Year HES MUM_ANABEL_ FATHER ADRIAN POMPEY-GRIFFIN AKARANA wHANAU our mokopuna's was JAHRIAN
Rating: -/10
Elizabeth pompey - Te Puke, B O P
30th December 2006
My last visit included giving mouth to mouth to a small boy who unfortunatley died later...that explains the reason the pools were shut on 3rd December! Do not think the staff will give you any assistance, they didnt even get the first aid kit out!!!! Hopeless, and even let the pool continue to be used while we were trying to save this boys life on the side of the pool, then after he left in the westpac chopper they had the nerver to have the pool patrolled by a bit of a kid with his arm in a sling..>STAY AWAY!!!!
Rating: -/10
Concerned - Auckland
15th December 2006
very disappointed, drove for eighty minutes just to find a sign on the gates saying the pools are clossed , NO signs on major turn off points so after driving all the way there just to return home . I WILL NOT GO AGAIN .
Rating: -/10
pat leaming - auckland new zealand
3rd December 2006
It may have been a nice day if it wasnt for the counter staff. Megan was at the front desk and not only was she rude, unhelpful and sour but not at all customer focused. I would bring my family back if they got staff who were as pleasant as the manager. How people like her keep a job is beyond me!~!
Rating: 4/10
Michelle - auckland
16th September 2006
Excellent pool and atmosphere, the manager kaye is a lovely lady and very helpful and welcoming. as for william we found him to be very unproffessional, as a business owner I think giving away free products that he does not pay for to some customers to make himself appear popular? is not good for business. He wouldnt ever work for me! maybe thats why the price is what it is to cover staff theft
Rating: 8/10
Dave - Waitakaruru
16th September 2006
Great Pool, Great Water and Great Staff what more could you want ?. We spend xmas day here and had a great time, the owner brought around a huge xmas cake for everyone. Highly recommended. Well Done !
Rating: 9/10
Kevin - Auckland
9th September 2006
New guy william is making it better and better its just the best. go and enjoy $10 and you can come and go all day so cheap. cleanest water and pool ive been to and only 40 mins from auks.
Rating: 10/10
tom - nz
6th August 2006
Good value, clean, good food. What more can I say. Brilliant on a rainy day and in the evening ultimate pleasure sitting in a hot pool. Recommended as one of my favourites.
Rating: 9/10
Janice - Auckland New Zealalnd
31st May 2006
My Parents bought me here since I was a little girl now many years on I am so freaked at how much it costs to get in, if I went there for a whole week non stop I would've spent enough to buy Miranda Hot pools. Its not the same the cost just rips out the fun of a family day out. Was it suddenly renovated with gold? Come on guys!
Rating: 5/10
Ward whanau - Paeroa New Zealand
7th March 2006
There are two pools here, run by separate ownership. The large pool at the back of the complex is a bit run down but is OK. If you are without kids, go to the pool in the campground - smallish, but very good. They charge $8 per person for casual use, or free if you stay overnight. The campground is of a very high standard.
Rating: 5/10
John - Thames
11th August 2005
Wasnt aware of the private pool for $8. Been there several times, one for a work outing, lots of BBQ stands and picnic tables with and without shelter. Pool great fun which has large blow up shapes to play on etc, changing rooms quaint and a nice top pool to sit in which is shaded. Lots of outside open lockers to store your clothes while swimming too. Also has one of the best fish n chip shops in NZ just around the corner and there is always a queue for these! Plan for the whole day.
Rating: 7/10
Denise - Auckland NZ
11th August 2005
Nice Sauna Pool[covered] Large Pool great. Exellent place for a Family Barba Q. - Bill & Gail
Rating: 9/10
W.A. Webber - Hamilton, NZ
24th July 2005
lovely big pool, the mineral water is the nicest.
Rating: 9/10
trav - hamilton
23rd July 2005

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