Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs, Pools and Water Park

Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs, Pools and Water Park
State Highway 5, Taupo
Phone: (07) 377 6502
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

For decades, the soothing healing mineral waters and pure nature surrounding Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs Spa in New Zealand’s famous Lake Taupo Volcanic Zone have made it a ‘must do’ New Zealand Spa icon tourism attraction. When visiting and exploring the fascinating volcanic region that is Lake Taupo, New Zealand be sure to make Taupo Hot Springs Spa a priority on your travel itinerary. [Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs]


Turn down the Napier rd go up the hill. The Pool office is through the DeBretts hotel drive on the l/h side [RODOPIWI, ]

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My Experience
I have been to Taupo Hot Springs (beside DeBretts camping ground) several times whilst visiting Taupo. Very much a family oriented place which sports a few interestingly shaped outdoor pools and a dozen private spas. Bring a ball to play with.
Bather Reviews
Always enjoy coming here, place is always tidy and in a good state of repair. Pools themselves are clean, I enjoy the bigger thermal pool mostly as the smaller one is a tad too hot (others may like this) Only issue is the $22 fee for adults to get in is rather excessive.
Rating: 9/10
Carl - Lower Hutt
20th March 2017
My family visited these hot pools this weekend and were disappointed. The facilities at these pools just aren't up to modern standards. The changing rooms and toilets are small and basic. The women's changing room only has 4 cubicles. There was limited places to sit in the pools so alot of people sat on the steps making access in and out difficult. When seats in the pools did become available they weren't particularly comfortable anyway. That said, the setting is great and the pool temperatures are just about spot on, comfortably hot in the lounging pool and cooler in the main pool. More bubble jets would have made an improvement. Whilst I am sure it was particularly busy being school holiday week, we shall not be hurrying back anytime soon.
Rating: 5/10
Mike Wood - Cambridge/New Zealand
11th July 2010
Greatest place to relax. Water and facilities all very clean. Nice staff too. The hill walk down to the pools is steep, but there is some parking at the bottom if you have elderly/infirm in your group.
Rating: 10/10
Graham Matthews - Australia
2nd February 2010
Great location, very family friendly. Good to unwind and let life's worries soak out of you. Only negative was playing the damn commercial radio station. 2 songs, 20 adverts, 5 minutes of DJ waffle is not exactly relaxing. Remove that, they would get 10/10.
Rating: 8/10
Karl Rohde -
28th July 2009

Rating: 10/10
Kate - Aus
12th May 2008
Absolutely Fantastic place to go. Although it costs $15, I found it to be well worth it. The Staff were fantastic...Hydroslide is interesting, Will definately go back next time I'm up in taupo.
Rating: 10/10
Matt - Palmerston North
12th May 2008
Awesome Family Spot. The boys loved the Dragon Hydroslide, and I loved the Hot Pools. And what friendly helpful staff!
Rating: 10/10
Laurie Mitchell - Whakatane
11th May 2008
Our Family has been visiting these DeBretts Pools for many years, always clean even the mineral water has a nice fragrance. The whole place has had a revamp since last year well done, missing the tractor/buggy thing on the hill, spa accommodation fantastic
Rating: 10/10
Luke Walker - Australia
11th May 2008
Hi everyone. Just wanted to say thank you to all the friendly staff for a good time during our recent stay in 2008. This was the best site we stayed at in our hired motor home without a doubt for many reasons. The location is also great for visits. My kids liked the sky movie. The whole area was very clean. By the way the coffee was great also. See you next time.
Rating: 10/10
Shaun Stokes - Philippines
11th May 2008
I love this place! The pools are large enough that I never feel crowded, and the water is so clean! Best part is the water doesn't smell of sulfer. I asked the manager and they said it was because the water source was so deep underground. The surroundings are so beautiful. The private pools are top notch, love the upgrades.
Rating: 10/10
Mitch - Los Angeles, USA
11th May 2008
because there is a lot of helpfull information.
Rating: 10/10
liam hamling - Gympie
19th June 2007
Taupo Hot Springs is by far the best facility we have ever been to, as it caters for children so that busy parents have a chance to relax as well. DeBretts accommodation is brilliant, the staff are friendly and the accommodation is comfortable,while still staying within the budget. A must see!
Rating: 10/10
Mike and Corrina C - te Kuiti
2nd June 2007
Has always been clean and staff are friendly. Have been going there for past 10 years on holdays - excellent pools
Rating: 8/10
Chris Timmerman - Melbourne, Aust
30th December 2006
My favourite hot pools. There is a variety of pools to soak in, from two main outdoor pools at different temperatures, smaller pools and a hydroslide, to private pools with temperatures ranging from toe-tingling hot to just plain warm. All spring water, cf heated lake water at AC Baths.
Rating: 9/10
Jon M - North Shore, Auckland, NZ
11th August 2005
Compared to a european standard spa this is just two hot pools and a slide. Nothing special, I would not recommend it. Entry fee is too expensive for what you get here.
Rating: 4/10
Ramon - St.Gallen / CH
9th January 2014
Has been about 15 years since our last visit. The whole complex was much cleaner than I remember. I thought the prices were reasonable. Very child friendly, my 4 & 6 year old loved the kids play area and the hydroslide was a big hit. Will definately recommend and be returning myself. Tip, go early as the pools filled up after 4:00 with all the sports teams coming in for a relax.
Rating: 8/10
Chris Williams - Hamilton, New Zealand
14th September 2010
Loved the slide and warm water playground, and also the giant chess board to play on when I'd had enough swimming. It was a great family day. Staff friendly, beautiful surroundings and very reasonable for children.
Rating: 9/10
Michael Steele - NZ
26th August 2010
The water in the main pool could best be described as luke warm at best, the temperature of a large dogs mouth. The large pool was knee height at its deepest point. The hot pool was sufficiently hot, although the large number of prehistoric insects that where floating in the water left much to be desired. The slide was an extra fee, twice as much as admission, I was not aware of the hidden costs went on the slide and was severely reprimanded.
Rating: 2/10
jerode - hamilon nz
15th August 2010
The De Brett's Thermal complex is the best and CLEANEST!!commercial hot pools in NZ. A great spot to relax.
Rating: 10/10
Paul - Auckland
31st March 2009
Rating: -/10
abby vartan - pomona QLD
3rd June 2008
Always go there, and after 21 years of visiting it it never fails to impress. The slide really can take it out of you, even the kids will be stuffed. Then you can always pick your pool to get comfy again
Rating: 9/10
Chris - Palmerston North
8th August 2007
it sux it sux
Rating: 4/10
james nash - queensland
19th June 2007

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Taupo DeBretts
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Taupo DeBretts
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