Parakai Springs

Parakai Springs
150 Parkhurst Road, Parakai
Phone: 0800 HOT POOLS (0800 468 766 FREE) or (09) 420 8998
**Please mention when you call**

Unleash Northwest’s best kept secret for the ultimate day trip. Just over 40 mins from Auckland’s CBD lies one of New Zealand’s natural geothermal wonders – Parakai Springs.

Large indoor and outdoor pools and two thrilling hydro-slides have been the main attractions for decades.

BBQ and picnic areas are situated throughout the park and options for hiring marquees for groups is also available.

If you are not wanting to prepare your own food take advantage of the Springs Cafe and dining area located next to the indoor pool.

Now extensively redeveloped into an active water recreation centre, Parakai Springs offers a range of amenities to make this a full-day’s entertainment destination.

Situated a stones throw away from the pools is the Parakai Springs Camp Ground. Prices include a discounted entry to the hot pools 7 days. A chance to take a late dip in the hot pools before heading off to your camp site for the evening.


From the South (Auckland City): take the northwestern motorway (signposted to Helensville). At the end of the motorway at Westgate Shopping Centre turn left at the lights onto State Highway 16. Stay on this road through Kumeu until you reach the Helensville-Parakai roundabout. Turn left at the roundabout (signposted to thermal pools) and Parakai Springs is 1km on the right. Travel time approx 35-40 minutes.

From the North: turn right at Wellsford onto State Highway 16 and follow the signs to Helensville. Continue through Helensville to the Helensville-Parakai roundabout. Go straight ahead and Parakai Springs is 1km on the right. Approx 50 minutes from Wellsford.

From the East (Orewa, Whangaparoa): take State Highway 1 towards Auckland, then turn right at Dairy Flat into Kahikatea Flat Road. At the Kaukapakapa Stone turn left onto State Highway 16 and continue to Helensville. Continue through Helensville to the Helensville-Parakai roundabout. Go straight ahead and Parakai Springs is 1km on the right. Approx 30 minutes from Orewa.

Interactive Map
Map showing location of Parakai Springs . Use the controls on the map to zoom in and out.
  • Huge outdoor thermal pool heated to 32°C
  • Gentle slope beach area for small children
  • Large indoor thermal pool heated to 40°C
  • Two thrilling water slidesone long and the other longer! Fast but safe.
  • Private thermal spa pools
  • NPLA Qualified Lifeguards
  • Onsite Springs Cafe
  • BBQ and Picnic areas
  • Gas BBQs for hire
  • Marquee and reserved areas for groups
  • Stage and arena hire for events
  • Ample free car parking
  • Private Venue for special events
Bather Reviews
This place is like stepping back into the 80s literally! The whole park is in desperate need of some serious maintenance. everything is rundown and looks bad. The entry prices are too high given the poor condition of the place. Don't waste your money here.
Rating: 1/10
Paul - Tauranga
20th June 2019
Ehhhh Pools boring unless you have a friend with you Spa is ok but wavey because people jump in Outdoor pool's pebble cut my toe last time Outdoor pool grubby Slide gets stuck sometimes but pretty good Food overpriced
Rating: 6/10
Charlie -
13th November 2015
I can't comment on the slides or swimming pools as I didn't go on them and only went in the private spa pool. The private spa pool looked clean,the staff were all friendly. I will defiantly be back
Rating: 9/10
sabrina - auckland
25th January 2013
Went on Anzac day.These are still great family orientated pools. Disregard the bad reviews on this site.I have not been here in about 12 years.Still a very similar layout.But it was clean and presentable.Busy but not overcrowded.Good food bar.Looks like they are constructing a new entrance.My 86 year old mum enjoyed it except for the pebble walk in main pool.
Rating: 7/10
Diana Vermeulen - Manurewa
25th April 2012
Downmarket, not well maintained, looking shabby. 'Warm' showers were cold, drink machine & eftpos broken, hydroslide matting & pebble paving round pool worn out years ago. Hair & plasters on floors & bits & pieces in water. Hard to relax in main pool crammed with people bombing, throwing footballs & in some cases wearing jeans & clothing/underwear
Rating: 5/10
Bob -
5th February 2012
Do not waste you're time and money here!! Over priced, Under staffed, Run down,Water is luke warm... First time there last week and will definitely be the last time ...
Rating: 1/10
Mike Larry - New Zealand
29th December 2011
It's a shame that people are obviously taking pot shots at the competition - which says something about their own standards and seemingly ridicules this website for hosting such utter BS. I grew up frequenting Parakai Hot Pools and still return each time I visit Auckland. It might be old but it has high standards where it counts - in cleanliness, atmosphere and staffing. Looking forward to my next visit and the wonderful memories from when I was a kid.
Rating: 10/10
Jackie -
29th November 2011
My last visit to the pools was over 15 years ago so, our most recent visit last week served to reinforce those great memories of the hydroslides, but was a little disturbed at the overall condition of the establishment which left me wondering if they had stopped upgrades 15 years ago...? I wouldn't say the place was "dirty" because I saw very clean toilets and changing rooms and what looked and smelled like a high quality of swimming water, but unfortunately the impression of something which is disrepair does put the suggestion in your mind that sanitation has also been neglected. Maybe just consumer perception. RATING: -slides 10/10 (but need cleaning) -general sanitation 9/10 -overall presentation 4/10
Rating: 5/10
Sean P. -
26th March 2011
We visited Parakai hot pools during the school holidays and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. The found the pools to be very clean and the toilet area has been redeveloped which is great, good to see Parakai pools spending money on upgrades. The admission charge was affordable for full days access, we would definitely recommend visiting this thermal pool complex, ask about using the private rock pool area, I don’t think there’s anything like it in Auckland. Keep up the good work.
Rating: 10/10
Don - Auckland
10th February 2011
To make a long story short one. I highly recommend this place for so many reasons. 1-Cheap, compared to other places($17 per adult). 2-Clean and Tidy. 3-Organized and kind staff from receptionists to lifeguards. 4-True to what is written about facilities. 5-A lot of family places. The only thing that I thing they should do it to increase people's rating is adding another two slides at least, hence I rate it 8/10. Thanks Dr Frat Yousif
Rating: 8/10
Dr Frat Yousif - Auckland/NZ
30th January 2011
Thanks to Dion i was able to take my large family to Parakai Hot springs and I was so estactic with their hydroslides!!!! I loved the feeling like i can relax and the kids had freedom without a staff member breathing down your neck... I enjoyed the fact that these facilities were here for us to enjoy without all the p.c. and although i know parakai take their proffession seriously they also did not pass it down to their customers. I hate it when staff are stressed and pass their demeanour onto the customers(many swimming complex do!!!). The only disappointing thing is I can't afford the usual price and would dearly love to make this our family get away but I have told lots and lots of people that is a piece of old Kiwi paradise....ahh loving it!!!
Rating: 9/10
Anastasia wilson - Auckland
4th October 2010
Dirty, run down, and generally a disaster. Looks like nothing has been done to the place since they added a few slides 30 odd years ago. LMAO at all the shills giving it 10/10. What a joke ! Save your money, save your time, and do something else on the weekend.
Rating: 2/10
Tony Brown -
21st August 2010
I grew up in Parakai and I used to go there almost every day. Our Primary School used the pools twice a week during the summer to teach swimming and water safety. I havn't been to the main area for quite some time but the private area out the back is a fantastic area for a private party of BBQ. I find it extremely hard to believe that the water quality is as bad as some of these comments say. I suspect there are some business agendas going on here (Waiwera Managment?) I will make a point of going there in the coming months to check how true these comments are. I'm proud to have some from Parakai and it would be a shame if this was true. Whoever complained about the tagging on the slides.....HELLO its always been like that. The Parakai township is one of the lower socio economic level towns you will find in New Zealand... there are a alort of hood rats growing up there.. but don't let that keep you away from visiting Aquatic Park.
Rating: 8/10
Blair Robson - Auckland
16th August 2010
Great place ,great staff,Dont listen to the bullshit.This place rocks.Humans are dirty animals normally so any mess is from them not the staff.They are always cleaning and picking up everyone elses rubbish.remember that.Great job staff concidering what u have to work with,im on my way there now.
Rating: 8/10
patrick meads. - auckland
1st August 2010
After reading all the review, we still decided to have a go. The water quality in the pool is better than our expecation. The Smell was not bad, at least the chlorine didn't make our eyes sore or feel itchy on the skin. But the quality of the changing is better not to recall it. Strongly suggest the owner of this pool really need to do something to catch up with the modern hot pool standard, so that to attract more business.
Rating: 6/10
Clayton - Auckland
25th July 2010
Having read all the reviews, I have to agree that, yes, the pools are getting old. But completely disagree that they are dirty or unhygienic. Staff do a great job of keeping the place spotless and clean. I love the fact that the pools are never crowded - plenty of space for a BBQ, birthday party or just a day to chill with the kids. Entry is reasonably priced (even better if you are Rodney Residents - brilliant idea in encouraging locals to use the pools!) Have been to Waiwera and absolutely HATED the ripoff prices, crowds of people and lack of outdoor areas where kids can roam. Also at Parakai staff are vigilant with children without being "Nazis" about it. (Westwave Henderson are forever telling the kids off about anything!! Safety is one thing but this is ridiculous!) So YOU GO Aquatic Park Parakai!! I for one will still be visiting and loving it as will my kids who absolutely love the choice of pools and brilliant hydroslides. Many thanks!
Rating: 7/10
Mike Webster - Auckland. NZ
25th July 2010
We use to come here as kids, loved it a lot when I was little. Sickened by the fact that it has been let go so badly, the pools are in need of a lot of repair. The pools are dirty, slides need much more maintance was scared that they might fall down. Guys get a move on and fix up this place, what a shame it has been left to get to this state.
Rating: 2/10
Wendy Acarapi - NZ
30th June 2010
Since a child up until now, i still enjoy and love the experience of Parakai pools.. My family and I went 3 times over the summer holiday.. We all loved the family atmosphere of the surroundings.. There has never been any trouble.. Our belongings were never taken when left un-attended.. Although the bottom of the main outdoor pool needed a good vaccum lol we still loved our time there.. thank you.. Always advertised the place to my friends and family, when discussing thermal pools.. It's always the first place I think of when wanting to enjoy a place for birthdays aswell..
Rating: 9/10
Nuku - Manukau/New Zealand
22nd April 2010
Great place for the kids. The slide is awesome! Beats the hell out of the ones just north of Orewa. I'd rather travel the extra distance with the kids. They love the fact that these slides aren't closed half the time like the others. Food and coffee is good and it's easy to find a place to relax while the kids enjoy the slides etc.
Rating: 6/10
Pete & Sharon - Hibiscus Coast
15th September 2009
This place is absolutly disgusting. The place needs to be bowled over and start again. The hot pool was not hot, it was luke warm, where the hot water comes into the pools was very crowded as it was the warm spot. The place stank of stale tobacco, I don't know why as we did ne see anyone smoking. The changing rooms are groty.
Rating: 1/10
John - Auckland
14th June 2009
Rating: 10/10
Rina - NZ
3rd June 2009
mangere fun pools are better, cleaner, safer, and more exciting and the foods alot cheaper!!!!!
Rating: 1/10
kenny - taupo
12th November 2008
Absolutly outstanding complex. Best hot food out. Great prices. Not at all run down and great lifeguards
Rating: 10/10
Stephen Richards - nz
3rd August 2008

Rating: 9/10
g thomas - nz
27th July 2008
pretty bad the indoor pool was disgusting stuff floating everywhere the outdoor pool was boring but the hydroslide was great had heaps of fun but it loooks like its falling down and the pool at the end of the slide is evtremely rough got myself a couple of million skinned ankles knees and elbows but still great fun!!!
Rating: 6/10
maikel - Aucklan NZ
29th April 2008
Good food. Great staff and clean water that was tested often. A good family complex. I like it that you can leave and come back for one entry price.
Rating: 8/10
Jane - auckland
15th April 2008

Rating: 10/10
anonymous -
15th June 2007
A group of friends and i went to Parakai looking for a bit of a relax, and ended up having a fabulous fun-filled time on the hydroslides. Parakai springs is simple but very enjoyable, the slides are exciting, even for our group, aged in our 20's. i would recomend it to anyone, we plan to go back on a more regular basis :)
Rating: 8/10
Nadia Temple - Auckland, NZ
21st May 2007
I thought it is expensive. Run down, the food is not appealing, the hydroslide tower looks like it is on its last legs - we still had fun though.
Rating: 4/10
Mark - Auckland
21st February 2007
Clean water, plenty of room for BBQ's, quick long hydroslides, friendly staff. A very nice place for a family outing or private spa. They have a beautiful Private Venue for group functions. Ideal for a birthday or similar. AAA+++
Rating: 10/10
Michel - New Zealand
27th July 2006
The water is nice. The pools are in that same horrible utilitarian style that you get at Miranda or Waiwera. The South Island has some really nice thermal baths such as Hamner Springs and Maruia. Rotorua has the Polynesian Pools. Why can't Auckland have somewhere that is actually relaxing?
Rating: 4/10
George - Auckland NZ
Auckland NZ
This place used to thrive in the 80’s with the little yellow ducky. It’s since digressed somewhat, but is still worth a visit. The hydra slides are good fun, although the speed can be compromised a bit with the polyester mats. The inside pool is nice and relaxing, while the outside pool was a bit skungy. Fun for the whole family though, but there’s room for improvement.
Rating: 7/10
Stephen White - Auckland
14th August 2005
Great place - good parking, the enclosed public pool very restful and hot. Even during school holidays there is space for you to 'be alone'. Great for us 'oldies'.
Rating: 9/10
Denise Moffitt - Auckland NZ
11th August 2005
Hi Kent. Thank you for your feedback. We do not allow 'blocking' of the water slides as this can cause a dangerous situation for all users of the slides when water is restricted and/or running to fast down the slides. These rules are clearly stated at the entrance to the slides and are there to ensure all users have a safe and enjoyable experience. We allow all inflatable soft beach ball style balls in the pools, we do not allow rugby balls to be thrown around in the pool for obvious safety reasons. I am afraid we have had too many children injured or concussed from being hit in the head by a rugby or soccer ball. Use of these balls is fine on the grassed areas. Regards.
Rating: -/10
Parakai Springs Management - Parakai
22nd October 2014
What used to be such an awesome place to spend the day with an epic hydroslide has been taken over by the PC Brigade. I understand health and safety is important but it has been taken to the extreme such that the fun has been taken out of the place with rules like "no balls in the pool". I would understand this from an upmarket clean and modern facility, but simply putting up some new signage and getting new advertising is just dressing up a great relic of auckland to be something its not. Either get some new pumps in the slides to provide a decent water flow or bring back the blocking.
Rating: 1/10
Kent -
4th September 2014
As locals we would visit about 6-7 times a year. And although we have experienced some dissatisfaction with water quality or bathroom cleanliness at times, a quick word to staff and it is fixed pronto. We sometimes take large groups of cub scouts and I am full of praise for how the staff mange to relax and let then have fun, whilst still being vigilant on safety. If you go for a family picnic tea and use the slides, the value for money is fantastic. The food is great quality. The staff are awesome. The quiet rock pool area (now included in your entry price) is beautiful and would make a lovely place for a party.
Rating: 7/10
Lisa -
5th April 2014
My family and I went for dinner and an evening swim on a busy Saturday late afternoon. Staff held it together as much as possible with their polite manners and smiles. Female showers were overflowing with water due to conjestion.
Rating: 6/10
Deidra - Auckland/New Zealand
12th January 2014
All u people moaning about this place are obviously a bunch of snobs !!! Yes its a bit old fashion but in nooooo way is it anything negative so get ur heads out ur ars and have fun !!!!
Rating: 9/10
louise - auckland
2nd January 2014
It was old, it looks like a swimmingpool from the 80`s. Everything was looking old. For that price i would expevt much more. Was really a waste of fuel and time
Rating: 2/10
arjan - netherlands
24th July 2013
Just been there, and the family overall enjoyed the place. The water was very clean and the temperature is good too. The locker facility is a bit inconvenient and overpriced. The sign in the male changing room says $3 and bring the bag to the front. I waited 10 min after changing to swimming trunk with a bag in my hand at front desk, and the staff told me the lockers were around the corner. The locker cost $4 at minimum with 5 hrs hire, and it is really small. Later I realized that everybody just leave their clothing on the bench.
Rating: 7/10
Zack Tian - Auckland
11th July 2013
My family love these pools. Yes they are old facilities but they are clean and personally I love the70s vibe of the place. Slides are as good as anywhere. And the best part is it's big enough to keep the kids entertained but not too big that you're forever looking for them. Check it out for yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Rating: 8/10
Denise - Auckland
12th April 2013
Our first family visit...and last one for sure...and the reasons are: 1.)Old 70's feel place,wear & tear everywhere,poorly maintained. 2.)Dirty shower areas & changing rooms. 3.)Dirty water indoor & outdoor pool with hair & other dirt floating on surface(we all woke up with sore throats).Area surrounding the indoor pool stinky. 4.)Staff/young life guards mute,failed to prevent x2 different groups of people at different times of the day acting very uncivilised(yelling,screaming,swimming with clothes & underwear on, pushing each other in the water,some of them blowing their nose & spitting in the pool,heaps of bomb & back flip jumps(high risk of injury to themselves and the others in & around the pool, especially to the young kids and the ladies), splashing water out to visitors and their belongings (we had a few expensive water sensitive items,food & clothing that we wanted to keep dry). 5.)Not enough water flow in the hydro slides resulting body stops at different points,luckily there were no body collisions/injuries. 6.)Cafes food below average and expensive as well as the drinks. Overall not a good experience,definitely not recommended !!! Team Danev
Rating: 1/10
Dejan Danev - Auckland
10th January 2013
Hi Steph. It is a shame to hear that your visit was not a positive one. I am however somewhat baffled by your feedback regarding the cleanliness of our water and complex. We endeavour to ensure our facilities are maintained to a high standard as customer satisfaction is important. We are confident in our water treatment and cleaning processes which can be verified with Mr Eric Donald, Auckland Council Health Inspector for our area, ph 094265169. Regards. Parakai Springs - Management.
Rating: -/10
Parakai Springs -
17th September 2012
This place was absolutely disgusting. We arrived on opening and were the first in the filthy water, the whole place stunk and the grounds etc were disgusting. I was in the pool 10 minutes before I had to get out because I felt like I was swimming in a crap pit. I would never return to this horrible place and wouldn't even be happy with my dog swimming there. Thanks for ruining my children's day by being so disgusting!
Rating: 1/10
Steph - Auckland
8th September 2012
Yes the pools are a bit on the old fact they haven't changed since I was last there 16 years ago. But they're lovely and clean...and the staff were friendly and welcoming. I even had a blast or 5 on the hydroslide!! I thought it was a bit pricey when I arrived...but upon leaving I thought it was more than worth it. We loved it and we're going back real soon! The changing rooms and toilets were really clean.
Rating: 9/10
Marnie - Auckland
19th March 2012
took my whole family there, we really enjoyed it, staff were very helpful, pools were clean, lovely friendly place.. will be back someday soon :-) unless you go there you cant judge it.
Rating: 9/10
ruby roo - auckland
20th June 2011
Went there yesterday with the family and had a great time. Bought some treatme vouchers so was very affordable. Great too see they have a movie screen now....will defintely go back....better option then waiwera if you wana save some $$$
Rating: 8/10
sam - auckland
23rd April 2011
Disappointing. After the making my way out there from Auckland I found the pools and interiors bleak. Lots of dirt particles on the ground of the main outdoor pool which could have had one lane separated for swimming. No lockers available and pretty pricey for what is on offer. I left after 30 minutes and see no reason to return there.
Rating: 1/10
Andreas Derleth - Auckland
26th March 2010
I am shocked by the totally unfounded comments by the local Parakai resident about our operation and feel obliged to make comment. I believe in the right of customers to post comments on an open forum type site like “NZ hot Pools” however this comment posted (21st September 2009) is so far from the truth and very disheartening for our hardworking staff. We test our pools every two hours as a set standard and on busy days every hour. If this allegation was in fact true we would have had both the Rodney District Council (who test all our pools monthly) and OSH calling for our closure. If anyone needs confirmation of the quality of our water treatment, they should contact Mr Eric Donald (Rodney District Council Health Inspector) 0800 426 5169. We encourage feedback about our operation as this helps us to provide the best possible service we can.
Rating: -/10
Gary Dunn - General Manage - Auckland
1st February 2010
I was going to take the family there though have looked at all the really bad reviews., who wants to go there if your going to get sick. yea the pools are supposed to be filted tho u still have 2 clean it. it looks dodgy with all the good coments after the bad ones. and its a shame cos its the only walk in wheel chair hot pools that i know of in auckland whih is what we are looking for. i loved this place as a kid. wots happened. do u check this web site??? very disapointed and will not be comming to the hot pools now. not good if it was america who knows what would happen to this place after being sued
Rating: -/10
rebecca - Auckland
5th November 2009
if pool visitors knew how often they put out over the loud speakers that they have to close the pools to filter them because poo has been found floating or sinking,i dont think too many would return.don't put your head,nose etc under the water at the pools.people also have contract a bug that causes a skin infection at the pools,cause the waters so dirty.
Rating: -/10
parakai resident -
21st September 2009
For all of those who rated this pool complex highly, you are either moron's or members of staff boosting this rating. This pool complex as others have already stated is disgusting, a mere shadow of it's former glory. Lack of funding has meant that the entire complex is now rundown and dirty. So much so that even the slides had been tagged! The young staff were not very attentative and more interested in socialising than keeping an eye on the small ones. It breaks my heart to see this complex in such disarray as it held such fond memories in so many children's hearts growing up in AKL. Management heed this warning, keeping the entry price low ( which it is ) will only see this business spiral slowy down into a watery grave. Invest money to make money and charge accordingly. Let people know what you've done and new & old fans will return, business 101.
Rating: 1/10
Donald Trump -
10th July 2009
Great place to have fun at. If you need a black hole go at night. Highly recommended, best in New Zealand Slides. Great and just a whole lot of fun
Rating: 10/10
Michael -
7th May 2009
We had a family day out, last minute decision and it was fantastic. I found it better than Waiwera, even though its bigger but you could actually move around and not having to bump into someone. The atmosphere feels family orientated its a great place to take your family.
Rating: 8/10
Zee -
15th April 2009
I love this place, especially the hydroslides. The only thing that bugs me is the dirty bandages and scrunchies... very unhigenic. o well ... I like Mt. Albert Pools better.
Rating: 7/10
Marisol Lavenges - Auckland
12th July 2008
Old Old, Dingy....but great location. South African Manager a Tosser who seriously lacks interpersonal skills.....I went with a large group of people who will not go back due to his lack of respect!! the word racist comes to mind!
Rating: -/10
Hayley Dawn - Auckland New Zealand
7th April 2008
Awesome lots of fun, apart from the fact that the day after I received a bad throat infection from accidentally swallowing some water going down the hydroslide- the exterior could use a waterblast. Just a shame to see my favourite park a bit dirty.
Rating: 8/10
Will - Auckland
1st January 2008
ow geeze that was great and was fun and loved the swimming and hydroslides all 3
Rating: -/10
yohza - compton
18th July 2007
they've just put mats down on the bottom of the hydroslide pool, which is awesome. We go every sunday night now, a group of 8-10 of us every week. Just shows you how much fun we have, we keep going back for more :)
Rating: 8/10
nadia - auckland
26th June 2007
Run down. Over priced. Dirty. Not that keen to go back.
Rating: 3/10
Lisa - Tauranga
18th March 2007
Its wonderful place to visit well maintained.
Rating: -/10
Vishy - New Zealand
7th February 2007
Getting a bit run down, and water wasn't too clean. Bit on the pricey side. Parakai pools are getting very tatty.
Rating: -/10
Paul Rowland - Auckland
11th August 2005
"this place thrived in the 80's with the little yellow ducky..." Attn: Steven, my girlfriend accidentally deleted your comment, please write it again :) - Sheldon.
Rating: -/10
Steven -
11th August 2005
Just spent the weekend at Parakai Springs staying in the lodge. Awesome accommodation, the pools are a great family environment. Staff are super friendly. Definitely going to be heading back there again!!
Rating: 10/10
Kirsty -
2nd November 2014

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