Oropi Hot Pools, Cafe & Beauty Spa

Oropi Hot Pools, Cafe & Beauty Spa
Bay of Plenty
1 Warner Road, Oropi
Phone: (07) 543 3913
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

Lovely lovely pools, BBQ area is fantastic and clean,great owners wouldnt change a thing about this place, food is very affordable and well presented for what you get….would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Oropi too everyone. Grandkids just love this place. [Karen, Rotorua]


4kms up Oropi Rd from SH29, Warner Rd is on the left, take the first driveway on your left and follow the signs to Oropi Pools Complex. [Sheree, Tauranga]

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Bather Reviews
Loved the private spa.and my grandchild and family loved the pool. I have been several times and cant wait for it to open. Thankyou
Rating: 8/10
Rita James - NZ
15th May 2020
Very disappointing really. $11 per adult! Water so heavily chlorinated I literally stank of chlorine all night! Last visit I am afraid to say. One likes to support local businesses but I will pass on this one from now on.
Rating: 3/10
Iain - Tauranga
29th February 2020
Heavily chlorinated water to the point where I could not endure the fumes. The private pool was at best tepid. Disappointing.
Rating: -/10
Philp - Auckland
21th September 2019
Really loved this pool. Peaceful green location, nice temperature, friendly staff. We were almost the only people there. Nice cafe and small play area with playhouse and sandpit.
Rating: 8/10
Rose - Auckland, NZ
17th January 2019
This place is in the hidden gem category. The water was good, surrounding area and change rooms clean. Did not do the cafe but will next time round. It looked good. This pool is on my return visit list..
Rating: 8/10
John - Auckland
05th October 2018
We have been a fan of these pools for a while, but the new management has turned a great pool to a truly fantastic venue. The private pools where the cleanest and nicest we have seen them and the team where just lovely to deal with! Well worth us getting a babysitter for!
Rating: 10/10
Jenny - Tauranga
03th May 2016
We have been a fan of these pools for a while, but the new management has turned a great pool to a truly fantastic venue. The private pools where the cleanest and nicest we have seen them and the team where just lovely to deal with! Well worth us getting a babysitter for!
Rating: 10/10
Jenny - Tauranga
03th May 2016
Wow..$10 admission!!! Really disappointing..
Rating: 1/10
Val -
29th January 2016
We drove over a while ago to discover a "closed" sign. The phone number isn't connected. There are no recent posts or updates on their Facebook page. Visit there at your own risk.
Rating: -/10
Owen` - Hamilton
16th August 2015
This place is amazing. We come here most every week or so and it's so laid back and friendly, it's like going to someone's house. The pool and grounds are clean and the pool is nice and hot. Can recommend the home baking too!!
Rating: 10/10
Heather - New Zealand
18th October 2014
Actually I rate this a 7.5. My only criticisms of it were that there was NO supervision of children and there was a crowd of very noisy, rude little boys who were bombing, spitting, swearing, etc. while their parents were having a picnic nearby. Made conditions for a peaceful soak impossible. The pool was quite chlorinated, I understand why for health issues but I like the smell of sulphur better. Nice landscaped pool, not quite as hot as some, it was maybe 34-35? The manageress Robyn was friendly and helpful and the change rooms large, clean and the idea of bringing out your tub to keep an eye on rather than an expensive locker was good. Not sure if I will return this May as I have others to visit, but this is worth a trip out from Tauranga, and infinitely better than Mt. Maunganui as far as crowds are concerned.
Rating: 7/10
Jane W - Victoria, Australia
21st April 2014
A very pleasant lady, Robyn, runs this complex (and there is also a friendly and welcoming dog to greet you in the car park!) The change rooms are clean and more than adequate and you put your belongings into a tub and then take them out near the pool to keep an eye on them. The pool itself is just a perfect soaking temperature and depth, with underwater seating right around and in all the alcoves so some privacy is available. My only criticism of the pool is that it was chlorinated. The cafe looked to have a comprehensive menu and the gardens were nicely landscaped. My visit was slightly marred by some out-of-control kids who were jumping in, very noisy and making fart noises, whose parents could easily have stopped them but didn't bother. Once they had left it was a peaceful soak and I would be happy to go back. Only about 10 minutes' drive from busy Tauranga.
Rating: 8/10
Jane West - St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia
1st June 2013
there was too many cats!
Rating: 5/10
bex - oats
5th June 2012
Wish i was a fish after spending a day in the pools. Hope to be back soon!
Rating: 10/10
ali - england
1st February 2006
Soak the day or night away in this very private setting, overlooking banana palms and lots of native bush. Pool is always very hot.....not so good on a hot day as you just bake - but great for evenings! Great wee cafe on the side as well !
Rating: 9/10
Shona - Auckland
11th August 2005
Hi Heather, thank you for your great comments it is much appreciated. We enjoy our customers and endeavour to make their visits as stress free as possible. I think "Sandy" has a lot to do with making the place feel like home : D
Rating: -/10
Robyn -
21st October 2014
I had my 2 sons birthday celebration 1ith 8 of their friends. Wonderful setting, fantastic for all the family. Brilliant set up & bright and friendly staff. Everyone had a great time, Thanks Robin
Rating: 10/10
James Pinto - New Zealand
8th September 2014
Thank you James, I am so glad we had good weather for your sons birthday. Do hope to see you and your family again....
Rating: -/10
Robyn - Tauranga
8th September 2014
Was our first time to the oropi spa pools are nice and comforofrtingly warm not sweltering hot and the people in charge are friendly my kiddies had lots of fun, will be back.
Rating: -/10
Kylie -
26th July 2014
It has been sometime since I have been closed (almost a year). It was a stressful 2013 year, with the Hot water bore collapsing. However 2014 has turned the corner for Oropi Pools and Café. I re-open to the public on the 12th of April from 10am – 10pm. My hours and days of opening is: Tues – Sun 10am to 10pm closed on Mondays. Open public holidays 10am – 10pm. I wish to thank everyone for their inquiries, and apologise for any inconvenience caused during the closure.
Rating: -/10
Robyn Coope - Tauranga, New Zealand
7th April 2014
Not quite hot enough for me but at a temperature you can linger for a long time comfortably without getting out. Unpretentious laidback sort of place and cafe serves basic but good value food. Lovely subtropical plant surrounds.Followed the driveway sign to paintball and fortunately ended at the pools (could do with a large Hot Pool sign and arrow).
Rating: 7/10
Bren -
9th June 2013
I see they have a new website that has everything you are asking for it's www.oropicomplex.co.nz
Rating: -/10
jayde - tauranga
5th August 2008
very nice and everytime were over we always stop off on way home
Rating: 10/10
brooke eru - hamilton
1st June 2008
Awesome customer service, nice to see attractive young ones. Lovely healthy meals that and what a lovely cafe!!!
Rating: 10/10
Kev - Tauranga
19th July 2007
can't wait to go back in July, great cafe and beautiful views of the stars at night :D
Rating: 10/10
yeb - uk
9th July 2007
Lovely temperature - not too hot, very nice setting and good clean facilities.
Rating: 8/10
Jen - Tauranga
20th July 2006
best owners, best hot pools, nice food, best paint ball facilities.
Rating: 10/10
Age - Welcome Bay, Tauranga
6th June 2006
Wonderful setting, fantastic for all the family. Brilliant set up & bright and friendly staff. Started off the day with paintball (on the same property) and finished it with a bbq and soak. Fantastic day had by all, including our partners that didn't play paintball... A marvellous day :)
Rating: 10/10
Shelley - Tauranga
15th May 2006
fantastic - the best i been to when in the area - v.private
Rating: 9/10
yeb - uk
23rd January 2006
Have visited these pools on many visits to Tauranga - a lovely hot pool, and a good alternative when Mount Hot pools are busy - has a lovely cafe overlooking the pool.
Rating: 8/10
Jennie - Hamilton
24th July 2005

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