Waterfall Spout Bath, Waiotapu

Waterfall Spout Bath, Waiotapu
Near Lady Knox Geyser, Waiotapu

[May 2021] There has been a recent report of a serious burn from the hot sand that resulted in hospital treatment. Take extreme care.

Nice pool, only thigh deep, up to chest if you sit in it. Bush has been cleared at entrance, easier to find now. Bottom of pool a bit slimy and green algae gets stirred up when you walk through pool. [Brian, Rotorua/NZ]


Take the road to Lady Knox Geyser, Drive half way down the road and it is on your right. It\'s well hidden, but there is short one minute trail from road to pool. Paste this into any GPS navigation app/device for exact spot: 38°20.980\'S 176°22.409\'E [Honza, Czech Republic]

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Bather Reviews
A sign stating that trespassers will be prosecuted is now situated by the gate on the road to the Lady Knox Geyser.
Rating: -/10
Philip - New Zealand
07th March 2022
Unfortunately my favourite spot is no more. Looks like geothermal activity has blown the waterfall and pool apart, the whole lanscape has changed, ground drops away and very soft, dangerous.
Rating: 10/10
Kat - Wellington
25th August 2021
A bit of the beaten track - there is a short path through the bush from the road to the geyser to the pool - but thoroughly worth it. Much less crowded than Keroscene Creek and Hot 'n Cold, which meant we could finally ditch our togs and enjoy the pools properly.
Rating: 10/10
Chris - Australia
30th March 2019
My wife and I finally visited this hidden gem on 17 Feb. Thanks to PJWoods for the directions. We parked near the hole in the bushes and tramped to the falls along a slightly muddy track. No sign of litter or any other people. The water was very hot but bearable, but the muddy sand on the bottom was much too hot. Even though I was wearing jandals the mud would squidged over and burned my feet. Thus I stayed close to the edge as things got hotter as I tried to get to the fall. Great fun and lovely to have the place to ourselves. So peaceful. Long may it remain "secret".
Rating: 7/10
Bernard - Bournemouth UK
05th March 2018
Its definitely pretty and easy to find, but there is a huge government warning sign next to the pool because of Meningitis amebas, which by the way at 100% fatal if contracted. The sign advises to keep the water out of your noise, but is it really worth the risk? Also the entire trail leading up to pool is covered in used toilet paper. Ew.
Rating: 2/10
Andrew C - Pleasanton, USA
01th January 2016
Exactly where you think it is. Turn off on Waiotapu loop, and park at the creek bridge. Either side of the bridge is hotter or cooler, literally walk the stairs down right into the welcoming water. We came in August and tremendously enjoyed the hot stream, the cool moonlit night, and the amazing local hospitality! Shout out to the snowboarders Josh and Caleb from Whangarei! :D P.S. Only a 9/10 because of that damn feral cat!
Rating: 9/10
Jason - Duluth, MN USA
13th August 2016
Great spot. Easy to find as described in previous review. Not too hot even on a sunny summer day. Good suitable for naked bathing. Other than st secret place there were nobody there.
Rating: 10/10
Alexe - Germany
25th January 2014
To get to the waterfall you drive to the barrier arm at the beginning of the road that leads you down to the Lady Knox Geyser at Wai-O-Tapu (Note, the barrier arm is closed after the geyser has finished in the morning approx 11am, so you cannot drive your car down). Park somewhere near the barrier arm (but not in front of it!) and walk for 5 minutes down the road until you are almost at the entrance gate to the geyser. You will see a track just after you pass the stream that goes underneath the road. The waterfall is just 1 minute walk from the road. If there are no cars when you parked up at the barrier arm will mean you will be the only one there so swimsuits are optional. My advice is take a pair of Crocs or flip-flops because the mud/sand on the bottom can be very hot in places - almost too hot to stand, particularly directly under the waterfall (so I found out!). The water is only a few feet deep and has a grey thermal mud bottom, so if you are expecting crystal clear water to bathe forget it here - it's rustic and natural as it gets. Also note the Lady Knox geyser is under camera surveillance, so don't even think about trying to get a free look at that after your swim or security will be after you like a shot.
Rating: 7/10
P.J. Woods - Rotorua
29th September 2013
Although can be difficult to find it certainly alot quieter than any of the other pools in the area. I visited several times and no one ever there so it's a great nudist pool. Water temperature varies with rainfall but overall great to have a massage by the waterfall!
Rating: 10/10
Bruce - Thames
03th November 2011
called in this morning, still a magic place. Sun rays through the trees made a great picture
Rating: 9/10
Grant -
03th November 2011
full of mud, leaves etc shallow and dirty. diffivult to find track over grown-large sign about menigitis infected. Go to the other place or waikite valley thermal springs. Locked road at night.
Rating: 3/10
desiree - nz
20th April 2011
You're probably better off driving up to the Lady Knox Geyser parking area, and turning round there, it's only 200-300 metres back from the car park. Still the best spot in the area.
Rating: 10/10
David Cox - Chch
07th October 2010
I love the naturallly secluded aspect of this pool yet it is so reasonably easy to get to
Rating: 8/10
Grant -
25th July 2010
This is a lovely pool, the waterfall gives you a vigorous massage, the water stings your eyes though, can be VERY hot underfoot (or bottom!), there are lots of leaves etc in the pool too, but that's what you get in a pool surrounded by bush, it is great!
Rating: 8/10
Robyn Beers-Bekedam - New Zealand
21th July 2010
Finally found this hot pool, amazing. Had it all to myself and found it to be a perfect temp, about the same as a warm bath. Didnt want to get out
Rating: 9/10
Andrew - Reporoa
20th May 2010
bit hot in summer nice in winter
Rating: -/10
peter - reporoa
13th May 2010
Perfect spot. Hot, lovely standing under the waterfall, and had the place to ourselves. The track is rather overgrown though (but isn't that part of the fun?!). After reading about litter at other pools in the area, perhaps it's a good job that the gate on the road is shut at 5pm every evening.
Rating: 10/10
David Cox - Chch
15th January 2010
A bit of a scramble but private and quite nice if the pool at the bridge is full.
Rating: 7/10
kiwi - ohakune
18th February 2007
I love hot springs I have been to dozens all over Western Canada and none have compared to this. Its a short jaunt from the road that I found relatively easy to get to, you come in and the water is quite warm but the bottom can be scalding especially since it's so hard to wear jandels in the water, I gave it a 6 because while it is a crazy experience to stand under a hot spring waterfall it's kinda hard to do so since you burn the hell out of your feet and can't really float over either since it's rather shallow and then you burn your bum! You have to see and experience it though nothing cooler that a natural hot shower!
Rating: 6/10
Sonya - Auckland
01th January 2007
Make your way under the log & down the ferny track. A waterfall (2-3 metres) gently spills into a lovely warm private bush clad basin. [Karen Anderson, New Zealand]
Rating: -/10
Karen Anderson - New Zealand
23th May 2006
The track to this hotpool can be seen on the right about 500m up the road to the Lady Knox Geyser, with a tree partly fallen over the track a few metres from the road. There are some hot spots in the pool so be careful where you stand.
Rating: 8/10
Philip - Wellington
05th January 2006
Very hard to find, but well worth it for the hot waterfall. The water is only thigh deep and pretty murky but to stand under a hot waterfall and have the place all to yourself is amazing
Rating: 9/10
Gillian - Sydney, Australia
25th October 2005
Not the ideal spot really, you have to clamber through the undergrowth to get to it and you get the feeling that it is rather discouraged. Glad I visited it though - the other side of Rotorua as it were, in it's raw form. Beautiful but spooky.
Rating: -/10
grace lee - Wales Uk
29th July 2005

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