Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel

Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
18 Sommerville Road, Okoroire, Waikato 3485
Phone: (07) 883 4876
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

Great bush walk to the private pools which are surrounded by ferns. Listen to the birds and river while soaking in the spacious pools which are just right temperature wise. Good restaurant, homely historic hotel and enjoy a beer on the deck with the locals at the bar. Golf course across the road, what more do you need? Excellent getaway weekend location. [Raewyn Brooking, Hamilton New Zealand] [Raewyn Brooking, Hamilton New Zealand]


From Tirau Village take Okoroire St off State Highway 1 which is easily identified as it has a large corrugated sheep (soon to be joined by a large horned ram in late 2010). About 200 metres down this street take 2nd righthand turn and crossing the railway line you are on Okoroire Road - passing the dairy factory and fire station drive 5-6km until you reach a large concrete bridge - turn right over the bridge and the Okoroire Hotel is 100 metres. [Warren Lee, Tirau]/n

there is no horned ram as of yet still only the sheep, turn down this road with the sheep and the caltex on the corner at the end of that road turn right cross the rail tracks (this is okorire st) pass the dairy factory on the left, pass the firestation on the left pass the stock sales yards as you go over a small bridge follow this road along pas the cemetery on the right and keep going straight to the end once you come to the T intersection turn right and the hot springs hotel is 100m up on the right [Shelly Cate, Tirau]

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Bather Reviews
This historic thermal pool complex has had a lot of TLC in recent years and is barely recognisable from the days when the pools were enclosed by ugly corrugated iron. There are three pools to choose from with the top lap pool being the hottest. One of the lower pools has a gravel bottom with hot water visibly bubbling up to surface. Changing facilities are on the basic side but the current caretaker (2022) is doing a great job keeping the pools spick and span. Lovely riverside and bush setting. Consider staying at the historic hotel onsite for a unique olde worlde experience.
Rating: 8/10
Bevan - Hamilton
07th August 2022
The Okoroire Hot Pools are almost unrecognisable from my earlier visit some 10 years ago. The corrugated iron fences are long gone and the indoor pool is now open air. The pools are nestled amongst native bush and along side a river and waterfall. The top pool is the hottest but don’t overlook the bottom pool which has a gravel bottom and hot water bubbling up to the surface. The current caretaker (2021/22) is doing an excellent job and the water was crystal clear when we visited first thing in the morning. If you’re looking for a unique experience combine the hot pools with a night or two at the adjoining hotel. Note the changing rooms are very basic.
Rating: 9/10
Bevan - Hamilton
08th August 2022
We loved staying in the Heritage rooms in the hotel. Cosy and attractive. Pools have been done up alot over the past few years.
Rating: 8/10
Debs Chase-Paterson - Te Puke
29th July 2021
Had a lovely, short get-away at the Okoroire Host Springs Hotel. The heritage rooms at the hotel are lovingly restored, comfortable and very spacious. Over the past 18 months a lot of work appears to have been put into the hotel and its surroundings. The hot pools truly are a hidden gem! Enchanting, mesmerising and in a beautiful, private environment, surrounded by lush green bush and Waimakariri River, they truly deserve the name fairy pool. The fairy pool with its sandy bottom was built in 1887, and was New Zealand's first concrete pool apparently. A lot of work has happened, and still is happening, around the pools, and are surely worth a visit and a stay at the hotel (under new ownership).
Rating: 10/10
Tatjana - Waimauku
29th April 2016
Wonderful to see an iconic colonial hotel (where my grand parents have stayed in the 20's) with wonderful healing waters unique to NZ. Pools are still in the 1920's Small hotel rooms nice with wonderful atmosphere in dining room & pub.
Rating: 9/10
Jonathan & Bernadette White - NZ
26th December 2014
Went to the so called "hot springs" they were totally disgusting! Run down and tired! The water was fifthly and luke warm. There were empty wine bottles everywhere, the toilet stunk of urine and faeces and was broken (out of order) $15 for both of us, I wouldn't pay 50c! We got in and out of the pool within 2mins we left, these hot springs and false advertising and very misleading as per the road signs, would strongly advise to go look at the pools before you pay, or even better wouldn’t even waste you petrol driving there. When we left and took the key back the lady she could tell we were not happy, and said to us (with her back to us) “leave the key on the desk” No thank you goodbye or anything very poor customer service! Very unhappy! The place needs a visit from the health Department, in fact we are thinking of contacting them ourselves.
Rating: 1/10
Steve - Tokoroa
18th May 2014
Thanks you for the wonderful stay we had on Saturday evening to attend a wedding at the Red Barn. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The only thing wrong with the room was the ensuit was very small. The breakfast was superb and the hot pools magnificant. We will be returning there at some stage. Thanks
Rating: 8/10
Anne Leech - NZ
8th March 2010
Rating: 10/10
katherine - hamilton
21st August 2007
old facillities but otherwise good family pools, we only saw outdoor one.it is deep so need float aids for kids under 1.6mtrs. nice temp. hot water comes up from floor so sandy. seems odd at first but actually clean and clear. there is a stone near the steps so watch your toe!!
Rating: 6/10
steve - cambridge nz
4th November 2006
it brings back happy memories of when we would go there and jump in the hot pools late at night so we should all be thankful that we have these things in our lives instead of complianing as kiwis usually do. after a few drinks we decided not to drive tha car so a warm dip was the answer and safer.
Rating: 7/10
sekker - new zealand
17th June 2014
absoulute paradise, we camp there quite regulary, camp is basic but very functional, pub is great food fabulous staff awesum and helpful
Rating: 10/10
margaret newall - new zealand
23rd April 2013
5 of us stayed at Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel and found the experience to be terrible the rooms are tiny and over priced. Bedrooms barely fit the double bed, the shower and toilet are tucked into a small room. The onsite pub meant that there were loud guests who woke us during the night. The staff member was drunk when we arrived and gave us very little assistance to find our rooms. Would not stay here again or recommend.
Rating: 1/10
Erin Mason - New Zealand
31st March 2013
thye hot pools ar excellent to get awat from it all and set up camp near the old pub after a few pimts of beer settlle in for the night without the worry of driving. mzny thanks
Rating: 9/10
sekker - new zealand
17th August 2012
Extremely good. Bit of New Zealand history. Superb surroundings nice and quite.
Rating: 10/10
Thomas - New Zealand
17th August 2012
No what I really expected, but a nice hour soak, shame nowhere to sit, no shower, and in need of a decorate. do go on a thursday as they are cleaned out Wednesday.
Rating: 2/10
steve - Tauranga
17th February 2012
Over that past 2decades,I have taken a number of signifigant others to enjoy the delights offered by the enviroment, all enjoy the way it makes them feel to be in such a place of beauty, no worries ever of head going under,or privacy invaded during amour !
Rating: 10/10
Phil Fryer -
15th September 2011
The focus in this business is the hotel and golf course. I asked the Boss about the camping ground. "down there on the other side of the road." I asked about the pools. "private pools down by the stream. Looked over the camping ground and could see only one power box. Walked up the stream from the bridge found dilapidated iron fence, concrete pool a third full of grunge, another visible pool with bad water.
Rating: 3/10
David N - Putaruru
13th January 2010
We were the only ones in the pool and can understand why when you see the condition of the area. The water was warm and deep but difficult to avoid all the floating debris. Very run down with graffiti on the changing room doors dating back to 2005 and no working toilets. Needs a good lick of paint and some TLC. Otherwise worth a visit.
Rating: 3/10
Alan & Pat Buck - UK
29th April 2009
absolutely outstanding, could of been hotter, but with the recent heavy rain the temperature was to be expected
Rating: 9/10
nick - rotorua
5th August 2008
Went back to Okoroire Hot Springs 24 Feb 08, 10 to 11 am. Was keen to try out their number 2 pool. It's on a higher level and is all concrete. On my last visit I hired the No 4 from 10 am to 11 am and upon leaving a cleaning crew had opened up the door to the number two pool building and had drained the pool. They were in it brooming it out. Yesterday I discovered this action is (only ?) done on Wednesdays. That would explain what looked like quite a bit of fine debris floating (skin flakes) in the water, adding to what is naturally coming through from the embankment spring. Ideally it should be drained more often, and in line with usage. Maintenance on this unit was also very poor. Generally all is poor. Vandalism has accounted for one of the former two, toilets that stand alone in a separate building, so now one acts as unisex. No attempt has been made to paint out the graffiti. It looks like the local hoons delight in breaking in to the pools for a free swim. Bashed wall panels, broken security netting and the like. A pity because it has great potential, if the issues that are holding it back from modernisation were resolved. For what ever reason there is no incentive for the operators to keep them pristine like the Hotel, it's grounds and the golf course. It's location, so close to the river, would lead me to believe they do not hold title. Possibly relying on historic use (squatters rights ?) There would also be issues with their septic tank. I have an elderly friend at Tokoroa who could benefit from hot water exercise, but with every possibility of amoeba being in the water, and most importantly, no longer access steps into the big five foot deep pool, where he could benefit from supported walking exercises, we will not be going there. A pity because they are quite close. At this time Te Aroha, where he likes the hot tubs, is too far a drive away.
Rating: -/10
Alan Sharp -
18th June 2008
hot pools very old & in our case out of action, the owner operator not very good to deal with is on the hyperactive side
Rating: 4/10
Zanna - newzeland
22nd May 2008
Have been in the big pool at the end - it's basic but surrounded by native bush and the sound of the river running alongside. We were there at dusk and as the sun went down the gloworms start to shine - quite simply, a magic New Zealand experience.
Rating: 7/10
Juliet Field - New Zealand
13th November 2007
good to jump over the fence for a night time dip after a few or many drinks. Wouldn't advise putting your head under the water and watch out for things on the bottom!
Rating: 3/10
anon -
26th September 2005

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Source: Lower pool with gravel base
Source: Lower riverside pool
Source: Top pool, formally enclosed prior to recent redevelopment.
Allan Sharp
Source: Indoor Pool – Donated by Allan Sharp
Allan Sharp
Source: Indoor Pool – Donated by Allan Sharp
Alan Sharp
Source: Outdoor Fairy Pool – Donated by Alan Sharp, NZ
Alan Sharp
Source: Outdoor Fairy Pool – Donated by Alan Sharp, NZ