The Lost Spring

The Lost Spring
121A Cook Drive, Whitianga, 3510, Coromandel Peninsula
Phone: (07) 866 0456
**Please mention when you call**

Experience the magic of Whitianga’s luxury Day Spa and Geo-Thermal Pools. Wander through tropical gardens, relax amongst a New Zealand bush setting, and soak in 100%Pure thermal spring waters in sculpted pools.

Let The Lost Spring Day Spa pamper you with massages and treatments in luxurious tree-top therapy rooms. Dine poolside, in The Cafe or on the Sky Deck, and let yourself be waited on by friendly staff. [Kenzie Sampson (The Lost Spring), Whitianga]


Driving via Tairua or Whangamata?/n

Arriving into Whitianga there is a large roundabout, turn right at the roundabout onto Joan Gaskell Drive and follow the road. Take a left turn onto Cook Drive after the New World Supermarket, follow Cook Drive, The Lost Spring will be on the right hand side, after Hannan Road./n

Driving via Coromandel Town?/n

Arriving into Whitianga you’ll be on Buffalo Beach road with the ocean on your left. Turn right at Halligan Road, follow this road to the end and turn Left onto Cooks Drive, The Lost Spring will be on the left hand side before Hannan Road. [Kenzie Sampson, Whitianga]

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  • Day Spa
  • Thermal Pools
  • Onsite lagoon-side Café & Bar
  • Poolside Service
  • Cocktail Deck
  • Outdoor Function Pavilion
  • Tropical Gardens
  • Changing Rooms & Showers
  • Pamper Packages & Hens Parties
  • Friendly Staff!
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My Experience
Nov 2012: My wife and I enjoyed 4 hours in this lovely setting. An enormous amount of work has gone into making this place a true oasis of relaxation. The poolside staff are friendly and attentive, and the pools themselves are delicious with a variety of temperatures to suit everyone. Thoroughly recommended.
Bather Reviews
I visited with my boyfriend earlier this year. The atmosphere was wonderful, it really felt like a mini paradise. The only thing I would comment on is that there isn't many different pools to choose from and the water temp not quite hot enough. But, we were there on a very rainy day! And it was a lovely experience.
Rating: 8/10
Jayne - Hamilton
13th October 2017
It's a really nice place, if you are up to relaxation and great service. No little kids running around with that noise and mess that follows them. The temperature is great - I love a hot bath - just ask for directions, staff is very helpful. Alan is an amazing host, devoted to the A+ service (and has a beautiful nose, too:) )
Rating: 10/10
Tatiana - Auckland
03th April 2016
The temperature of water is so low and is a good place for couples to kiss in the pool. I will never go there again
Rating: 2/10
Fu -
01th January 2015
Amazing place. The staff are friendly and professional, the facilities are top notch. And the no-kids policy is a huge drawcard if you want a relaxing and peaceful adults-only experience. Only drawback is the early closing hours, fine for winter when it gets dark earlier but at this time of year you don't get to experience the pools in the dark, which we would have loved to have done.
Rating: 10/10
Heather - New Zealand
28th October 2014
this is the place to go amazing the setting the birds but most of all the staff are great full marks to them all. had a hip op in april this year they come out and carry your bag help you get in and out of the pool the rest room is so glean everything supplied.cant complain at all
Rating: 10/10
julie johnstone - whitianga
27th February 2014
What a fantastic experience, on my 3 week "hot pool crawl" in the North Island. This is hot spring bathing at its finest. You can't help but be amazed at the planning and care that went into this facility - it has everything you could possibly want. I was quite concerned about this being a very commercial facility, and not "natural" but it certainly had its advantages. The ladies change rooms even had hair dryers and shampoo. The no kids policy was a refreshing change. I found the receptionist to be very polite and friendly. I was happy to book in for the day rate as I spent 4 wonderful hours there in the rain. I liked the really hot Crater Pool best, there were underwater benches at varying levels so you could sit in the depth that suited you; also a little waterfall there which was good for a massage on my arthritic knee. Even in the rain there were laminated menus around and the staff would come by occasionally to see if you wanted anything to eat or drink - I had a Pina Colada which was on special that day. Bliss! There is also filtered water available to stop you getting dehydrated. The jungle atmosphere was fabulous, as were the tuis flitting about, and the swim-in cave and even the gold leaves scattered on the "rocks". The only reason I can't give this a 10 is that the pathways were a bit slippery in the rain, it was hard to find somewhere to keep your towels & clothes dry and I found the larger pool quite difficult to get in and out of with slippery concrete - no handrails for those of us who are slightly incapacitated. However I would happily return and next time I will spend the whole day; it was just fantastic.
Rating: 9/10
Jane West - Victoria, Australia
01th June 2013
I went in march this yr. I was absolutely blown away , by how much detail and care and vision went into this attraction.Little details like the trees etc where left to over hang the pool,so you felt like you were in a natural setting.The crystals and walking thru warm water and just an sence of peace and letting go. The staff bringing us drinks so we wouldnt have to get out and get cold. I think for this quality place and indulgence the price is right.Go with a loved one and feel so relaxed after. A definite return visit , with my other family members soon. Thank you for this wonderland
Rating: 10/10
susan everdell - akl nz
05th April 2013
A amazing, peaceful, relaxing setting and loved the poolside service. Can't wait to go back!
Rating: 10/10
J Clarke - NZ
03th January 2013
We had put off and put off going due to the price ... but WOW, what a place - well worth the entry fee ! (wish we hadn't waited) Total relaxation, 5 star service and NO children !!!!! If you get a chance - pop along, well worth every penny spent :)
Rating: 10/10
Michelle - NZ
24th July 2012
These owners know what they're doing by keeping the entry at a high price. You get quality service, beautiful surroundings and no little kids running around. We left ours at home to enjoy these pools especially! Tranquil surroundings, friendly staff constantly at your service, the most luxurious changing rooms I've been in. Better than the 5 Star Hotels in Auckland! The place reminded me of a resort I stayed in when holidaying in Samoa and another one in Singapore. Top class facility. Keep up the good work!
Rating: 10/10
Angela Lane - New Zealand
05th July 2012
A magical place combining a jungle like environment with hot pools. Not many pools and very expensive - at the end of the day, it's the same water as other hot pools at around double to 4 times the price. The only pool of value was the Hot Crater, the other pools were not hot enough.
Rating: 6/10
David - Auckland
16th June 2012
As a whitianga part time resident, I brought 4 members of my family visiting from Scotland to visit the lost spring , they were just amazed at the setting from walking off the suburbian street to a tropical paradise - Fantastic.
Rating: 10/10
Betty McClennan - New Zealand
17th November 2011
I love this place! It feels like you're on a tropical holiday! I found they were quite lax about the 1 hr time limit (I guess it depends on visitor numbers?) I was pregnent at the time & the large pool was the perfect temp! The hot pool was beautifully constructed, like something you'd see in a movie! Loved it, loved it, loved it!
Rating: 9/10
Kylie - Tauranga, NZ
16th August 2011
It's nice but very annoying pricing. You can pay for one hour or the whole day. Nothing in between. They watch you to make sure you don't exceed your time. So not relaxing at all as you have to keep watching the time. It would be a truly awesome experience if they would change their charging method.
Rating: 5/10
Andrew - NZ
07th August 2011
Best thermal pools in the country + VERY VERY Friendly owner!!! Very clean and tidy, romantic and nice facilities. We will be back!!
Rating: 10/10
Chung - Auckland
11th October 2010
We had the most fantastic time. We paid for an hour but the owner (who is really friendly) said we were welcome to stay longer. Sadly we couldn't as it was getting dark and we had a long drive back to our accommodation in Coromandel township. All the lights were being lit just prior to us getting out - magic! I really appreciated the complimentary cool water beside the hotter pool there is also soap and shampoo in the showers. All the staff were friendly and courteous which was nice since we arrived muddy, wet and dishevelled after a long bush trek in the rain not to mention cold - that was soon fixed though! After a lovely soak in the hotter pool it was heaven to slip into the more tepid, larger pool. Even in there you could find hot spots if you wanted a little more warmth. Best things about the Lost Spring include; no young kids so very couple orientated, lots of space and privacy create a very romantic ambience and the water leaves your skin felling wonderful! I’m already planning a return trip and we will get an all day pass which will allow us to explore the gardens fully, sample the food, maybe have a massage from the spa and consume a cocktail or two. Just have to find accommodation we like in the vicinity and we’ll be back!! Thanks Alan for persevering with your dream, it is definitely a worthwhile outcome!
Rating: 10/10
Diane - NZ
17th September 2010
went there with my partner and we had the best time.. adults only so it was lovely to have some peace and quiet.. romantic setting with serene music playing. waterfalls and hidden caves.. reminded me of a balinese garden. complimentary tropical fruit was available to us so we had some pineapple and watermelon to go with our fresh cocktails as we lay in the water.. great atmosphere for new lovers.. and the shower area was equipped with shampoo conditioner and blow dryer and straightener.. so big thumbs up for the ladies.. the staff were very helpful and friendly.. loved it loved it loved it.
Rating: 10/10
anastasia -
14th August 2010
This is the hanmer springs of the north island but better, lots of cool native trees for suncover & tui birds so no sunburn during summer, absolutly awesum during winter really cool as rock pools & surrounds a real credit to alan an team keep it up ill be back anyday
Rating: 10/10
mal - nz
30th May 2010
Hello,great write ups except for the receptionists ones. No suggestions. Will in the area next month. How much is it to bathe in the pools. Thanking you Ray
Rating: -/10
Ray King - Auckland
20th March 2010
I also found the receptionist a bit rude. Nevertheless, it is a great place but you get the felling it is still a work in progress and therefore it needs to be priced accordingly.
Rating: 6/10
Pete - NZ
15th December 2009
We attended at the Lot Spring, along with two overseas friends of ours. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and will highly recommend to others. No wonder we took a couple of pamphlets with us to spread the word. We didnt even know about the Lost Spring, but it was overseas visitors, searching the net from afar, that they put us onto the experience. Many thanks
Rating: 10/10
Barb kean-Williams - NZ
26th October 2009
The lost spring is truly a place to remember!! The ambience is magical. It's a must see at night. There is simply no place in the North Island like it for me so far. Well done Allan and thank you for this marvelous gift.. keep up the good work team. we can't wait to return!!
Rating: 10/10
Evelyn Park - New Zealand
26th September 2009
Best thermal pools in the country. And I've been to them all! Magical at night time- rain or shine-a true treat after a day seeing the sights of the peninsula.
Rating: 9/10
Louise Wilson - New zealand
20th September 2009
A very special place to visit. The service, the style and the romantic setting were out of this world. A "magical" place!
Rating: 10/10
Clare Louise -
18th September 2009
We called on Sunday 6/9/2009 and were not impressed by the receptionist. She was very unfriendly and if it was'nt for us coming to have lunch with an old school friend who had made a booking a few of us would have walked out. As it was one of the group decided to eat elsewhere. To put it briefly we weren't made to feel welcome and won't return.
Rating: -/10
Elaine Percy - New Zealand
06th September 2009
Whitianga's luxury thermal pool complex, day spa and restaurant. Sculpted pools surrounded by gorgeous gardens of native and tropical plants. Swim for an hour or stay for the day.
Rating: -/10
Sue Collins - NZ
03th September 2009
Probably one of the best commercial thermal pools in NZ. The setting is gorgeous and the water is great. Your skin feels fantastic afterwards. The Day Spa is lovely and the food in the restaurant first class.
Rating: 10/10
Sue Collins - NZ
03th September 2009
Very nice hot pools and Excellent service
Rating: 10/10
Taddy Ito - Japan
17th August 2009
Fantastic! must see in NZ, WORLD CLASS!
Rating: 10/10
Jade Tarry - NZ
11th August 2009
This facility is 5 star all the way. Adults only with bar service, great resturant, amazing gardens and full spa treatment menu. You get what you pay for, this is a real treat. Can't wait to go again.
Rating: -/10
Julia - Hamilton
08th August 2009
A fairly modern complex with 2 main hot pool areas. The larger swimming pool has a long cool curve with a 'hidden' cave fully equipt with electric 'glow worms' and geode encased stalactites. The waters at this end are pleasingly tepid. At its deepest point it's around chest height but the shallows are child friendly gentle slopes. Swimming up the gentle current under a bridge leads to the warmer mini hot pool where you can relax and sip your choice of a selection of alcoholic drinks - although the cocktails are a little pricey. Payment is by account number on your wrist band. Wander down a wee path through the bush and you'll 'discover' the smaller but much hotter sequence of 3 interconnected pools. The concrete 'cliffs' with embedded gold tiles leave you thinking of an aztec influence however the birds are far from shy and Tui's are clearly at home amidst the bathers.
Rating: -/10
Susie - New Zealand
28th July 2009
The Lost Spring is not just a hot pool it is a magical experience in itself. Although in Whitianga when you drive in those big gates you are stepping into a tropical paradise. The pools have been made with love and passion and that is truly visible. Heaps of character and class. Wonderful place to spend time with friends. The restaurant is also highly recommended.
Rating: -/10
Jill Kaeppeli - NZ
26th July 2009
A luxurious collection of hot pools with beautiful surroundings - palm trees and tuis - crystals embedded into the labyrinth of caves between the pools. The temperature of the pools range from 30 - 42 and this is a nos under 14 thermal park with an excellent restaurant attached as well as the pure indulgence spa. Just spent a day there - it was bliss.
Rating: -/10
Natalie Cook - Auckland
28th June 2009
Called in to have a look when passing through but no time for a swim.This place would have to be the most magic one in the country.It is like a fairy land.All nice and new and tastefully set up.Great variety of pools and lovely bush walk.Has a neat cafe as part of the complex.
Rating: -/10
Brian Gallagher - NZ
27th May 2009
Beautiful setting in paradise. My husband & I forgot our swim togs but we were able to purchase nice new ones at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend a visit.
Rating: 9/10
Liz Cappeleon -
08th May 2009
this is the most amazing hot mineral pools complex I have ever seen.. luxurious trees/plant growth/tuis everywhere/adult only facility/just like Hawaii, 10 out of 10!. magic.
Rating: 10/10
Robin France - nz
05th May 2009
Fantastic experience, friendly staff, great service. Pools were beautiful and clean, imaginatively set amongst natural vegetation, with varying temperatures to alternate between. Highly recommended! A real piece of paradise tucked away in the little town of Whitianga.
Rating: 10/10
Helen - Ngaruawahia
28th April 2009
Probably the best and most luxurious geothermal pools in NZ. Crystal clear water, a fabulous bush setting. Excellent restaurant and a popular day spa for massage and beauty therapy. Great story which featured recently on TV3 and on cover of AADirections magazine.
Rating: -/10
Sue Collins - Whitianga
10th April 2009

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