Waingaro Hot Springs [Reopened Apr 2016]

Waingaro Hot Springs [Reopened Apr 2016]
Waingaro Road, Waingaro
Phone: (07) 825 4761
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

Reopened around $12 per person. Slide is only open sometimes so enquire before going with kids. bumper boats look to have closed. Reopened recently so very clean and new facilities. [Jhani Mulder , auckland]


45km north west of Hamilton out in the 'whops', this place is a little tricky to find without consulting a map before you leave./n

20 minutes West from Ngaruwahia. If you reach a T-junction for SH22 you've gone too far.

Interactive Map
Map showing location of Waingaro Hot Springs [Reopened Apr 2016] . Use the controls on the map to zoom in and out.
My Experience
If you're staying at the camping ground I'm sure its a treat, but as a hot pool venue for a connoisseur such as myself, I find it difficult to justify the 45min long and windy drive from Hamilton.
Bather Reviews
Stayed there for 3 nights in our caravan in January 2021, unfortunately no hot water in the top block so no showers, middle block was just filthy, pools were dirty, lots of hair & floaties. Alot of it being used for social housing & long term living unfortunately. Very run down and no where near as good as it was in the 80's/early 90's.
Rating: 3/10
Cindy - Taranaki
30th August 2021
i have been there lots and i do not see why people are making rood comments about it i had so much fun and i think some people are just to stuck up to have any fun at anything that's not bling
Rating: 10/10
larry - cambridge
13th October 2020
Stayed here for 1 night in the Motel 1 accommodation. Across the road down a driveway shared property with the locals What a dump @ $210 per night for 3 people - feels truly ripped off Pools looked scummy and dirty and didn't dare enter the water Shower in unit had very slow running hot water Unit needs a major make over - had 4 new coffee cups though - price tags still on it Smelt of cigarette smoke
Rating: -/10
Keith - NZ
09th September 2019
Stayed here for 1 night in the Motel 1 accommodation. Across the road down a driveway shared property with the locals What a dump @ $210 per night for 3 people - feels truly ripped off Pools looked scummy and dirty and didn't dare enter the water Shower in unit had very slow running hot water Unit needs a major make over - had 4 new coffee cups though - price tags still on it Smelt of cigarette smoke
Rating: -/10
Keith - NZ
09th September 2019
Not bad for a swim and that is all
Rating: 3/10
Jeff - Napier
11th October 2018
Went to Waingaro Hot Pools for the first time with my family today...The customer service was great, however the hot pool was disgusting with floaties the appeared to look like skin. There is not tuck shop as all pools have... The hydroslide was only turned on for approx 20 minutes then turned off again, so clearly the owners are "TIGHT" on money when we have just paid $6 each for a "DAY PASS". The concrete leading up to and flooring at the top of the hydroslide were slippery and full of Lycan which causes accidents when wet. Once our day had ended due to the hydroslide still being off and my son not being able to use it again, we went to have a nice shower to clean the pool gunk off...However the shower floor was slippery with sludge and the water is COLD AS HELL in the shower...Yet another TIGHT ASS way to take our money and skim on provisions... I hope the next owner cares about their customers more buy providing the service we are paying for buy not cutting costs to make profit off us and especially in regard to the many HEALTH & SAFETY issues the Waingaro Hot springs has. That aside Lovely staff.
Rating: 3/10
Michelle Weir -
11th August 2018
What a dump. If we hadn't had to pay for accommodation in advance and the weather wasn't so foul we would have left. The accommodation was appalling... Dirty oven, had to wash dishes before using, one window in a room didn't close properly and there was a broken tile on the floor in the kitchen. It was just really run down and unkempt. Pools were nice but paid extra for the kids to go on the slide and they opened them for 15 minutes during the 2.5 hours we were there.
Rating: 1/10
Julie - New Zealand
16th July 2018
I've been going to Waingaro since an infant. Yes it may be outdated compared to other wealthy Springs but in general it does the job I expect it to do. It's become neglected somewhat but doesn't change the fact that the water is why I'm there; relaxation temperature, hydrotherapy, peace and the childhood memories flashing by when I look at each area of the site. I love the loud laughable characters of the owners and the smiling humble staff, they have shown me no bias, ever and I'm Maori...in all honesty the owner will clock you, real loud, on the intercom if she has to because most times its needed. Be responsible and she won't call you out.
Rating: 8/10
MeiMei - Hamilton
17th April 2018
I went to Waingaro Hot Springs on Saturday the 24th of February 2018. I booked a spa for half an hour for $40. when I got their with my misses it seemed like the cripple lady their hadent prepared the spas. acccutually it looked like they were not in use. she then got the lifeguard to fill the spa from the hose and turn the spa tap on manually from spa and turn something on in the control room next door. it had floating scum in it. I have a bladder infection from it or something. I will find out. i'm so angry with waingaro hot spings & I think it should be comdemed and the previous shonky national government to be held to account.
Rating: -/10
Mike Mike - Hamilton/New Zealand
26th February 2018
If you are Maori,dont go here,the lady will call out over the mike " hey Maori girl you can't swim there.. Disgraceful. These people are rat shit opps, I mean racist
Rating: 1/10
Shane Winiata - Aoteroa/New Zeala
03th February 2018
Absolutely disgusting $200 later. Now have sore ears and flea bites from staying in a revolting so called motel
Rating: -/10
Unpleasant customer -
11th February 2018
Pretty shabby. Doesn't look like it's had any love since the 80s. Cracked concrete, broken fittings. Some manner of Classic Hits blaring over a speaker, with occasional interjections about chippies and drinks available at the shop. Very small town NZ. Pools were reasonable, in the context of the overall general shabbiness, and a pleasant temperature. Absolutely no sign of lifeguards, although there was a lifeguard seat - indicated by a handwritten and sellotaped sign. The larger hydroslide was excellent fun but felt decidedly unsafe. Got whacked in the face by flax on each run, and consistently got air while hurtling down a couple of corners. Didn't die. There was a sheep ambling around the hydroslides and pooping on the path. Not a huge amount of clearance in pool at bottom of slides. Most of the time, the slide attendant was distracted chatting to a mate instead of watching the near collisions, checking for drownings, etc. If you temper your expectations, everything's perfectly fine. Just don't drive more than maybe half an hour to get to it.
Rating: 3/10
Matt - Wellington
02th January 2018
Pretty crappy place. The smaller hot pool was super gross, could see skin/toenails etc floating in it. The bigger pool was ok. No life guards half the time, and the other half was an old lady that could barely walk.
Rating: 2/10
Petah -
04th November 2017
A great day out and the whole family had a good time at a decent price. The people were really nice and friendly and the facilities were just fine. The place is good value and we would recommend it. Unsure why there are negative reviews out there - maybe some people have unrealistic expectations of what to expect from hot pools in the middle of the North Island!
Rating: 8/10
Stu - Tauwhare
06th October 2017
Went today for the first time with family. Staff were friendly at the gate. All of the rails around the pools and inside the pools are rusted and in need of renewing. Many parts of the concrete were slimey and slipperey too especially up by the hydroslides, was quite dangerous. The hydroslides were awesome though, kids had a day of fun. Plenty of shelters to sit under with many tables and seating, great for family get togethers. The walkways around the pools are odd, not spacious or level, gotta be careful all the time there. Pools are geat though. Biggest complaint would be the 'life guards'. I saw 4 life guards today. 1 was an elderly woman who struggled to walk up the steps, another a large plus size woman (Im very plus sized so I know the physical limitations well) so I doubted their ability to actually save someone from drowning. The other 2 were men, 1 was very aware of the swimmers, walking around watching constantly, compared to the other who sat on his phone majority of the afternoon. An incident did occur too while I was there, an elderly woman was trying to get out of the hot pool but so many people occupy the stairs and sit in the way blocking the entrance and the use of the rails. She ended up slipping and hitting her head while trying to squeaze through them. No life guards saw it, took awhile for someone to get the attention of one, and they didnt really do anything, just came over asked if she was okay then helped her get out. Thats as far as the lifeguards assisstance went, the elderly woman ended up being concussed and her family took her to the hospital. After that I complained saying to a lifeguard that the stairs into the pools should be kept vacant because thats why the elderly woman slipped. The lifeguard listened, went over to all the people blocking the stairs and asked them to move, they did, then as the lifeguard turned they all returned back tot the stairs to sit. He didnt ask them again either. Another lifeguard occasionally asked them to scoot over every now and then. People blocked the stairs all afternoon. The place needs to invest in replacing the fixtures, and cleaning the pavement. But most of all they need trained life guards that enforce safety rules. Apart from these grievances my family had fun, but definitely didnt feel safe, so 4/10.
Rating: 4/10
Maree - Hamilton, NZ
20th August 2017
Waingaro Hot Springs is the best day out for the whole family. The owners and staff are so warm and welcoming. It burst with character, so relaxing and always clean. I feel so lucky to have this just half an hour away and great all year round what ever the weather!
Rating: 10/10
Joni Mathieson - Raglan
29th May 2017
Um I don't know what to say it was half and half the water slides were amazing I would recommend that but the pools are disgusting ???
Rating: 5/10
Marco - Italy
23th December 2016
wow.rude owners.long way to access with the crapist food,service and over all experience.go to the aroha.
Rating: 1/10
bather - hamilton
28th October 2016
Good and bad: Good: Great that they are open again. Apart from a few new coats of pain and fences, it's much the same as before. Which is ok by me because I loved soaking in the hot water looking up at the mountains. Bad: We hired a private spa only to find out that the bubbles weren't working. (You pay 40 bucks for a spa, you expect to get bubbles not just a private hot pool with a view of some gorse) The attendent was a lovely guy and went to get help immediately. Someone returned every few minutes telling us the problem was being looked into. Then after 15 minutes nothing. We sat there in the tub for a further 30 minutes without the problem being solved. After waiting long enough we gave up and went back to the main pools. My partner later when to Chood Singh up at the office for a refund and he got very irate. His manner was very intimidating. He only agreed to refund the amount after my partner threatened to go to Consumer Affairs. Despite the unprofessional management I still love Waingaro Springs. Have been going there since I was a kid in the 70s. I may have trouble convincing my partner to agree to come back again though.
Rating: 6/10
80sfan - New Zealand
11th August 2016
We went there last month, the young lady who took our admittance was pleasant and helpful, pointed out where we could park in the shade so our dogs wouldn't get over heated in the car. The pools and buildings are old but appear to have had quite a lot of painting done of late, were clean and tidy, and the water temperatures were nice at 32 deg in the main pool and 40 in the hot smaller pool. It was not the fanciest, and their little shop is pretty bare but we enjoyed our afternoon there. Reading through the other reviews, I think we had a better experience than some, but I can see that some investment to make improvements might be a good thing.
Rating: 7/10
John Welsford - New Zealand
16th May 2016
Lets hope that a more customer focussed regime comes with the re opening. I too found the management and staff appalling to deal with. I stopped going (had been a regular customer) before it was forced to close as I found the customer service/attitude appalling. You'll get another chance from me but it will be the last. Much prefer Te Aroha or even better Morere between Gisborne and Napier
Rating: -/10
Weka - Hamilton
09th March 2016
Lets hope that a more customer focussed regime comes with the re opening. I too found the management and staff appalling to deal with. I stopped going (had been a regular customer) before it was forced to close as I found the customer service/attitude appalling. You'll get another chance from me but it will be the last. Much prefer Te Aroha or even better Morere between Gisborne and Napier
Rating: -/10
Weka - Hamilton
09th March 2016
Yay, they have now reopened :)
Rating: -/10
Pete -
03th February 2016
i am from waingaro but i barley went to the hot pools. They are very expensive and definitely not worth it. The water is amazing but only because its natural. Every time after swimming there i always felt sick. The kids pool was never filled or it was closed down. The private spas are Very expensive and again not worth it. The very hot pool is great and relaxation but is sometimes to hot. There are never life guards around which is very poorly. Changing rooms are always clean but there is only one cold shower. It would have been nice to have private showers with hot water. water slides are very dangerous and there is never life guards around either. Hot food shop is never open which should be ideal because the hot pools are so far from any place to get food. Owner is very rude. Always was scared of her when going there. She would always growl at young ones to hurry up and purchase food from the first shop before you enter the pools. Love the birds and the playgrounds they have for the kids. There is alot of ground, it would be great to extend the pools. Never have i seen the bumper boats pool clean. Even though it looks shut down they still run it even when the pool is green. Waingaro hot pools is waingaros attraction out there, so i hope when the owners re-open the pools everyone will love it out there just as much as i do.
Rating: 3/10
anon - Raglan New Zealand
16th February 2015
Worse hot pools I have ever been too - staff were rude (I think it was the owner!) and hugely overpriced for the condition it is in. Glad its gone!
Rating: 1/10
Zoe - Hamilton
29th January 2015
Naww I miss Waingaro. Yea it wasn't like other posh fancy places. It was real. A bit rough but the kids and I never minded something a little different. It was fun and immersed in beautiful scenery. Come on Waingaro just a few clean ups, we miss you.
Rating: 9/10
A Hoeta - Mangere
16th December 2014
'The facts' the council should be honest and transparent and give the media all the facts, or the media should provide all the facts if they have them - why did they close it down - 'even though the Council owns the land the Singhs own the chattles and business' the council were going to buy it' they sent in surveyors to complete a site inspection and that report provided by the councils surveyors listed a number of issues not known to the Singh's, some pertaining to Geological concerns over the slide, with earthquake concerns. Over the years and most currently the Singh's have provided there own Geological and Surveyors reports, and when and where necessary have used these reports to make sure the complex is safe. Their is now a dispute over these reports, Councils and Singh's. Amros and Chood, they work all the hours under the sun to make sure the complex is clean and well maintained. When the age of the complex is taken into consideration. If they were to spend $10's of thousands on up grades to bring the complex/buildings into the 21st centry when competing with a newer swimming complex's in Hamilton less travel costs for most, or do they put money into making sure the complex is safe, clearly they want to make sure it is safe. All I do know is that water testing is sent out to laborities for testing, this paperwork must be available for immediate inspection by Council, this has always been provided, Council has conducted and signed off regular inspections of the complex, one must always remember an event such as the earthquakes or serious flooding changes the perseption of what maybe acceptable, and councils change acts regularly so the safety of any business activity is maintained. The unexpected closing of the pools by the council, is not about dirty toilets., it is about health and safety, slides, buildings etc, some of these are old, and need to be brought up to spec, they were deemed to be up to health and safety standards, just prior to the council's surveyors report that closed the complex suddenly in December., Give the Singh's the opportunity to resolve there differences with council, but those who have never visited the complex don't write about things you do not know first hand, or gossip. The Singh's have formed lifetime friendships, with repeat customers, and I know they want the business up and running as soon as possible. I know this couple would give you the shirt of their backs .. don't knock them support them in there business as they have provided years of laxing for thousands of customers. Foot note - Council should be supporting the Singh's business it is good for torists, campervans, helping them see an untouched part of the country less than an hour out of Auckland. My thoughts and thanks for the service you have provided me, my family and friends over the years. Let me know when the opening party will be :)
Rating: 10/10
Susan Barron - NZ
21th August 2014
I always found the water clean and loved swimming. I am now travelling to Te Aroha for my swims. Te Aroha is Council operated. Why doesn't Council take over Waingaro and bring it back to the great place it used to be.
Rating: -/10
Liz Shaw - Hamilton NZ
09th July 2014
Wow I wrote a terrible review in 2010 and everyone has written the same thing and worse since then. How is there no doco on this by now? Fibreglass shards from the slide, batshit crazy owners, "not for individual sale" cokes in the fridge, drownings, life guards smoking butts at the slide...tip of the iceburg.
Rating: 1/10
Eric - Hamilton
05th July 2014
so when is it going to be back up and running maybe council should buy it ?? it was a primo place to be late eighties early nineties when I was a kid packed to the day and the challenges on the log getting it bouncing sure it hurt a few of us males haha slides were primo typical of nz every thing is run down the country is broke splash planet was going backwards last time there to its a real shame cause these were great nz places
Rating: 10/10
cathro - nz
05th June 2014
To the MOANERS-Get a life and stop finding faults that are'nt there. Okay there are some things that could do with a bit of repair and revamp but too big a change would spoil WAINGARO'S authenticity. I and my daughter worked for Amro and she makes sure we have those toilets,units, motels, kitchen in the past caravans spick n span clean. Amro checked work to make sure we cleaned properly, so I don't know how her standards have changed drastically to cause these the bad reviews. Yea Amro is a straight shooter but if anyone needs help she will help if she can. I know from experience, you can get a lot of rude, demanding customers, also the Singh's have to put up with a lot of prejudice crap-so come on give them a fair go. And you reckon the water is murky sometimes-the rule in the pools is wear proper swimwear(Togs and white t-shirts if you need to) but you get people wearing coloured tops any shorts(some jeans) this is mighty hard to control because people ignore the rules. Babies taken in pools with no swim nappy and crap so the pool has to be closed off until it is cleaned. I don't know if other pools suffer the same problems I would surely like to find out. So one cannot help but lose the plot sometimes, quite frustrating. If areas have'nt been cleaned Amro's workers must be pretty slack-because everyone has designated areas to clean and be responsible for. So give the SINGH'S a break for goodness sake, what they have done to the pools is a big improvement to what was years past and the pool charges are pretty reasonable compared to other areas. Instead of big moans make a list of things you believe they need to change and post it to them. It's a BIG job running that type of business and if you don't have reliable good staff one could have problems. So when the pools re-open I hope you all come back to Waingaro and and enjoy our countryside again-give AMRO & CHOOD another chance, I'm sure there will be good changes. From a Local and longtime pool user.
Rating: 8/10
Hiria Maniapoto - Hamilton
30th May 2014
Yup, Custy service was SHIT, cabins are SHIT, slide is DANGEROUS and SHIT, lifeguards, what lifeguards? but the water was absolutely loooovely and the pub food just yuuum! Just needs a bit off love.
Rating: -/10
jacky - mangere
18th May 2014
yeah,the pools are shit. dont go there. pubs worth a visit though, friendly staff. some of the locals look a bit scary but they always make you feel welcome and are quite often extremely funny. the pubs a bit run down but that adds to the character, after all it is a very old pub. great view of the pools and hills from veranda. fantastic windy roads if your on a motorbike. great destination for a ride. like going back in time.
Rating: -/10
will -
15th March 2014
every time ive visited waingaro hotsprings the water has been nice and clean very beautiful scenery great customer service very well looked after all round great place to be 10/10
Rating: -/10
matt doherty -
08th February 2014
No 343 (Bronson) Either you have a warped sense of humour or you are a relation of the Singhs.This place has been closed because of safety and health reasons through lack of care, attention and upkeep. These people deserve all they get as they have had their hand out for a long time and have given little back. They dont even have the courtesy to place 'closed ' signs at major turnoffs to Waingaro some 20 kms away, so you dont know until you get there that it is shut down. Thumbs down to them as this could be an awesome tourist jewel if it were handled properly but sadly too much money may be needed to bring it up to standard and most unlikely from its current owners. Its certainly the Fawlty Towers of hot pools and is likely to stay that way until a new owner has the guts to take it on.
Rating: -/10
shirley -
05th February 2014
OMFG What a joke of a place. I am so angry even a day later I am spewing about this shit hole. Let me tel you NZ all the negative comments about this place is true, even though we didnt get to experience the filthy looking premises I believe it all. Let me tell you this readers, on a scorching hot day my husband and I and our 4 kids all under 7, drove a long, hot, loooooong windy drive to the pools only to find the fking thing was closed. No signs anywhere so say so. I so wished I had of seen these reviews before hand. Not only that the fling website dosent even say its closed. The end of the school holidays and we thought we,d do one last whanau thing together and dum ass me chose this place as we had never been before. What an absolute waste of space. I hope the council shut it down or someone else takes over. At least I know never to wonder again what it will be like at Waingaro hot springs. I know we will never go back, and I haven't stop ringing friends and whanau to tell them don't waste their time and gas. We went yesterday. 0/10 31 jan 2014
Rating: -/10
Mel - Manukau
01th February 2014
Chood and Amro are good people. No question. You just need to take the time to get to know them. They are really funny. It must be understood that Amro is an extreme extrovert. You will not find anyone more extrovert than Amro. She is fearless and will speak her mind in any situation. That is just how she is. Putting  water quality aside, much criticism stems from differing cultural values and ideology and should be considered in this light. The caste system mentality should be appreciated for the humour it evokes. Visitors to Waingaro are randomly treated to what amounts to quality, free, spontaneous, live, reality comedy theatre, that eclipes even the very best TV comedy, like Fawlty Towers.  Basil Fawlty routinely abuses and insults his staff and patrons. That is what makes him so funny. Instead of taking offence when Amro shouts at patrons in person, or yells at them over the loud speaker, or blows her whistle and pokes them with a pole, they should appreciate how lucky they are to be involved in such high quality, real life reality comedy. Imagine what it would cost to employ John Cleese, (Basil Fawlty), to fulfill this role?? The patrons get this free entertainment for no extra outlay. They are very lucky and should recognise what comical gems Amro and family are. Unfortunately, the comedy element is counter productive and lost on the average visitor. Instead of appreciating the humour, the visiting public often take offence and stay away in droves. If Amro (conservatively) abuses, shouts at or offends only one person per week, that amounts to 1000 people over 20 years. Virtually none of these patrons will return. Statistically, each aggrieved customer in such incidences, then tells 10 potential customers, on average. That amounts to 10,000 individuals that will boycott the venue. Unfortunately, this is the single most significant factor in the decline of attendance. Prior to the Singh family tenure, the place was always packed, the car parks crowded and vehicles parked on the road outside. That is how packed it was. Now, you can go there anytime and the place will be virtually empty. Amro, despite her best intentions, has unwittingly decimated the turnover to a fraction of what it was previously. Sadly, l ocals just don't go there. Previously, a large number went weekly, from all around the district. Kiwis seem to take offence far too easily and fail to realise the value of the live comical theatre unfolding before them. We can learn from them - Kiwis need to get a sense of humour. So what if she shouts at you or blows her whistle and pokes you with a pole? So what? Yes, I know it's not normal but it is extremely funny, you must admit. And that is how it should be viewed. I rate Chood and Amro's unique reality theatre very highly, at 10/10.
Rating: 10/10
Bronsan -
27th January 2014
Bugger these are closed, went to both the pools north of Auckland, so many people in the pools you could not move, just looking at this made me not want to go in, so my family got a refund, compared entry prices, plus distence travelled to locations, we live in Manukau, so cheaper and a nicer trip for a family outing Waingaro still the better and cheaper place to go. Waingaro is an older complex but the water entering the pools is fresh hot spring water 'people complaining of cloudy water, maybe they should close there eyes underwater,I have never seen it cloudy, always seems clean to me, I would not swim if I had any doubts, come on Waingaro get up and running sooner the better ...
Rating: 9/10
Robert Cumming - NZ
27th January 2014
Rating: 1/10
Johnny - Auckland
13th January 2014
SHIT!!!!!!!!!was just thinking about this place and going for a visit again and taking my 8 year old son.. its been about 12 years since i have been and what i can remember from that visit, was by the sounds of it nothing has changed they the owners are still rude as!!!!! and out dated food!!!!!.we remember that to!!!!..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! so many mixed reviews but my inner self is swaying towards its still the outdated place it was.....by the sounds of it,you would of been extremely lucky to go there when the bumper boats actually worked...sounds like same excuse used for last 12 years...and they the water slides have always just been turned on for a certain amount of time..so nothing changed there......but in-saying this i still mite just take that trip down when it re opens as i remember the slides were alot of fun and they didnt mind us standing up on the speed slide...now you gota love that....will give another review once i return when its opens again....Geeeeeeeee i really hope im not gona be asking for my money back....flmfao...also to all aussies .....come on i grew up in aussie as a kid and you will never find any water slides that compete in nz at all..shame really cause they so much fun.......the speed slide here is best slide in nz and only because you can stand up on it.......some please build a decent water slide park in nz.......
Rating: -/10
bobby - waitakere,nz
11th January 2014
Wow, I was reading the reviews and am shocked. I met Amro and she is as straight up as you can get. The pools were shut down which my kids were disapointed about, so we decided to camp there. We had a wonderful time and Amro was so friendly and made sure we were all ok. She even let us leave whenever we liked - no time limit. It was expensive, but she also gave us a discount. The toilets were clean, the kitchen was spotless. There were 3 other campers, and we all had a great time. The owners have run this venue for the last 20 odd years. They are trying to fix the place up so everyone is safe. Don't look at the nationality of owners, it has nothing to do with it. They are NZders. We intend to camp again, and if the pools are open, it would be good, if not, we will enjoy our family time together as we did on 1/01.
Rating: -/10
Lototau - Manukau
10th January 2014
Why are you still advertising on TV 5.30pm 24/12/2013 if the pools are closed then
Rating: -/10
Rossco - NZ
24th December 2013
These hot pools have been closed by the authorities and anyone wishing to travel there should ring before going. The hotel is not been closed as it operated seperately.

Confirmed on 24 Dec 2013. The hydroslides and hot pools are closed until repairs are complete. Expected re-opening: beginning of February. Accommodation is still open. - Sheldon Nesdale, NZHotPools.co.nz
Rating: -/10
column - nz
22th December 2013

Rude staff, filthy pool and dried blood on the paths... Avoid at all costs
Rating: 2/10
Anthony - Timaru
08th December 2013
Worst experience of my life. Totally misrepresented on website. Dirty, old and unloved. Hygiene wise, I wouldn't even wash my face in the basin.
Rating: 1/10
Joanne Clark - Auckland New Zealand
28th November 2013
Just out of curiosity I Googled Waingaro springs to see if the place had changed but obviously not. I was there about 2010 and I had the worst experience anyone could imagine. It's really disappointing to realise that all the complaints that have been made (even on this site) concerning Waingaro Springs have had no effect whatsoever. The Managers have not responded favourably, like you say, they don't care....Many years ago my ancestors used to bathe in the therapeutic springs of Waingaro, it's such a tragedy.
Rating: -/10
Pauline Mackenzie - Australia
05th November 2013
To start off, the last time I came here was last year and the place was absolutely SHOCKING. The only reason why I looked this place up is to see if they finally changed the owners... When we arrived, we paid for entry and slides; after nearly 10 mins of waiting, because no one was at the desk!! The owners have a real hostile demeanour, and presented themselves as if they just didnt care, and that was reflected throughout the entire establishment. The slides look run down and un-safe -- The pools water was murky and questionable -- the bbq area was disgusting- and dont get me started on the toilets.... The "lifeguard"; yes just the one, didnt care, and was letting grown men go down the slide all at once, which seemed very dangerous, and that entire time, no one was watching the main pool; If we didnt drive so far, and pay so much, we would of just left, but this experience was enough to turn me off it for a long time. This place has the potential for greatness! Bu tthe owners simply do not care! They need to show some love into this iconic water park. But until some changes are made, I dont see me coming back again. PS; it is obvious that the owners fake comments on this page, the last 2 reviews are identical, and were posted on the same day :/ come on; thats just LOW.
Rating: 1/10
Val P - Auckland
29th October 2013
on be half of my whanau we would like to thank the staff for their hospitality. we had a wonderful time at Waingaro Hot Pools. The Staff was great and the facilities were outstanding. it was that awesome my whanau and i are doing it again this weekend.
Rating: 10/10
Nicole Brown - New Zealand
22th October 2013
to the staff of Waingaro Hot Pools on behalf of my whanau i would like to thank you guys very much, had a Tu meke time. the cabins were awesome, the pools were awesome. my mokopuna really enjoy themselves. yes i read the reviews and yes i was a bit spectacle about coming down, and im glad that i did because i would recommend Waingaro Hot Pools to everyone
Rating: 10/10
F. Wiki - Auckland
22th October 2013
I dont agree with the rotten comments on here the staff were friendly not rude!! and i enjoyed my couple of hours with the family when we visited for the day and hmm this mark fella SHOCKING that is all .!!
Rating: -/10
Frazy - Auckland
18th October 2013
Went there for 1 night, and it was 1 night to long, the motel room smelt, the sheets weren't clean the coffee was rock hard the mattress on the QB had springs in it thats how old the mattress was. I barely had a wink of sleep all night. Wld not recommend it to any one, they charged us $168.50 for the night which was way to expensive. The authorities need to go out and look at the motel and the pool, seriously don't go.
Rating: -/10
Bev - Aus
18th October 2013
Garbage do not go!!!!!! I just worked there for 1 week got paid $3 per hour!!!!!!!! Dirty, unsafe, no qualified lifeguards, rotten or expired food and the owner is obnoxious and extremely rude
Rating: 1/10
mark houltham -
09th October 2013
So.... we went to waingaro hot pools last night for a nephews birthday party... I should go back in time first... Back in the late 90's, we used to go to waingaro hot pools nearly every weekend. It was the 'place to go'. It was always packed full of people, facilities were modern and clean. I loved the bumper boats and the slide. The last time I was there (back in the late 1990's), I brought a bag of chips and when I opened them, they were completly stale. No crunch. I took them back and asked if I could swap them or get my money back. The male indian owner, took a chip out of the bag, put it in his mouth and chewed that rubbery chip (no crunch) then proceeded to tell me that there was nothing wrong with the chips and i should just eat them. I couldnt believe it! Ended up in a stand off, I wasnt leaving without a full refund of the chips, he wasnt going to give me my couple of bucks back. In the end he did. Worst customer service ever. So due to bad customer service combined with falling standards of hygiene and tired looking facilities, I havent been back since then. If we went to the hot pools we went to Te Aroha. Same distance from Hamilton, they are smaller, but are much nicer. Great service and the private spas are amazing. Anyway, back to last night. So I pull up, go inside the little office, there is the same indian man who gave me bad customer service 14 or so years ago. Is he going to wow me this time around? I stand and wait to be served... and wait... and wait... he is on a phone call. Speaking in indian, so I'm going to assume its not a customer. So after he finished his phone call that was obviously far more important then a paying customer standing right infrount of him, I am finally served. When I drive in I immediatly notice a couple of things. The first is, NOTHING has changed since I was last there, NOTHING! Well... except the log is gone. The second is that there is practically noone there! There were maybe three cars in the parking lot. Says a lot. Guess I'm not the only one to not come back after bad service... This is what a place looks like when it has had no cash investment in it for a long time. Everything is tired. It could be such an awesome place again if some serious money was spent on it. The pools were nice and hot. We all jumped strait in and immediatly had fun. As we had lots of little kids it was a little annoying when the little kids pool was empited at about 6pm (we stayed till nearly 9pm). The water was nice and hot, and seemed clean. And once the sun went down you couldnt see how tired everthing was. We actually had a really good time. And I loved that noone was there. We practically had the pool to ourselves. The lifeguard was nice and friendly, but I thought it was a bit dodgy that a couple of times I looked around and I couldnt see him anywhere... ? And once I looked up and he was sitting up in a building watching us out the window eating a huge bag of chips. If a kid drowned there is no way he could have got to us in time... I'm sure there are some rules about that...? We had to laugh though, as when it got dark they turned the tv on, and you'll never guess what was playing... a latest release movie...? Comedy? Romance? A funny reality show? Something for the kids maybe...? No, coronation st. The tv screen above the pool at Waingaro hot pools played coronation st. Hilarious! So overall, if you want a ride in the bumper boats, forget it, there was no water in the pool. If you want flash facilities, this is not the place for you. If you want to relax in a hot pool and have a bit of fun with the family, and have low expectations with regards to facilities and customer serivce, then this is your place. We would go again. My advice, go with low expectations and you'll have a good time.
Rating: -/10
Yvette (honest truth) - Hamilton
05th October 2013
We had a wonderful time relaxing, swimming and chillin around the pools for three days. The slides were fantastic, a must for everyone to have a go! Check this place out it is cool.
Rating: 6/10
Janine - Tauranga
05th October 2013
My eldest daughter is 37 years old, that is how long i have visited the pools, over that time I have found mine and my family visits 'an awsome time out from the busy hussle of life' relaxing in the pools, the toilets are spotless. I have been at the pools when school groups have attended and watched the lifeguards cast a watchful eye on the swimmers. At times we have stayed in there cabin and motels, these have always been cleaned to a high standard with fresh sheets etc. By chance I stayed in the motel that the family is complaining of 'fleas' I can say this is absolute rubbish. For a family day out the pool is value for money. The owners and there staff want every visiter to return, so they don't provided bad service, however I have observed some visiters behaving badly, these ones are asked to leave, so others can continue to enjoy a hazzle free relaxing experience. 'By the way' did the person who wrote about the bumper boats not operating did you ask why they were not operating instead of writing negative feed back' I asked and was told the last big flood from the mountains behind caused a problem so the water inside the bumper boat area needed to be emptied 'some things humans can not control' Go to the pools enjoy :)
Rating: 10/10
Susan Dalziel - New Zealand
02th October 2013
Very bad experience! Staff very rude. Stayed in motel after few hours noticed was being attacked by fleas notified owned and she accused us of lieing. Asked us to capture fleas to prove we weren't lieing. Linen was disgusting very smelly. Door locks broken to unit so was unable to leave bags inside. Left after fews hours very upset and with no refund!!!!
Rating: 1/10
Jamiee - Auckland
21th September 2013
I am very suspicious of people posting negative comments on here...maybe they have vested interests in other places!! We visited 10th August, 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Rating: 7/10
Maria Williams - Auckland
16th August 2013
Old and tired place needs a lot of improvement to be the place it was in the 80's. Would not recommend to overseas tourists. Motel clean and tidy but dated. Had to laugh at the "lifesaving" device - a tyre tube with short rope! 2nd visit in a lifetime and that's probably it for me!
Rating: 3/10
Greg - Jaffa
07th August 2013
Very disappointing. Having just recently stayed at Miranda & de Bretts' holiday parks and used their hot pools there is just no comparison. The complete needs a lot of money spent on it to bring it up to standard. No problems were experienced with the management or staff. We would not return.
Rating: 2/10
Coral - NZ
31th July 2013
Haveing spent three nights in a lovely motel room, swimming from early morning till late at night, we enjoyed it all. We exepted the slides would only run when the staff had time to spend supervising them, but they ran for so long my kids gave up before they closed down again. We all had a laugh a minite on the bumper-boats. The staff, from the cleaners, to the attendents, and the owners were friendly and helpfull to my grandsons and I, and we intend going back often.
Rating: 8/10
25th July 2013
our grandma took us to waingaro for the july school holidays, and we had a great time. we were able to bomb,yell,slide,bump, eat ice creem, drink l&p, and then sleep piecefully all night. The hot chips at the pub were lovely too. and he made us all a shirley temple to drink. Thank you to every one for the best holiday ever. sean and eliah.
Rating: 9/10
sean and eliah - tepuke
25th July 2013
It is nice to see since the last time I was there (circa 2 years ago), that there has been considerable and continuous improvement. To be fair nothing has changed since I was a boy (besides the absence of a notoriously large and slippery wrestle log, and we only went swimming), but as far as how the hot soak experience went - the water was hot and clear, there is lots of fresh paint and the single staff member was very friendly. At $11 for adults and $6 for kids I think the relaxation dollar couldn't go any further!
Rating: 6/10
Michael - Hamilton
24th July 2013
went there with an open mind after reading reviews, however the reviews that state 1/10 are correct. think twice about traveling to this place unless you like getting abused by the owners, cabins were dirty the condensation was so bad. staff are not trained lifeguards as they make out. my daughter came out of hydroslide and got injured and they didnt know what to do they didnt even have an incident book. Honestly this place should be closed down it is disgusting
Rating: 1/10
Susan -
23th July 2013
found the place to be a lil run down but in saying this maybe run down isnt the perfect word ' perhaps not modernized or out dated would be more fitting ' which was just damn marvelous if you ask me ' i found the place tranquil ' friendly/helpful staff ' my kids went on the bumper boats ' and the slide in fact they just absolutely loved it ' we have stayed in numerous places over the country and found the cost to be fair ' $6 for an all day hydro-slide compared to $5 for a half hour turn on the hydo-slide at our local pool in town more than value for money ' the cabin was clean and tidy ' WE WILL BE RETURNING :) thankyou to the staff out Waingaro 20/7/13
Rating: 7/10
jacinda wilder - hamilton new zealand
22th July 2013
I was really looking forward to seeing Waingaro as I had never been there! Although the place is a little outdated it was absolutely wonderful! We had and awesome day and the 6 children with me didn't want to leave! The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, in fact they gave us lots of laughs. Thank you we will be back :-) fantastic place for kids and the pools were lovely and hot! Awesome!
Rating: -/10
Karen - NZ
22th July 2013
i called the owner he did not listen to my complaint an then i found this so the pools are very cold an we went ther at 11pm cas the add said 30 degrees dont go if you arewanting hot pool;s
Rating: 3/10
kevan -
11th July 2013
I'm very suspicious of the good reviews this place has received, as from personal experience it is simply terrible. Perhaps the people who are posting positive comments have some vested interest?
Rating: -/10
Suspicious -
09th July 2013
If anyone ever had two ask me were is my happy place it will be waingaro hot springs owners AAA class staff very very helpful pools very clean motels flat cabins all very clean I've been recovering from cancer now for 3yrs and in the 3yrs I've made waingaro my home away form home I can not beleave the amount of rubbish that people put on here about this very Special place with very special people thank you very much Amro an Chood for allowing me to rest my head an body from all the pain me and my family has been faced with in the last 3yrs you haved walked with us thank you thank you thank you very much form my family two yours Josie xxxx
Rating: 10/10
Josie Kelly - Nz
08th July 2013
Took my Partner , 4 year old son & 13 year old brother in-law to this place. We really enjoyed ourselfs ! Pools were very clean ! Staff very friendly ! Slides a bit scary but my partner & brother inlaw LOVED them ! We swam for like 5 hours ! Definitely worth the trip & a bonus that it was so cheap ! Thinking about staying in the cabinsthis weekend :)
Rating: 8/10
Tiare - Auckland
25th June 2013
Strangely no other pool complex on this site has anywhere near the difference in reviews this place does. It's either great and friendly 8, 9 or 10 Or rude and dirty 1, 2, 3 Advertising standards had a rating of "Missleading" when they upheld 2 complaints!
Rating: -/10
Errr really - Auckland
17th June 2013
we loved it after a nice and windy bike ride to soak in the hot pools. compare to other pools we thought the price wasn't too bad
Rating: 10/10
John -
12th June 2013
Had a large group of 40 stay in cabins n flat 4 queens birthday weekend. Overall the kids love the pools, sure it could do with some work and maintenance but its pretty good value and we will definetly return. I dealt with the owner a lot to organise the wkd and she's not rude just straight up.
Rating: 7/10
Ange Sua -
09th June 2013
We stayed at Waingaru Hot Springs last weekend. All the facilities we used were clean and tidy, lawns and staff friendly and helpful. It was so nice to watch families having fun and listening to their laughter a delight. Looking forward to another visit.
Rating: -/10
Sheryl Roberts - NZ
08th June 2013
OK so I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, But I think some of yous are going abit O.T.T come on the place could be far worse. But I mean if its not your cup of tea I suppose you don't go back. Simple as!?! I'm having my baby's first birthday there and I couldn't be more excited I fell in love with it my first time going there. The place could do with a little work but nothing major not to the point where your calling it a hole. Its amazing. I'm looking forward to July will see yours there staff :-) I would recommend this plac for people wanting ton relax with not so many prying eyes staring at you its not to packed its lovely and the area around nature omg. Love love it thankyous will be back heaps
Rating: 8/10
Caroline Woods - Hamilton
08th June 2013
What an awesome swim I had at the Waingaro Hot Pools this evening, Thank you to the lovely hosts, you can appreciate them if you have an open mind and a sense of humor. If you are an anal person you will miss out on the beauty this place provides. I love it just as it is. Magic and clean, Don`t miss out on the relaxing experience. It beats Waterworld anyday.
Rating: -/10
kate - New Zealand
01th June 2013
Be warned. Bumper boats don't operate. Camp sites very small and neglected. Power cut did damage to motor home. No apology from owner and she was very rude when I spoke to her. Staff that live on site noisy all night. One of oe kids got sick after accidentally drank pool water. Place very run down.
Rating: 3/10
Craig - Hamilton
30th May 2013
First experience for most of our kids,we all enjoyed it...in fact am thinking of going back for couple nights for daughters birthday....all u moaners why go there for? Its worth the drive ,pretty much can do as u please there
Rating: 7/10
winstah -
09th May 2013
NO Bumper Boats? been like this for awhile me think... wasn't that part of the complaint to ASA some time back with the first being late 2010. Nice to see they appear to still have the same pictures on their website that were ruled as old by Advertising standards authority... camera still not working I guess. Err conditions apply... what are these exactly? as can't appear to find these, on their website! So no bumper boats... still by the looks of the reviews. Muddy outside... to be fair it was hot when I visited. Still appear to have every other review saying its a hole... Still you are welcome to check out the reviews by the "ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY" there are two of them that the complaint was upheld in recent years.
Rating: -/10
james - Auckland
02th May 2013
i was think about takeing my kids i hvent been there in yrs last time i thk it was indian`s running it ??? but readin wot pple hve writein dont think i will be goin there sounds a bit nasty :(
Rating: -/10
vik f - hamilton
30th April 2013
Pools from Drive in Entry look inviting... Nice Drive up to the Cabins - Unfortunately we parked our vehicle outside our cabin, it was a little Tight - and very Muddy at the time. *(need more Gravel). Cabins are equipped, Electrics all go - note to oneself (Bring your own Bedding) as the under-sheet and pillows are a bit Stale... Eewww. There are about Eight Cabins: two toilets and one shower in the Ladies, I suppose it's the same in the Mens too - *(Surely there's a handy man in your community, have you thought to extend the Bathroom/s?). Major Disappointment and must be removed from the Brochure - NO Takeaway Bar, - solution: bring a couple of loaves Buttered Bread, Sausages and Sauce the BBQ's $10.00 for an hour, no biggie to bring your own Fruit and Drinks - if your rich The Tuck shop is there so bring plenty of Dosh. NO Bumper Boats? been like this for awhile *(need a Handy man to fix & a Pool fella to sort that yukkie pool out). OMGsh the Kitchen is home for Birds eg: holes where they make their nests, Eewww the smell in the kitchen is Grosse - The Grill on all stoves don't work, too grotty I wouldn't dare make toast in there anyway. If you are camping in a Tent, you are out of luck - Cabins have Toasters and Fridges. *(Please call your Handy man and fix your Stoves and give the place a Major Disinfecting - need a Builder to Fix the holes in the Ceiling too) Hydro-slide: One life guard? you really need another at the top too - this will help avoid pile up of swimmers crashing into each other on the way down the slides / Life guard should let the swimmers know not to run up that wet slippery path way - I've seen many accidents happen there *(Safety is Priority). Amro is Wonderful, helpful and her and her Family work very Hard - it would Be Awesome if Hamilton council pulled the community together for a Service project on this place. Many hands can make a difference. Will be watching out for changes, we'll be Back.
Rating: 3/10
30th April 2013
Having been a regular swimmer here in my teens, I just couldn't believe the bad reviews and had to see it for myself. Well the hot pool wasn't hot...about the same temp as the big pool...no mor than 25/26C. The hot (not) pool had bits of flaky something floating throught the water and what looking like clumps of hair rolling around the bottom. The big pool was cloudy an felt yuk. The hot (not) pool used to have continuous flow of hot water flowing in...this isn't the case now. It is like what you would expect from stagnant water. IMHO this is a case of amoebic meningitis waiting to happen. The showers have cold water only (they have a sign that says this). The games room is locked and in a cage. The bumper boat pool has only 3 boats, the other shells are on the decking. Overall i would advvise against going here. I was here 10 minutes and got my money back. Amro gave me my money back, clearly not happy, but there was no yelling or screaming. Price was reasonable if they get their act together. A real pity they have ruined this tourist icon.
Rating: 2/10
Shane - Melbourne/Australia
30th April 2013
Had a great time here, staff were very friendly. Looking to stay longer next time, cheap compared to other places we stay in and the cabin stay included swimming in the pool both days.also great for young kids it had a playground, tramp and swings . can't complain.
Rating: 8/10
Vanessa - New Zealand
14th April 2013
My review was very bad... and it was upheld by the advertising standards authority. (independent) Its strange this complaint led to the withdrawal of their TV advert as missleading... So quite how you can swing between 1 out of 10, then the next says clean and wonderful 9/10 out of 10. I'll let you make your own choice if the reviews are real or fake. but the place being dirty and nothing like the advert was upheld. Now look at fast food adverts to see how bad the representation has to be to be missleading. I personally advise take your money else where!
Rating: 1/10
James - New Zealand
14th April 2013
awesome place beautiful cabbins awesome hospitality all round fun i recommend it to anyone whos thinking of going just had my sons 2nd birthday there and now were planning a trip back cant wait... dont let the bad remarks put you off you'll be the one missing out
Rating: 10/10
shontae - new zealand
07th April 2013
Wow, what hilarious, cheap entertainment. I never knew reading reviews could be so funny! Obviously everybody has their OWN opinion and they are entitled to it. That's why this review page is here. And OBVIOUSLY people do have bad days. If you are trying to run a business though, there are few do's and don'ts to be concidered. And if any old, smelly, grumpy person yelled at my son in public for making a mistake and broke a rule, I would crack them! There are way better ways to handle situations and if you can't, and lose ya rag in public... time to retire and let someone else, more patient deal with that kind of job that OBVIOUSLY needs patients. Yeah nah... not going! Boo for you guys for waaaay too many bad reviews. Time to pull finger I think. Well Over 60% negative.
Rating: -/10
Duzzintmatter - Te Puke NEW ZEALAND
04th April 2013
Just returned from our third Easter weekend spent at Waignaro - another brilliant weekend. Great venue, great company, great time. Perfect for our very large group and the pools and slides are enough to keep our kids happy and entertained. Are the hot springs a little dated? Sure, but that is what we love about them.
Rating: 10/10
Kerry - Auckland/New Zealand
02th April 2013
went recently to these pools and found these pools to be pleasantly suprised :) was quiet and peaceful, the facilities were in good condition
Rating: -/10
amy howard - hamilton new zealand
02th April 2013
just reading the reviews put me off abit....but can someone post some recent pics up...i mean is it that bad? was thinking of having my daughters 16th birthday there...still deciding...but the reviews are poor....hope management are looking to better there facilities...i was just gonna book, going by the photos but i i wll check it out next wkend...thanks for the feedback tho
Rating: -/10
janet - auckland
30th March 2013
Awesome place to stay and ave fun with the kids!. Great water slide, not overpacked. Lovely people running the place (Amro, you rock!!). Definitely going again for longer.
Rating: 9/10
Paula - Auckland nz
24th March 2013
we came down for a weekend getaway for me and my husband first time in 6 years we had the best time it was wonderful the staff were great the pools were nice and clean and our cabin was very clean and tidy thankyou very much will be back again
Rating: 10/10
lynette and adrian - new zealand
19th March 2013
I chose to take my family to Waingaro for the weekend to celebrate our baby’s 1st birthday…ABSOLUTELY wonderful! All the staff were so friendly and hospitable. With the hot weather, baby’s cake was melting, they kindly put it in the shop fridge NO moaning! OK, if you are stuck up and want 5 star you wont get that from Waingaro, if you want safe, fun, friendly, relaxing – go to Waingaro. We have made future reservations – Thank You Amro & Staff, see you in Easter! Rangi & Whanau
Rating: 9/10
Rangi - Auckland, NZ
26th February 2013
I have not been to the waingaro pools for many years,and never again. It was too dirty. i grew up at waingaro and swam there most weekends in my primary school days. Those days it was a great place, clean and tidy and friendly. What a shame some people dont know how to keep an attraction like this pristine.
Rating: -/10
Kathy - nz
21th February 2013
I hadn't been to Waingaro for about 15 years and now witha young family was thinking of going. I read some of the reviews and was a bit worried so rang them to get some comments. They said "please come so you can see for yourself". We did and we had such a fabulous time! Everything was just wonderful! The pools and facilities were all very clean and the place is well laid out. Our children had a blast on the waterslides and their chocolate thick shakes were some of the best we've ever had. We had a perfect family day so I just wanted to let others know as it seems some of these reviews are not quite right. We've told all of our friends that Waingaro is a great day out. I think it cost our family about $65 and that was for the pools and the slides which I think is pretty good for a water park.
Rating: 10/10
Kylie & Paul - Auckland
18th February 2013
There are alot of fake reviews in here. The real ones read something like 'expensive, rude, run down, unhygienic'. The fake ones read something like 'had a great time, owners loverly'. I was going to take a trip out there. perhaps not now I've this.
Rating: 1/10
Nigel Wade - Hamilton
02th February 2013
Omg reading these comments it's hard to believe that we have been to the same place. Took my kids there today and we had a great time the kids loved it we arrived half an hour after the slides had closed but paid a discounted price an the staff put them on for us. Later on in the evening I spoke with a man who had come up from Wellington he had just asked the staff to re open the slides at 7 pm which the did. As for the grumpy old lady I have read about in some comments she made me laugh yes with her whistle it is her head that will roll if anyone gets hurt n let's face it you don't f round with water. So I say blow your whistle. Really enjoyable visit today as for the surroundings loved the sheep. If you want somewhere up to date n flash go to the city. They have obviously had people trying to get in for nothing n let's face people do try it. This is a business not a free pool. That's to all the staff will be back again
Rating: 9/10
Roseanne - Rangiriri
22th January 2013
our group was standing in line ready to pay in the small office area. then the old lady AMNO?or whatever her name was ordered us to return to our cars and she wanted us to come back in by 1 car at a time. which we thought was just f%&kn stupid. and for us to move our car 1 meter forward. but couldnt because there was another car blocking the drive. and we didnt see any logic in it. but was extremely fast to grab the cash from our hands. first impressions surely do last. she does need to retire or need more training in customer service. anyway: the toilets were tidy. overall its a basic day out. nothing flash. nothing exciting.
Rating: 5/10
C. Nelly - AKL. NZ
20th January 2013
Have just returned from a few days at Waingaro. We had a cabin which was clean. We had no expectations but were happy with what we got & the owners were very friendly & accomodating. The pools were clean & hot! & our boys spent many hours on the slides. All in all a nice time away & we will be returning.
Rating: -/10
Tracey Foley - Hibiscus Coast
18th January 2013
a run down dump especially the showers, toilets and kitchen (very poorly maintained and not enough toilets and showers and kitchen had almost no appliances.) The camping sites were also of poor standard and the prices too high ($75 for 1 night for one adult and two 14 year olds (they consider over 13 to be an adult) in a non powered camp site. Very embarrassed to think that this place is being promoted to overseas tourists.
Rating: 1/10
Peter Tranter - Auckland New Zrealnd
15th January 2013
Was just looking for the site to find contact details. After reading all these comments i think we wont be going here.
Rating: -/10
Daniel - NZ
13th January 2013
6monhts of planning for a family reunion and a 60th birthday, was almost ruined because of the incompetent, rude and arrogant management. we had booked all cabins and flats to accommodate our family for this special occasion. On our arrival we were expected to pay for our bookings upfront of which some paid, we soon discovered as people were arriving that a cabin and the flats were double booked or were occupied by the owners family. Oh where to sleep all these people? hmmm then the fun begins and the shit hit the fan! The rude smelly arrogant man owner said we had never made that booking..What an idiot. They denied getting phone calls and the email,,unbelievable. He then called my mum a liar, even after my mother and sister drove there and made the booking in person, and was followed up by phone calls and emails. But after some heated words, they moved there family out of the cabin and flats to accomodate us.....The cabins were filthy. They had dirty stained sheets, dishes & floors, a fridge that reeked of sour rotting milk. Only one cooker worked in one cabin. Smoke alarms didn't work. A cabin didn't lock, and when we asked for this to be fixed, they gave us two little screwdrivers to fix it our selves! Dodgy. The toilets and showers were gross and the list goes on. With all the kids we had, we made the most of the dodgy dangerous waterside and dirty pools. On a positive, we had an awesome get together due to the fact that the Hotel staff up the hill, were the most hospitable, friendly, down to earth, welcoming people you could ever meet. And that could be due to the fact that they are Kiwis...not the money hungry owners down the hill. So stay at the pub instead, if you still want to head this way
Rating: 1/10
Hayley - Rotorua, New Zealand
09th January 2013
We have just returned from a weeks stay at Waingaro for the third year in a row.We also go there almost every Saturday night during the year.I have read the negative reviews and I believe them to be Bull S--t Amro Chood and the staff do a great job Its simple if you don't like it stay away don't rubbish something after a single visit
Rating: 10/10
Peter Fairgray - Hamilton NZ
06th January 2013
$12. per head is a very cheap day for such a relaxing and theraputic soak in geothermal water. In fact it is one of the cheapest I know of. Do you expect the owners to work for nothing. I am health conscious and rarely have found the pools to be unclean, (maybe after hundreds of people have swarmed the place), but an old complex doesn`t mean it`s dirty. I have travelled the world and would be devastated if Waingaro Hot Springs weren`t available to me to use. It is the most relaxing, unwinding, healing place around. Go find somthing else to whinge about.
Rating: -/10
Kate Savage - New Zealand
05th January 2013
Having just spent 2013 new years there my family had a wonderful time and made the most of the pools and hydro-slide and the wonderful views of the beautiful landscape . The younger kids our babies didn't want to leave. Myself and my mother found the proprietors easy to deal with an only willing to help with any questions or issues we had. Yes for sure there are some necessary improvements that need implementing but nothing important enough to spoil my families brief holiday..... we wish the Singh family and there staff all the best for 2013 and will definitely be going back.....
Rating: 10/10
Landen Morrison - Hamilton NZ
02th January 2013
having spent grandsons bday out there..waterslide excellent fun...bumper boats ripoff! old dated suroundings specially the bbq area..al filthy and rusty!Lady owner in reception was obviously ther just for the money she had an old calculator to add up our group (overcharged me a non swimmer then argued!)no people skills whatsover.....such a shame its a beautiful spot we had a great time...but felt it needs new owners to bring it back to former glory...pay booth is extremely dangerous a very busy road runs right pastwhere u have to stop to pay...and as for the lifeguards thats a joke! theyre not even on this planet!Sad but true sorry!
Rating: 3/10
disapointed - Raglan
23th December 2012
AVOID!!! It's interesting to read the varied comments of this place. I generally agree with all the negative comments. In brief - yes, it is terribly run-down and the owner fed us a pack of lies about the place. But the main thing that gets me is the ads that make it look and sound so appealing. This is such false advertising and so disappointing to make the effort to get there to be greeted by almost the complete opposite of the ads. I read so many reviews of "great childhood memories" and "take it for what it is", which would be fine if the ads were honest. No working bumper boats, green pool water in bumper boat pool (although owner said we could use them if we paid!!! - Urghhhh, no way!), horibble toilets, no new games room, unsafe stairs, crappy playground....... It gets 1/10 rating because at least the 2 functioning thermal pools felt warm.
Rating: 1/10
Karyn - Australia
11th December 2012
The customer service we received from the staff at Waingaroa Springs was second to none. Amro and her team were exceptional. WE arrived at Waingaroa early and were able to check in before noon. Our children were really excited about going on the bumper boats and although they weren't scheldued to operate our hosts ensured we got our rides. Our cabin had all that we needed, beds, fridge, microwave, stove, table and chairs and cooking utensils but we elected instead to cook on the outside bbq's. On departure we were allowed to access the pools at 9 am instead of waiting until 9.30 am. A big thank you to all of the staff at Waingaroa. We look foward to seeing you all next year.
Rating: 8/10
The Te Amo Whanau - New Zealand
26th November 2012
I must say the place wasnt the cleanest we spent one night in a cabin, and found it expensive however the kids loved the pools and my 6 year old said it was the best pools hes been too. But I dont see myself going back there again the manager was lovely very helpful
Rating: 4/10
Rachel - Auckland
16th November 2012
alot of my friends have been down here, and think waingaro hot springs is awesome!!!!
Rating: -/10
Denise Payne - Auckland, NZ
10th November 2012
I have been extremely busy at work of late, and felt as if I had been neglecting my children lately working such ridiculous hours. I stole them away from school on a Friday afternoon. We arrived at Waingaro at 2:00 pm approx and waited for some time at the cashiers cabin. No one. We made our way down the driveway and saw some whom I thought must've been staff. She told us to go in and pay when the cabin was attended. We went in, feeling very uncomfortable about it and my kids went into the pool after I told them to (relluctantly). They swam for about an hour and I got them out and we made our way to the cashiers cabin where a man was now attending. I had noticed that for my kids (5yrs, 8yrs) I would be expecting to pay $6 each, totalling $12. I passed my card over to the man expecting him to say "twelve dollars please"...but NO he told me "20 BUX!! 6 per child and 8 FOR SPECTATORS!!!"...NEVER have I felt soooo ripped off!! I looked for the sign - showing this pricing - NONE. I was disgusted. I went home to do some research. 12 hot/thermal pools surveyed, 8 did not have a spectator's fee, one was $1, one was $2, one was $3 and one was $9 BUX!!! Although there is no justification for it was MARGINALLY a nicer site. I am NOT happy. $12 for an hour is ridicuously easy money in my mind and then 'to charge the person who brought them the money and didn't even use a service????' ...GUTTED!!!!!
Rating: 1/10
Vicky - Huntly
02th November 2012
I run a Holiday Programme for 40 children. I booked my group in for a swim and all day pass on the slides. I had When I made the booking a man on the phone said that he would turn on the slides as soon as we got there. I was planning on arriving at 9-9:30am. I then confirmed booking a week prior and was told that the slides would not be turned on when we arrived and that they would be turned on at 11am. Very annoyed as I had already told the kids we were going early and that they could spend the whole day on the slides if they wanted. We arrived around 10am, I had 7 staff members with me and the kids were happy swimming until the slides opened. There was also another programme there, and quite a few general public and NO LIFE GAURDS. One arrived 10mins later but seemed not interested and would go off to the toilets or not even be watching the pools. Amro the owner then came down to the pools, she started blowing her whistle at kids (in my group), screaming and yelling at them to move back to the shallow end when they were not struggling or have difficulties (I knew they were good swimmers as I know 3/4 of my group really well and I would not let them in the deep pool if I knew they weren't the best swimmers). She then started blowing her whistle and screamed at two of my staff as they had their feet on the edge of the little kids pool while watching the kids swim. She opened the slide at 11am like she said. She instructed the lifeguard who was "watching" 3 pools to watch the hydro slides with her which then meant that there was no one watching the 3 swimming pools. She asked that one of my staff members be at the top of the slide which I was fine with. She told the kids the rules and let them on. I have around 6 kids who did not want to go on the slides but they wanted to come watch, she yelled at one of my staff members and said that she was trying to get them on the slides for free... All they wanted to do was watch but she would not let them and said that they had to go down to the seated area where they could not see anything. Amro then realized that there was no one watching the three pools and instructed the lifeguard to go back to watching the 3 pools. She they got a pole and started poking kids when they reached the bottom of the slide and into the pool. She was also screaming at them saying they should not be on it because they could not swim (they could - majority of them take swimming lessons) She was being that harsh and yelling that much that she was making the kids cry and not want to go on the slide any more. A boy who was not in my group came down when he was not supposed to and almost hit one of my kids in the pool at the bottom. She started screaming at them and said "are you two stupid, do you not know the rules, i told you them" I tried to tell her that it was not the child in my groups fault but the other and she would not listen and kicked them both off the slides. She then asked two more of my staff to go to the top of the slides and tell the kids when to go down. (Under staffed and using my staff as if they were her own). My self and two other staff members where at the bottom of the slide and people could not get in the gate so she blows her whistle at one of them and says "open the gate" my staff member "ahhh how much are you paying me?" and then Amro says "god your lucky to be here". Amro also yelled and screamed at man and his son who had come down the slide together they ended up getting off as they were sick of it. Two more life guards then showed up (she said they were late, they should have been on time as both big groups would have booked and they would have known they would need the extra staff) They were all dressed different, some with jeans on (did not have lifeguard on there tops) My group were not having a good time so I went to the office to complain. We had only been there around an hour and a half. Amro left with a district nurse... very professional. Tried to have a civil discussion with the man in the office (I thin Amro's husband) he go very angry and seemed to think it was not there fault they were understaffed and also that Amro was not doing the things I said. So I told him we were leaving and that I wanted my money back. He then got very grumpy and said that they had used the pools and slides so I said that I wanted half back. He agreed and said that all kids needed to be on the bus and at the front gate before he would give it to me. Very pathetic... I then went and told the kids we were leaving to go to a different swimming pools and they were all soooooo excited. They should not be excited to leave somewhere that is supposed to be all about family and having a good time. While I was getting the kids on the bus Amro comes over and screams "are you that one that complained?" I said what as I was talking to one of the kids. She then says "Did you not go to school" she was very angry and all because what I had complained about was true. They did not have enough life guards, she was being horrible to the kids, screaming and shouting at people and using my staff as if they were her own. Some other things she said: "i've never had a complaint in the 17 years i've owned the place", "you just have a terrible group that's the problem", "we are not understaffed, no one has ever drowned here except these two maori kids, that was their own fault though they did not listen". She said this and more in front of my kids and I asked her more than once and she said she did not care. She said "you should you should respect your elders, I am probably the same age as your grandmother" she probably is and my reply was "exactly thats why you shouldn't be a lifeguard, how are you going to jump in and save some one" there's no way she could she pretty much blind and deaf. She then said my job was not stressful, me and my staff were watching more kids than hers were!!! I got half my money back which I was happy about but still think I should have got it all back after how we were treated. While I was getting my refund I asked how many lifeguards should be watching the 3 pools (the slides had closed, thought they were open all day) and she said 2 was the minimum, there was only 1 down there, I said to here there you go you only have 1 lifeguard on and she reckons that her being up in the office counts. How are you going to save someone when you are 10ms away up in an office? She said well my staff are on there lunch break (all at the same time, great management and safety) I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WANTING TO TAKE THEIR FAMILY/CHILDREN THERE!!! It is unsafe the owners a unstable and not right in the head I think. They can not handle any criticism and deny everything. They are soooooooo unprofessional and I am going to make sure everyone I know hears about our experience. They should sell the place because they are doing a terrible job. Place is in bad condition and dirty. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY DRIVING THERE AND PAYING TO GET IN. Amro is a a horrible, physco lady and should not be working with children.
Rating: 1/10
Hayley Broughton - New Zealand
17th October 2012
We stayed October 9, 2012. A very lengthy drive and to be met by a grumpy old man who was cranky at the thought that we might get use of his pools for nothing for 2 days, despite us staying in a powered site at $21 a head...... His attitude is appalling. His wife? Amro is delightful and very helpful and seems to do all the work , but even she cannot make up for the grumpiness. The facilities are somewhat tired, although the pools are very warm and exceptionally clean. We were perched on what seemed like a mountain top and did not feel the path to the facilities was safe to walk on at night, cracked uneven path and low guide rails. Toilet nd shower facilities were clean. Insufficient space for vehicles to park ..... Was very tight getting in and out in our motor home. Only place in New Zealand I have felt the need to lock up for my safety. Interesting pub next door with classic old style meals. IF YOU NEED MOBILE reception or Internet access, forget it!
Rating: 2/10
Mary Morrissey - Australia
10th October 2012
Awesome place, just got back from another great weekend here! Stayed in a motel which was very clean and had everything we needed. Staff were very friendly as usual. Pools were well maintained and kept clean at all times. Great place to visit, highly recomend!
Rating: 10/10
Shaun - North Shore - Auckland
26th August 2012
Absolutely REVOLTING! When we arrived there had been an accident on the water slide, the person was bleeding all over the paths and during the whole time we were there, it wasn't cleaned up. Kids were running all through it. The hydroslide staff were smoking at the bottom of the hydroslide and hanging out with their family (not watching the kids all go down in groups of 10+ and hurting each other at the bottom) and there was so much hair and scummy stuff in the pools is was disgusting. The bathrooms smelt awful and the toilets were filthy. My daughter also became very sick with some sort of virus which she more than likely picked up from there. Such a shame, it used to be so nice! I have heard it is a bit nicer during the week but I won't be risking our health going back there.
Rating: 1/10
Amanda - Hamilton
20th August 2012
Have just spent 2 nights in the flat with a group of friends. The flat was very basic and the beds old. I would probably describe it more as alarge dorm as it is veryopen living, but had everything we needed. The pools and slides were fantastic!!! Owners friendly and helpful. We had a great time in and out of the lovely warm pools and then just heading across the road for a rest when we needed it before heading back for more fun. If you are after a weekend away from everything and no cell reception with some good friends then this is for you.
Rating: 7/10
Kirsty - New Plymouth
19th August 2012
I took a group of 45 secondary students to Waingaro as a great way to finish our music tour. We had a fantastic few hours at the pools, loved being able to soak in glorious hot water surrounded by great countryside. The staff couldn't have been more helpful - they happily ran the hydroslides and bbqs for us at times that suited us, and the facilities were clean and well-maintained. I wouldn't hesitate to bring a school group to these pools again in the future - and those slides are crazy fun!
Rating: 9/10
Nicola Haddock - Auckland
01th August 2012
What a complete shit hole. We would never return. Very run down establishment run by greedy undesirable people. What an embarrassment to the Waikato.
Rating: 1/10
Scott - Hamilton
29th July 2012
Pools are great! Large. Hot. Well set up for all ages and stages. Large covered areas to leave your bags if its wet or sun cover if its sunny. This is an historic establishment providing a great hot spring swimming experience!
Rating: -/10
rachael -
23th July 2012
I left extemely disapointed after a recent stay at Waingaro Hot springs. Cabins were poorly maintained and cleaned with a broken lightbulb still in the fitting allowing only one bulb to light the room. This helped disguise the build up of dirt and hair around the outer areas of the room, the oven had a broken power point which was a safety concern. We went down to the pools the night we arrived to find people drinking alcohol in the pool and smoking around the pools after seeing a sign around the pool clearly stating no eating dring or smoking in or around the pool area. We went down to the pools again in the morning when they opened at 9am and awaited for the arrival of the lifegaurd, a female walked past occassionally wearing a lifegaurd top and started blowing her whistle and yelling at people she was quite rude and unapproachable she would disappear again as she was preoccupied with other duties of cleaning toilets and changing rooms and serving people at the enterance. The water in the pools was lovely, warm and clean, unfortunately the same could not be said for the surrounding facilities. I went to use the toilets at the complex after seeing the cleaner leave about an hour prior. Upon entering the toilets a stong urine smell was present, i then located a semi clean toilet and closed the door behind me to find cochroaches also enjoying the enviroment. At about 11.30am two full time lifeguards arrived, one was present at the pool watching the patrons and the other lifeguard dressed in denim jeans was manning the hydroslide area. This place has so much potential it just really needs a bit of hard work, a good clean and better standards put in place to make this the awsome place it used to be and that we all loved so much.
Rating: 4/10
kath - tokoroa
15th July 2012
Disgusting, despicable, gruesome ew ew ew unsafe, unhygienic and quite frankly sickening. The owners are barmy and greedy, not at all concerned with the standard of service or experience that the customers have. Do NZ a favour and onsell to someone who will actually give a crap about the place so that they can make it the fun family friendly enjoyable experience that it ought to be. Come on Amros, give it up!!!
Rating: 1/10
Danielle -
12th July 2012
Currently reading reviews and trying to decide which hot pools to take the kids this holidays. Sounds like these pools are quite nice, with the only problems being hygene with facilities and the owners being pricks. Im a people person who likes clean things. No thanks :)
Rating: -/10
Doc - AKL NZ
01th July 2012
I recently stayed overnight with a couple of friends and we had the pool to ourselves a majority of the time. It was hard to find the motivation to get out of the pool because it was sooo relaxing. Owners were really lovely and the staff too.
Rating: 7/10
Paula - Waikato
25th June 2012
Use to go as a child some 40 years ago so decided to visit. What an amazing change from the mud bottomed pools, now nice and clean, bright blue, stayed in clean cabin and found people very helpful and friendly to my needs. Will come again. :-)
Rating: -/10
Patsy & Ben - Hamiltion
04th June 2012
We have read some of the negative comments people have made about this place in the past and feel most of it is unwarrented and unjustified! We have been to this location twice now, our last two day stay was this Queens Birthday Weekend, (2012) the pools were impecabley clean, well kept and well monitored by a lifeguard. The water was crystal clear and very soothing to the body especially the very hot pool! The couple who own the complex were very welcoming and we spent about 30 minutes chatting to Amro in the shop / office prior to going to our site. We were able to choose any site that we felt was the most suitable to us and Amro even offered to power up more private sites located higher up from the main ones near the pools if we wanted to go there. A very friendly camp with everything one would want for. We have a motorhome and two little dogs..... No problem so long as they were on a lead, poops picked up and kept out of the pool areas. Good to see a campground / pool facility that's doggy friendly albeit by prior arrangement. Music while you bathed, shop offering food and a great water slide for the more adventurous! We had Tui's, Fan Tails and several other lovely birds fluttering around our site, then there was the bird avairy as well. A great place to go, worth the trip, very relaxing and laid back, the fees are very reasonable compared to other camps and pool complexes that we have visited. We will be returning! Dave and Nicole
Rating: 10/10
Dave and Nicole Hallie - Auckland New Zealand
03th June 2012
[modified 19Jul2012] I am a high school teacher at Epsom Girls Grammar School. I took a team of 14 girls to stay at Waingaro Hot springs. The accomodation was terrible. The linen in our room was soiled, the heater barely let out any heat, and the room where the girls slept had one shower that went cold after 3 showers. The heaters werent also letting out much heat and then there was a power outage at night. Probably from all the electricity usage from the girls using the heater, TV and charging their phones. The girls were absolutely freezing the 2 nights we stayed. As for the owners RUDE!!!!!! They are improfessional. DONT STAY!!! As for the pools... The male owner said he would throw in free slides, when we arrived, he said he didnt say anything like it!! He said it must of been his wife! I happen to know the difference between a male and female voice... Although Im now glad we didnt let my girls on those slides, I would have not liked to have dealt with accidents. The pools are at least hot! but their showers in the changing room are COLD!?
Rating: 1/10
Renee - NZ
21th May 2012
My husband, daughter and myself have just returned from Waingaro after staying 3 days....Loved it and will definately be back!! Beautiful clean facilities and the water is amazing...The hosts are awesome and it makes a nice change to have that interaction .... My husband had fun on the slides and it was hard to get my daughter out of the pool...met some great people and had a blast!!!!
Rating: 10/10
Rochelle & Pierre -
08th May 2012
found the pools to be very clean and the staff and managemnt excellent
Rating: -/10
paul wilson - auckland
25th April 2012
I used to spend every August holidays as a kid down at the pools and have to say it is definitely a faded grand old place. In its heyday it was awesome but now it's only good for a soak...
Rating: 4/10
Chris Harris - Auckland
25th April 2012
We jusst got back from Waingaro hot springs, we stayed there for 2 nights myself my partner and son a nephew our mate and his daughter, before we left to go I was reading these reviews and to tell you the truth it was putting me off, so I was kinda expecting it to be blahhh, but when we all arrived there we were extreamly happy it was a wonderful place to get away to, the cabin we stayed in was perfect, the pools were great we were so happy with the place and wished we stayed longer, WE WILL BE BACK! thanks guys
Rating: 8/10
09th April 2012
We stayed overnight, four adults and an eight year old girl. The child loved the pools, which is why we have given a 3. As for the rest of the site, it was dirty and rundown. One toilet block smelt like it had been cleaned with urine. The showers were so dirty I wouldn't use them - and we are seasoned campers. The aviary is a disgrace, I have never seen such miserable looking birds. The owners were nowhere to be found when we arrived, but the guy who checked us in was reasonably friendly. The owners shouted at my husband for letting our 8 year old niece go on the poolslide on her own despite a sign saying under eights should be supervised. I hope they are able to sell this property to somebody who can redevelop it to it's full potential, as it has obviously been loved in a previous life!
Rating: 3/10
Sharan - New Zealand
05th April 2012
Another wonderful kids birthday at a great place. We took five 12 year old girls to the pools and as usual, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The owners are wonderful and go out of their way to make the stay enjoyable. Good clean pools and the kids had a ball. Thanks guys. We will be back.
Rating: 8/10
Kevin and Nicole - Auckland
18th March 2012
hi I'm a regular visiter The staff are great and the waters clean.People that moan are obviously not aware of how much work is involved to keep the place going.Maybe they haven't got much of a life?NZ is awsome and we should enjoy what we have. An earthquake could wipe us out tomorrow so we should all go soak and relax .I'll keep going there and highly recommend it.The aches and pains just fade away.Thanks guys.
Rating: 9/10
Tracy Coombes - Raglan
02th March 2012
Very relaxing open air hot water pools, nice camping spots to have a fire, staff are really friendly, all these comments are false i went there about a week ago its a very nice relaxing place to get away from the rat race.
Rating: -/10
Leanne - South Auckland
11th February 2012
Very cheap to stay there, only 21 dollars a night to camp with pool access, meanest slides ever go very fast better than waiwera, the hot mineral pool is just so relaxing, cheap place to bring your mates and camp have a fire, cook a feed, and swim. Dont know why everyone is writing negative commments thats just bullshit. Its a great place full stop.
Rating: -/10
Jesse - South Auckland
10th February 2012
A great location, quiet and peaceful. Nice clean pools and friendly staff.
Rating: -/10
John - Huntly
04th February 2012
I have been going to the Waingaro hotpools for a couple of years now and I have never seen the pools dirty, yes after a lot of rain they might get a greenish colour but this is a reaction with the water as it is from a thermal spring. I know that the pools get cleaned every day so anybody claiming that they are dirty probably need new glasses. Yes, there are some insects and sometime leaves floating in the water but they are open air pools so get over it. After reading most of the comments on this site I can only come to to the conclusion that a lot of the comments are written by people whom have never been here and just jumped on the bandwagon for some Anonymous pool bashing.(Its interesting that all negative comments are made by people who give only there first name.) My personal experiance at the pools has always good. And as for the price $11.00 for an adult, try to find an other place where you can have a whole day of fun for that money. P.S. a personal message to James from Auckland : Get a hobby.
Rating: 9/10
John - Huntly
04th February 2012
I visited recently, dec 2012 and found the facilities extremely clean. This is an old place with heaps of kiwi character and therefor very affordable for families. Don't expect anything fancy but good for heaps of fun. The waterslides are superfast and the pool for the little ones is emptied and refreshed daily.
Rating: -/10
Miekelien Bosman - National Park
02th February 2012
It has charm, harking back to bygone days . long forgotten NZ treasure.Didnt go to the hotel across the way but it all harkens back to the good ole days of the 60's-70's.Basic good fun .The slide was working & all kids going ape on it . The Water was clean . Lovely location . The style is retro reminiscent of a bygone age which is charming .Staff were nice & chatty. Basic fare was available it was fish n chips . Prices are cheap for pool & slide if its running . Take your own picnic & water . Thats it it's what it is . Ill be going back .
Rating: -/10
MrBeir - AKL-NZ
25th January 2012
simple good fun . An Oldie but a goodie . its up for sale i was told . Staff are "aware" of the comments here. Investment is required to pimp it up - i hope it occurs. I hope it doesnt disappear like alot of the olde NZ has.
Rating: -/10
MrBeir - AKL-NZ
25th January 2012
The website sounds like waiwera but its not so dont expect it . Expect basic hot filtered pools & water slides & BBQ areas & you'll be happy
Rating: -/10
MrBeir - AKL-NZ
25th January 2012
I'd request you update your website in keeping with ASA rulings please . its very very misleading . The world is watching & its on the web .Just be fair dinkum mate & cut out the elaborations & enhance the hot pools & slide & BBQ features. Hey It is no Waiwera but neither are the Paradise pools across the road from Waiwera but like them you have a charm the other definitely lacks !
Rating: -/10
MrBeir - AKL-NZ
25th January 2012
If you visit or have visited and the adverts are not true and correct..... Google them and my name, to get an answer backed up by a complaint. If you have pictures you can report them to the advertising standards agency or as they will simply carry on regardless after that ruling with their adverts. Go directly to the commerce commission who have teeth to enforce their order. Their new advert is hardly any better than their previous. Bumper boats, has anyone seen these running in recent times? pool was empty when I visited. Water slides only run for the crowds... their new advert still dose not state this and was part of a complaint december 2010. It appears they might also be dangerous as their should not be a correct way to go down the slide, to cause a cut requiring 13 stitches you would need to hit something that should not even be there I thought they had a lifeguard on duty and I think first aid training is a requirment, as is a first aid kit. The photos in the original advert were 20 years old and the new ones don't look much newer. I would also like to point out my observations are backed by a ruling their advert was misleading and the people who state how good the park is do not. Its quite odd the reviews go from 0-1 or 8-9 and 10. No one rates them in the middle. PS my rating is -10 out of 10.
Rating: -/10
James - New Zealand
21th January 2012
Thought the kids might want a change from Parakai in 2011... As soon as we pulled up to Waingaro, they didn't want to hop out of the car. Went to enquire about accomodation.... not very inviting reception.... In the end turned around and went to Parakai the next day where the kids had an awesome time. Won't be returning back to Waingaro.
Rating: -/10
Rozanne - Auckland
20th January 2012
My daughters visited Waingaro Hot Springs on the 2nd of January 2012 with her sister & friends. Within 15 minutes of being there they went down the hydroslide for the 1st time. My daughters foot got caught, she felt a sharp pain, the water pushed her down the slide. When she got out her leg & foot were extremely sore, she went to sit down as she felt dizzy. Her fot & leg started bleeding. A lady got out the first aid kit and it had unsealed dirty bandages and a couple of bandaids. There was nothing in there that they could help my daughter with her injuries not even distilled water. She was taken to the hospital by a friend and required 13 stitches around her big toe and has a laceration and is severely bruised on her shin. I would not reccomend going there, the other 2 girls were also injured but not so severely. I hope that they will upgrade there first aid kit and warn people the correct way to go down the slide.
Rating: 1/10
Karren - Australia
11th January 2012
Man was rude on the phone when it clearly states to mention the website nzhotpools.co.nz when you ring, he states has nothing to do with him and reception wasnt any nicer on arrival
Rating: 2/10
tash - hamilton
03th January 2012
By fare the best hot pools i've been to.I found myself at home as soon as we settled in witch the owners and staff (lifeguards) made possible. Our stay there was for 3 days and by the 3rd we didn't want to go home. Now or the people that are moaning about the facility I've used and seen worst in my life time and I'm only 29. And for the people that didn't like the owners you must be one drymothaf@,.er be cause those owners are more down to earth then most of the kiwis that I have meet. Yeah make it look like a 5 star hotel so we can all pay more cus at the moment it well worth it weight in gold in my eyes. To tue owners of this establishment that you dearly for make my families 2011 Christmas awesome
Rating: -/10
Te rangi rissetto - Hamilton new zealand
30th December 2011
We are all entitled to our opinions and views, though some of us tend to look for faults and if we all used a microscope in our daily life we would be paranoid like Michael Jackson became wearing a white mask in public. I`m wondering if the gentleman from Raglan is suffering from a similar phobia. I have been swimming in these pools since the age of 5yrs old. At 51 yrs of age I think my judgement has developed well enough to say that these pools may not be brand new they have been a pleasure to visit and great to swim in throughout my/childrens life. I love the owners character, how sad it is to here negative people trying to harm these neat people with a great complex.
Rating: 8/10
Kate Savage - Hamilton, New Zealand
23th December 2011
They tried to sell us a half used, grimy and dirty container of sunscreen for $12 - I think that sums up the Waingaro Hot Springs pretty well! In a few words: Filthy water, filthy facilities, bad service, overpriced, falsely advertised. I hope someone buys this place and transforms it into what it could be. An utter embarrassment to the region and the country. Do not believe the false reviews. Should be shut down.
Rating: 1/10
Henry - Raglan
20th December 2011
People, people - let's look at the facts. Waingaro Springs is an old facility which to upgrade would require serious financial outlay. But it has its charm, harking back to bygone days and gives many reviewers the happy sense of nostalgia. I'm not that old, but I like it for its charm. The proprietors have character and charm too, like one reviewer said, "they crack me up". Give the place a break with the negative feed back - I'm really grateful the place is still operating after all these years, and it being so off the beaten track. The water heat and quality is fantastic and any complaints about the general appearance and upkeep seem to be coming from people who need to have a babysitter permanently watching them. I'd say dont change the place at all - it's gorgeous as it is, refreshing actually. Cold showers? So what?! Nice and bracing after the warm soak. Anyway, if you dont shower after it means those minerals which everyone apparently loves get to soak in more.
Rating: -/10
ken - nz
13th December 2011
Just spent another wonderful weekend at the pools, staff could not do enough, thanks to all for making such a great weekend.
Rating: -/10
Lynda Halverson - New Zealand
24th October 2011
As many others myself, siblings and cousins grew up loving Waingaro hot springs. Over the years as we got older the place began to look tired and after a few more years the lack of effort to maintain the hot springs really showed. my last visit was last year but was told recently that it hadn't changed and what a shame! how ever when you are children you can make the best out of nothing and really enjoy it. Kids will love it but I would love it but the prices are ridiculous.
Rating: -/10
Hollie - Tauranga
14th October 2011
Its been nearly two months, since ASA ruled...... And guess what their advert is still up...... How long dose it take to remove photos from your own advertisements. Are they trying to misled you the customer.... Well they still have an advertisement that was considered misleading 2 months later! buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day somewhere else.
Rating: -/10
James - auckland
11th October 2011
Ex pat revisiting NZ so I decided to mystery shop as I was going to Raglan and wanted to find a stop on the way for the family, but after reading the site comments, decided to find out who is telling the truth. I had been to the springs about 8 years ago and wanted to see if it was better or worse than the 5/10 I would have given it then. Worse guys, this place is Fawlty Towers without the humour. Terrible service, obnoxious staff, filthy dirty toilets. Waikato Health Board should be taking faecal tests of the water, seats, surrounds etc. Close it down and bring in some new owners. I agree that the 10/10 comments are fraudulent and cannot see how any sane person thinks thery are getting value for money here. Go to the beach instead...safer, cleaner, and probably just as warm in the water. Let the buyer beware.
Rating: 1/10
K Peters - NZ
10th October 2011
Took a youth group to Waingaro Hot Springs - had an awesome time, great pools, awesome slides and great staff. We all enjoyed it thoroughly
Rating: -/10
Brad - Hamilton
08th October 2011
Visited Today 18 9 11. Met by Hitlers sister, tried to communicate with a person who lacked any communication skills but specialised in grunts and the ability to answer questions by not answering. Had the feeling Hitlers sister was going to confiscate our passports but after watching her race up and down the drive realised she practicing to do a ram raid on us for not paying for something that we shoulndt have had to pay for. There were more signs around this dump than a high security prison. One telling prisoners oopps sorry patrons that only white tops were allowed the other saying no tops allowed. My friend and I being definitly not pussys were on edge all the time here and were thinking at one stage we may have to fight our way out. When we did escape all we could think was what a waste of time and money.It was a pity as this place could be a good spot with a few hundred thousand bucks and some lessons in hospitality it could improve. P.S I sure we could hear banjos playing somewhere.
Rating: -/10
S Hartley - NZ
18th September 2011
Well after reading these reviews saddened me, we grew up in Hamilton and dad worked for a gr8 co, as kids we loved it there work doos the parents never saw us, playing with friends in pools,popcorn smell from a maker next to the dukebox and smell of bbqs,im 43 now and still have the clearest fantastic memorys as a child,people should look more out of the eyes of babes
Rating: -/10
Sharon - Christchurch
14th September 2011
Hubby and I had decided it was high time for a family weekend away. After searching the net, we came across Waingaro Hot Springs. The place sounded great and best of all, affordable for us. We left Auckland and set off with our 5 kids aged 2,4,5,8 and 11. When we arrived I was dissapointed with what i saw, a pokey little cabin, not much bigger than our lounge at home, with 2 elements to cook on and 2 small pots to cook meals for 7 people. I was DISGUSTED. While i was unloading our vehicle (quietly kicking myself for paying what i thought was a rip off) i saw and heard the excitement my children had in their voices and in the faces. As the saying goes - when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. With a quick adjustment of my attitude and I was good as gold. It rained alot over the weekend but that didnt matter coz the pools wer warm, i was glad we had taken our 14" and playstation for the kids coz the communal tv room was always occupied by an elderly camper who didnt like the kids making noise. On our last night, the children came up from the pool early (it was highly unexpected of them) they said the life guard said they had to close the pools, i went to investigate coz it wasnt due to close for another couple more hours. I went out and saw alot of people standing on the banks, the rain was coming off the hills and flooding out the pools. It was definitely a sight to see. All in all we had an amazing family weekend and i WILL definitely take my family there agen.
Rating: 8/10
hine jury - new zealand
03th September 2011
There have been two complaints brought to the ASA Advertising Standards Authority. Both upheld against Waingaro hot springs in the last 12 months.

The first one of these was brought 8th of December 2010 reference (10/650).

That complaint centered around the advert, and its truthful presentation. The complaint was upheld against Waingaro hot springs.

Then another complaint was brought by myself, to the Advertising Standards Authority. (11/253) again upheld, on the same grounds as the previous complaint 8 Months earlier... Their advert is not a truthful representation of Waingaro hot springs.

Now can every body please stop suggesting people giving Waingaro low scores is a set up from a disgruntled employee. The advert uses 20 year old photos with an update 12 years ago. In the second ruling they express disappointment the advertisers have not followed the advice from the previous ruling.

The agency says if it films a new advert in HD “If there was any thing unsightly, we would not show it. We would highlight the positive, and leave out the negative,” Top of page three of the Decision. I struggle to think of quite what they intend to film. To quote Obama “you can put lipstick on a pig…. But it’s still a pig”.

The place in my opinion is a run down. The bumper boats apparently run however the pool was totally empty when I visited and the maintenance team were absent. Warning the slide will only run if they get six people to pay. Then there are rumors they then run intermittently when they do run. The whole place is generally in a state of disrepair and needs to be totally refurbished. The restaurant is now closed.

I give them a rating of 0 stars… they must do better and correct their advert in line with the ruling of the ASA. It has potential to be good, but has got to the point where it needs a major refurbishment and investment of funds.
Rating: -/10
james - New Zealand
29th August 2011

My daughter stayed at the motel as part of a school trip for the King's 5th coronation celebrations. Her teacher was embarrassed by the condition of the rooms and is now seeking redress for false advertising. The rooms were unclean. The power was shut off at 8 at night, so no heating in the middle of winter, and the showers had enough hot water for about 4 of the 15 people staying. A most disappointing experience for the group, considering the prices charged.
Rating: 1/10
Christine - New Zealand
24th August 2011
I agree with Fiona,we just came back from spending an afternoon and night there and the kids loved it. 5 children age 14,13, 11, 11, 10 if we let them have their way they would never get out of the pools and if they didnt switch of the hydroslides they will stay in there too, although we do go there with a holiday programme in January the children never get bored.... but last night the kids went out about 6.30pm was raining but they were having fun in those hot pools lucky mum took heaps of towels but apparently not enough lucky aunty Sue was there to the rescue :). Awesome place and friendly staff. Thank you Chrissy Adams
Rating: 10/10
Chrissy Adams - Waikato
28th July 2011
We paid $150.00 a night for a motel unit across the road.The place smelled so bad we all felt sick for days.we kept the windows open as long as we could but it didnt help at all.The heater was crap it wouldnt have heated even the bathroom,The jug leaked and was an electrical hazard,the electric blankets were at least 10 years old.Over all the accomadation was just dirty and disgusting.we will NEVER go there again and would definately warn all of our friends not to stay there.The Lady owner was a real busy body and general nasty person that was only interested in getting her money.The pools were not to bad while we were there the kids enjoyed them.But they didnt neally make up for the bad accommadation
Rating: 1/10
Tracy - Auckland
27th July 2011
Hey guys Ive being going to the pools since I was three years old, I'm now fifty. You all have no idea what the pools were like then, what an amazing make over its had we go every year at least ten times with my family and friends we pay our entry which i feel is reasonable. Im there to look after my kids not the life guards they are there to assist. We enjoy useing the facilties e.g bbq the covered area we make do, if these areas are already used. The slides is the best thing for the kids we pay one price and the kids use it all day. I'm glad they close it at particular times as I would have a hard time getting the kids to eat and have a rest. It saddens me that people can speak so poorly of a lovely place its what you make of it, llike any public place. The staff have been lovely when-ever we have gone, and grounds are clean. Some public are disgusting and rude when visiting these places, their children will leave messes in the toilet area or surroundings, not inform staff and walk off. Many comments here sound like ex staff that have got it in for the owners and employees, all I can say is you people need to get a life and Grow up, you will not deter me or my family and friends from going there. Keep smiling waingaro hot pools you are all doing a great Job.
Rating: 9/10
fiona - NZ
23th July 2011
Is this page a set up?? Every time a good comment comes up about this place , Instantly the negatives pop up.. I think maybe this could be a disgruntled ex worker or a customer whos skipped the accomodation bill. I use they place quite frequent and I must say that not once have I smelt curry or B.O whislt in the shop. If the lifeguards are not train then why are thier Lifeguard Certificates displayed in public view. Thier are people out there who are jealous of ones hard work and success...Most of them seem to waste alot of energy on this page..
Rating: -/10
leone -
16th July 2011
Too expensive , but algood's to drop a few bombs in the life guards arent trained but they are crack up , the shop stinks like curry and B.O but we are not there to judge we're there to swim and be water rat's .
Rating: 4/10
Tala George - New Zealand
14th July 2011
If this place is so grotty why is it so Popular? Most of the comments must come from Hotpool Haters or people who want 2 star prices but 5 star services If you want to know what this place is like go see for your self theres nuffin wrong with it Most of what you are reading in these comments are crap, I proved that this weekend when i went to have a look for my self. Good on ya team keep up the good work i will return again soon
Rating: 8/10
Pete -
11th July 2011
this place is a piece of shit i drove all the way from auckland to come to bumper boats not working untrained life gaurds slides not operating although i paid dont go here its a waste of your time and money
Rating: -/10
harold - nz
29th May 2011
its ok. I think its expensive at 12$ plus a further 6$ for slides. The showers are cold water. The staff really should be sent on a hospitality training course. Everything seems too much bother for them, the kitchen only opened if we could find other people who also wanted chips, and we had to use one of the kids to climb in the window to open the door, the slides are only turned on intermittently so despite paying for them we only used them once. Place was clean enough, might have been painted recently.
Rating: 4/10
ah -
24th April 2011
yeah,a 10 rating,lol don't know whats so bad about the place,2 adults 3 kids, i think it cost one-twenty something to swim and stay the night,plus 6 bucks for slides each,yea cheap as.The owners cracked me up.
Rating: 10/10
anon - nz
08th April 2011
The hygiene of this place has been brought to my attention. I have informed the Waikato district health board of peoples concerns on this website and i'm happy to say they will be investigating.
Rating: -/10
Dr L Johnson - New Zealand
14th March 2011
We wanted a family weekend with 4 adults 4 teenagers and 3 under 5's and we sure picked the right spot. I have a broken leg so could not swim but emjoyed sitting in the great seating area under cover and watched the family have a great time. The acommodation was good (shame is was across the road and not in the actual complex). I had priced the Top 10 Ohope camping ground and Waingaro was 1/2 the price. Slides were open all day and pools till 9.30pm. We felt it was a bit tired but clean. We would recommend to bring your own BBQ as these were not great so we did not use them. 3 bus loads of teenage boys arrivewd and the areas were cleaned by staff as soon as the buses left. All around a nice place for a lrg age group of kids and we found the staff friendly. When I booked I asked about pricing and was given price for bumper boats but should have been told that they were not working but overall a nice time. Last comment from 4 yr old "can we stay another 4 nights?"
Rating: 7/10
Val - BOP/NZ
08th February 2011
Great price excellent place to take your children it was a very safe and happy enviroment my two children love it and we are heading back after the parachute festival next year.
Rating: 10/10
Sonya Ballinger - Kaitaia
03th February 2011
Nothing flash, but does the job. Price very reasonable if you aren't using the slides. I agree with other reviews that the website doesn't reflect the actuality, but I found the place acceptable
Rating: 6/10
M.ike - Papakura - NZ
31th January 2011
Thanx to all the reveiws my family & I will not waste our time travelling to waingaro..
Rating: -/10
Mahara - Papakura
26th January 2011
This place is nasty!! Very dirty and unclean. Bugs in the pool and the campground is very rundown. Area to pitch tents is stoney and uneven, some very close to the edge of banks. Flies everywhere and toilets blocked and dont flush properly. One of the basins were detached from the wall. Slides are falling apart. Bumper boats not working and pool for them is black and green with moss growing everywhere. Really needs serious renovations!! Don't waste your time going here, it's highly dissapointing!!
Rating: 1/10
Steph - New Zealand
24th January 2011
Would not bother every returning to this place is not what the advertise in any of the holiday books or on their website. You are better to go else where then make the trip. Over priced accommodation ... that is not a tourist flat that is in a terrible condition. The toddler pool was emptied about 6pm at night even though people still had little children around. You should take your holidays elsewhere and get more value for your dollar.
Rating: 2/10
Josh -
24th January 2011
We went there yesterday just for swimming. The water was ok. We had a good time. Better bring your own food as the food bar at the swimming pool area was close
Rating: -/10
Harjo - NZ
23th January 2011
this place use to be the bomb from as far as i can remember.....spent most of my child hood holidays....so not coming bak to this place until they get new owners man. the hygiene standards there are PATHETIC. the boss lady (Amro) is very racist loud and not even professional at her line of work. staff were friendly. I too hope she goes bankrupt or OSH straight shuts her down so a New Zealander can purchase it. and put it back to it's same shape n form, how i member it as a child......c'mon OSH shut her down.
Rating: 1/10
Sugar - putaruru
18th January 2011
I highly recommend this place to everyone. A new experience that you would like. A family place that as any other places has a good and downsides. The good things about it are 1-Family environment. 2-A lot of seats and sitting places. 3-Cheap entry($11 pp+$6 for slides) compared to any other places as Waiwera that charges $28 pp!. In addition to that we rented the barbeque for $10 only compared to $60 or $80 that Waiwera charges! Although they have got two slides only,my family and I had fun. My only recommendation would be to add more slides.Hence I rate it 9/10. Thanks Dr Frat Yousif/Auckland
Rating: 9/10
Frat - Auckland
17th January 2011
Wow thanks guys for the warning, last went here a couple of years ago for our Son's birthday. The slides ran frequently as was quite busy, really enjoyed the longer slide no splinters due to using the mat each time. Did hit the bottom the first time I went down though as the water level was still low. However the big green bins smelt like they hadn't been emptied for days and the young lifeguard didn't look like he could save anyone in his big baggy jeans. Liked the location of the pub and deck but quite expensive for food. Lady Mrs Singh was quite loud but had a good converstion with her upon leaving. Didn't mind the entry price but yea the cars were backed up onto the road waiting to pay, rather dangerous. Were going to go back again for Sons birthday in March as wanted to do laser strike in Hams too, but not going to now after reading the reviews. Have been to Waiwera for the last 2 years and you get a discount into the pools if you stay in their very old but tidy motel rooms.
Rating: -/10
KHart - Thames
14th January 2011
First I would like to say...if you got big bucks and want to go to some posh place and live the high life then Waingaro Hot Springs is not for you....yes I do agree a bit of false advertising there....like others we travelled there only to be a little overwhelmed to say the least....but overall we had a fantastic time...yes could be cleaner but what a great family holiday and the hosts are so friendly.....this is truely the ultimate kiwi experience not for the faint hearted and YES I would be back in a heartbeat...Ye haaa
Rating: 8/10
Kelly Blair - NZ
12th January 2011
Ok I read all the reviews and fair enough yes people were right about how filthy Waingaro USED TO BE but my holiday with the fam bams was awesome since they have re-open the hotsprings they have done a great job keeping it clean and tidy and the customer service was great apart from the husband a bit of an ass but hey you always bump into people like that owell!...It was a tad costly but i will indeed go back for another holiday. Thanks to all the workers you were awesome keep up the good job.
Rating: 8/10
Narns - Auckland
12th January 2011
we love this peaceful place in the hills, very relaxing and well managed. excellent value cabins.
Rating: 9/10
chris spillane - pukekohe
03th January 2011
I was going to take my wife and 3 children here for the Auckland anniversary long weekend next month. But since reading the reviews I will not be wasting my money and risking my families health. Such a shame as I also remember coming here years ago and having a great time.
Rating: -/10
Chris - Auckland
30th December 2010
A holiday resort with great potential , not too far to drive from Auckland and Hamilton, one would expected this place to be bustling around this time of the year, but sadly it is not. I can understand to a degree why not , as i could only mention my experience , and also as another patron put it , put it down to an experience . Firstly arrived with no one attending the gate on the 24th around 11, had to go to the owners house on instructions from the owners wife who we found at the cabins busy organising the cleaners, the owner sent us back to the gate to wait for him, he worket out a rate of $ 15 per night more than what we were quoted when we booked per night , we had to alter our stay as we did not budget for this. we were sent up to the cabin without a key , turned out the key was never handed back by the previous client , had to wait an hour in the rain before we were handed a key for a different cabin. There were no ice available from the camp store also , still waiting for them to get some as promised by the owner. On Christmas day without any pre warning at 4 pm all patrons were ordered to leave the pools as the staff wanted to have time with their families, Well if that is the case , they should not be in this business, we paid good money for the use of the facilities . The Water slides only operated on and off , more to the tune of around three hours each day while we were visiting, very dissapoited with the overall attitude of see how much we could get $ wise out of the patrons for as little return in service. Bathrooms were also not cleaned and checked regularly , as a piece of feces wiped onto toilet paper were on the mens toilet floor for more than one day , that after the toilet roll were replaced as it was empty for which I had to complain before it was replaced .
Rating: 3/10
P Dreyer - New Zealand
27th December 2010
We refuse to go here again. Water level is 3/4 what it used to be. Temperatures are down. Bumper boats haven't run in decades. Slides only run for croweds. Place is very neglected. Prices are high. Advert was from late 80's when it WAS nice place. Been going here since the early 80's. How does one lodge a false advertising claim? Staff very rude. They turned the lights off just before closing time. Would have liked to have an accident to have OSH dogs attack them. Not even a warning flash, just off! Mate had to park car in gate to stop them locking the gate on us at closing time.
Rating: 1/10
Jeff - Hamilton
19th December 2010
I live in Raglan and work in the tourist industry here. On a windy, cloudy day, it seemed a great idea to go there, so I googled it and found this site, thankfully. I have read the 160+ reviews in full - with an open mind. I found no racism in the comments, and a spread of comments from lots of different people, familys, locals etc. Overwhelming me somewhat, rude staff is the major theme to these. Dirty generally is the other theme. Either way, clients of mine say to treat it as a novelety, one time only experience - in how NOT to do business. Splinters from the slides have been reported 3 times to me, rude staff - EVERYTIME! Slides...never on! Lifeguards, smoking and drinking around the pool. Er...I am a lifeguard, I can't remember either being practised at training? Sounds like 'fake' lifeguards, as anybody trained would never do either in front of the public. If the pools are for sale, I'll buy them - people clearly have fond memories from years gone by, it would be nice to rekindle rather than ruin these... Some rather obvious comments from owners/operators/friends have peppered what is a very negative picture, into a confusing 1/10, or 10/10 picture. There isn't alot of middle ground. In conclusion, I enjoy my bum without fiberglass splinters (its better for sitting on!), I like my ears without infections, and I find pubic hair, poo and plasters comments enough to stop me getting in the car. Read all the reviews, and look carefully at the positive ones, they sound too good to be true... Amro, if I ever meet you, it will be too late - you sound horrible, loud and generally rude, all I expect is an argument over a refund. I enjoyed reading what people wrote about you.....it was exactly what my customers said you were like. Please go bankupt, so I can buy you out....and make this place worthy of a visit... Expect a comment that is positive to follow....
Rating: 1/10
Andrew - NZ, Raglan
16th December 2010
Just spent a wonderful weekend at the pools and camping ground. A lovely place to relax without the sterile commercialism of other pools. Staff are strict, and need to be, but also friendly and helpful. Thank you to the staff for a great weekend
Rating: 10/10
Lynda Halverson -
27th October 2010
Just a quick note to say that we visited the Hot Springs during last weeked, and found them to be okay. Dated - Yes, but it looks as though there is Maintenance on the move, as stuff has recently been repainted. Found the Staff okay, but the Waterslide was not running due to lack of people wanting to use it. Overall, reasonably clean and tidy. Will be going back next time to stay the the Hotel. It rocks!
Rating: 6/10
Kayjay - New Zealand
12th October 2010
Waingaro Hot Springs I remembered was an awesome place, where I had so much fun as a kid. August 2005 I was attending a Equine training course and our mid year break was close, so I suggested Waingaro Hot Springs, as I wanted to enjoy the fun I once had there with a cool group of people. It was not the place I remembered, the place was expensive, there were NO Bumper Boats, the Slides WERE'NT going, and they would'nt turn them on unless 8 people were using them, which I payed for just so I could use the slide, otherwise it would be just another pool. THE PLACE HAS TURNED INTO A SHIT HOLE ! ! ! ! Sad to say, but it's TRUE. Their Ad I recall it running in the mid to late 80's.
Rating: 1/10
CRAIG T - Pukekohe
29th September 2010
This place is disgusting, not at all like the website shows. I am sure this is false advertising. No one in their right mind would write a good comment about this place. After we paid at the "toll booth" we got a real look at the place, turned around and drove straight back out.
Rating: 1/10
Jenna - NZ
27th August 2010
This place is outstanding the person who left a description before was wrong. It's such a peaceful place. A awesome place to go to if your looking for some time out from your everyday city life. It's $12 to use the big pool and spa pool but remember it includes a big screen tv that they turn on at night for watching the rugby etc. There's a motel and a Pub if your planning on staying a few nights. They have awesome water slides too. If your game i recommend paying an extra $6 to use them as much as you want there awesome. There's a hot food bar where you can grab a bite to eat. And the scenery is simply amazing. 5 stars from this happy customer. Infact i'll be spending my 1st there.
Rating: -/10
Amy - Pukekohe
31th July 2010
Me and my family went down to Waingaro and stayed the night in their cabin. We had a awesome time, my kids had such a great time, awesome place to take your family down for the holidays or weekends highly recommended, my older boys loved the slides...will be going there all the time now, we had a awesome time that we will be going again next month..
Rating: 10/10
Cynthia Masiutama - Auckland
26th July 2010
my family have been going to waingaro for 13years now and this weekend was again most enjoyable. The facilities and cabins were very clean and as i had my grandson 14months with me i wanted to be sure it would be memorable. we will be back again.
Rating: -/10
wendy may - new zealand
12th July 2010
They have been false advertising the prices and times on the web for a while (should be $12, not $10...and they close early, not at 9:30pm). The Website and TV ad misrepresent the place. It is dirty and run down. The lack of effort on the gardening and basics makes you feel cheated after making the long drive and coughing up the $$ at the gate. The management are obviously writing their own reviews on this website, this one will no doubt be followed by another bogus one. It has now gone beyond quirky to shameful. Where's the manaakitanga?--shame on you Chood Singh. You have a beautiful bit of my country and you have chosen to whore it out. A bit of effort and a rethink of your values is what you need to do. Get rid of the false advertising and stop disrespecting the land and the people with your greed. Sell it off or shut it down. Read the other reviews here about the fibre glass splinters, stench, etc. People don't make that up.
Rating: 1/10
Eric - Hamilton
28th June 2010
the pools are lovely and warm and relaxing it cost $10 for adults and $5 for children 13 and under and the hydraslide is awsome and that only cost $6 per person,and so do the bumper boats.. there are also camping places to stay. they open at 8 am and close at 9 pm.. i recomend this to people of all ages.
Rating: -/10
jessica - new zealand
07th June 2010
Had a wonderful morning soaking in the very soothing hot pools this week. Great way to relax and rejuvinate oneself in the chilly weather. Very relaxing environment, close to native bush, no city noises - beautiful. We'll be going back again. A real slice of NZ.
Rating: -/10
Jan - New Zealand
02th June 2010
I think there great and exciting
Rating: 10/10
Susan Bamfield - Auckland
10th May 2010
4 adults and two 5 year olds stayed saturday night, really enjoyed the lovely setting, collected wood and cooked over an open fire, the pools were clean with the temps. just right for swimming, relaxing or watching the kids. the water slides are fantastic fun. rooms were clean and staff friendly both at the pools and the hotel, which had excellent food and service. we all came home fitter,well fed, refreshed and very keen to return. great bush walk too. better a bit quirky than generic and plastic!!! once these 'timewarp' places are gone they're gone forever......thanks.
Rating: 8/10
arem see - auckland nz
09th May 2010
I have been there twice in the last 10 days. It has been the best destress time from daily life. john thompson I refer to, How dare you say Dont go there to other. Its best YOU DONT GO THERE. It is situated out in the hills near Waingaro and suits many people just fine. Get a life john and stay away from the place we LOVE TO GO
Rating: 9/10
Katherine - new zealand
06th May 2010
bad,bad,bad. The water was murky and cool. The hydoroslide and bumper boats were a no-go, and the staff were really not all there.... and the place has really got run down...
Rating: 1/10
Mark - Tauranga
03th May 2010
great place to stay good pools and slide great staff hot water for showers need improving money for value very good if your camping all over a good time great pub up on the hill as well.
Rating: 8/10
Sharlene Cole - Paraparaumu
08th April 2010
I found the pools to be clean, the toddlers pool was emptied each night, scrubbed and refilled. We were in the pool when the main pool was being emptied ready for cleaning also. This is a great place, which does need a bit of a make over but nevertheless it has a great atmosphere and Amro you are the best hostess and all of our group (the knuckle bones!) enjoyed their daily visits over to see you. You are a character and look forward to meeting again soon. We will definitely be back for more swimming and fun with you.
Rating: 8/10
Marilyn Kerekere - Tauranga NZ
08th April 2010
We have made the trip out to Waingaro 3 times in the last 3 years. Although its never been wonderful we keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, the owners would have invested a little in the place. But no. We went for the last time was yesterday. First we checked the website for prices, only to find when we arrived that the prices had gone upAGAIN!!! (why bother having a website if you dont update it!!!!) And for what? The place is desperately in need of an upgrade and the water quality leaves a lot to be desired. It is not easy to relax when a large clump of hair and slime spat out by the filtration system floats past. No thanks, I will take my money elsewhere in future until this place gets the modernisation it needs.
Rating: 2/10
Kate - Hamilton
06th April 2010
We went to Waingaro Hot Springs for the first time over Easter Weekend and had a great time. We found the pools clean. The children pool gets drained every night, they clean it and the next day it gets replaced with new clean water.The other pools seemed cleaned. The toilets were clean, smelling refreshed every time we used it. The staff were really friendly. We would recommend this place and we are looking forward going back there in the future. Loved the hot chips at the take away bar. The only thing we found could be looked at is the prices of the cooldrinks at the shop. Heavily overpriced. Thanks for a great weekend!!!
Rating: 9/10
Debbie - Hamilton, New Zealand
06th April 2010
Pools were a pleasant temperature. The only time I've been into an outdoor pool that is as big as at Waingaro that's been a nice warmth (and not cold) is out there. The grounds were clean and well taken care of. The murals look really nice
Rating: 10/10
Tim - Hamilton, NZ
06th April 2010
First visit to Waingaro Hot Springs and I have to say We had a great time. The price was right, The weather right, and the staff couldn't have been more friendly! I don't know what exactly people are looking for given the cost?Sure you can go to Waiwera, but hey you will pay double the price!The take-away booth at the complex was really well priced, and my sons raved about the chips!The staff of the take-away were also very friendly.Thanks to the Life-Guards who were very friendly and patient with the children. I will definately be going back! Yes the place is a little old, but dirty, I didn't find that? Keep up the good work guys and keep the prices down!
Rating: 9/10
Jacqueline C Hill - Pukekohe
05th April 2010
Terrible, eeeewwwwwwww and yuck! Run down, shabby and a disgraceful place to be! PARAKAI HOT SPRINGS are the pools to go to, clean, friendly, well supervised and a plain GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Rating: -/10
Kat - Auckland
30th March 2010
DONT GO !!! are the owners wrighting there own review ????
Rating: 1/10
john tompson - nz
28th March 2010
We go to Waingaro Hot Pools regularly and love the friendly management. The pools are clean and hot. The complex is very very clean and well presented considering the age of the dwellings. I have read some of the comments and find it hard to believe that they are referring to this complex..
Rating: 10/10
kate savage - new zealand
22th March 2010
I travel to the mainland regularly and visit Waingaro Hot Springs as it is on my list of `places I have to go`. I have read a lot of the negative comments and some are from people who have not visited this complex. (This concerns me.) I take my foreign visitors and friends who can`t say enough about the great experience that had while there and wish to return when visiting the country or region in the future. They find the staff very hospitable and the geothermal water and beautiful scenery intruiging. I believe the natural hot pools nationwide experience similiar issues that certain members of the public are blowing way out of proportion when commenting on this complex. I give the place 10/10 and good luck........
Rating: 10/10
Riki Nathan - Great Barrier Island, N.Z.
22th March 2010
Used to go there all the time back in the '70s. It was a great place to go but now it's a dirty hole. I stopped going there about 2 years ago. It looks so unclean and run down. A child had vomitted in the pool and it had not been cleaned up, there were bits floating around the bathers, disgusting. We left, never to return unless drastic improvements are made.
Rating: 2/10
Kathy Peakman - Hamilton, New Zealand
13th March 2010
Thanks for all the feedback! As I will definitely not be taking my family there!!!! Ever!!!!!!
Rating: -/10
Natasha - New Zealand
10th March 2010
Waingaro Hot Springs needs to be bulldozed. The place is a disgrace and is damaging to the quality perception of the New Zealand Hospitality Industry.
Rating: 1/10
David - Hamilton
25th February 2010
We stayed here for one night. It was HIDEOUS. The highlight was leaving the vile place. They charged for a 1 year old baby - no equiptment provided for the baby i.e portocot/high chair. The cabin was hot with poor ventilation - opening the rear window resulted in the stench from the fetid duckpond wafting through the cabin. There was one hot shower for female campers that dribbled rather than sprayed. There were cold water showers with no doors in the public area. We had a large family gathering - we had to pay to use the bbq then were subjected to a headcount in the middle of it. We were not told that the cabins and flat were across the road from each other and they would not let us have cabins next to each other even though one was vacant. We are considering making a complaint about the false advertising on their website. I only hope that anyone considering staying there is fortunate enough to find this website- we didn't and if we had read the reviews already posted, would not have gone. When I complained to the owners, she complained to our relatives about us! It is an ugly, overpriced, smelly, poorly run, hovel.
Rating: 1/10
Jonelle - Auckland
01th February 2010
We stayed 12/1/2010. First hol in ages and it was awful! The room was right on a corner of a main road opposite the pub. The room was dated but relatively cleanish. We had to cross the main road on the sharp corner, no foot path! to get to the pools. The pool table and air hockey table had bird crap all over them. The kids took great delight in telling us of the various plasters they found in the pools. eg batman and sesame st plasters. Yuk! The slide was good apart from all of us getting fibreglass splinters in our butts. The view from the room while I was having a cuppa was of two young men having a wee around the side of the pub across the road. This happened twice. The takeaways from the pub were disgusting. The chips were barely defrosted and we were over charged. The pub goers parked outside our room so when they left later that night they were swearing and yelling at one another. I could go on but one positive thing was my daughter bought a pet frog that a young girl had fished out of the bumper boat pool. It was one of many frogs that were residing in the bumper boat pool. Instead of returning the next day as planned we checked out and went to water world in hamilton which was much better! We recommend water world instead.
Rating: 1/10
E.Thatcher - nz
25th January 2010
Waingaro hot pools. Who has been there and what do you think of the place? I went there on Friday 22-1-10, the place is ran down and the water looked dirty but that could have been sun block. (yea right) Their prices have gone up again $10 for adult and $5 for children, but there idea of a child is under the age of 13 years. So my 13 year old is now an adult (hmmm the age at other places is 16) is there legislation that says what the age on a child should be in NZ I thought that seen the price had gone up that they had made some improvements to the place. But nothing has been done to the place for years. They can’t even offer hot showers in the changing rooms; witch is not much to ask for since that water they expect people to swim in feels dirty. They are running an advertisement on TV that was made in the 1980s showing a flash well-maintained place with bumper boats for hire, well the bumper boats have not been going for years. When I tried to bring these points up with them and asked for a refund I was told, “we don’t have to give you a refund as you have had a swim” I for one will not be going back until I know that the place has had a change of owners I would love to here your thoughts about the place if you have been there. Ps Hamilton need a spa service for people that need it for heath complaints like chronic pain. So we don’t have to travel that far.
Rating: -/10
Bigmac -
23th January 2010
DON'T GO THERE! I have travelled extensively and stayed at many venues but Waingaro Hot Springs get's the award for giving me the most hideous and bizarre experience I have ever had. The level of hygiene and cleanliness was very poor, the place is shabby. I noticed that someone had left a wrapped sanitary pad near the handbasin in the women's washroom as there was no rubbish receptacle, it remained there the entire 4 days that I was there, it was not removed. Management are rude and appalling. They illegally debited my credit card without my knowledge and then made me pay cash when I checked out. So I paid them TWICE AND THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO GIVE ME A REFUND. The matter is still under investigation. The managers are corrupt and mad. I would never recommend my family or friends to stay there. What a horrible experience I had, and an awful start to the beginning of 2010. Why are they allowed to continue ruining NZ's tourism reputation.
Rating: 1/10
pauline mackenzie - Australia
15th January 2010
**WARNING** WATCH OUT GUYS I went all the way from Auckland to enjoy what was given in the website but when we got there We were surprised to see our car is in the drive way and we had to pay first to get in the carpark. when we paid got inside we came to know that non of the slides were working and there was no sign of any bumper boats I don't know why they are mentioning the facilities what they don't have? And the standard wise it was crap water wasn't clean and is was way too small. So we didn't enter in the water and came back straight way. I will be rating this place below 1 out of 10.
Rating: 1/10
Harpreet Singh - NZ
02th January 2010
Wanted to go for a relaxing evening soaking in the pools - but the smell of chlorine whafting over the premises put me off and the big television thats mounted over the pool shouted "go, harvey norman, Go" , giving the impression that its not a hot spring but some kind of noisy sports bar. Not for me, really -
Rating: -/10
Tina - Huntly
20th November 2009
Hosts - Friendly, Humble, lovely people, hard case too. Motel Room - Clean, tidy comfortable, peaceful and private. Awesome if you are wanting a lovely relaxing weekend/holiday for a family or couple. Pools - Perfect. A definite location to remember and recommend to all.
Rating: 9/10
Felicia Ewe-Presland - Manukau, New Zealand
18th October 2009
Don't know what all you haters are on about, funny most negativity comes from Tamaki Makaurau, stay home if you want 5star. Stay at the Waiwera Motel Rooms, they are grotty, old and smell like mould, they're worth moaning about. Waingaro staff, you guys do a great job, don't let no haters get you's down, they obviously don't appreciate the tranquility of the place, the wairua that flows through, awesome for a relaxing holiday. And of course there's gonna be gunk in the pool, its a public pool, thats why you shower afterwards. Waingaro, you keep it real and we will definitely be back with family and friends. Highly recommend. Didn't want to leave.
Rating: 9/10
Ross - Manukau, Aotearoa
18th October 2009
we stayed for the weekend 19-09-09 found the staff and facilities in motel very good,meal at the pub was fantastic,Dont understand the neg comments,snobby maybe,private spas excellent
Rating: 10/10
ralph jameson - auckland
05th October 2009
It is awesome
Rating: 10/10
Ben -
29th September 2009
I recently took my 12yo twins with another dozen friends for a birthday outing, as well as adult friends, we all had a blast, the staff were very friendly the pools and facilities were very clean and we will certainly be going back soon, the kids loved the slides. The moral is you should not be put off trying something just because of some negative comments, sure it is an older venue, but is clean, tidy and lots of fun, try it.
Rating: 9/10
Roslyn Brown - Pukekohe
22th September 2009
We had a great afternoon session here after driving down from Auckland. We were a bit worried after hearing the negative comments about it but that was all put to rest as we found the premises clean and tidy. The place has a retro feel to it, but the paint work and condition of the pools was probably on a par with Waiwera. Not too bad at all, but much more relaxing than Waiwera. Definitely coming again.
Rating: 9/10
Balmoral - Auckland
30th July 2009
regarding comment left by GTNZ - Auckland Rating: 1/10 11th June 2009 you forgot to say that when you left your accomoditaion you had left the motel door open and that you had left a bag in the motel when you left, this was also a busy weekend and were lots of people around, when the staff arrived at the motel to clean it that morning ( Around 2 hours after you left) the bag was found and taken to the office where we then tried to find some contact details, When you told us that things were missing we asked the staff concerning... Its alway best to keep valubles locked up or kept in a safe place not left for the dishonest ones
Rating: -/10
The Hot Spring's Staff -
27th July 2009
we took our family here which involved 2 adults and 4 children it was massive and relaxing all our kids enjoyed themselves which was the whole purpose of going the hosts were very lovely and inviting would definitely go back, highly recomend to others of all ages would definitely go back thankyou very much.
Rating: 10/10
maurice/koria - Tauranga
10th July 2009
I was there 10 years ago but had the best evening ever, so much so i let everyone i know who is traveling that way to visit, they have only ever had a great time, always be smart and watch your stuff it can go missing in any hotel in any country i would go back in a heart beat.
Rating: 7/10
Helen - UK
24th June 2009
really fun,relaxing
Rating: 8/10
James Quincey -
15th June 2009
Recently I stayed in their motels & I had over $1000 worth of iPod, cameras, etc removed from my bag in my room. There was no attempt to resolve the situation in any fashion & I would urge you to stay elsewhere.
Rating: 1/10
GTNZ - Auckland
11th June 2009
Though the facilities are a bit dated, you can have a fantastic time and stay at this place. We booked a 1 brm motel unit for 1 night which is newly refurbished and was very clean and warm and comfortable. Everything we needed was there and it was at a great price compared to some of the s==t that I've stayed in in central Auckland etc. We arrived after dark and late as usual but we were greeted with the utmost courtesy and prompt friendly service. We had a great one night and one morning here and the pools were clean. Thankyou very much for a wonderful relaxing stay, we will be back and will recommend to others.
Rating: 9/10
Terry & Bev - Whangarei NZ
26th May 2009
I would be lying if we had anything positive to say about this place.My advice is dont bother!
Rating: -/10
reiko and richard - nsw australia
25th May 2009
Was well maintained and quite clean when we went (May 09). Kids had a ball on the slides (extra $6).
Rating: 8/10
Barry - Auckland
09th May 2009
Still a great place to go, and the cleaness is getting better and better but we dont go there to look for problems..we go to enjoy ourselfs and we do, Sure the place is a bit grubby but its clean and tidy and the pricing is good, Make a nice cheap hoilday we you stay there. Outstanding place for the price as always. BUT.. you want a better place then you pay the price We'll be back soon
Rating: 8/10
Pete & Debbie - Hamilton
26th April 2009
wat ever is in your web doesnt match with the actual place.i have been there an very disappointed with it..not a good service staff doesnt know how to talk to customers. i would not suggest any of my friends or family to come over to hot pools
Rating: -/10
shal - auckland
25th April 2009
the add on the tellie is of the pools years ago. they used to be like that waaaayyyyy back in the day but now theyre way overpriced and groody
Rating: 1/10
kate - hamilton
20th April 2009
We felt a bit ripped off, its expensive even to enter the premises as a observer. Kids had a reasonable time but we probably wont visit again.
Rating: 4/10
Scott the Kiwi - Auckland
20th April 2009
Took my son there for his birthday last year and it doesn't look anything like the ad on tv, the place was a dump we wern't allowed on the slides until they had enough people yet that was the only reason why we went. The pools had a murky look to the water and we all ended up with ear infections, the bbq's were a rip off to hire and the bumper boats were all out of action overgrown and the pool was a green sludgy colour. I will never waste my time returning to this place again.
Rating: -/10
fran - Whakatane
06th April 2009
have been going to the springs since 1973, still remember when the pole was across the large pool, fun times they were. decided we needed a break so took the family on our first camping trip ever and found everything was great. Pools were clean, staff friendly and helpful, facilities clean and well kept. we look forward to our next trip back to this campground
Rating: 10/10
Clive & Kyra - Tauranga
31th March 2009
I am very glad I read this about the pools as we were planning togo down Sat 21st March - and after speaking to someone down there, they advised it is not what it used to be, so thank you for saving my friends and I time, money and going into the pools, one bad review I read is bad enough, but the amount of bad reviews I read is all the proof I needed.
Rating: -/10
JR - New Zealand
17th March 2009
Had an awesome time considering it was a last minute decision for the long weekend.. Felt like i was a little kid out on a camping trip..lol My family enjoyed the pools the slides was awesome.. The staff were also friendly and helpful.. Nothing wrong with the cabin we stayed in everything was clean. Thanks again Amro.. Will visit again...
Rating: 9/10
Matilda - Auckland
10th February 2009
not very friendly,cleanliness just GROSS.your bad waingaro pools.use to go there all da time as a ittle girl not again..
Rating: 3/10
jennifer griffiths - ngaruawahia
08th February 2009
My son choose to go there for his 9th birthday, and camped for 6 nights. We found the owners and the employees of the place more than helpful and friendly, couldn't do enough for us, we had a great time and look forward to retunring.
Rating: 9/10
Sheryl Robinson - New Zealand
16th January 2009
We stayed at Waingaro for 3 nights over New Year... We were looking forward to having a nice break and relaxing by the pool... we ended up playing cards for 3 days as 2 of the 4 of us had the squirts... not surprising when you read the reviews about the water quality...!!! My partner was wearing black boardies and when he was sitting in the hot soak pool, you could see the white floaty scum drifting past... enough to make the stomach churn really. We had barely been there 4 an hour before the camp manager was squawking at us... im used to camping / tramping and roughing it, but when you end up paying $80 for a cabin, you do expect a nice clean place to stay... even if it is not the flashest... we spent all night listening to something scampering through our ceiling... Raj the lifeguard rocks though
Rating: 3/10
N & A -
06th January 2009
Apart from the high entry fee this facility is among the high rated must visit family venues on offer in the waikato,my family and i visit at least every 2 to 3 months and always enjoy the freindly nature of the prprietors.
Rating: 8/10
Apanui - Ngaruawahia
05th January 2009
As the pervious comment as mentioned ...we all have different thoughts, expectations, likings, needs, opinions etc.. And ... My husband and I are very particular with hygiene and cleanliness. We have just came back some Waingaro, stayed there on the 31st and wanted to leave the next morning, however we stayed till the 3rd and what we saw was yuck! The lack of cleaning in the cabins was horrible, you say you’re very particular on hygiene but if you saw the amount of effort and time was out into cleaning you would be amazed. We were outside our cabin, waiting for the next door cabin to be cleaned ready for us, we watched the workers clean, took 10 MAX to clean the room. A bit of spray on the tables, no bucket and mop, just a bit of dish washing liquid on the mop to clean the floor, no change of sheets, (yes we did bring our own linen), but when you find white marks all over the bedding that’s distrusting and when you still see food and beer stains on the table, if makes you wonder what s in the spray. Could have gone to Hamilton and paid $80 for a better room there The Sunday News wrote about Waingaro and I was astonished when I read that they tested the drinking water to find the resort has six times the normal level of E.coli, this explains why my partner and brother in law felt ill, had sore stomachs and bowl motions, the whole time, they didn’t want to use the pools because they had to keep running to the toilet. Long story short, not for us, not tidy, no big screen playing, not paying 6 bucks for 10 minutes to use bumper boats and that’s only goes if you have four people.
Rating: 2/10
never again - waikato
04th January 2009
I think it is so family orientated and beautifully maintained, nice and clean and the scenary is beautiful, its just a beautiful place to camp or just visit and enjoy that your children are not exposed to these posers that just go to pool sides to expose or ust pose their body...we go to pools to have fun not show off..
Rating: 9/10
tina - nz
03th January 2009
Visited Waingaro for the first time 1/1/09 may need a littile touch up but however we had a ball, the children loved it the hydroslide absolutely fabulous but i think the price should include the slide, it was a bit too steep BUT it was not so bad..I know if i have read the comments in this site I know I probably would not have taken my family there..but I'm glad I didn't because it just shows not to judge anything by just reading it but actually be there and see it yourself before u can make a comment...we all have different thoughts, expectations, likings, needs, opinions etc...if you are into the ritzy snobby ways then I suggest you stay away..but if you are in for a mere cheap, fun, family orientated places with reasonable facilities to accommodate your needs and just have a nice relaxing time out then this is the place...I could not see any evidence of rubbish, grubby dirty facilities and unattended pools (life guards) as a matter of fact the guards were always on the alert and movng around the pools all the time..even my husband and I were having a little laugh at the fitness and age of the life guards..some of them were grandmas..lol..but they were on the roll..we cannot fault them on that..the owners are pleasant enough..sometimes people! ..for goodness sake..look outside the square..Amros is who she is..loud etc..and that just her tone of voice but really how she talk is not intended to be rude..I first thought of that I was ready to pounce back at her..but I stood back and studdy the women..she is not everyone perceive her to be..live a little people and stop picking on little things that aint important..life is too precious to spent all your ernergy on finding faults rather than finding happiness in the littlest things that you can find and you will see that life is not so bad after all...live to the fullest and enjoy..WAINGARO SPRING..WE WILL BE BACK
Rating: 6/10
T & W - Auckland
03th January 2009
an addition to my previous comment I just want to say that as we all know that many reporters like to pick on things that are so small and build a mountain out of it..what about the 90% goodness..NO THAT DOES NOT MAKE A STORY HIT FRONT PAGE NO! NO! NO!..its all about popularity and money..I also notice a few comments made by people that has actually never been to the place..but their comments is so intense that you really think that they have actually been there..however they were only based on what they read in this review..that is what so wrong with society today..instead of FACTUAL AND ACTUAL..we tend to condem something or someone by what we read and heard but not actually what we see and felt...we believe to what other people wrote and we specifically go out and spend our precious time looking for these faults and we get so blinded in seing the good side of things..LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST PEOPLE PUT MORE POSITIVE THOUGHT IN YOUR LIFE AND OVER WEIGH THE BAD!!!Life is what you make of..if you want to be picky picky..then I feel sorry for u..you live a shadow life..I may admitt the place need a few touch up and modenise it a bit, but thats all whats wrong with the place..disgusting, dirty rude etc is a bit exaggerated..My husband and I are very particular with hygiene and cleanliness..I tell you one thing, the place is not the Ritz but it was clean and efficient enough for us to take our children and have an AWSOME TIME and we will make it a regular place to visit
Rating: -/10
W & T - Auckland
03th January 2009
My husband & children went to visit the pools this weekend. We found the facilities extremely clean & tidy. Slides were operating and the kids had a ball. We laxed out in the lovely big hot pool. Staff were friendly & helpful, there was plenty to do. Both my boys loved it and want to go back for their birthdays. We checked out the cabins from the car and they looked modern and clean & tidy. We had an awesome family day there and I would highly recommend it.
Rating: 8/10
Michelle Koefoed - Auckland, New Zealand
04th November 2008
It should be very clear that the Hotel next door run by Lloyd and Mary DOES provide meals, takeaways, and beer, which has recently been denied to patrons at the pool when asking the pool operators. They also have comfortable accommodation as well, so please do not be put off by the operators at the pool as they are happy to take the hotel lease money but don't seem prepared to offer the pub operators the benefit of hosting visitors to the pool. I give them NIL out of ten.
Rating: -/10
Bob - NZ
01th November 2008
We saw the ads on TV - looked nice - lots of people told us it was run down and gone to the dogs, but we didn't think it could be THAT bad. It was ! They had no record of our booking or deposit, the owner didn't get off the phone to some mate or relative the whole time I was checking in, we wanted to buy milk at the reception and all the milk in the fridge was 3-5 days past the useby date. The owner got some from out the back, but then when I gave him a $5, he said they don't accept cash, only eftpos. The whole place was depressing and I woke up in the morning and said to my husband, "can we go now ?" As for the pools - they all ended up being emptied out due to mud having got in them. The bumper boats and waterslide weren't operating either. So the only time we got wet was in the shower. On the plus side, we checked out 2 days early and they gave us a full refund due to the problems with the pools.
Rating: 1/10
Ingrid - Rotorua
29th October 2008
Further to my comments earlier, there are some positives (not all bad). The cabin I stayed in was clean and modern. The lady there was extremely friendly, as were the publicans next door. ( : I can't comment on the pools as they were closed. But I would not visit again (unless there was new management and/or an injection of funds to do it up).
Rating: -/10
Ingrid - Rotorua
29th October 2008
I think the place is appalling
Rating: 1/10
Maya Uerata - Pukemiro
20th October 2008
It's been about 20yrs since I was last at Waingaro. Sadly - nothing seems to have changed. I guess I'm just spoiled, working for a Council run aquatic centre. But, for me, it certainly raised plenty of questions about health & hygiene. Particularly after 75% of our party fell ill after a day of being there. I appreciate that running & maintenance costs are probably a lot higher than they used to be... but what is the cost of lost business?
Rating: 2/10
Hinemoa - Auckland
15th October 2008
HI there I made my first visit to Waingaro Hot Springs today. It was just so beautiful and a great drive. I am at a loss as to why there was such bad publicity in the newspaper. I found no evidence of this, the pools were clean, the toilet block and the changing room was spotless. The staff were so friendly and were proud of their great asset. I luved it there and I will be back for a good relax in the sun with some great people. Cheers
Rating: 10/10
Gail Neilson - Ngarauwahia
11th October 2008
I had seen on internet in aussie this wonderful place and went along way to go when I finally got there the slides were out of action the kiddies pool was closed and bumper boats werent working. The main pool was half full and I still had to pay alot to get in without been told half was not operating discusted like the other comment I to will not be back. Clean ya acts up, there are way better pools out there for closer and cheaper with better pools to swim in.
Rating: 1/10
natasha - australia
02th October 2008
My family and I went to visit this horrible place a few years ago and it sounds like nothing has changed! The whole place was disgusting and dirty. We stayed in the accomadation and thank god we had a can of fly spray! The worst part of the whole thing was the pool had thousands of white insect eggs floating on top of the surface of the water. The "farm animals" where a joke , no bumper boats just an over growen swamp where they should have been and the slide was out of action for "repairs"! The advertisment on telly is false advertising it may have looked like that 20 years ago but it doesnt look anything like that now! We will never go back.
Rating: -/10
l. price - nz
17th September 2008
We have been to Waingaro at least once a year for a number of years now. We ahve found the staff friendly and the pools and accomodation good. When we ask the kids where shall we go it is always Waingaro. Safe swimming for the kids and they just love the slides. We will be back.
Rating: 8/10
Steve Smith - New Plymouth
16th September 2008
me and my boyfriend wanted a night of relaxation and we got it we had a great time just the two of us.The pools were clean and refreashing as even the changing rooms were nice and clean.Me and my bf will definately be going back but tnext time will stay for longer as we go a romantic soothing night out under the stars...
Rating: 9/10
Monique Satele - Kaitaia
22th August 2008
We drove from Auckland as we are a large family and waiwera's to expensive, so more less you get what you pay for nothing great but the pools were warm the children had a great time and we enjoy the facilities the best we could the drive was long and windy but on the way home we found a shorter route which wasnt windy and much faster. Overall we had an awsome day the lifeguards were Onto it as we had a few little ones it was hard for them to stay away from the slide that goes in to the pool the undercover with the tables were average but recommed to take a cloth or table cloth we forgot ours. but yeah 7 outa 10 for me..
Rating: 7/10
Kimberlee - Auckland
18th August 2008
Yuck, this place is gross. I don't know how it got a clean bill of health recently by inspectors. The owners must have had warning beforehand of the inspection. We went to Waingaro about a year ago. I thought it was quite run down and grotty then and following that visit I came down with a horrendous ear infection. So bad that had to have very strong antibiotics and tramadol for the pain. Gave the place the benefit of the doubt and when my kids and family wanted to go about 6 months later decided to try it again. This time the white resin tables by the big pool were covered in splattered blood, someone had shat in the hottest pool and the lifeguard was texting and not even in the remotest bit interested in what was going on in the pool. What a disgusting place, I suggest that it is sold or leased to people who will keep it clean and healthy. I'd pay a few dollars more for a spotless experience.
Rating: 2/10
Rachel - Hamilton
28th July 2008
Checkt out th ad on tv and thought sweet,loaded up th family and drove all th way down. What a discusting hole and an absolute rip off,stayed for 10 minuates then left after a real major getting our money back.Honestly the place is a joke. we drove 2 a clean motel in Hamilton with sky tv,spa,heated pool and had a ball.it was cheaper than the waingaro hole. still laugh about the whole gross experience.
Rating: 1/10
shane - auckland nz
01th July 2008
Waingaro Hot Springs WOW!!! What a place, since we found this place we have been going back year after year. Why? You ask Well im gona tell you, we have become good friend with the staff there now and they are always happy with a smile on there face. The Hot Springs themselves are all round awesome the pools are clean looking they have 3 pools there’s a hot pool for just soaking in, a cooler pool for swimming and a kiddies pool with life Guards walking around just in case we get into trouble, and I have seen a few get into trouble and those life guards were quick to act, the big slide is awesome, even better when they sell you an all day pass at such a cheep price, haven’t tried the bumper boats or the spas yet but have been told by other campers there awesome The grounds are always nice and clean always a good thing at camp sites and we go to a lot of camp sites around the country and feel that these one are among the cleanest, even the covered BBQ area was clean and tidy The Cabins Another great addition to the Springs, These were added a couple of years ago and we started to stay in them and found them very clean and user friendly with everything we needed to cook Breakfast, lunch or dinner we couldn’t ask for more, even if there was a pot or pan that we wanted to cook with they were there to find us the right one. To Sum it up ….Waingaro Hot Springs seem to be a very popular place as it’s always got lots of people there, they always smiling….All I got to say now is …. If you want a good relaxing holiday or just a nice day out with the family this is the place to go Friendly clean and the staff are outstanding and very helpful we even had a bonus last weekend when we stayed there 28/06/08 they had the A1 Karaoke man at the hotel and as far as I could see the campers and locals were having a good time, Yes folks the hotel meals are great if you don’t want to cook Thanks everyone I will be bringing my family back year after year….( Not sure what that reporter from the Sunday News was on but im sure he must have gone to the river bank not the hot pools or was desperate for a story).
Rating: 9/10
Peter Shorten - Hamilton
29th June 2008
Stayed there 14th June. Good old Kiwi weekend fun with the children. Could do with a lick of paint here and there, but so what? My 3 kids had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Watched the first half of the rugby in the pub next door and the second half on the outdoor screen from the lovely hot pool. Waterslide is warm water and fantastic. Not the Sheraton or Hilton but don't want it to be. I will come again and have recommended to others also.
Rating: 8/10
Philip Holdway-Davis - Auckland
22th June 2008
OMG! When we read the article a few weeks ago, me and my family could not believe it. Everything we read was on the mark. It is a disgusting place. Our family spent easter weekend down there in 2006 and were so shocked with what we recieved it, we were shocked. Our Jug that was in our cabin did not work and when replaced with another one, it had really bad stains and looked unfit to boil water in it. We ended up not using the jug at all, since we did not want to ask for a third jug. We have small children and when we were at our cabin, extra safety measures had to be taken, as Mrs Singhs son would be in his car speeding around the site. He saw our children but did not make the attempt to slow down. We were going to complain about him to Mrs Singh, but later discovered it was actually her son. We just did not let our kids out of our site after that. We did see pubic hairs and plasters in the pool and were disgusted. It could be a beautiful place, but over the years they have let it go. At one point, me and my mother noticed a time where there was no life guard at all, we made sure our kids were fully supervised and were concerned with the lack of supervision. To top it off you could hear Amro Singh's voice from one end of the complex to the other, she was shouting all the time, to staff, to swimmers, still to this day, our family are disgusted and can still hear her voice, im glad that we can laugh about it now! Would not go back, anytime soon.
Rating: -/10
Shanz -
15th June 2008
1000 apologies for coming to your ponds....you had no restaurant open=very hungry customer!!!your water was very nice and warm...maybe clean pubic hairs and plasters next time....i liked look of the slide....maybe fix or pull down
Rating: -/10
ranjeet singh - hamilton
08th June 2008
Have been using these pools off and on for the last 12 years.Yes they look a bit old but we have aways had a great time with the family there.If you want flash and ritzy go somewhere else,that simple.looking forward to our next trip,a good wholesome feeling place,great for families.
Rating: 6/10
Tania Hooper - NZ
07th June 2008
Have been using these pools off and on for the last 12 years.Yes they look a bit old but we have aways had a great time with the family there.If you want flash and ritzy go somewhere else,that simple.looking forward to our next trip,a good wholesome place,great for families.
Rating: 6/10
Tania Hooper - NZ
07th June 2008
We bring 100's of kids here from our camp. The comments in this site are intersting to say the least. We have been coming to these pools for at least the past 15 years. We love coming here and find it hard to understand the negative feedback. I have always found the management very polite and a pleasure to deal with. The Singns are lovely people and are comiited to meeting your needs and the needs of our children. We have had no issues with the hygene at the pools. I bring approx 800 peolpe here each year. We will be back!
Rating: 8/10
Mike Buckley - Auckland NZ
06th June 2008
Greetings to all you hot poolers out there. Sure we need to moniter the cleanliness of our public hot pools, we need to ensure our childrens health is not at risk should they put their heads under the water or accidently swallow some water. I have been swimming at these hot pools for 45 years and was horrified to find out that a sneaky Sunday newspaper journalist had used the hot pools complex as an opportunity to meet a deadline to submit a story knowing that bins would be full (good for them) and there may be signs that humans just may have recently occupied the kitchen and abolution block that day, (wow it must be safer not to let anyone through the gates). I will continue to go to Waingaro Hot Pools and use the complex as I have done in the past without fear of health problems and enjoy the lovely place. My concerns lie with the sneaky journalists who have set about to defame the owners, `did they own up to what he and his camera man got up to in the motel unit?) should we investigate? A Local
Rating: 10/10
Katherine Savage - Ngaruawahia
31th May 2008
I thought I had left the sound of my mum screeching at us as kids behind 25 odd years ago, But low and behold this lady has kept the feeling alive and well, Had our more than competent at swimming kids yelled at because they were in the deep end of the pool, Cmon lady at least we were there supervising them at poolside which is more than I can say for the the non existent lifeguards on saturday night during the super 14 final,Id like to find a kinder way of saying "Rude , Dirty , In need of a lot of TLC " , I think this place needs new management to survive as the current ones are a waste of time!!
Rating: -/10
Greg Eden - Pukekohe
27th May 2008
Took my boyfriend to waingaro for a relaxing spa and was suprised to see how run down the place was. The pool attedant was drinking a jug of beer while watching swimmers and when the sun set the owners turned the lights off while kids swam in the deep end of the pool... no pool assistant anywhere to be seen. It was a safety hazzard. just a matter of time before a child was to drown. To top it off the owner seemed shocked at the bad press it had recieved! Hello! The owners need to take note of the comments and make some changes! Very very disapointed!
Rating: -/10
Nesca - New zealand
26th May 2008
We found the Motel Accomodation and Pools very good. As far as we were concerned everything was just as we would like it. One problem. After the swim I was going to have a cold shower ( NO HOT WATER ) but I slipped on the smooth shiny plastic shower base as I stepped in. Fell backwards on to the concrete floor. There were no handles to grab and at first I thought I had broken my elbow and cracked my skull. I lay there for a couple of minutes before I could move.I reported it to the manageress and she said she would see me later. We left the next morning and none of the management were around. Ray
Rating: 8/10
Ray Mckenzie - Auckland
24th May 2008
We live locally and would often travel to Waingaro Hot Springs for birthdays, family outings, BBQs when our boys were younger. We took our granddaughter for her first visit to the pools Easter Sunday and was shocked to see out much the complex had deteriorated in 20+ years. Entry Fee expensive. Bring back this Waikato icon to its former glory. Something we can boast about.
Rating: -/10
Sally - New Zealand
19th May 2008
I have read, both Susan's and Leon's comments and have to agree. Neither my family or the group of friends that were their in April 08, found anything wrong. It is easy for someone to find bad in anything. This the press person Sunday News, really think that the pools are not regularly checked, this is a commercial complex. When I saw the pictures and have to search my brain, I can't remember seeing rubbish, Susan must be right in her location of where the rubbish is, where would the reporter like to stick it ... must have been a 'hat trick, a toenail, a bed stain, and a plastic bag in a sink, 'boy if this is the only reason to condem a place, those who are suffering in China would gladly take up residencey. A bit picky I think. As for E Coli, when is the second test being run, this time please confirm if a scientist is actually doing the collection of the samples. 100% agree with Susan, Leon, and other positive responses on this web site. I believe Waignaro pays to belong to this site, so they are expecting comments good and bad, so if you are going to say this place is dirty, where, is their rubbish everywhere, can't have scum on the pools water, as it is continuly being filled, back up what you write with constructive facts.... how can things you percieve to be wrong be changed, the Singhs are not responsible for the age of the pools, Waikato District Council are happy, (could you image the cost to bulldoze and start again), I see the Singhs challenge anyone to check them out ... come on, old is not dirty, our friends and my family will still use this place, ... come along and judge for yourselves.... if you don't like old, don't come .... make you own minds up.
Rating: 8/10
Corinne -
18th May 2008
Just a small comment above in the Facilities listed the 'bumper boats are not listed, although they are made available, as they are not listed, here on this site, I would assume, if some one is going to the pools specifically to use the 'bumper boats' a quick phone call could save a wasted trip. Over Christmas they were running if this helps anyone. I would not put anyone off coming and enjoying an outing in the country, and soaking in the nice hot pools.
Rating: 8/10
Corinne -
18th May 2008
great value for money, clean campsite, well maintained - few issues ie: waterpressure. My wife, and children drank the water for four days and did not get sick. Have been to Waingaro twice now and will continue to do so. Amro is a friendly lady who makes you feel right at home, and my children were upset to read all the negative comments. as said before, very affordable and if you want to spend twice as much, go to other facilities!
Rating: 8/10
Clive Ferguson and Family - Auckland
18th May 2008
Stop the press !!! read the following facts ... 1. NZ Laborities in Hamilton conduct monthly water checks - all report Negative for E.Coli - Q - Sunday News says SGS contracted to conduct the analysis, but who did the collection of water - possible contamination at time of collection is a possiblilty if it was not collected by a Scientist. 2. These Pools are ACC Poolsafe Accredited - Certificate in Shop/Office - expiry - Feb 2009 3. MANZ - have visited - has the reporter contacted them for their response. We had a group function of 60 stay in all the accomodation in November - not one single complaint, about cleanliness of rooms, or linen, or service. We then stayed in Motel 2, on another occasion, after this, (the same room referred to in the article). By chance a huhu bug flew in the door to our bedroom, it landed on the sheets that I had folded back, and disappeared under the sheets, I pulled back the covers, to retreved the bug, I stripped it enough for hubby and I to remake the bed, first hand I know the sheets, and the electric blanket had no stains on them. The photo showing stains on the electric blanket just happens to be of the same bed - funny this. We have now moved a 25 foot caravan that sits above the complex, with a wide view. I have just finished a 9 day stay in the caravan. All I saw was a couple who, worked damn hard, from 6 in the morning till they returned home, at 11 at night. The pools are open from 9am - 9.30pm 7 days. Mr Chood Singh, dosed pools, emptied bins, helped with hanging out washing - Sheets and towels, worked in the shop/office area, Mrs Amros Singh, is the pulse of the place, her team, always on the go, doing lawns, weedeating, gardening, sweeping up leaves, painting timber railings, the complex is old, she does her best to have it looking it's best, with what she has to work with. As people book out from accomodation, the cleaning staff, go in and wip the sheets from the beds, replacing with clean, sheets, washed/vacum cleaned floors - I watched this happen. Inside the swimming pool complex the undercovered eating area, the lidded green wheelie bins are emptied, they are relined with plastic liners. The area is hosed out, the toodlers pool emptied, the changing rooms, washed clean and hosed out, as they work around the complex to the spa pool areas the same sort of routine, removing rubbish from bins, cleaning, mops and buckets in hand, Amros is there cleaning and supervising her team. Now to the photo's in the Sunday Times: 1. The photo of the blue rubbish bins. Every commercial site needs to have a place to store rubbish - this storage area is no where near the swimming complex, it sits beside the complex's workshop area, a flat area required for access for the rubbish removal truck. (look at the photo rubbish is in tied up bags) - and is on a platform above the ground. 2. Photo of child slide, with rubbish in the background, if you didn't know differently, you would think that this is the childrens play area, it is not. The childrens play area is very well kept and secure, with swings and slides, with bark on the ground for safety. 3. The photo of the water - if I saw swimming water like this I would run a mile - this is where the bumper boats are, but don't panic - obviously, they are not operating, and have not been for a while - when we booked our function, we requested the bumper boats be operating, (at the time of booking our function - this water was like this) at the time of our function it was perfectly fine, no one had any problems splashig each other. I have been to Rainbow's End and found the bumper boats operating - I suggest if bumper boats are what you are going to Waingaro for go over Christmas or School holidays. 4. The toenail - no one likes to come accross toenails - yuk - however in this case, only finding one, not the other nine would indicate to me, that the person cutting them, thought all had been collected, or this one has managed, some how to find its way to where the Reporter/Photographer found it. Some people cut their nails in the privacy of a bathroom, others outside, did the Reporter/Photographer bring it back inside with them maybe on their shoes, just maybe, it was one of their carried all the way from their homes to motel 2, attached to their clothing. 5. The stain on the electric blanket, I covered this above, yes their is a stain, when it got their, or how, this is on a double bed, it looks like urine to me, a stain of this size, for all those mothers out their that has had a child wet the bed, you don't just make a bed, this electric blanket would be binned, in fear of an electrical short. My question to the reporter, why did you not bring this to the attention of the owners, when you were their on the 28th April, why only show a photo on the 11th May. I have seen the miles of sheets on the lines, and the accomodation cleaned, I doubt that pubic hair was found. 6. The photo of the sink. Take a good look at the cloth, now an indication of cleanliness is the cloth, this is a chucks cloth, one would expect a gubby cloth, to be sitting their, since the article is about hygiene and cleaning standards. A few things to note when, apart from the clean cloth, is the depth of the water, obviously, as this is a communical kitchen the last person, didn't have many dishes, as their is not enough water in the sink, to do a load of dishes, and they were not very dirty, their is no bits in the water. Clearly a small amount of water is in the sink and a plastic bag, the person who last used this area, had rinsed out the chunks cloth, and wiped down the sink surrounds. This could have happened at any time of the day - this room is cleaned daily, and on a needs be during the day. A lot of people have written that this complex needs to be bulldozed - I would love to see nothing more, but lets get real, Mr and Mrs Singh are least holders, does anyone out their think that the Waikato Council are going to pull it down and rebuild it. I bring to the attention of the visitors to the complex - the water is tested regualarly, any upgrades that have been done by the Singhs are their to see. New Canopy at the entrance, New Cabins, new wheelie green lidded bins, - soap dispensers in the toilets, with hand dry blowers, large TV screen to watch your sports from the pool. Old is not necessarily dirty, I have not read one article that says, their was rotting smelling rubbish, or saying that around the pools is green slime, or the water smells of an odor, indicating old water, or cockrochers. Some have written in this feed back on this web site that have not visited in years, some not even in this country, reading only what was written in the Sunday News. Their are 'Guest Groans' written in the Sunday News, second one - Van Lit - Taupo, This person stayed on the 28th April, in what is refered to as the 'Flat' - I have read, the reason why this customer has written such scathing information. The writer expected 5 people (3 Adults 2 children) is stay in fully functional accomodation for $42.00 (including entry to the pool). Copies of their emails confirming this have been forwarded to the Sunday News Reporter. The 'Flat' sleeps up to 10, it has a dining suite, full stove, full size fridge, near new microwave, beds are all made with fresh linen, clean and tidy. This writer, read what is written, then ask yourselves would you have stayed the night. Now those of us who have meet the Singhs, Mr Singh is a quite gentlmen, Amros on the other hand, is full of life, loud and has a manner that could be taken as rudeness, she is very no nosense lady, she calls things as she see it, speaks her mind, 'matron like' - she and her husband are in a no nosense business, if she sees something happening, children jumping into the pool for example, do people expect her to stand their, whilst these children are focus on one thing, and may hurt themselves or someone else, to politely try and get their attention, or give them a blast on that loud speaker, which I have seen has immediate affect. She is loud, a soft spoken person, with not authority in their voice, how many children would listen, how long would someone like that last running a complex like this. Finally am I a friend of the Singhs no I am a client who read an article, which set alarm bells ringing, myself and grandchildren use the pools, and toilets, I went directly to the Singhs who provided me with confirmation their water is E Coli free, according to NZ Lab, and have given me a copy of the ACC PoolSafe certificate - The Waikato Times has written a response to the Sunday News article, down load it and read it. A lot of business have signs that say, if you are happy with our business tell others, if you are not, tell us !!! Finally, I won't be moving my Caravan, or staying out of the pools, I look forward to parking up my vehicle, relaxing in an awsome attmosphere whether it be in the swimming complex or the adjoining Waingaro Hotel, where Lloyd and Mary, welcome visitors, to stay for a meal or ale, and enjoy the entertainment on a Saturday Night, out in the wopwop, no one knows you, sing to keroke, one weekend, or dance to a live band the next weekend in their garden bar. This Hotel also has accomodation, like the swimming complex if you don't like old, don't come, if you want clean, good old fashion hospitality, both couples Chood and Amros, Lloyd and Mary, make you feel welcome. P>S - 4 years ago, I ended up in hospital extremely ill with Camphylobactor - food poison, can come from water or under cooked white meats - meats I am pretty fussy with, making sure they are well cooked, water I never thought twice about, now I check water out pretty carefully - and in a pool where getting water in your mouth is going to happen, I walked around inside the pool found the hot inlet water coming in, to hot to stand in front of, confident, clean water was coming in. I had already check the complex was on Bore water, from a young child, Bore water was always boiled, so I take my own, this is my choice, nothing to do with the complex. I hope in this very long email, I have opened some peoples eyes.
Rating: 8/10
Susan - NZ
16th May 2008
It should be realised that the Waingaro Hotel is not run by the Singhs. Whilst the Singhs lease it from the council, it is sub leased to the current operators, who deserve no reflection whatsoever from these shoddy pool operators.They have created a nice little hotel,clean,good food and very friendly with very little help from their neighbours and no doubt bare the brunt of many complaints from the pools thinking it is part of the complex.
Rating: -/10
Bob - New Zealnd
16th May 2008
We stayed at Waingaro at Xmas time, it was the first time we had been there. We cut our holiday short by 2 days due to the facilities been dirty, cold showers (one with no shower curtain) my children didn't like using the mens toilets as it was a breeding room for all sorts of bugs and flying insects (always dead bugs on floor) Prices were dear $6.00 for hydroslide, no discount for campers staying there. The whole place needs a make over. Advert on TV must have been done years ago. Nice drive to hot pools though but disappointing when you get there. The Pub next door was great, friendly staff and great food.
Rating: 2/10
Shelley - Rotorua
16th May 2008
Reading the comments in the Waikato times over the last few days took me by surprise. I’m a youth leader from Raglan, and I often take a handful of youth to the pools for an afternoon swim, or an overnight camp. I don’t think we have one bad word to say about the place. The pools seem nice and clean, there is a slight odor of sulfur, but only because the water is from a natural spring. Toilets are fine. The kitchen has provided us with many simple meals, and it’s been great watching some late night TV in the lounge. As for the customer service, the owners are definitely quirky. But I think it’s a part of the charm. In fact, my youth no longer like to sit in the car as I pay; they enjoy coming in and saying hello to Amro (because she calls them sweeties and honey pies). The price is not too bad. I always compare it with going to the movies or bowling. Where else can you pay $10 for 12 hours of entertainment? So I speak for myself and the 20ish different youth who have visited over the last year. We think the pools are awesome, and we will continue being regular visitors no matter what the press says. And to the owners, try to keep positive, and hopefully my crew will be out your way soon to cheer you up.
Rating: 8/10
Leon Wiki - Raglan / New Zealand
16th May 2008
Our family has been camping here for nearly 3 yrs. We have a great time every time we come. Our kids love the slides and we think Amro is very friendly.
Rating: -/10
Brett & Deb - Auckland NZ
15th May 2008
I think we will always be a world occupied by a pecentage of people who will always find a flaw. Why is it that all of the complaints have not been discussed with the Proprietors of Waingaro Hot Springs.? Why is it, certain complainers have forgotten to mention of their attempted demand for refunds after staying all weekend in one of the motels which includes free all day access to pools during their stay. Why should OSH be brought in ? Possibly to remind some of the holidaying supervisors that any child or non - confident person should be supervised at ALL times by a person 16yrs or older! That Waingaro Hot Pools is Thermal orientated and should not look crystal clear. Gosh ... The things some of us do as working class citizens.. Complain when we're on holiday or trying to relax, then Complain at work about not having a holiday or time to relax.
Rating: 5/10
been there many times - Hamilton
13th May 2008
We used to come here as a family quite often when we were younger. Went back just recently and I was shocked with the condition of the place. It was very dirty and we ended up leaving after an hour.
Rating: -/10
Jayshari - New Zealand
13th May 2008
I am disgusted with this place the pool always look grotty the hygiene is shocking and as for the owner wow what a rude shocking person we waited at the gate for over 5 mins only to see her running down from he Pub on the hill the prices are way over priced they don't offer a family pass and even spectators cost as much as a swimmer I only live 20 mins tops from he pools but to to how dirty it is and how rude the owner is I would rather get in my car and travel an hour or more to Matamata hot pools than risk my children's and my own health swimming in these disgusting pool I am very surprised the business hasn't gone under yet the few times I did go out the complex was empty she needs new owners and get the old owner who has issues to go get counselling or something when you tell your customers off like your telling kids off what is that about
Rating: 1/10
Karen - Ngaruawahia
12th May 2008
Took my youth from Morrinsville Training Centre. They all got sick and vomitted. They waited for ages to get on the hydro slide. She asked me if i knew a 16 year old boy that wanted to come work for her. It was real expensive and the lady was quiet rude and not friendly. I am not racist
Rating: -/10
Ken - Te Aroha
12th May 2008
I bathed at Waingaro during the evening. The surface of the water, when viewed at a particular angle of light, had a layer of scum or whatever floating on the top. Obviously, the water had not been changed for a long time. UGGGH!
Rating: -/10
Claire - Hamilton
12th May 2008
I too felt let down by this place. We had a spa, turned off the bubbles & the pool was full of floating pubic hairs eeeewwwwww. As per the article in the Sunday news - How did the owner come to the conclusion that dissapointed customers are being raciest? FILTHY IS FILTHY!!! what does race have to do with it! My suggestion: sell this place to somebody that has the hart & that will keep it nice, tidy & welcoming. Publicity has got you now yeaaa ha.
Rating: -/10
What have you done! - Auckland
12th May 2008
After reading all the comments online i am disappointed at how patrons have been treated. I used to visit the pools with my youth group a few years ago. The pools back then were one of the most enjoyable times for me. Awesome service, clean pools and very friendly owners. The key back then was that the owners saw the complex as a "family friendly" place not a money grabbing place. To the owners now "to make money you need to spend money" not just on the complex but on your PR skills as well. Take note of the comments that are both negative and positive, swallow your pride and move forward. From the 90 odd comments made about the pools they can't all be wrong or racist. Waingaro is a part of the waikato history if you can't bring it back to it's former glory sell it to someone who can. IF i weren't living in Perth I would even try and buy it myself. When i return back home i will certainly go and have a look for myself. Denise - Perth Australia 12/05/2008
Rating: -/10
Denise - NZ
12th May 2008
The worst placed that I have ever been to! Took a guest from Australia and was totally embarassed. Shabby and filthy - looked like a run down council flat. Didn't shower in the three days that we were there because it looked so dirty. I wanted to go home but the boys wanted to take and produce a dvd about our awful experience. We still have it if anyone wants to look.
Rating: 1/10
Jo Clark - Auckland NZ
11th May 2008
a total health hazard...........do not go and save your children!!!!!!!!!the manager has the personality of a pitbull on "P"...........avoid like the plague!!!!!!!Yuk hope i forget sooooon!!!
Rating: -/10
gary - auckland
11th May 2008
we arrived early evening without a booking but got one of the motel units. on entry the place smelled really bad, the table top was filthy the chairs stained and a hole in the wall was stuffed up with rags. there were cobwebs, dust and general filfth and the sheets on the bed were liberally sprinkled with hairs. we ended up sleeping in our sleeping bags and using clothes as pillows. we commented to the owners about the state of the place but they told us no one else had complained and we were being picky. I noticed that it had a four star rating from the AA so on arrival home complained to them telling them it downgraded their reputation. AA said they would look into it as their (waingaro)grading had been removed and they should not be still advertising on their leaflets etc. As a result of our complaint they told the AA we had stolen their cups and saucers which was untrue as we didnot use them because they looked so dirty. wee went to the local hotel and had a meal and they told us that they had heard of many complaints. We would not ever go back there. jocelyn fisher
Rating: -/10
jocelyn & evan fisher - n.z.
11th May 2008
Have visited rarely over the last 8 years but on the odd occasion I have it has just got worse and worse to the point the last time I went there I said never again. The previous owners had it lovely the Singhs have destroyed it!
Rating: 2/10
Lea - NZ
11th May 2008
We took the kids to Waingaro for a treat in the hoildays, What a waste of money, It cost us $90.40 (we were charged for using eftpos) and we where there for 2.5 hrs...A total waste, It would of been better to go to the movies...The lady in the shop was rude, she really needs to do a customer service course, But I feel at her age it would be a waste, they really should sell to someone that wants to run it. The kids loved the slide, But I had to walk around and ask other parents if they wanted to go and pay so the kids could have a turn, Was told that the bumper boats wouldnt be turned on, I asked why and was told, "I dont want too", I cant be bothered. We didnt take food, we looked on the website and saw the restaurant and thought we would eat there, and it wasnt open and I was told it wouldnt be untill maybe next week. A total waste and disapointment, We will not be going back.
Rating: -/10
Me him and the Kids - Hamilton
11th May 2008
I nearly drowned at Waingaro hot pools at the bottom of the waterslide, while a supervisor chatted to a friend. The rushing water held me under and it was only a miracle that I eventually bobbed to the surface. I was left gasping for 15 minutes and had an asthma attack because of it. And the prices are outragous. Comments by the owner that criticisms are racially motivated are bullshit and are being used as an excuse for poor hygiene. How disgusting to find those 'things' in the rooms! No excuses!
Rating: 4/10
angela - Glen Murray
11th May 2008
My comment is on the managers calling !Racism!, What the hell has the state of a public/private facility got to do with race?? From the photos in paper, I am appalled that they are still there, it only seems too obvious that they are keeping costs down and the biggest cost in this type of establishment is retaining good staff for cleaning, the managers should be doing alot of the maintenance themselves, and helping with cleaning would keep their costs down, They obviously don't give a ***** about the place as they are probably on a salary, and couldn't care what the turnover is. Maybe if they had to answer to the owners monthly, they would change their attitude.
Rating: -/10
Louise - New Zealand
11th May 2008
Ewwww dirty, dirty pools. The staff were bizarre rednecks, the "lifeguard" was clearly incompetent: Stopped watching the pool for ten minutes to go feed her guinea pig. Overall, dont bother going. This ump needs to be torn down
Rating: 1/10
untwine richie - auckland
11th May 2008
Have visited this place a few times over the years and the quality simply keeps dropping. My flatmates and I used to have a running joke going about how far removed the reality was to the TV commercial. The management are full of excuses and appear to think all is well....well, read the damn' comments, people are leaving your squalid business in droves and you're playing the blame game. Thankfully the media have picked up the story and with any luck the couple who run the show will be pressured to get out and the lease handed to someone who knows how to run this valuable facility with the professionalism it deserves. The current lease holders should hand their heads in shame for believing they're on the right path, disgraceful!
Rating: -/10
Jules - Marlborough, NZ
11th May 2008
The staff are rude and nosy. The changing rooms stink and the place is dirty. The best thing would be to get rid of the appaulling staff and revamp the whole place. Waingaro was once a neat place to go but now is overpriced and shabby. Even though I live locally I go to Miranda.
Rating: -/10
Bronwyn -
11th May 2008
well did you know they own miranda hot spings is well and yes that going down really fast to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the staff are all so old and rud and not carre bout any one they just there to get there wages and how can they get away with fixing all there brake downs no wounder everything going down down down and i phoned them to see bout bringn a group and o my god this lady anwered the phone and was like sceraming at me (and by the way i dnot end up taking my group) she was just to rud
Rating: -/10
tracy - nz
11th May 2008
Having stayed there for a weekend I will never be going back. I used the kitchen as I was staying in a tent. There was no hot water tap in the kitchen, just a cold water tap and the boiler. Spills where still to be found uncleaned 2 days later. There were spider webs in the louvres that had been there so long that one spider hav hatched some babies and another had died and was dessicated. Only about 3 of the 12 elements on the stoves were working. Flyspots were clearly visible on surfaces. In the mens toilet on level C two louvres in the cubicle had been broken and replaced with transparent glass which meant that the people staying in level D could look right into the toilet cubicle. The bumperboats boasted about in an advert I heard while staying there were a joke. The bumperboat pool was approximately half filled by the recent rains. Most of the boats did not even have their inflated tubes attached. It appeared that only 1 or 2 were anywhere near ready to ride. In the 5 days I was there I never saw the takeaways open once. In order to emter the site people must stop outside the office. This causes a problem in that drive is too narrow for cars to pass someone waiting at the office. I was once stuck behind domeone for nearly 10 minutes before I was able to drive in. This place is a polar opposite to other camping grounds I have stayed at. 0 is too high a rating.
Rating: -/10
John - Auckland
11th May 2008
I have wondered when someone would complain. In February I had my elderly parents here from the UK. We went on a visit to the Hot Pools. When we arrived there was no one there to take our money. My daughter walked around the pools complex for about 15 minutes looking for someone to take our money. My daughter managed to find off duty assistant to come and take our money. All the while we had 6 people sitting in our car waiting. We proceeded to the pools. When we got into the pools the owner Amro Sing came running down to us demanding to know in a very unfriendly way if we had paid. When we assured her we had paid, what about the baby she said? Did you pay for her? We assured her we did. We then got ready to go into the pools. When we were in the pools Amro then shouted down from the shop area did our granddaughter who is 2 years old have a protective nappy on? At the time I was holding the child and pulled up her swimming togs to show the woman that she of course had a protective nappy on. It had been a year since I visited these pools and Amro reminded me once again why I did not visit them more frequently. Never again will I visit Waingaro Hot Pools. Amro’s attitude is disgusting. I shudder to think the number of overseas visitors that she has been rude to. It is almost as if the woman is not right in the head. As for the state of the place. It looks very shabby and run down. The toddler pool was empty on the day we visited. There was no life guard on duty. I hope the council are made aware quite clearly how this woman treats her paying guests. (Very rudely). I personally will never go back there never mind take another overseas visitor to the place. (In ending I would just like to add in the past we had a caravan at both Sapphire Springs and Opal Hot Pools for years) with no trouble from these owners at all. This woman needs to move on and let someone else bring these pools up to a decent standard for tourists. It used to be a lovely complex with friendly owners. If she is too old to cope with the place move on. Racial slur on her she says. No way, Look at the place woman and your attitude when speaking to people it is disgraceful. It is not bathing in the Ganges you are running. But a respectable tourism attraction in a civilised country. Go retire.
Rating: -/10
Carol - Hamilton New Zealand
11th May 2008
can see was once a nice place,but i have stayed there off an on only because could not find any other accomadation,at those times. an was not surprised to see the place hit the head line in the sunday news paper,for being a health risk.while staying there i have seen all the bad comments people have said about the place for my own eyes,just to add some of the things i also seen in the time i was there.black dirt ring around the top pool,green slim ring around the big bottom pool,dirty showers,unclean bedding,heaps of cats which lived where all the rubbish was kept.which are all dead now due to a resident ask by owner to shoot them all.i could go on an on an on.but you can go there and see for yourself .and only hope the owners will see all the bad comments an clean the place up and turn it back into the paradise it once was.
Rating: 1/10
shimi -
11th May 2008
absolutely the best spot for family holidays, excellent value for money, and very friendly staff! heaps of entertainment for the kids, and great with the pub handy for meals next door! amro is a very kind and generous lady and makes you feel at home! recomment this place to all (unless you are a snob who prefers to staying in top hotels).
Rating: 10/10
anne ferguson - auckland nz
11th May 2008
This is the second time we have been down to the springs in school holidays. Once again we have had a great time. The kids loved every minute as did Lisa and I. Great setting and great pub. Management really helpful and pleasent. Any place where the kids are out of your hair for 6 hours at a time has got to be my kind of place. Love the atmosphere going back next year.
Rating: 9/10
Deb & Lisa - New Zealand
08th May 2008
This is the worst dirty place i stayed in al my live I was there for onenight with my grandchilderen en daugter in law .We stayed acros the pool side in a house The worst dirty grubby place you would not let adog in ther thefurniture were gross it smelled like you would not believe the beds were wet .Oneof the childeren was sick one of the childeren just had hisb arm in plaster i realy want to turn back and they charged me $134 for that grabby old as the hills house .We went to look at the pools when we came back miljoens of ants i had to get rid of the office so rude he was oke to take the money how sad to have this run down. Also on th back newcabins was a pipe where al the rubbish ran out how healthy is that .i was to afraid to go in the pools every were you looked it was yuk honestley health deparment do something before someone gets ill
Rating: -/10
van lit - Taupo
02th May 2008
This place is the worst of hotpools in newzealand dirty how no one got sick yet its hard to understand .The flat they rent out accros the road .Pleas health department have look
Rating: -/10
walker - taupo
02th May 2008
Bad experience from start to finish. Management rude and disorganised. We booked for a week, no record of booking (deposit was cashed though). When booking found unit not cleaned. It was out in a paddock and smelled of damp (spider city inside). We only stayed 2 nights (we had no other choice). Pools were run down and paint peeling, bumper boats rusting and not operating, hydroslides would only be turned on if 6 paying visitors were on site. Overall experince - customer service-crap, accomodation - crap ($170 a night), pools - bad, bumper boats -non existant and sllides - never turned on whilst we used the pool. DON'T GO!!!
Rating: 1/10
Steve & Marilyn - Kapiti
30th April 2008
pretty gud, fun and love tha hot pool and hydroslide pretty mean nosy stff though
Rating: 8/10
kayla - nga
30th April 2008
The slides were good and the pools were not too bad, the managemant however are very rude, VERY NOSEY!!, they asked too many questions about my personal life like they were my best friend or family members. The guy at reception was so worried about water on the fllor in his office we stood there for 20mins waiting to pay for the accomodation, The showers are cold"no hot water" and only one of the two showers were working.This is a awesome place to go if you have kids and all they wanna do is use the slides. The other staff however were friendly and helpful.
Rating: 1/10
Stephen - Auckland
28th April 2008
Forgot to mention the lady owner of this place is very rude,un-hygenic, some kid "shat" in the kids pool and the lady walked on past and didnt even look once!!
Rating: 1/10
stephen - auckland
28th April 2008
Can't believe this! Was asked if I had any skin infectious or diseases?! I was so put off by this so I didn't go in...
Rating: 1/10
Jimmy - Wellington
28th April 2008
Not happy at all!! wasted my time and the long drive to get there to find this dirty,unclean place.staff have no customer service skills at all.dont waste your time going there!!
Rating: -/10
Sandra - Wellington
28th April 2008
is this the worst facility in nz? I think so. over priced,cold showers,damaged facilities,not worth the effort unfortuantely.only redeeming feature was the pub next door!
Rating: -/10
richard - australia
25th April 2008
Your price is rising, your establishment is deteriorating, most of your staff is pleasant but the manager of this operation needs some SERIOUS customer services skills. We used to attend these pools on a regular basis, but have found paying for even the wave pools to be a better experience with hygiene of the utmost importance. It is a lengthy drive for such a second or even third rate experience. Shape up guys or do NZ a favour and ship out! You cannot continue to give NZ clean, green image along with our great personality and customer services skills a bad name. Our economy is dropping enough without places like this encouraging visitors not to return!
Rating: 1/10
No longer a fan - Auckland
12th April 2008
unhelpful and grumpy in office, expensive for wot it was bumper boats pool was dirty was saddened as i expected more
Rating: 4/10
Debz -
18th March 2008
How sad to see the owners of this dreadfull complex writing there own comments and posting them on here.. as i see it the bad comments outway the good by lots. DO NOT GO!!!!!!
Rating: -/10
Bruce Wells - Hamiton
01th March 2008
We took a group of 65 to this location for an over night birthday celebration, my 50th Birthday. Some of the comments certainly are not justified. As these pools have been going for years - over these years, they have added, accomodiate, work closely with the hotel/resturant within a two minute walk. If you are wanting, to park the car up, swim, relax, have an a liquid drink - not worry about a DIC, this is the place to go.

Most of the comments on this site, complaint about the 'old' pools, etc, the pools are crystal clear, and you can swim from one end to the other, if you want to pay top dollar, for a little area to sit in, then go to Waiwera, they may be e more modern, but then, look at what you are charged.

Waingaro, could not have been more helpful - before we booked - this event it was a mystery 24 hours for our birthday guests, meeting at the Bombays, a 1/2 trip we were their, we were their as normal paying customers, first, just checking it out - 67 people had an awsome 24 hours, adults doing kids things, the hyrdoslide, bumper boats, some had quite times in their spa pools - everyone, said they had forgotten how, quite the area was, and most had been their as young children, yes it was a bit like stepping into the past, a past that alot had forgotten existed. Green, forest like surrounds, larger park areas set up for barbaques - cabins and Caravan sites all well set out - customers are the ones that don't used the bins, just drop paper, but we watched the morning clean - up, a hive of actively - cleaning toilets, empty bins, new liners - for the enjoyment of the next days visitors.

Check out our cost - booked out all the accomodation average out per head $40.00 includeds over night accomodation - included pool entry - those who didn't find this place an awsome place to go to - for value for money - and service - 10/10 - those who have complained on this site -nothing will please them - get a life.

We trailiered down our Big Barbaque and shade covers - set up across the road at in front of the flats/motels - where else can you stay for this - motel/cabins/flat/ clean - insects come with the bush surrounds can't blame pool owners for these, take insect repellant - no big deal. Think about this place for your kids 21st - 30th/40/50/60th no age barriers. We had guests who were 80 and enjoyed it - own music, a bit of night time dancing out on the front flat lawn - make your own fun - sometimes look outside the square - those coming from south meet us at the Rangariri Pub - not to much of a double back - and if you wanted to swim the next day - you could - so two swimming days - plus a bed for the night - CHECK IT OUT !!!! - oldie but a goodie. Visit : November 07
Rating: 10/10
Susan - NZ
01th March 2008

My family and I were extremely disapointed! This place looks nothing like the pictures on the internet! In fact it is way over priced for what it is..but due to the long drive you really are left with no choice but to stay anyway! I found the owner, Amro, to be extremely nosy! We were unfortunate enough to be present when she was giving another customer her opinion on the customers teenage children and it was not very professional or plesant! Lovely area and setting but not worth dealing with a Mrs Mangle type owner!!!
Rating: 2/10
Carson Botica - Auckland
25th February 2008
Awesome location and potential BUT unclean, services are budget but over priced, lifeguards are not certified and management are either over friendly or unfriendly depending on their view of the customers wealth it would appear! Amro seriously needs to attend some customer services workshops and OSH seriously need to visit her!
Rating: 2/10
Frana - Auckland
25th February 2008
We stayed 3 days 2 nights, 2 adults 3 kids (9,3,1). Not the flashest venue but pools were very clean, lifeguard/s on duty at all times. Baby pool cleaned daily - twice in one day while i was there, someone didn't put a swimming nappy on their kid. Lifeguard cleared pool of bugs/leaves etc several times each day. I was disappointed about the slides cost not being included, $6 is quite high... $4 is more reasonable. Cabin was VERY clean and tidy and a great price. A few more powerpoints in the kitchen area wouldn't go amiss. Amro was very friendly and happy to assist in every way.. she's like an aunty :) My family would definitely consider staying here again and we might try the tent site. BUT because of the price of pool/slides entry we would not go on a day trip here.
Rating: 8/10
MKDCJ - Mangere
12th February 2008
We arrived with 2 tents, 2 lambs, 2 girls all packed up in an old car. Such a nostalgic camp site. Exceptional athmosphare, full of entertainement and music, very clean and warm pools, cool slides, real kiwiana.
Rating: 8/10
Anna Blattler - Te Aroha
11th February 2008
Went there today adult price bit steep especially as you have to pay extra for slide and bumper-boats but the place overall is not to bad. pools kept CLEAN toilets were CLEAN cant comment on other areas as didnt use them. BUT COME ON LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN KIDS, AND BRING YOUR OWN HAIRDRYER Will return!! Does need to be spruced up a bit and the shelter needs to have more airflow as its enclosed in so very stuffy! but wont drag this comment on to much everyone one is each to ther own!
Rating: 7/10
c.j - hamilton
02th February 2008
These pools are the most 2nd Best pools..! other than wairewa..! The slides are cool as and i just really enjoyed mayself..! Keep it up guys..!
Rating: 8/10
annoymus - Manurewa
26th January 2008
I am so glad I did not read these comments before I went as my family and I had a blast (Dec 2007). We did not stay over and packed our own picnic lunch so can't comment on the food. Did photograph an empty cabin and it looked very clean and tidy to me. Only concern was the life gaurds (are they really trained life guards) they were dressed in jeans!! we all know what happens when jeans get wet. I think the previous comment of friends filling in wearing orange life guard vests may be true. Pools and change rooms were clean and slides were great but stopped at lunch time (probably a good thing as only way I got my girls off to eat some lunch). Bumper boat pools needs a bit of a clean but still had heaps of fun with my husband and girls aged 5, 10 and 16. We will definitely return. Thanks for a great family day.
Rating: 6/10
Wendy - Auckland
06th January 2008
does not sound good at all ive never been 2 this hot springs b4 but reading the comments id neva eva go. put ur A in2 G i think guys. sounds very very very disgusting
Rating: -/10
jordan -
05th January 2008
what a dump what more needs to be said would not go back
Rating: -/10
aaron - auckland
05th January 2008
Would not make the trip from Auckland again and cannot recommend. This complex has the potential to be awesome but has just been left to deteriorate. very shabby and basic. unhelpful staff...a camp store that doesnt sell anything (!!?)..not even an ice block when we visited...no food facilities...dirty main pool...very expensive..web site does not state you pay extra for slides...very unahappy about this. other hot pools are much better value for money....sorry but a big thumbs down from my family
Rating: 3/10
Vicki Chapman - Auckland
03th January 2008
This place is disgusting!!! We booked in to the flat for the night of the 28th and 29th of december for a family holiday with our 3 kids one only being a baby. The flat was disgusting it stunk and was very old and run down!!! All the dinnerware was dirty and insects and flys everywhere!!!! I wouldnt have let my dog stay there. Left after one night as we couldnt handle the smell and couldnt put bubs on the ground due to it being dirty. Very dissapointed as it was our bubs first family holiday!!!
Rating: 2/10
Sharleen - New Zealand
03th January 2008
i very like the building and places ,also i thing it was the fun as place i have never went to!!!!
Rating: 9/10
jessica - New Zealand
21th December 2007
0 out of 10 not willing to pay extra for waterslide, we paid enough with 4 teenagers to get in. Flinstones had better conditions to change - no hot showers or hairdryers for the girls can someone post the date when pools last emptied and cleaned....my guess is over 5 years To far to go to another pool otherwise we would have left..... there seemed to be enough lifeguards in response to previous comments. Did not try food
Rating: -/10
Alex -
28th November 2007
cold showers when you get changed no hair dryer for those who want it pools look as though they were last cleaned many years ago. Only reason we stayed was because we needed a rest after the long drive.
Rating: 1/10
steve jones - auckland
19th November 2007
I have read the feedback from others and you put me off going to Waingaro BUT I had already paid my deposit and had to go. WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!!!! The place was clean, the staff very approachable and friendly, Chood a laugh. Plenty of things for the kids to do, the motels were basic but had everything we needed and more. The setting from the motel was just fabulous, looking out at forest and so peaceful. You people saying not enough lifeguards etc, LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN KIDS! There was enough staffing and they were continuously checking pools and getting out any bugs, hair etc that they could see should not be there. Toilets were clean also. Only 1 gripe I had and that was I got charged .20 for eftpos fee, but hey, overall stay very affordable for anyone. We will go back and probably stay longer next time!
Rating: 9/10
A Hunter - Matamata
28th October 2007
This place is disgusting, dirty showers not to mention cold water. You can see dirt floating on top of water, the grounds are dirty and untidy. Totally overpriced this complex. I have advised my family not to visit this place, not even enough lifeguards. Food is expensive. only good thing is its out of town. The whole place needs to be shut down and revamped big time. there seems to be no health and safety concerns as place is so dirty never going back there again.
Rating: 1/10
renee - nz - H Town
10th October 2007
Mixed feelings really. It was not the greatest complex to look at - on arrival i was like oh my gosh -what have we come to, but you know it wasnt that bad in the end. The unit had a broken heater and toaster but it was right next to the toilets so that was a plus. The bumper boats looked dodgy but the kids loved the slide. They pool wasnt quite as hot as it could have been but at night time they did empty the kids pool and it was full next morning so that was real good the lady in the shop a little grumpy but a character so it didnt bother me. For my money i would have liked to have a working heater and toaster, adn have milk and coffee etc in there. The slides should not stop for lunch breaks cos thats not fair. The price included the entry to pools and that in itself was good value. Would i return?? To be honest, probably because my kids 10, 5 and 4 loved it!
Rating: 6/10
Susan - Hokianga
26th September 2007
I visited just recently with my family and the pools and slides were good but the lack of lifeguards was a bit surprising considering the many childern who were there. Make sure you bring enough adults to supervise your kids as i saw one child almost drown as his care givers were tending to another child in the pool and myself and a stranger had to pull the child up....no lifeguard in sight. Quite simply that's unacceptable and so is my 5 year old son being able to use adjacent fencing to stand up and open the pool gates. The slides were a lot of fun and i'm glad they were open for most of the time thanks only to the great number of kids there as i was told that any less than 8 and the slides don't open!! The water for the bumper boats was disgusting and looked as if they hadn't been cleaned in months with algae and leaves and all sorts of stuff in the water. This looks like it may have been a great place back in the 80's but it looks as if time has moved on and forgotten about it.
Rating: 6/10
Peter - Auckland
24th September 2007
Very sad to see a once wonderful facility be left to deteriorate. Our group stayed in the cabins which should be an embarassment to management. Broken hot plate & chairs, dirty matress protectors...Certainly overpriced acommodationl! For the price charged I would expect at least a carton of milk & tea & coffee sachets. Pools were o.k. Kiddies pool was empty. Staff were pleasant but turned the big screen off 2-3minutes before the big game ended causing an outcry from guests. Television in T.V room wasn't working, shower facilities were unclean. Very disappointed and have no plans to go back.
Rating: 1/10
Joanne - New Zealand
03th September 2007
Are these customer comments for real...coz if so we aint coming to your place...nice photos :):)
Rating: -/10
wendy - hamilton
21th August 2007
Pools are unkept, spas are discusting, staff are rude and unhelpful, some serious hospitality training needs to be done to ensure happy customers, dont bother visiting these pools! Trust me!
Rating: 3/10
Monique - Hamilton
03th August 2007
I took kids here a few years ago and swore i would never go back. i agree it has great potential but staff were rude and facilities poor. we booked this place as the slides looked exciting but when we got there they werent working and hadnt been for a while they just forgot to mention it. We needed to cook in the communal kitchen but stove not working . In the evening we were looking forward to a movie but they had the rugby on blaring out really loudly. Its a shame it could be amazing and a place I would definately go to again if improved. Watch this site I guess.
Rating: 2/10
nikki - kumeu
19th July 2007
Umm as any1 wif bad comments of WAINGARO HOT SPRINGS ever wrote their complaints down & hand it in 2 Management. Me, my partner my daughter & her friend stayed at their 1bdrm motel unit to attend Our beloved Maori Queen Te Arikinui Te Atairangikaahu funeral. We found our unit to be very clean & tidy with everything we requested. The price we paid for our stay included entry into the WAINGARO HOT SPRINGS on the day we arrived & departure day. We found the pools to be very inviting and clean, changing rooms too. Staff & management were cool to us:-) I read other previous guest comments & keep them in mind. but never use them to be judgemental as i will have my own opinion we all see things in a different way:-)
Rating: 10/10
pimprezz - Aotearoa
03th July 2007
My friend and i thought we would travel to this place after seeing it on TV - it looked really inviting. So we arranged to stay the night in one of their cabins. We ended up leaving half way through the night because the room was freezing and insects were everywhere. Well we were absolutely disguisted, the place was so run down and dirty. The bumper boats were not on and the hydroslide was turned off most of the time. This place has so much potential but i presume it will be shutdown in the near future. Never will i return to this place ever again.
Rating: -/10
Peter - Auckland
01th July 2007
A bit of a mixed reveiw from me im afraid. We did have a mostly pleasant time yet with a few off-putting things. Staff were very polite and friendly yet we didnt see a single life guard either, not even on a saturday night. It was a long drive for a fairly average experience. Was pretty grossed out by the fact that the female changing rooms smelt heavily of urine and i wondered if i needed to put my shoes back on. Perhaps the changing rooms/toilets need to be in the same place. Obviously a few people had gotten confused.. If i lived in the district i might go again but the fact that we have much better mineral spas locally will stop me. They did have the tv going, although i was disappointed when i offered my son a slide in the shallow kiddie pool only to find that it was emptied. No sign of any bumper boats either. It has so much potential, it was a shame. Seriously needs an upgrade...
Rating: 5/10
Kym - Te Aroha
14th May 2007
Despite what alot of people are writing about these pools I had a fasntastic time. Yes there are only 2 pools and 1 kids pool, yes the kids pool had no water in it but the service was friendly and efficient, the pools and surronding areas were clean, plenty of parking, pub next door, a large screen to watch tv while in the pools, and its out of the way so it makes it just somewhat different. I thought the pricing was cheap compared to other pools around the country. Would I go back, Yes.
Rating: 7/10
YX1010 - Auckland
14th May 2007
Went today price is $9 adult and $5 child (website not updated) lady in shop was pleasent as was Reese on the slide. However all day pass for slide should be (when its going) and bumper boats were not running at all. Had been last year and bumper boats were going but water was gross and boats emitted huge amounts of fumes we took the kids off. Safety gates are able to be opened by young ones simply by standing on adjoining fences and walls. Also, main pools were not lifeguarded but watch intermitently by person in shop looking out window however about and hr or so later there was a guard. All in all okay probably not go back as price does not include slides like some of the other parks with updated facilities.
Rating: 3/10
Max -
29th April 2007
I absolutely disagree with SAM!! Waingaro Hot Pools was "THE BEST"... we were there when TV1 was filming for that documentry on Waingaro, we were there for four whole days and had the time ov our lives!!!. The Lifeguards were soooo COOL and down to earth!!! and they were there every single day!, not sure what Sam is talkin about??? he was probably swimming in the lake or something??? but I suggest that people should go there for themselves to check out how LOVELY this place is and the people who work and own this place are FANTASTIC PEOPLE!!!! ONLY THING I HATED THERE WERE THE SANDFLIES!!! LOL!!! <>>
Rating: 10/10
Ina - Auckland, NZ
19th April 2007
After reading some of the comments on this site we had serious doubts about going camping for Easter. We decided to give it a go and are so pleased we did !! There were 8A & 12K in our group, we all had a ball. The facilties were clean and well maintained (although a little dated) The pools were clean and the staff friendly. The lifeguards were always very aware of what was happening and quick to act. We will def return. It was well worth the 2 & 1/2 hours travel time. Please try it out for yourself before judging from others comments, you won't regret it. PS. We camp at diff places on a regular basis, so are quite fussy!!
Rating: 8/10
Scott Family - Warkworth
13th April 2007
we went for easter 07, had doubts about the place after reading comments.We took 5 kids 7 to 12 camped with friends and had the best time. Kids were in the pools or on the slides all day.Fabulous time, people friendly, life grauds were doing there jobs even tell us big kids off . we will definitely be going back .thank you
Rating: 10/10
tania darryn - orewa
13th April 2007
Hi there after reading all the comments im not so keen on visiting i was looking for a holiday spot to take the kids but no i dont think this is the right place, i remember going as a child back than i really enjoyed myself, but i think it'll have to be local and in auckland, this is'nt good for business. Tidy up all shut up shop i say
Rating: -/10
LORRAINE - Auckland
02th April 2007
Waingaro needs a huge tidy up, it has been run into the ground .. TV1 or TV2 did a little report on the pools Jan/Feb and it was a total misrepresentation of the place. It is a mess, the owners can be very rude and in the piece on the news they showed they had lots of lifesafing guards in yellow coats. In the half dozen times i have been there i have NEVER NEVER seen any guards on duty at all! It more like they had told the locals to come in for a free day and pretend to be staff members. It is a shame because with a little effort and money it could be made a lot nice
Rating: -/10
Sam - Hamilton NZ
20th March 2007
We took 6 kids aged 6-11 to Waingaro hot pools just after Xmas 2006. We all had a fabulous time. We could not get the kids out off the pools or off the hydro slides. It was a great days entertainment and the prices were very reasonable. We are definitely going to visit on a more regular basis.
Rating: 10/10
Grant Taylor - Hamilton / New Zealand
09th March 2007
This hot spring is not up to scratch look-wise BUT comparing prices with other hot-pools around the Auckland area, including, Parakai and Waiwera, Waingaro is a great place. We take our Youth and they love it. Although there is a loud speaker relaxing was never a problem for us. The help with the BBQ facilities was appreciated and we've made it an anual event. We're heading there this Saturday.
Rating: -/10
youth leader - Auckland, New Zealand
08th March 2007
was planning on taking my boyfriend out to the pools tonight (use to go as a kid), but after reading these comments, i don't think i will now or in the future. As this website proves, customer service is a biggie, and if you slip up there, everybody gets to hear about it via the web!!
Rating: -/10
n/a - nz
03th March 2007
We went to Waingaro a few years ago and had a great time. I was planning on taking the kids for a weekend in the next couple of weeks but have decided to look elsewhere now after reading the February comments. Such a shame as it had such potential.
Rating: -/10
Lisa - North Auckland
20th February 2007
Well after visiting Waingaro pools many of times, I'm disgusted in the maintaining of the pools, a kid sh#t in the pool and all the staff done was scoop it out with a bucket, ouu, never again will I visit that filthy place again, not to mention the yelling owner on the mic like all the time, can't relax with that nonsence.
Rating: -/10
Koolio - Ngaruawahia
15th February 2007
I enjoyed the scenery on the way in, the folks in the pub were great and the accomodation was clean. I have to agree with some other comments though as I didn't like the use of the loud speaker to tell people off either, it just distrubed the peace and quite you went there for in the first place. Would have been nice if their pool side shop had been open so you could sit and have lunch by the pool instead of having to go to the pub. They were late opening the pool and very late opening the water slide ride too. The biggest complaint I have is at the end of the evening when staff were clearing people from the pool, people who were obviously friends of the establishment were yelling at us from the window of a building adjacent to the pool. They were drunk and shouting dirty derogatory comments to us and telling us to hurry up and leave because they wanted to have a swim. I don't know these people and have never spoken to them and I found this behaviour to be very offensive and was disappointed in the staff for allowing it to continue. I also think the place could benefit from new management.
Rating: 3/10
Sue Copland - Auckland, New Zealand
14th February 2007
We first stayed at the MOTEL across the road which was dusty smelly and not very nice, we ended up sleeping in our clothes wrapped up in our own blankets scared of getting bed bug bites.....the staff well where do we begin, firstly store stated that it opened at 9am and the woman cruised down at 9.12am one morning and had the cheeck to ask us "Do you want something?" change of management, leave the rides on all day, clean the bumper boat water, and open the on site shop, we wanted chips one night and were told to go to the pub which was fine when we got there we brought $5 chips for 4 kids and 2 adults it was the same as $1 chips we brought $10 chips and it was S..t..... to say the least...... NEED NEW MANAGEMENT and dont even ask me about the suposide life safers....... what a joke
Rating: 4/10
Angela - Auckland, new zealand
01th February 2007
I grew up going to Waingaro and it USED to be an awesome place to go for an enjoyable time, but these days its an absolute disappointment! The price just seems to keep increasing, while the quality keeps decreasing. Lifegaurds are in trackies and gumboots and you get bellowed at over the loud speaker to "do this", "don't do that" etc. You can't relax out there any more. Much needed changes, including new ownership.You feel harrassed by them. Not our cup of tea any more.
Rating: -/10
Geraldine - Huntly,NZ
19th January 2007
was thinking of going,but after reading the feedback I think I will pass it by,went there in my teens but it sounds a bit shabolic now.
Rating: -/10
simon - nz
08th January 2007
We were apprehensive due to previous comments. We stayed for 1 week in the flat. There could have been a bit more communication with emails before we arrived. However with 4 kids ages 14yrs-18mths plus mum and dad, we found the pools and grounds had just enough to keep everyone happy. We would definitely visit again but we would stay on the site, not across the road! Amro was always chirpy! Special Thanks to the staff especially Nina and Nan they were very welcoming and always had a smile!
Rating: 8/10
Apolonia Misitea - Porirua, Wellington
04th January 2007
Was apprehensive after reading the comments on this site.decided to take the family any way and had one of the best family days at a hot pool facility we have ever had.liked being able to park inside the complex,kids and dad had a blast on the slides and the pools were good for a swim.we have been to all the main hot pools within the auckland region, (including miranda)and would put this place as our first choice for our next hotpool outing.
Rating: 8/10
john - maraetai auckland
04th January 2007
Very nice, easy going, good spot, cool slides, no fuz, nice people. Will visit again soon
Rating: 9/10
Alfred Kuiper - Manukau - Auckland
01th January 2007
I love to show my family around your beautiful country but would'nt want to expose them to that kind of management.Really,they should upgrade their people's skill. A happy customer makes your business blossom.
Rating: 4/10
17th December 2006
Very disapointed!! Rude staff, messy looking!! Such a shame, it's so close to Hamilton! They would make alot more money if they gave it a decent clean up and opened the rides up all day long!!
Rating: -/10
Heather - Hamilton
15th December 2006
I live local to the pool and my last two experiences have left me disappointed. The owners were rude and the staff are doing their best with a facility that needs work!! I would rather drive to the hot pools in Te Aroha or Mount Maunganui than drive 10 mins up the road for a swim. Its such as shame with so much potential there.
Rating: 3/10
Renee Hastie - Hamilton
21th October 2006
This place really needs some work. Dont be fooled by the advertising, I don't think ive ever seen the Big Screen going, the bumper boats never go and the hydroslide for maybe half an hour twice a day. New ownership and a makeover would make this a really good pool again. I say bring back the old log and make it safer if OSH disagree!
Rating: 4/10
Jeremy - Hamilton NZ
02th October 2006
Arrived at Waingaro unsure of what to expect after reading the previous mixed reviews. What a pleasant surprise awaited us, the water was crystal clear, staff friendly, put slides on for us when there was hardly anyone there, opened takeaway just for us. Fantastic. Would definitely go again and stay for a few days. And the cost is hard to beat, $4 for children and only $8 for adults. You can only tell it how it is on the day you go but I would advise people to take the punt. It really is a picturesque spot.
Rating: 7/10
Denise - Auckland
09th July 2006
Along way from Auckland but Waingaro is more welcoming and less crowded than Waiwera - LOVE THE WATER SLIDE !! ;-)
Rating: 7/10
Paul Brown - Auckland NZ
04th June 2006
hey guys, yea waingaro hotsprings is phat azzz!!!!its mean az i never pick anywhere else to go in the holidayZ!!!!!its so cool, so my note to all of you guys is to have fun and stay cool!!:)
Rating: 9/10
viola - hamilton "h*twn"
26th May 2006
Hi all, yeah I understand when I was young that was the place to go even all my friends used to get together and go there family aswell. Owners are now very rude they need to get some customer service skills and learn how to treat people with respect!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rating: 3/10
Jamie - Hamilton
29th March 2006

Rating: 9/10
19th February 2006
This is a friendly, folksy place - not trendy or sophisticated. The poolside staff seem to have improved since the recent comments posted. There is an extra charge for the slides and they don't run all the time, but when they do they are great! Overall, we had a good day and can recommend -especially for family groups with kids old enough to enjoy the slides.
Rating: 7/10
Warren - Auckland, N Z
07th January 2006
Haven't been here for years was going to pass through with my 3 year old son however after the bad ratings I just read I don't think I will bother. Looks like you should listen to your customers as all they are doing is complaining. Maybe next time?????
Rating: 3/10
Renae - Taranaki
30th December 2005
Harty harty waingaro you guys ROCKIN
Rating: 10/10
Violet Maniapoto - New Zealand
11th October 2005
Wasn't very impressed, perhaps needs change of management! Lifeguards not very interested in controlling kids habits!
Rating: 1/10
Paul Rowland - Auckland
11th August 2005
Used to love going here, but after the last time will never return again. There was a large 'poo' floating in the pool, all they did was scoop it and that was it. There was also a mother holding her baby in the pool, and every they went behind them was a trail of the nappy disintegrating into the pool. The lifeguards were just sitting around smoking. Workers in shop were'nt very nice, we asked for our money back and left.
Rating: 1/10
MissyGrrL - Hamilton, New Zealand
26th July 2005
Took a group of overseas students and had a difference of opinion as to their "student" status for entry fee. They promised to put the hydro slide on, - but changed their minds when we got there. Also made loud racist comments. Will not return
Rating: 4/10
Al Peters - Hamilton
24th July 2005
After a long drive it was a disapointment to find out it is chlorinated which defeats any therapeutic benefits. it should be called a hot pool, not hot springs.
Rating: -/10
brad - NZ
24th July 2005
I first visited Waingaro Hot Springs 50 odd years ago as a kid with my brother, sister and parents, and have visited it regularly ever since bringing my children there and now just the wife and I on very regular basis often meeting my brother and wife and our children and grandchildren there . It is a lovely place to stay for a few days break. The present owners of 10 to 12 years are fantastic people and always make you very welcome.Since they took over they have greatly improved the appearence of the place. The pools are well looked after and owners/management have a very strick code of conduct both around the pools and within the camp.A very worth while place to visit just to lax out , and only 20minutes off state highway 1.
Rating: 10/10
Willie and Carol OATES - N.Z.
24th July 2005
Nowhere near as good as it used to be a few years ago dont know why but I was very dissapointed on my last visit maybe its the management does need a revamp.
Rating: 1/10
Trav - Hamilton
23th July 2005
It is quite a nice place to go now and then, but really needs a magical upgrade to make it worthwhile, not somewhere I go very often even though it is not far away, the best part is the hydroslide which the kids love, bumper boats water is always disgusting looking and not inviting, give it a real make-over and this could be a little treasure
Rating: 4/10
Carole - New Zealand
21th July 2005
Yeah pretty good experience ... great place to take the family ... plenty to do :)
Rating: 7/10
Luke Hogan - Hamilton
27th June 2005

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