Top Hope Hot Springs

Top Hope Hot Springs
Hope River, 27km from State Highway 7

Beautiful location, tucked into a grassy clearing – great for camping. Hotpools were not very hot the day we visited due to high rainfall, but still hot enough to get in. There are several pools around which people have built rock surrounds. Recommend going – but not if rivers are up as gets swamped by cold water. [Fiona Anderson, NZ]


We travelled on horseback. Pools are easy to find and are about 15-20 minutes up Hotsprings Creek, a tributary of the Hope River. A white marker on a tree marks the spot. The pools are on the true right of hot springs creek apparently a little further on than marked on the topo map for the area. [Fiona Anderson, nz]

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Bather Reviews
Stunning spot, especially with snow on the surrounding river bed. A very friendly bush robin enjoyed our company. The pools required "straining out" the sludge, but well worth the effort. There is an old colander there for the job
Rating: 6/10
Helen - Christchurch
12th March 2008
Despite taking two days to get here via Lake Man, the sandflies and the unappealing nature of the kept us out.I have rated them 4 just for being there. Perhaps we have been spoiled by other springs we have tramped to.
Rating: 4/10
Warner - Christchurch
04th January 2008

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Warner Milne
Source: Christchurch – 2 Jan 08
Warner Milne
Source: Christchurch – 2 Jan 08