Tapuaeharuru Bay Springs

Tapuaeharuru Bay Springs
Lake Taupo

There are a number of hot water seepages from streams along the northeast shore of Lake Taupo. Water ponds in the sands behind buried impervious silica reefs at the lake edge; water can be exposed by erosion or shallow digging. [Peter Hodder, Wellington/New Zealand]


Access to springs on beach either from carpark almost opposite Mere Road at south end of Taupo town, or further south at the intersection of State Highway One and road to Napier. [Peter Hodder, Wellington/New Zealand]

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Bather Reviews
The spring by the car park opposite Mere Road is an interesting one. Although I'd been to Taupo on many occasions I had never seen this until a couple of years ago. This is strange considering how accessible the spring is. From the end of the car park walk along the lakeside path until you see the 'danger scalding water' sign. The spring comes out just below the path onto the beach, and people have made sand banks in order to form pools. Although the water is indeed scalding on exit, the pools are usually just pleasantly warm. This area used to have a natural feel, but recently large stones have been put in place to protect the lake edge. Many of these have been taken to make pool edges and the whole effect is somewhat scruffy as a result. Its still fun to sit on the natural rocks with your feet in lovely warm water.
Rating: 5/10
Bernard - Bournemouth GB
30th March 2018
These are more for interest than for bathing. Worth checking out while on a walk, though.
Rating: -/10
Ben McEwan -
13th October 2014
The little pool on the beach near the carpark oppposite Mere Road in Taupo is often dirty, but depending on the height of the lake there can be other small pools along the beach between here and the Napier turn off (about 1km south-east). Not really suitable for bathing, but a good place for kids to make sandcastles and play on a warm-water beach!
Rating: -/10
Peter Hodder - New Zealand
14th November 2007

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Source: Taken in 2016. The hot water issues from the cleft immediately below the warning sign.
Source: Taken in February 2016. The lakeside path may be seen at the top of the picture.