Tauranga accommodation with thermal pools

Tauranga accommodation with thermal pools
Tauranga accommodation with thermal pools
Bay of Plenty
Tauranga City

There are 5 hotel/motel/camping grounds with thermal pools for their guests

  1. 18th Avenue Motel
  2. Bennett’s Tauranga Motor Inn
  3. Cameron Thermal Motel
  4. Ritz Carlton Hotel
  5. Silver Birch Family Holiday Park
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Bather Reviews
Re: Silver Birch Holiday Park and Motel, 101 Turret Road, Tauranga I stayed here twice this year, in March with a larger group of people and early December with my brother from overseas. I have rated this place 8 out of 10 for the fact that when staying on the edge of the lagune, this is one of the most beautiful spots in the world that you can spend the night! You can swim in the lagoon and soak or swim in one of the 2 thermal pools. The staff is very friendly. The accommodation is basic but who cares when they are on one of the most beautiful spots in the world, and so close to Tauranga city. Many thanks for maintaining this awesome spot and hopefully it will remain accessible to the public for generations to come (and not sold to a property developer!!!)
Rating: 8/10
Sitara Morgenster - New Zealand
3rd December 2012
We stayed at Silver Birch Thermal holiday park. We had a self contained cabin overlooking the estuary ,the kids biked around the complex, enjoyed the pools,one hot plunge pool and one bigger cooler pool. We could also fish practically from our cabin at high tide and also went for kayak rides with other campers. we loved it. nothing flash , but reasonably priced if I remember and great fun
Rating: 7/10
nikki - kumue nz
19th July 2007
Re: Silver Birch Holiday Park and Motel, 101 Turret Road, Tauranga My partner and I were extremely disappointment with our experience of this holiday park. We had no pre-booked our accommodation and so pulled in to Silver Birch as it was in the part of the city we wished to stay. Being last minute there was a limited number of choices at the holiday park a self contained unit for $95 dollars or a studio motel unit for $105. It was then revealed the unit would in fact be $103 as there was a $8 charge for linen. We should have taken that as a warning, but it was later in the day, we had places to be and didn't want to appear rude, so we opted for the self contained unit We got down to the room, over looking the water.... that is the nicest thing that could be said about the place. We got in to find a tired, cramped unit with barely enough room in the "living room" for the bed let alone any lounge furniture and the bedroom revealed two sets of bunks and a hole that appeared to have been kicked in the wall. The bathroom and "kitchen" were bleak to say the least. The room smelt stale, we deliberated for about a minute and turned round and headed back to reception to tell them we'd like to stay somewhere else. Well we weren't refunded our full payment as apparently they would have to inspect the room and get the cleaners in. We weren't brave enough to say that would be a good idea, getting the cleaners in that is as it appeared they hadn't been in for some time! So $20 poorer we bet a hasty retreat and went in search of more appealing accommodation. Don't be disheartened though, Tauranga is a great city and we found much nicer accommodation in the end for less than the price of this place. Didn't even make it into the pools.
Rating: 3/10
Megan Higgins -
21st March 2011

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