Eastern side of Lake Ohakuri

A little tricky to find but worth it! Past the nudist colony, there is a dirt road off to the left, park and walk down. If the main spot is too cold, follow the little track over above the spring and there is another, hotter pool about 15 metres along. Move downstream until you can bear it! [Aran Pudney, NZ]


Accessible by boat, on the edge of Lake Ohakuri. [anon, NZ]

Pool is also accessible off Te Kopia rd about 500 - 1000m down a dirt track on the left after the first Fontera dairy number on that road. (from Tutukau rd end) [Jeff, Reporoa NZ]

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Bather Reviews
Quite a few years ago now I wrote a review for what I thought was this place but was actually Akatarewa Stream. Recently I returned to this place on a nice warm sunny day to have a soak, but couldn't get near it due to the driveway packed with cars and people in the water with their boats and bottles of alcohol. The place has got worse since my last review all that time ago - really disappointing and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go here (especially if they want to swim nude) unless it's the middle of winter when the boating group are less likely to be around.
Rating: 3/10
25th February 2022
nice place but all the locals ruin it by smoking and drinking to much. very over grown, very crowded and we saw a rat run along the bank when in the water. wouldn't want to see a couple nudist to show or take the wrong turn and go to the nudist camp instead of paradise.
Rating: 1/10
jeff - nz
23th April 2019
What New Zealand is all about.
Rating: 10/10
Mrs SF - Auckland
23th February 2017
I was just passing by so wanted to stop and see The place, but was unable to enter from the Te kopia Rd, as there were closed gates everywhere with lot of signs, that the places are under surveillance and trespassers will be prosecuted :-( . So nudists probably do not want companions :-D .
Rating: -/10
Tomas - Slovakia
25th May 2016
I love this place :) my grandparents and I have been going there for years, The blackberries there in the summer time just fully bloom and are great for a summer treat with a bit of ice cream while you sit in the warmth of the thermal pool :) I absolutely love it here <3 can't wait to go back again
Rating: 10/10
Tash Stilwell - Papamoa, New Zealand
31st January 2013
Small unkept piece of ground for camping without any toilet provision. Lots of clumps of weed. but for all that a fun place to soak and have a drink.
Rating: 6/10
Lindsay -
29th January 2013
Can go there by boat, can get very busy over the holiday period if its too windy for waterskiing/ wakeboarding at taupo. But quite a cool party vibe and very scenic to boat ride down the river to get there. Can sit close to the outlet or float in your lifejacket as the warm water floats on top of the cooler water.
Rating: 8/10
Alana Delich - Taupo
12th September 2012
One of New Zealands best hidden secrets. I have been visiting this place for 20 years & never get tired. (NB: If you do take some cold beers into enjoy whilst lying in the beautiful water, play your part & remove your empties when leaving).
Rating: 9/10
Mark Gower - New Zealand
20th January 2012
Originally from England find this to be an amazing place. Something very special including all the people who go there. Everyone so friendly you just have to say hi.
Rating: -/10
Chris - New Zealand
18th May 2014
worst place i have ever been. saw 2 gutted pigs along with a few skined possums smell was rank WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rating: -/10
joe - new zealand
16th March 2012
i found this to be a locales only area not very welcoming. FELT THREATEN, NO GO ZONE
Rating: -/10
SARAH - nz
16th March 2012
Dirt track just Nudist Club now has a big locked gate & "No trespassing" sign. There is another dirt road off to the left further along but no room to park your car, I don't know where it leads to.
Rating: -/10
Rob -
26th July 2011
Note- 'Paradise' is NOT the same venue as the Akatarewa stream. Access is by boat and road. A culvert empties hot water into a secluded section of the waikato river (Lake Ohakuri) so there are hot/cold areas to bathe in. Please respect the area and its public users by removing your used items and do not bring glass bottles!
Rating: 7/10
Lisa - NZ
28th January 2009
correct name is waihunuhunu not paradise.We are doing group cruises on the river and often stop in here. I have also taken on the job of keeping it mowed and clear of rubbish
Rating: -/10
Ngaire Jones - Reporoa
2nd December 2007
A lovely spot, but spoilt by the people who come over in their boats and lounge around in the water getting tanked. Rotota Sun Club is just around the corner, and accordingly it's a great place to swim nude, as members from the club often swim here as well.
Rating: -/10
Steve - NZ
28th January 2006

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