Waiwera Thermal Resort and Spa [Permanently CLOSED]

Waiwera Thermal Resort and Spa [Permanently CLOSED]
21 Waiwera Road Waiwera 0950 North Auckland
Phone: 0800 924 937 FREE or (09) 427 8800
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

[Permanently CLOSED since Feb 2018]

Truly commercialised, aggregate concrete underfoot really hard on your feet (bring jandals), lots of pools to choose from all at different temperatures, great water slides/rides and a great days outing for families with lots of active kids. They have a pool specifically for adults only (thank you) but kids still try to sneak in and spoil your day. A great movie screen pool which is really quite hot, and too hot to spend the entire movie there. You should be prepared to stay for the day too – so much to do if you have kids! [Denise Moffitt, Auckland]


[Permanently CLOSED since Feb 2018]

Waiwera Thermal Spa Resort is located in beautiful Waiwera, 45mins north of Auckland and 5mins north of Orewa travelling on SH1. Look for the Waiwera turn off (right) and then take a left when you get to the corner shop. You will see the pools down the road.If you're going south Waiwera is located 20mins south of Warkworth and 7mins south of Puhoi on SH1. Look for the Waiwera exit (left) [A. Local, Waiwera]

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Bather Reviews
My wife and myself have been coming to waiwera since we were kids we are now in our early 50s so I feel we are able to comment on the pools . It was the place to go when we were young everything was new and exciting but it is in a very worn out state now the tubes were awesome but they no longer exist and that's so sad.also the camp grounds no longer exist that was a cool place to stay the hotel was knocked down a few years back now it's just vacant land its just so sad to see a NZ icon going down hill so fast .the locals keep the place propped up but since the freeway went through its a ghost town.this unfortunately is a sign of the times no money no people no business.we still go to waiwera but we don't go to the pools anymore we choose to stay at the coach trail lodge which has its own pools .love waiwera but it's like watching someone slowly die very sad indeed.
Rating: 5/10
Lisa and Jim Palmer - Whangarei
21th November 2016
Closing the cafe at 7pm on a Friday night and telling a single mum with a party of four pre teen girls their only option was to go over the road to the pub for snacks! That is bad!! Waiwera thermal resort your operation is dilapidated, overpriced and broken and you don't deserve access to our natural resource.
Rating: 2/10
Mark -
19th August 2016
It's alright, pools are cleanish, not hurtful on your eyes, good amount of pools, though the slides I noticed when you went down the water splashing hurts with the pressure. Pretty good, overall.
Rating: 6/10
Charlotte - Auckland
07th December 2015
If your from overseas like the big population countries this is one of the last places on earth to swim waste your money and very rude and racist people.
Rating: 1/10
Mathew Benioni Lingman - Miami,Florida USA
27th October 2015
The whole family loved Wairera. Water Slide and Movie pools were big hits with the kids and plenty of choices for the adults. Cleanliness of the pools and particularly the change rooms were superb. The family voted this the BEST ever!
Rating: -/10
Maxine Burridge - Australia
12th September 2014
I have lived whole life in auckland and as a kid i use to go to waiwera on a regular bases where they had plenty of hydroslides to choose from, played movies that were actually interesting and exciting to watch that everyone wanted to see and had clean toilets plus it was worth spending the money to go to also my respects to the lifeguards who saved my life when i was about 6 or 7 when i almost drown when i slipped into the pool now im 22 they have only two hydroslides which you can only use one of them at a time also the tower looks like its on its last legs plus it looks dangerous with the old set up of the old slides thatsarnt there, they play movies not only have i never heard of but quite dull, the hot pools was extremely dirty with skin floating throughout the pool which almost made me vomit, there cafe took over 30 min to get a single order out when me and my friends were the only ones in the cafe, the toilets not only smelled but were extremely dirty, the stoney concret hurt my feet if i try to walk bear feet and the pools were a bit cold considering it was suppose to be hot pools im highly disappointed on how rundown it has gotten especially when it use to be a fun place where i could go out of my way to enjoy due to this its not worth spending $25 to go here its more worth $10 until they start improving the only thing good about this place is the bottle water the have produced i think that was a very smart business decision
Rating: 3/10
Benji - North Shore, Auckland
13th June 2014
I took myself and sister and 3 kids. We had a good time. Only two slides open but my kids didnt mind because everything else was. We bought packed lunch and the pools were as expected does need modernising but Movie pool was nice just couldnt hear much. Willl come again to support NZ businesses. Rest was what I wanted and a movie. Pretty happy.
Rating: 7/10
Candy - Auckland
16th April 2014
Was wary of going to Waiwera because of the reviews. But there's nothing wrong with this place. OK it's not up to the standard of the Polynesian Spa at Taupo but perfectly OK. Attendants friendly, pools clean, changing rooms not too bad for the end of the day. Wouldn't have been happy to pay $25, but happy to take advantage of the 50% discount offer for the last 2 hours.
Rating: 8/10
Amanda - Wales
07th April 2014
Complete dump! Total waste of time and money. Do not go here.
Rating: 1/10
Lisa - Auckland
13th January 2014
I just had a very present relax with my friend there today. There are wide range of pools of different temperature to choose from. The water is so clean and warm. The cafe offers nice food. It's definitely a good place to have fun and we will come back soon. Last by not least, their staff is very friendly. We got a flat battery by accident and they are so warm hearted to help us jump start the car.
Rating: 9/10
Dewey - Auckland, New Zealand
12th October 2013
Good day out for our family
Rating: 9/10
David -
28th July 2013
Much better than the reviews. We went with 4 small kids on a cold and rainy day and had a great time. We were not interested in the slides which were not being used by anyone. Clean facilities. Polite staff. Well worth the trip.
Rating: 8/10
Nim - Sydney
06th May 2013
We had 4 families who visited yesterday as we had bought coupons on GrabOne. The receptionist was so very rude with a frown on her face, when we presented the vouchers belittling us, asking for ID when it was obvious that the kid was a student. The vouchers are supposed to entice people to visit, get happy and impressed with the facility and visit again!!It was meant to be an enjoyable day out with family which started off with a bitter experience at the customer service desk. The receptionist was not even aware of the number of persons allowed on the voucher. Only 2 water rides were available on which 3 of the 14 people who came got injured. The staff were not even bothered to administer first aid. Food was good but too long to be served. A day of enjoyment turned soon into a day of "NEVER AGAIN EVER!!!!!!"
Rating: 3/10
Abhay - NZ
11th March 2013
We had our daughters 5th birthday party @waiwera hot pools 13th October. We hosted about 50 people, it was such an awesome day. ALL staff went above and beyond expectation to make sure we had EVERYTHING we wanted and needed for our daughters special day! I recommend this place to anybody wanting to have a great time with friends and family.loved it so much we went back the next day.
Rating: 10/10
Jade - Auckland
16th October 2012
very disapointing only ! slide was open recepiomist was rude . waiwera has turned into a dump
Rating: 1/10
tena - auckland newzealand
03th October 2012
i went too waiwera last night i hav e been there heaps when i went none of the slides were open only a couple of pools that bit was dissapointing the food is sooo yum but abit too expensive the lifeguards should be abit more alert the changing rooms are ok but ive seen better showers are nice and hot i liked that the pools are good but i would have had more fun if the slides were open but it is really run down and needs serious work done too do the slides pools are fine tho and the ground when i walked on the concrete really hurt my feet owch! they also need too do something with that. in my opion it is an okaay place but has some faults :) might go there once more in my life no more than that.
Rating: 5/10
loren - new zealand
11th September 2012
Agree with Rob... The lady at reception was so rude! Thanks for upgrading the change rooms - much better! The ground is a little slippery, even when walking.
Rating: 4/10
Hayley -
22th July 2012
The woman on reception was obnoxious, rude, very unhelpful, snide and generally made our trip to the pools a bad experience. Will not return and recommend others choose elsewhere unless Waiwera Customer Service is corrected. Shocking!!
Rating: 1/10
ROb - New Zealand
24th June 2012
came with a few aches and pains in my back and hips , and after a few mins in a hot pool felt like a million dollars and didnt want to leave .I cant stand heat but loved every minute I was there . wonderful holiday
Rating: 10/10
muriel - n.z.
03th May 2012
Wonderful,fresh pizza and really polite cafe staff. Great service. Sunbeds were in lovely condition (new?). Chilled atmosphere. My husband went on the slides with our teenage boys and really enjoyed it.
Rating: 8/10
Lyn Hagger - Auckland
12th April 2012
Water in the spa pools were not clean .. other than that had a fun time on the hydro slides ..
Rating: 6/10
mike Larry - new Zealand
05th January 2012
In reply to the complaints about the removal of watersides at Waiwera, my response is FINALLY! Consider yourself spared. I went down one in May 2009 called "Bob's mistake" which was aptly named. It turned out to be the mistake of a lifetime for me as my leg was annihilated beyond repair as I hit the pool bottom with tremendous force in the end. 2 weeks into my hospital stay a woman was brought into the same orthopedic ward with a broken heel, which she had also managed as a victim to the SAME waterside. If Waiwera had any moral sense at all it would never have allowed the poorly designed slider to injure so many before they were forced to remove them! I am a 34 year old former marathon runner with 2 plates and 9 screws permanently imbedded in my reconstructed knee, which causes me pain daily and I will never run again! You ARE NOT missing anything!
Rating: 1/10
Erika Commers - Minnesota
02th January 2012
There is no possible way on Gods green earth that a facility that operates like this would exist in the US for a reason. Its called Health and Safety regulations, liability insurance, and negligence! Guilty of it all! Shame on the greedy owners of this operation for neglecting the needs of their employees to be able to best look out for their customers! I was told I would receive a refund and vouchers after my accident. Not that it makes up for it or that I care, more the principal! Couldn't even follow through with that!
Rating: -/10
Erika Commers - NZ
02th January 2012
Waiwera is a really cool place to visit! Its just that now that they have token out some of the good slides leaving only a few slides! The movie pool is kinda disgusting because of all the dirt and stuff is in it and so are the toilets they really need a good clean! I love going to Waiwera its just that the prices are to high! I love the pools and everything else and the cafe isnt that bad!
Rating: 7/10
Jaspreet Lalli - Orewa Auckland
18th October 2011
Loved it at the Spa and the best Dentist in all of Auckland is there. I had a painless treatment . The kindest most clued up man ever and Debbie the practice manager is a honey. had whitening done and I am so ready for summer Go and have your teeth checked while enjoying a day in beautiful nature.
Rating: 10/10
susan - north shore
06th October 2011
Having read the reviews we were a little apprehensive about visiting the complex. However, it’s really not as bad as some of these reviews would have you think. Certainly, a little shabby around the edges and in need of a little TLC. Although, in their defence there is clear evidence that they are making improvements and to give them their due they advertised on their website & Facebook that a couple of facilities were unavailable due to renovations. At the rear of the complex a three adult size water chutes, which are incredible fun and rough! Unfortunately, we had to repeatedly ask for an attendant to open the slides, after a few friendly attempts we ended up asking at reception. The girl behind the till was incredibly rude and unhelpful, which was a total shock considering how incredibly friendly the earlier receptionist had been on arrival. We enjoyed the largest bowl of chips on earth for $6 and the beverages were reasonably priced, so no complaints there. Little disappointed at having to pay extra for sauna facilities, especially when you see the day rates at the spa! Another really oddity, there is a dentist in the middle of the complex, very strange. Overall, worth the $26 for 6 hours of fun and relaxation. However, completely spoilt by the horrible girl on reception, if you don’t like people, maybe look for another job? You spoilt what would have been a great day!
Rating: 6/10
Christopher - Auckland
27th September 2011
It was overall a good experience. Lovely hot pools. Good selection of pools. Toilets were gross because the toilets didnt flush well.Otherwise, it was a nice experience.
Rating: 7/10
rosah lane -
27th August 2011
I bought one of the promotional VIp cards from Reelee Marketing and I thought it was fantastic. It was great value and it gave me the oppotunity to try the Spa without having to spend lots of money. The service though at Waiwera was not great and in fact the owners wife was there and she was rude. The services must be given by Waiera if they refused to then you needed to have taken that up with Waiwera.
Rating: -/10
Susie Wood - New Zealand
26th August 2011
Can i konw the price of hot spring for one adult?
Rating: -/10
26th July 2011
What a waste of money. Took some friends from overseas last night expecting to have a good time on the slides, only to find when we got inside that there was only 3 slides still there, and only 1 was open. Couldn't find anything on the website about it, and there was certainly nothing said at the door. Surely the staff standing around doing nothing could at least be keeping the other 2 slides open. Other than that the place is also dirty and aged and they over charge for EVERYTHING. I found it unbelievable that the place has actually down graded since I was a kid but the prices have gone up by a ridiculous amount. Would not recommend wasting your time or money going there, especially if you're going for the slides. May as well just go dig a hole where the warm water comes out on the beach. Kids would have more fun and chances are it would probably be more hygienic.
Rating: 2/10
Marc - Auckland
24th July 2011
Where do they get off charging the prices they do?I dont begrude people wanting to make a profit even tho they are using a natural resource but this is taking the piss! for a family of five (3 young kids) just not worth it.Better off at Kero Creek or Spa Park!
Rating: 1/10
richie p - Sydney Aust
04th June 2011
I've been there many times -over 5 times b/c I love hotpools and this place is the nearest and well advertised one. Just one of ordinary spa and pool, nothing special. Expensive without special coupon. If it was further than other hotpools, i wouldn't really go back. It is worth to go once though. :P
Rating: 5/10
Cindy - Auckland
12th May 2011
We normally have a group of at least 8 of us go t waiwera and always have a great day yes have to agree with some over the pricing it is a little high but we will go back never had any trouble wth staff and never realy noticed how dirty it is to be honest.
Rating: 7/10
blakes mum - nz
03th April 2011
Well, reading all the negative reviews gave me cause for concern but since it has been some years since our last visit so, today we took our family and some guests to find out for ourselves what condition the place is in. Here is what we found: 1. Staff were very friendly, even waiving the fee for a child floater ring as a kind gesture. 2. There are many pools, ranging from tepid to very hot. Something for everyone. 3. Standard of clean was above average. 4. The overall condition of the establishment was surprisingly good, not run-down or lack lustre as some have commented. 5.Slides were fun. Not as fun as when I was 15 years younger, but, hey no complaints. 6. Definitely would go back and recommend to visiting international guests. RATE: 8/10
Rating: 8/10
Sean P. -
26th March 2011
I was at waiwera last weekend with my wife and 2 kids,we paid 64 bucks.I thought the kid pool was retro 70s.Everthing had to be hired,bbq facilities,lockers,spas basically every thing.2 out of the 3 only showers didnt work.The mirror in the men changing rooms looked like it came out of the ark.You couldnt even get a free drink of water because there are not any fountains,they just want to wring a few more bucks out of you for their botteled stuff.The food was way too dear 5.50 for a wee box of chips.There are tiles missing from around the main pool.I think they must earn tens of thousands a day but its not enough to fix a few missing tiles.I wont be back.....ever.I could go on.
Rating: 3/10
Jan de boer - whangarei
09th February 2011
I highly recommend this place for everyone. However, they should look into their prices first and provide more areas for family. I loved the chips and tomato sauce from their restaurant. It was really delicious. :)
Rating: 8/10
Dr Frat Yousif - Auckland/NZ
30th January 2011
this place is probaly one of my favourite places to go. im 12, and me and my family have been going for years. i read some reviews, and some isnt that true. the bathrooms are a little dirty, but you cant expect them to be completely prestine, with all the soaking people walking through, and the slides are really fun, and the movie pool is great. the main pool is fun to swim in. i think this place is awesome
Rating: 9/10
chloe - auckland
20th January 2011
I love this place!! No matter what bad reviews people write on here, they still get thousands and thousands of visitors because everyone enjoys their time at Waiwera. I went last week for the first time in a couple of years and I am so impressed by the work they have done to the place, its looking really good and all the staff were so helpful. I wil be back for sure!
Rating: 10/10
Rebecca -
24th November 2010
I actually read the bad reviews below and still decided to go, I had two young children to entertain that day and the beach was far too cold. I'm glad we went - our experience was great, the staff were friendly and helpful and everything looked clean and tidy to me. We went to the main pool, the movie pool and the hydroslides. The water looked clean. After swimming we had a delicious lunch of woodfired pizza in the cafe - there seemed to be a variety of quality food available. The kids had an awesome day, so I'm happy. We will all be going back again over the Christmas holidays.
Rating: 8/10
Michelle - Auckland
23th November 2010
Hi Katie, On behalf of management we are very concerned for the un-pleasant visit you had at Waiwera as we strive to provide a memorable experience for all. Please feel free to contact us directly regarding the concerns you have so that we can address these matters urgently. Once again our sincere apologies
Rating: -/10
Waiwera Management -
26th October 2010
It is absolutely disgusting- dirty, urine everywhere and really a place to avoid at all costs! At $26, you can catch an infection for free elsewhere.
Rating: -/10
Katie - Auckland
23th October 2010
i have to add that after working in the spa for a short time i can say that the place is beautiful and the staff back then worked very hard. The staff were well qualified and extremely proffesional.
Rating: -/10
fred -
23th August 2010
I'm sorry to say this place is ludicrously overpriced. I can't believe how much they charge for such an out of date and run down place. It looks like nothing has been done to the place since I visited as a kid. I cannot recommend. What are some good spas near auckland? I just want somewhere where I can have a relaxing spa in clean and modern surroundings. Also it is stupid that when management comment here to try and whitewash people's concerns they always rate the place 10/10. What a load of BS.

[I try hard to remove any ratings when management of any facility write comments. Please let me know if I've missed one. - Sheldon Nesdale, NZHotPools.co.nz]
Rating: 2/10
Tony Brown -
21th August 2010

Oh my god this place sucks! I can't believe that I actually decided to take some of my staff here for a relaxing time. The place needs to be closed down. The spa although lovely has lots of staff who obviously don't like the place. I sat waiting for my treatment and heard some of the spa staff saying really bad things about some of the other workers. What a laugh but not what you would call professional. This place is too expensive for what it is. I wish I would have booked at a local Auckland city spa and not ventured north!
Rating: -/10
Jess -
19th August 2010
Hi Jess we are certainly concerned of your disappointment during your recent visit here at Waiwera. We have tried to email you personally but to no avail, can you please clarify when you and your colleagues visited the Spa so that we can look into matters further as we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour within the resort.
Rating: -/10
Waiwera Management - Waiwera
19th August 2010
I can't believe all the bad reviews. I used to work 2 these pools back in 2001 and it doesnt seemed to have improved. The Spa is the only really new thing there guys, so I'd have to hope there is some future development otherwise this site is just gonna be a Very poor advertisement for Waiwera. Maybe the bottled water business has become much more important than the Resort business.
Rating: -/10
scott hornell - stanmore bay, WHGP
18th August 2010
Very disappointing, the Spa is overpriced for a out of date spa pool, which when we went there was not up to the water mark level, staff were friendly enough but the facilities were poor. This place needs an overhaul if they are going to charge top dollar.
Rating: 4/10
Gina Deakin - Auckland
17th July 2010
Lots of fun for the family. A little expensive, but very diverse facility which appeals to everyone. Will go back again and again.
Rating: 8/10
steve m - los angeles usa
18th June 2010
I found the staff very polite and trust worthy with our Grand children and Waiwera Spa and Hot Pools a clean and tidy place. I recommend this complex as having a good family atmosphere and a special treat to visits For a full review and video go to www.funmaps.co.nz click on the Waiwera Page
Rating: 10/10
Adams Family - New Zealand
27th May 2010
I enjoy Waiwera so much just relaxing in the pools and spas all day . I think it is the best thermal resort every. I thought it was great until I found out that people have died and got really injured because over stupid decisions.But i still enjoy spending my day at the wonderful Waiwera Thermal Resort. My favourite thing there would have to be the MOVIE POOL because you can relax sitting on the side of the pool and watching a great movie at the same time. The staff are great and very kind and I enjoy going on the slides like the twister and the speed slide would have to be my favourite slides there. I think that they need to upgrade and put news slides on that are very interesting and funner than the rest but other than that I have a blast.
Rating: 6/10
bambiboo515 - Maungaturoto
14th May 2010
Dissappointing. Old fashioned facilities and over priced compared to similar service offerings. Especially poor when having to pay full entry price for half of the facilities to be closed.
Rating: 2/10
steven nicholls - nz
09th May 2010
We arrived at Waiwera to find all slides were closed for maintenance on a Saturday (no advice of this on their website). We were still expected to pay $60 for a family pass (the standard rate) which is pretty exorbitant for a SWIM. We went to Parakai Springs instead and had a fabulous time on the slides and in the pools for $40 for the family. Recommended!
Rating: -/10
Lisa - New Zealand
08th May 2010
I was very disturbed by my visit to waiwera hot pools. Mainly because the staff were very unhelpful meaning not able to understand my requests i asked for. The adult pool was very over croweded by children underage who shouldn't have been in the adult pools. The pools in my opinion need to be upgraded immediately im deeply concerned on the health and safety regulations and for your customers well being. My experience was appauling and i did not enjoy it one bit.
Rating: 1/10
Dallas - New Zealand
30th April 2010
I decided to come here whilst on holiday with my kids this Easter Holidays. I had not been for ages and had been told that there was some upgrading done. I would like to say that my whole experience of Waiwera is terrible. The place is dirty, the changing rooms filthy, and the slides look like they need to be bulldozed! I would NOT let my children on them for fear of them falling down. The staff were miserable and did not seem happy to be there especially the confused staff in the day spa(By confused I mean that nobody seemed to be able to help me with my request) I tried to make a complaint to the manager but was fobbed off that he was "Unavailable" so I just left and I will not be back. This place really needs the promised "Upgrade" from the actual maintenance and the customer service of its staff.
Rating: 2/10
J Cross -
21th April 2010
These pools do not live up to pictures or descriptions on their website. Whole complex was very run down and very unpleasant. Over priced and completely not value for money. Nor is this a place to relax in the weekend. Pools were dirty and adults only pools were swarmed with children. Would never recommend !!!
Rating: 2/10
emma ransley -
19th April 2010
The complex is in a very poor state of repair - dirty communal areas, including changing areas and toilets. Despite asking for a refund after 20 minutes, the manager could not be located as he was "in an appointment', 'at a meeting', on 'a 1 hr lunch' and finally on a '2hr lunch break'. All in all, very poor value for money and an acknowledgement that the place needs a revamp is made on signs within the complex once you've paid your admission. One to miss.
Rating: 1/10
D Sumner -
17th April 2010
Like walking into a 70s or 80s timewarp. Badly in need of a paint job and upgrade (I agree with other reviews here mentioning that). Water slides are very good and exciting. Grounds are nice (e.g. volleyball court and picnic areas) though underused as most people (especially bogans and kids when I was there in January)seem to congregate in the large lukewarm pools. The adult only pools however are very good - could go up a couple of degrees. The movie pool is lacklastre in my opinion hard to see the cheap looking screen clearly due to glare and the movies are nothing to write home about it.
Rating: 6/10
Sandy -
31th January 2010
Waiwera Hot Pools would like to have better signage especially sign posting on the main state highway visible to customers and road traffic, however we are struggling to get the Rodney Council to agree to this. Given that the Waiwera hot pools are still Rodney’s number one tourist destination attracting 350,000 customers per year to the area and we are an historic landmark having been around 161 years, I think this is something the council should consider and support especially in these tough economic times. If you would like to support our cause and make us easier to locate, please write to the Rodney District Council in support of moving our signage to the main state highway as a matter of public interest.
Rating: 10/10
Wendy Snookes - General Manager - Waiwera
27th January 2010
i think is was OK, but they should put easier maps on, it was really hard to find
Rating: -/10
Cindy - Auckland, New Zealand
25th January 2010
Waiwera Thermal Spa is open 365 days of the year from 9am to 9pm. We wish all our customers a Happy New Year.
Rating: 10/10
Tawhai Dinsdale - Waiwera marketing employee
05th January 2010
Awesome place to be in the summer, very relaxing and refreshing. The slides are my highlight.
Rating: 9/10
tina -
26th December 2009
hi im a student i have been to waiwera thermal resort spa i just love it...... thanks
Rating: -/10
koyal - auckland
16th December 2009
I absolutely love Waiwera Thermal Resort and Spa. Up until a few months ago I thought that Waiwera only meant hot pools and water; however it is so much more. A week ago I had the most incredible massage and cannot wait for my next one!!!
Rating: 9/10
Vanessa Liddell - Auckland, New Zealand
07th December 2009
What a fabulous experience at the spa - wonderful service, wonderful setting. I could not find a single thing to fault them on.
Rating: 10/10
Angelique Jurd - Auckland -New Zealand
07th December 2009
Clients are made to feel very special at Waiwera Thermal Resort and Spa. From the moment you walk in the spa entrance, it is an oasis of calm and peace. The treatments are well explained, the pools delightful and the entire experience a treat. I was even sent home with a lovely gift - how nice is that?
Rating: 8/10
Lynnaire Johnston -
04th December 2009
Went back again today after seeing the Waiwera people at Orewa Santa Parade. Had a fabulous time, the new lady general manager is doing a fantastic job and really sorting the place out. Will definitly be back on a regular basis. thanks also for my new rodney residence card which gets me huge discounts!
Rating: 10/10
Sylvia - Auckland
21th November 2009
Took the older kids, haven't been for awhile. They had fun on slides and pools, staff very helpful when approached. Went into Spa complex, and was given a tour of the facility. What a shock. You wouldn't know how beautiful it was behind those doors. Although I didn't have a treatment or a Private Spa the place is a credit to Waiwera. Staff very nice to show me around. Outside pools maybe need a lick of paint and toilets some attention on busy days.
Rating: 8/10
Karen - New Zealand
10th November 2009
Took the kids here on a beautiful spring day. It's great value, as you can stay as you like. There were so many pools and slides, there was something for everyone. The cafe actually serves great coffee, and the Waiwera sparkling water is delicious. There were good food options too. We took some snacks and drinks to save money, but splashed out on a yummy lunch. I saw many families enjoying picnics, there were plenty of tables and shady trees. My favourite was the sapphire pool, near where the lava pool water overflows ... I could have stayed there all day!
Rating: 9/10
MrsDesperate - Auckland, New Zealand
30th October 2009
Came to Waiwera about 2 weeks ago during the school holidays for my sons birthday. I did not want to swim so I booked myself into the spa for a massage and facial whilst the boys swam outside. We all had a great time even though it was pouring with rain. I can't afford to do this all the time and it was a lovely treat for me. Ill be back for my own birthday celebrations soon.
Rating: 9/10
Samantha - Auckland
24th October 2009
Being a local, I have been to Waiwera on several occasions - be it with friends and their children, anniversary celebrations in one of the BBQ huts or to relax in the spa and steam room with a girlfriend. Given - the pools are looking tired and in need of a facelift, but this has not put me off visiting and having a pleasant experience whenever I visit. I can imagine it must be difficult for the management to schedule appropriate times for upgrades and maintenance works when this is such a popular and busy resort - all year round.
Rating: 8/10
Niccy - Hibiscus Coast
22th October 2009
was pleasantly surprised how relaxing pools were on a cold wet day. Took four teens who had a ball, thought we would spent and hour only to find 4 hours went by. thanks we will be back soon
Rating: 9/10
Ang frost - birkenhead
09th October 2009
If you want a relaxing and soothing time in a thermal resort, can I suggest that you do not visit during the school holidays, as this will clearly be their busiest time with parents bringing their children for a fun day out.
Rating: 9/10
Sylvia - Auckland
08th October 2009
Just had a great experience at the spa. My facial and massage were to die for. The staff were nice and accommodating. I highly recommend having your beauty experience at waiwera. I am getting married next spring and i plan to have my bridal party with them. They also have accommodation which i haven't experienced yet but i bet it is as good as it looks. Thank you for such a great experience.
Rating: 10/10
Tanya Paul - Auckland
07th October 2009
I disagree with some of the bad comments on here. We visit this weekend to discover Waiwera's was celebrating their 161 birthday . The staff did a wonderful job with competitions for the children. I was greatly surprised when our daughter won a gift bag which was full of goodies and a free family pass. I found there was great little areas to sit and plenty of shade. The staff were kind and informative. Yes i must admit that the pools need a paint but that's only cosmetics. The place was clean and tidy and our whole family had a great day. We spent 6 hours there. So well worth the money.
Rating: 10/10
brenda song - hamilton
05th October 2009
Not relaxing !! Needs a good paint or knocked down completely and re built. DO NOT BE FOOLED LIKE I WAS BY THESE PHOTOS !! It is disgusting !!Staff o.k. they have to put up with working in a dirty place!! Spa girls un helpful !! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! [old photos have now been removed 30Sep09 - sheldon]
Rating: 1/10
jo - auckland new zealand
30th September 2009
Bad presentation, layout, needs refurbishing and paint. Dirty. Good for kids only. Food and drink in pools. Adult pool was cold, boring, not relaxing. Could of used beautiful bush outlook as relaxing setting. Overpriced.
Rating: 1/10
Nicky - NZ
26th September 2009
Rating: 10/10
bb - NZ
17th September 2009
Was here on holiday and had a great time. The staff were very helpful and the place was totally relaxing.
Rating: 9/10
Margaret -
24th August 2009
Expensive, busy, loud, dirty. NOT relaxing at all
Rating: 1/10
Esther - Auckland
14th August 2009
How can you say that Waiwera is filthy...Have you seen the spa lately? I suggest you go and have a look...
Rating: 9/10
Diane -
28th July 2009
I think that the Spa is beautiful. Its one of the most lovely places I have been. I went last week there and had a lovely treatment. Its very peaceful and the staff were really bubbly and friendly. I did not go into the hot pools. As for the reelee marketing thing I don't think it has anything to do with Waiwera. I think that it is Reelee marketings fault and Waiwera is left picking up the pieces just so they don't get a bad name for themselves. It must be costing them a fortune...I think that people should stop moaning and realise that if it is too good to be true it probably is....
Rating: 9/10
Louise - New Zealand
27th July 2009
My husband and I took the kids and our nephews (total of 6 people!) back there over the school holidays and it only cost us $30 and we stayed the whole day! Fantastic!
Rating: 10/10
Toad - New Zealand
20th July 2009
I always get the private spa........facial blah blah blah. I like it there but agree that it needs a gud clean up. Everytime I go there (around 6-10 a year) the staff are really good!The facial lady has a good laugh with me, so maybe it has more to do with how you portray yourself?! If your rude then why expect anything better in return?We're all human....
Rating: 8/10
Erina - North Shore
17th July 2009
Don't waste your money! This places gets worse every time, and this visit will be our last. Staff with bad attitudes, filthy changing rooms, bad maintenance, poor supervision of pools and over-priced. A rip-off.
Rating: 2/10
Keith - NZ
10th July 2009
the best in nz
Rating: 10/10
john - papakura
30th June 2009
Well I also bought vouchers through Reelee Marketing without knowing they were fraudulently selling them on behalf of Waiwera Spa. I guess if you look at it from Waiwera's perspective, they have come out of this as badly as the customer and are also out of pocket too as Reelee Marketing took all of the money! The lady I spoke to at Waiwera was really lovely and offered me spa treatments to the same value as what I had paided Reelee Marketing at no additional cost, which they didn't have to do. They were quite within their rights to turn me away but instead offered to accommodate me. I would like to say, good on you Waiwera, I will definetly be coming back! Thanks also for helping me try to get my money back from Reelee Marketing too! By the way, if you have purchased Reelee Marketing vouchers and the package looks too good to be true, it probably is! Buyer beware!
Rating: 8/10
Toad - New Zealand
29th June 2009
The SPA is great, the pools need some maintenance, the food place has improved.
Rating: 3/10
Fabian - Uruguay
29th June 2009
well i too ( and two friends) like sharon peacock seem to be a customer that got dicked over by waiwera and this marketing blundle in regards to a spa voucher, feel totally ripped off and am now seventy dollars broker with nothing to show for it, in actual fact waiwera refuse to do any of the initial promises. im spreading the word....
Rating: -/10
gabe - warkworth
18th June 2009
I bought a voucher for $70.00 for the Infinity Spa in January 2009 I also bought one for my daughter in law they are valid for 6 months. I thought what a lovely gift and also something to use when that special occasion arose. Imagine my shock and horror when I phoned up to book for both of us and was told they could only do "bodywork" on a Tuesday or Thursday evening and that there was a waiting list of a couple of months!! I spoke to the Manager and she was not going to budge, says she never sold me the voucher that it was sold by a company called Reelee Marketing - duh - I feel completely ripped of they have the money and I have nothing - I can only get there on a Saturday - shame on you!! this is not the last you will hear from me!!
Rating: -/10
Sharon Peacock - New Zealand
07th June 2009
awesome pools i love the twisty turning slide its a great day out for the family!!!
Rating: 9/10
shevana davies - coromandel
26th April 2009
Sure it is expensive; $25 dollars per adult, $20 per student, and children like $15ish. But stay there a couple of hours, like 4hours and thats getting cheap! it costs $13 for a 2 hour movie plus drinks on top of that- thats expensive. Plus what me and the bf uses the pak n' save coupon the buy one adult entry get one free mon-fri, not in holidays. so thats only 25 for the two of us! Pretty cheap. The only complaint i have is that last time i went the rugby was playing in the movie pool... "movie" pool. I say play some classic movies or let us watch sky movies, who cares if it is half way through.
Rating: 9/10
Sarah - NZ
15th April 2009
I was very excited to go to waiwera pool again after years of passing it. We finally got there on easter weekend. Firstly disappointing to say the receptionist was very morbid indeed! she was not very knowledgeable about the services within the resort. Because i inspect accommodation holiday properties and resorts, this first impression was not a good one. The cost of $25.00 per adult, is relative. However to walk into the swimming area and see that it is not a very well kept resort was disappointingly expensive. I am aware there is alot of money going into the upgrade of this thermal resort it is a great idea, as the Waiwera thermal resort & spa has always had a very friendly family inviting feel. I will be returning once the upgrade is complete. Hope to see professional informative friendly staff and better facilities become available. Regards
Rating: 2/10
jessie - NZ
14th April 2009
Definitely needs a major clean, repairs, a facelift and a more caring approach to customers. Used to be worth visiting but is now overpriced and tacky. I've just taken some overseas visitors and really wish I hadn't. It's a shocking facility. Go to Hanmer Springs - that's the way NZ does it best.
Rating: 3/10
Andy - Christchurch NZ
09th March 2009
Coming from the UK we can only say you lot are so lucky to have a facility like this. We were so chilled out at the end of the day and regardless of the complaints it will certainly on our lisit to visit again when we visit again!
Rating: 9/10
Doyle Family - Yorkshire UK
27th February 2009
needs a clean and is overpriced! The staff are very young and could do with some lessons in customer service... still the children enjoy it.
Rating: 3/10
Bailey - Orewa
27th December 2008
i think its a great place with a little some thing for every age the old enjoy relaxn out in the adult spa big kids enjo the slides and the lil ones can splash round in the baby pool plus we stay at the holiay park get discounts into the pools and it only $60 per night and is really tidy clean and has friendly staff
Rating: 10/10
toni - auckland
29th November 2008
I emailed them to book for valentines day for accomodation and a spa treatment. the toal cost was going to be $535 and they told me to call them closer to the time and didn't answer any of my questions. i found it incredibly rude. i am going to complain to them.
Rating: -/10
Sarah - Auckland
21th November 2008
The pools are being upgraded at the moment and will be finished by the end of next week. Apparently whole place is undergoing a face lift to enhance the fun environment and make it more like a resort! Can't wait!!!
Rating: 8/10
Toad - New Zealand
04th November 2008
Very overpriced in all areas, outside pools and cafe food and the spa. Would rather go to Parakai at least you get your moneys worth there.
Rating: 2/10
Rachel -
16th October 2008
We climbed the back fence so as not to pay the gate price, all good except Dan who cut his hand on the barbed wire and bled in the pools a little (it wouldn't clot quickly for some reason). The hydroslides are always fun and the staff tend to be to overwhelmed watching lazy parents' kids for them, so it's a pretty good free day out for the opportunist.
Rating: 7/10
Jim Jimmy Johnson bang jimbo - Auckland
07th October 2008
i thought it was great i went there earlier this year was well impressed i think it has gotten better since 5 years ago the lifeguards seem to be doing there jobs they abbied by the rules and only seem to be trying to help people out i am surely going to go back there again and should be later in the holidays it was truly a ten star experience. P.S. just remember the lifeguardds are short staffed and are only trying to keep EVERYONE happy so they dont have enough staff to clean the toilets and changing rooms every second of the day.
Rating: 10/10
Candy - new zealand
05th October 2008
waiwera deaf needs some attention to the pools, they sooo need a paint, other than that the spa has brillant service, yes it can be pricey but you truly do get looked after. it is worth every dollar, i must admit though the facial chick didnt crack a smile at all :( other than that waiwera was fun
Rating: 7/10
bamboo -
26th September 2008
I Have no idea what all these people are talking about cause waiwera is the best! I Loved it the first secound third fourth and fifth time i went there it is just absoulutly amazing and i love to go there. We are going to go there this week on thursday and im sure that me and my mates will have a great time! :) muwah !
Rating: 10/10
Zanna`hh - Auckland City
07th July 2008
I had a 1hr massage and private spa & would recommend it! The service was very professional. I felt like a V.I.P. the whole time I was there. I have yet to experience the outdoor pools.
Rating: 10/10
Jane - Northshore
16th June 2008
Way overpriced for what it is. I also cannot believe that Waiwera has let two idiot lifeguards respond to some of the comments posted in such an unprofessional manner. Status anxiety in frontline staff is never good for customer service.
Rating: -/10
Graeme - Auckland
07th June 2008
you rock xoxoxoxo
Rating: -/10
leah adames - kerikeri
04th June 2008
my partner and i came up to auckland especially to have a romantic get away at waiwera hot pools which we had been meaning to do all year...when it finally happended we were not as inpressed as we expected to be.we relised it was a family pool so we went in the adult ones where it cleary says "no children" so we come in there and we see that there are children so it was just like every other pool.....and it was very expensice...$25 EACH.....the pools wernt clean....toilets wernt clean...i think waiwere should lower costs or higher the standards...AND THEN we will come back..and maybe the other people complaining will be to. thanks
Rating: 5/10
*stacey - hamilton
26th May 2008
Very over priced for what it is.
Rating: 3/10
Mo - Auckland
11th May 2008
good times good people needs a few upgrades. but I came to relax with my children who dont need to see X rated action. I agree.. bring your family here don't make your family here.
Rating: 9/10
Big John -
03th May 2008
ur right pools are disgusting and overpriced but the slidye swere awesome! you cant complain on that!
Rating: 8/10
Maikel - You know!
29th April 2008
Vastly over-priced that we decided we would not go in the end. On the way back from Russel we stopped at Waiwera with the intention of a private spa for an hour. The private spa was $40/hour - high enough, but fair I thought until I was informed it was $40 per person - a charge that borders on rudeness. Personally I feel that the charge should be per spa pool not per person. Then I was informed that I would have to pay the $25/person entry fee too. For one hour in a private spa pool, the cost was going to be $130. At that price I just turned around - neither myself or my wife could justify that expense - not for a single hour!
Rating: 3/10
Rob - Auckland, NZ
28th April 2008
It was OK there. The Movie Pool is too small- Crap movies on. The inside pools- Opal, Lava pool etc had big chucks of dead skin floating around in it--GROSS. Defiantly over priced!! Slides were fun. Nice cafe, Need to clean changing rooms and toilets more often.THEY NEED TO CHANGE THE GROUND, GRAVEL CUTS UP YOUR FEET. SO BRING BEACH SHOES!!!
Rating: 4/10
Patria - Auckland
27th April 2008
GOSH, i have to agree with the other lifeguard on here, we have rules for safety, if you want to get hurt, dont come. and for those people who are not coming back, maybe change your attitude because with the minimal staff we have, we do a bloody good job and if you want to make it better, come work here yourself and see just how hard it is. WE ARE NOT HERE TO BABY SIT YOUR CHILDREN, WE ARE HERE TO SUPERVISE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR CHILD CANT SWIM. Maybe have some comon sense that if they cant, you go down the slide first, not them, because i had a girl sink to the bottom as her father though it was a good idea to send her down first. how stupid. when you have seen a child unconscious due to lack of parent supervision, it hits you in a way undescribable, so yes we will be the fun police. GET OVER IT. if you want privacy, come hire a spa, it is a family pool, not a family making pool.
Rating: -/10
Lifeguard 2 - Hibiscus Coast
19th April 2008
the spa staff need a pay rise, they are amazing. thank you for helping us, we had a wonderful experience
Rating: 10/10
19th April 2008
hmmm.... what to say about the good old waiwera; firstly I feel it is my right to protect some of its reputation and especially that of the people that work there SLIDE FACTS: a child has gone down the slide wearing a back pack and smacked its head on the side of the pool, if the pool is too deep for a child who cant swim then why would you send it down the slide in the first place????? if you go down a slide with more than one person what do you think happens to the one at the front... we have had broken pelvices! if you go down face first you could end up like the guy who slammed into the bottom of the pool breaking his nose and knocking himself out! someone has died standing up on slides! imagine waiting for your mate or child at the front of the slide with your head right in front of the opening looking for them, next thing they come shooting out and hit you smack in the face... broken nose for you and some sort of intence pain for them! BIG FACT the lifeguards dont make these rules to be kill joys, they are actually amazing people who just want to have fun BUT they have to do there job and if that means telling you how to be safe or asking you to supervise your under 8 who cant swim then so be it. THEREFORE: one at a time feet first lying down on your back, when you get to the bottom please please please move out of the way and if you are catching a young child then please stand slightly to the side :) GENERAL FACTS t-shirts are fine in the pool as cotton does not affect the water quailty at all... the real reason people are not aloud to wear them is only known by a few people at waiwera and to be honest I AM REPULSED BY THE ANSWER bombing and flipping are not allowed as people tend to get carried way and hurt themselves eg. little girl last week did a backwards flip into the pool and hit her head on the side. bombing is more of a distraction as people dont like big splashers and apparntly some people can get spinal injuries???! the movie pool is not really a movie pool as they can only play sky movies with a rating that parents wont disapprove of, trust me if i had my way it would play real movies and have real volume but half the time people dont want to watch what others are watching and for some people its too loud and others its too quiet. the greatest thing about that horrible cutty vicious concrete is it STOPS PEOPLE FROM RUNNING!!!!!! to be honest i dont actually think dats why they have never put new concrete down but so few people will run over it that it has prevented lots of nasty slips :) the adult pool is supposed to be for ADULTS ONLY but if a child is sitting in there with mum and dad and not jumping about like a loony then if no one else in the pool objects then they can stay. however if im doing a roam around the pools and a bunch of adults are jumping about i will ask them to stop or even kick them out! the toilets get cleaned as often as they can be due to the number of lifeguards on both male and female, but admittidly it is hard to get in there on busy days... the cleaning products are very sweet smelling and pungent and its not the easist thing trying to clean while you are surrounded by a bunch of half naked strangers... you basically want to run out the door BUT WE DO CLEAN THEM ANYWAY! the water is tested every 3hours as per standard for all public swimming pools in new zealand and the funny floating stuff in the pools is just a build up of natural minerals and is completely harmless the place is expensive at $25 per head but if you consider staying there all day eg. 9am till 10pm then i guess it works itself out but i wouldnt reccommed a weekend or just going for a couple of hours! all in all either you love waiwera or you hate waiwera but reguardless of that people will always come back. me, I love waiwera... its the speedslide and meeting random customers and getting thrown in the pool on my birthday and going for swims with my workmates who are like my family and knowing that my job is important and that I can save a life if I need to and that I HAVE SAVED LIVES :) *peace out homiez*
Rating: 10/10
LIFEGUARD - auckland
08th April 2008
so overpriced its not funny, not suitable for little ones, staff were unhelpful. Toddlers pool so far away from adults pool. The fun police have gone overboard and common sense does not prevail. Dont think we will go back.
Rating: 3/10
amanda - nz
11th March 2008
Very overpriced for a shabby looking facility. CHildrens pool a joke. No Slide apart from a stupid frog with zero gradient on it. The pool is Freezing and miles from adult pool so you stand around freezing your butt. No Family changing facility. The smallest slide on the slide tower is still not suitable for little kids as you are not allowed to go down with your child nor are they allowed to wear arm bands yet they plunge into a deep pool. The slides are not easy climb into either. Compared to AC baths in Taupo where we had a fantastic time with the kids, who went down really long tube slides doubling with us or wearing arm bands and they exit into a shallow bit of water- Waiwera was crap. Too many rules, dated facilities. Wont be going back.
Rating: -/10
Fiona - Auckland
11th March 2008
Well overpriced!! for what you get, unclean water, unfriendly staff, toielts ar horrible. I am suprised it was busy, we will definitly not be returning. Will also be writing a letter of complaint regarding their life guards, NOT IMPRESSED!!
Rating: 1/10
Michel - Auckland
27th January 2008
i went at 9.30am and stayed there untill 8pm! I had the best day ever, my partner had fun and so did the two little ones... I absolutely loved the speed slide! great great fun, I will definately be going back soon.
Rating: 10/10
Charlie Kassi -
26th January 2008
No toilet paper, no soap, flush mechanism inoperable. We won't be back.
Rating: 4/10
Sarah Daniel - North Shore
05th January 2008
gosh the smelly disgusting water as horrible cant believe i went here. the slide were fun but you people need to respect.
Rating: 7/10
jessica - nz
21th December 2007
Made a visit to the center after about 8-10 years, place is dated, Anit slip flooring covering on Slide tower is worn out and could do with a water blasting to clean it, Some slides not open. Movie pool not shaded properly and sound not very loud enough to enjoy. Kids jumping into adult pool. A bit expensive at $22. Gravel concrete a bit sharp on the bear feet. Overall a bit of $ could not go a miss on updating the place
Rating: 3/10
Dissapointed - NZ
04th October 2007
We love you Waiwera. keep up the good work team..we'll be back for sure!! Your staff are really nice and sensible...too sexy aswell! We loved the movie pool, nice and relaxing. I Dont know what these people are moaning about, nothign better to do?. See you again soon! : ) : )
Rating: 10/10
Sian, Leesh And Jess - Franklin, Nz
13th August 2007
Visited here at Christmas for the first time in over ten years. Was really dissapointed how much it has slipped. Very overpriced, everything was filthy, changing rooms, toilets, paths and pools. Overcrowded and very noisy - not exactly a relaxing place anymore. Spent only 15 mins there, so revolted by the lack of sanitation, that we left
Rating: 2/10
Grossed Out - New Zealand
20th June 2007
I was highly impressed by the water quality, last time I went four years ago it was disgusting and last time I went the lifeguards were ignoring the customers and being useless but this time around they looked like they actually knew what they were doing. Someone must have taught them? I did hear that they weren't qualified at one point?
Rating: 5/10
Jub jub - New Zealand
10th June 2007
I have been twice to the pools and not enjoy it as much as i thought. toilets not up to standards, and the second time there were a group of people who went into the pool and one of them got sick vomiting in the water. it was descasting. since then I have never return. as you can see there is no much control. and the price to enter is to high for what you actually get.
Rating: 1/10
joanne - auckland
06th June 2007
Was a pleasure to meet Mully, AKA, Andrew Mullinger, he is a real asset to the company.. Water was sparkiling as always and I was even lucky enough to appreciate the cool blend of Infinity flavours on my taste buds. A great experience.