Te Aroha Mineral Spas

Te Aroha Mineral Spas
Te Aroha Mineral Spas
Te Aroha Hot Springs Domain, Boundary Street, Te Aroha
Phone: (07) 884 8717
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

Private hot tubs in clean and tastefully decorated surroundings. Silky hot soda water with adjustable temperature and optional bubbles. Reasonably priced for the quality of the spa complex. Highly recommended! [Lauren Williams, New Zealand]

Te Aroha Mineral Spas have private rooms. Each room has an ensuite and changing facility. They also offer Massage and Beauty treatments and a romance package which includes a candlelit spa for two, towels, drinks, chocolates and a teddy.


If approaching from the North (eg Auckland), make your way to the centre of town, and proceed one block turning left into Boundary Street. The entrance is 150m up the road on your right. If approaching from the south (eg Hamilton), make your way to the centre of town, turn right into Whitaker St and then take your next left into Boundary Street. If approaching from the East (eg Tauranga), turn right into Boundary Street which is one block before the centre of town. [Sheldon Nesdale]

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My Experience
I have made several trips to Te Aroha Mineral Pools since I lived in Hamilton between 2002-2006. It is certainly one of my favourites. The outdoor pools are fine for families but the real treat is after sunset in the private spas. You choose between large wooden or stainless steel tubs. The water is amazing! It is high in silica and feels so smooth and slippery but not greasy. Hard to describe really, do try it for yourself (be sure to book ahead). The refit in 2007 has lifted the professionalism of this already first rate facility. Fantastic!/n Update 21 Jun 08 I tramped to the summit of Mount Te Aroha (3.5 hours round trip) with some friends and we were all looking forward to a hot soak. But alas! The outdoor pool was closed because of "lack of staff", and the private pools were booked solid until 9pm that night! (it was only 3.30pm at the time). Absolutely gutted. :(
Bather Reviews
Went there on a hot summer's day with my boyfriend (yeah mad I know but we love hot pools!!). Thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilities are clean, the water sparkling and the lifeguards are vigilant in not letting parents slack off in supervising their kids so all were well behaved. The only beef I had was there was very little shade over by the hot pool apart from a small umbrella. And that other bathers though that the seat was there to put their bags on, rather than for others to sit. But minor quibbles. Te Aroha hot pools are set in a beautiful park, well worth doing some of the bush walks while you are there.
Rating: 8/10
Heather - Tauranga
3rd January 2015
NZは温泉天国です。 ここは炭酸泉,無臭で気泡はありません。特に泉質がすばらしく、肌がすべすべになります。 Mineral Spasには個室の桶風呂があります。5名は入れる大きさです。温度も調整できますし、パブルも楽しめます。個室ですので水着が無くても入れます。清潔です。 ただ、外の景色は楽しめません。 オークランドから車で2時間程度でいけるNO.1の温泉です。 Translation: NZ is a hot spring heaven . Here is carbonated spring , there is no bubble in odorless . Especially wonderful is spring water , skin becomes smooth . The Mineral Spas There are private rooms tub bath . Five is the size to put . Temperature can also be adjusted to also enjoy Paburu . Since it is a private room and put even without a swimsuit . Is clean . However , it does not enjoy the outside views . This is the NO.1 of hot spring to go in about 2 hours by car from Auckland
Rating: 8/10
Masashi - Japan
13th December 2014
After reading some good reviews I decided to vist these pools on my yearly trip home. What a let down. Not worth the detour. I paid extra for the "spa pool" which was not only dirty but had tiles missing all around. Add to that it was not even what you would call warm. I was really disapointed
Rating: 1/10
Kay Atchison - USA
3rd April 2012
Beautiful place to de-stress. Although the staff are polite they're slow at returning calls. I made an attempt to book for Fathers day as my first and last visit was awesome. I rang on a Friday, the Saturday and Sunday and even sent an email regarding a reply. I left numerous messages I'm still waiting for a reply today! Anyway, when your actually in there, its fabulous! The Administration team could do with some further training or support, that's the only weakness I have to share.
Rating: 8/10
Scott - Hamilton
1st October 2010
Beautiful. im not sure what "toxins" the above person is talking about. Not calling them a liar, but... Its peaceful and clean. well worth the trip.
Rating: 9/10
natalie - Hamilton
19th August 2008
Private spas very nice but don't go to the large family pools on a cold day cus you will freeze.
Rating: 6/10
Amber - Hamilton
16th April 2008
I have visited the pools and the private spas and found them to be world class. The outdoor leisure pools are great for the kids and if you ask the friendly staff they will put the water mushroom on. Plenty of lifeguards on site and well maintained area. The private soda spas are amazing, the water is soft and silky, I have tried both the Wooden and stianless aromatheraphy baths, the great thing about them is you can control the temperature and bubbles This is one of the only hot pools i have been to that gets you to read a health and wellness check and goes through procedures about how to use the room all the staff are friendly and well informed about the area. If you have a special someone try the romance package, my hubby surprised me, the room had been set up with candlelight, there were chocolates and rose, also we didn't need to be ring towels or a drink as they were also included, well worth the $60 for a treat. Overall a fabulous place to visit with or without the kids would also recommend booking the spas in advance as they are relly popular and you could find yourself with a few hours wait.
Rating: 10/10
Shelz - England
22nd October 2007
The pool is freezing. The spa i would describe as tepid. Nice surroundings though.
Rating: 3/10
Dan - Hamilton
22nd August 2007
I have been to the pools twice after i moved to the coromandel and i really miss going and having fun with all my friends i think the pools are a great experience and because i only pass through its GREAT to have a soak before another long drive
Rating: 10/10
Rhiannon Williams - Coromandel New Zealand
1st August 2007
I agree with Greg & Linda, the quality of the water is the best I've ever felt...it keeps me coming back to this wonderful little town under the mountain.
Rating: 9/10
Lizzy - Auckland
22nd February 2007
Great family facility, clean, modern, safe. Very friendly staff. Well worth the drive from Hamilton as a day trip
Rating: 8/10
The Coxhead Family - Hamilton/NZ
4th January 2007
Have only been once and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Would recommend it to visitors and we will be back.
Rating: 6/10
Russell - Hamilton
11th August 2005
I grew up in Paeroa and it was a regular visit for a few of us to go to the pools, really clean and just downright awesome. Would recommend these of any other waikato pools I have been to
Rating: 10/10
Matt M - Auckland
11th August 2005
Best hot pool I've been to in a long time! Private Spa's are fantastic, can adjust temperature, bubbles on or off, private shower and toilet. Relaxed my whole body, slept like a baby afterwards, highly recommend the journey to these pools to anyone from Hamilton (like me). Website does need a map and/or better directions though, I got a bit lost. Make sure you book ahead!
Rating: 10/10
Tim and Sonia - Hamilton
10th August 2005
Unique, best hot water in the Country. Hot Soda water which all comes out of the Mountain. Soft and silky. Top Class beautique establishment. Was the biggest NZ Tourist attraction at 1900 turn of the Century way before Rotorua.
Rating: 10/10
Greg & Linda - NZ
25th July 2005
my husband took me there for my birthday, in march, the pool was cold to find that the pip had bursted on them again, he was haveing asthma problems due to the plants or the trees they had there, we were there 5 mins and 10 of that was trying to get warmed up in the shower, we complained to them and they offered no apology or our money back, not to mention i caught head lice from the outside pool, so the checked it and came back and said the pipe is broken again, very dissaponeted in this and we never went back again poor service and a waste of my husbands hard earned money and a damper on my birthday
Rating: 1/10
Scarlett Nisbett - New Zealand
4th January 2014
We went to the leisure pools recently. The water was pretty cold and not very pleasant, so we decided to go into the 'hot pool' to warm up (which was quite dirty) and a snotty staff member came and told us we must pay extra to go in the warm pool. Not very impressed, all up it cost us nearly $30 for a cold swim, and we were charged $5 for our baby (under a year). Bit of a rip off for a council run pools. Maybe cheaper entrance and friendly staff might up the number of visitors. We won't be going back
Rating: 4/10
Claire Harris - Huntly
30th December 2013
I have been to the private spa pools at least 10 times.Being able to control the temp by adding hot or cold water is a real bonus .Plus each pool has its own seperate toilet and shower as well as overhead heater for warm changing.Every time they have been clean and tidy.The staff are helpfull.Only bad part is the price,but apart from that its a great relaxing place to go.
Rating: 8/10
Scott - Hamilton
26th June 2012
I absolutely loved going swimming at the pools and have an appointment at the private spas. Someone drowned somewhere in NZ and now NOONe can bathe alone. Overkill!! What is happening to NZ? Noone will ever have to take any personal responsibility for BIG BROTHER will be watching out for you. How sad and I really need these baths to stay healthy. I LOVE them.
Rating: -/10
Kirsten Petersen - USA/ NEW ZEALAND
22nd March 2010
The wooden hot tub are amazing, but definitely need to book prior to your trip. :)
Rating: 9/10
Lin-Yi Chou - Hamilton
5th August 2009
reat hot tubs to go to well worth the trip once a month for a bit of relaxation. the smaller tubs are the best tub to have the bubbles are a lot stronger than the big tubs
Rating: 9/10
rawinia - waihi
7th June 2009
I wish we had the pleasure of actually going inside & seeing for ourselves what the crave is all about... Honestly, we didn't have a very warm welcome because the old man that was working on the day wasn't very nice to us at all. Told us to move our vehicle & didn't even give us the opportunity to ask what we had heard so many good things about... Pity that, we will now never know...
Rating: -/10
Lucy - Hamilton
22nd April 2008
Hmmm Thats interesting. Ive been there too. Not that good. My 8 year old son got real sick from the water. Too much toxins
Rating: -/10
anonymous -
18th November 2007
Beautifully maintained, fresh clean waer each time, in a romantic town with heaps of good and cheap places to stay
Rating: -/10
Anna - New Zealand
7th October 2007
I live locally to these and go back time and time again. The public pools are always clean and a nice temperature, and the big spa up the top is perfect for soaking in. However the highlight for me is always the private mineral spas. These big wooden half barrel tubs are perfect for a romantic evening with the amazing soft water, adjustable temperature so you can have it how you like it, and bubbles option. Or get the stainless steel tub and add your own essences or bath salts for the aroma therapy feel. I wont swim anywhere else after swimming here. No point in travelling for less than half the standard of what i have 5 minutes up the road. :D
Rating: 10/10
Kym - Te Aroha
13th August 2007
Real nice place, beautiful setting, definitely will come back here. Water was a bit dirty but in an ok way - natural sediment or something like that I imagine. You tend to get that.... Although it does seem a bit irky.
Rating: 8/10
Celina - Palmerston North, NZ
29th June 2007
Been coming here since a kid and now my family too. Picturesque bush surroundings, friendly staff mostly, clean complex with good facilities, reasonably priced. Down side is the main pool is often too cold and a bit poky with an annoying divider in the center of the pool. The spa pool is quite small but pleasantly hot and attracts a $1.00 surcharge.
Rating: 6/10
graham - hamilton
13th April 2007
We took young kids to the Te Aroha hot pools in September 2006. Despite all the good press we had read, we were dissapointed with the size of the pool and the temperature. It was not very warm in fact the youngest kids did not want to get into the pool.
Rating: 3/10
Grant Taylor - - Hamilton / New Zealand
9th March 2007
I have lived in Paeroa all my life, been to Miranda and Te Aroha is by far better. A friend and I take our kids during school holidays, we have had kids parties there, taken our own food etc. Great place, clean ,safe and the people are real friendly too. Thoroughtly recommend Te Aroha Hot Pools.
Rating: 8/10
Trudi Kyd - Paeroa
13th October 2006
I feel like a sad sack but the pools I found were the ones for kids with a big pool and toddler pool. Clean and very well run but not hot enough. I had the kids with me so liked the bigger pools but found them only tepid.
Rating: -/10
anonymous - Akld
17th June 2006
These pools have the bather in mind from beginning to end of the experience. Welcoming. with the best water around and a beautiful domain and nature park to spend some quite time with the one(s) you care about! Highly recommended to hot pool lovers and nature lovers.
Rating: 9/10
Dianne and Bob - New Zealand
4th December 2005
Best mineral pools Ive been to in NZ. Spotlessly clean, well run, friendly. Public pool(s) good for kids - include a toddlers pool, a main pool and a large spa pool. But for real indulgence use a private pool. They are currently building more private pools on site to cater for demand. Te Aroha town is old and quaint - has seen better days but there are some first rate restaurants and accommodation in town. Was a popular tourist destination in the early 1900's, and there are a number of old buildings near the pools that reflect this. A bit off the beaten track but worth the visit.
Rating: 10/10
John - Thames
11th August 2005
I have just read in the paper about this place, that they are doing it up. I wish they would put their contact details and some photos on this site so I can check it out
Rating: -/10
MissyGrrL - Hamilton
26th July 2005
Wonderful place to go. I've been there many times with my wife or friend's couple. I will definitely back.
Rating: 9/10
Dongsil LEE - Auckland
2nd October 2011

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