Otumuheke Stream, Spa Park

Otumuheke Stream, Spa Park
Waikato River, Taupo

A hot stream that flows into the Waikato River. The further you get from the stream the cooler the water as it mixes with the cold Waikato. Swim around to find your ideal temperature. Conditions vary depending on the rainfall. [Mike, NZ]


From State Highway One turn onto Spa Road at the roundabout next to Countdown supermarket. Follow Spa Road for approximately 3km then turn left onto County Avenue. There is a carpark at the end of this road. From there you will walk across a large field. This stream flows under a walk bridge out into the Waikato River. Enjoy! [Kerry, Taupo]

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Bather Reviews
I remember wen I was between 6and 8 about 20 years ago my mum and dad use to take all us kids here wen you couldn't get there through spa park u had to go down spa rd and turn onto a gravel road just before you hit the car park at spa park. And we would come to a locked gate were we would leave our car and walk a short distance to the hotspot and river back then we would leave our car fully open and there was no worries at about theives. There was never anyone else there wen we went there we were always the only ones there i think there was one time we were there and another maori family arrived we made some awesome mates that day lol.we use to go there almost everyday. I also remember the nxt time we returned the gate was open so we could drive straight up to the river and after that my dad put his padlock on the gate and for years his lock remained on that gate. it was so beautiful there so peaceful and relaxing but also so much fun for us kids because of the river we would go up the river and float back down to the hot spot. We use to dive in dunk our heads under even wen the signs said not to lol but hay nothing ever happen to any of us. This was my favorite place it the world it felt like it was our own lol piece of waikato river. I recently went back home to taupo and visited this place and was so disappointed because of the lack of care people have for it it is way too over populated and people don't clean up after themselves and leave rubbish laying around and local theives r a big let down too as it all ruins the beautiful atmosphere it can give you. I am just so glad I got to experience this beautiful part of nature wen it was unknown and we always had it to ourselves. ??
Rating: 10/10
Ngardz - Perth
24th March 2017
I visited here in Late Feb 2016. On both occasions it was busy but not overly so. There was plenty of room and seemed to be a good turnover of bathers. Virtually all were european, with Germans mostly. Everyone I met was enjoying themselves but were tolerant and courteous to others. My wife loved it there. The stream is great and, as has been pointed out, you can find a temperature just right for anyone. I even saw one oldie sitting under the very hot top fall. Let downs? Rather a lot of rubbish left near the litter bins, and untethered dogs wandering where they were not welcome. The owners' calls of course having no effect. So be prepared for company but also be prepared for a very pleasant expewrience.
Rating: 6/10
Bernard - Bournemouth GB
16th March 2016
Absolutely amazing place, wonderfull experience to stay here and make a fun
Rating: 8/10
Anthony - Czech rep.
29th December 2012
A lovely little pair of hot spring creeks letting out into the Waikato. Usually quite busy, but most people are friendly and make space for newcomers. There's also a top-notch playground at the same park for the kiddos. Awesome zip line, and obstacle course! My only complaint is the lack of changing rooms. The restrooms aren't quite as usable as they could be for changing.
Rating: 8/10
Hackswell - USA
9th June 2012
Lovely pool which can be busy in the afternoon/ early evening. There are rubbish bins nearby so the area is tidyish with no dog poo! The temperature was of a perfect warm bath.
Rating: 8/10
Andrea -
19th July 2010
great place, can be crowded. cant understand why someone is moaning about dof faeces...its a park the risk of that happining are very high...open your eyes and your fine
Rating: 8/10
Colin - New Plymouth
17th July 2010
Used to be a quiet healing place thanks to a certain guide book these springs are full of loud idiots with no idea about anything.
Rating: 5/10
stranger in his own land - tamaki makau rau
30th July 2009
First impressions it seemed like paradise, BUT the warning signs about putting your head under water was too small with no explanation as to why. We spent 2 weeks worried sick that our kids might get incurable meningitis when we found out afterwards that was the reason people shouldn't jump into hot springs due to the germ being released from the mud. Also, criminals were operating in a gang stealing from tourists whilst they were bathing. Quite frightening as they unscrewed the barrier at the top of the car park so they could drive cars up and down for quick get aways. A real pity. This was Jan. 2006 so I hope it's improved as it is a lovely place. The skatepark there was good, our boys loved it.
Rating: 5/10
Sarah Greep - Plymouth England
23rd January 2008
it was disgusting, dog feces and litter everywhere. An old man harased my children. just beware thats all i can say.
Rating: 1/10
Sera Thompson - Australia
28th December 2007
I used to swim here everyday back about 5 or 6 years ago and my beloved dog would swim with me. So many nights after parties our group of friends would sit in the top pool for a soak, or during the summer we would jump off the riverbanks into the water. Definitely has got busier over the years but this spot will be a place of many many fond memories.
Rating: 10/10
Kym - Waikato
13th August 2007

Rating: 9/10
anonymous -
3rd May 2007
Really cool to be able to cool down in the cold waikato river! Worth all the trip from Norway, though it was a bit crowdy when we visited! Easy access!
Rating: 8/10
Kenneth W - Norway
28th December 2005
This place sucks now, Council has turned into a tourist fest moving the land to make it a a more crowded spot. should have kept it to the locals, Now is just a waay to packed that the steam cant almost handle it. Greedy buggers.
Rating: -/10
Renae - Rotorua
21st February 2014
Lovely little spot, water very hot so the cooling river was a bonus.
Rating: -/10
Lynette - NZ
11th March 2013
I loved this spot - only I didn't see ANY warning signs about preventing the incurable meningitis by swimming with my head above the water, and also found out about the risk after I spent the day splashing about and pseudo-snorkeling in the river just off the hot stream. I called the nurse who didn't seem too concerned, but there needs to be warnings about these risks... I doubt I'll get sick but the anxiety is enough to make the next 7 days a drag...
Rating: 7/10
Nedria -
28th January 2013
Beautiful,lovely park too,great for families
Rating: 10/10
Chrissie -
12th September 2008

Rating: 10/10
Dany - Switzerland
17th June 2008
Our mother told us how she used to swim in the stream when she was a young girl, as they lived by the stream and talked about the old days. Our mother passed away in 1983 at the age of 79
Rating: 10/10
Penny Huata-Te Hata - Taupo
8th November 2007
a sacred area of restoration
Rating: 9/10
ngati tuwharetoa locals - aotearoa-nz
24th April 2007
Ten years ago this was a secret! We used to take tourists there after the bars closed at 2am, during the day was only locals
Rating: 10/10
Richard - Aotearoa
26th January 2007

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