Welcome Bay Hot Pools and Holiday Park

Welcome Bay Hot Pools and Holiday Park
Bay of Plenty
Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga
Phone: (07) 544 2327
**Please mention nzhotpools.co.nz when you call**

Good sized hot soak pool, bigger cooler pool and toddlers pool. Surrounded with barbecues and picnic tables for socialising. Beautiful camp ground. Very helpful and pleasant owners. Ice Creams and drinks at office. [Margaret, New Zealand]


Come off either SH2 or29, go along Welcome Bay road past the residenial area until you are in the country.Look out on the left,its down a long driveway. [Grant and Donna, NZ]

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Bather Reviews
Almost didn't come here because of some of the other reviews, but actually it was totally fine, and we had a nice day here. Nice pools - one fairly hot, the others cooler. Lots of kids around (including ours) but no issues, person at the entrance was friendly.
Rating: 7/10
Rose - Auckland, NZ
17th January 2019
Lovely clean facility and spacious. Unfortunately the owners are incredibly rude and intolerant of children. Each time we've come for a swim we've had a negative experience with the owners being grumpy at the children as well as us. Also non swimmers supervising their children getting charged the same as non swimmers does not make sense and makes for a very expensive trip.
Rating: 4/10
Lisa - Tauranga
05th December 2017
My family stayed there for 1 week awhile ago. Safe and clean both pools and camping area. I found the owner to be so helpful and we are maori and poly and all good for us. Sad if others didnt have the same experience.
Rating: 9/10
Frankie young - Manawatu
20th August 2016
Owner can be very rude which is a shame as it is a nice setting.Observers get charged the same amount as the swimmers which is expensive.The rude and racist attitude of the owner unfortunately out weighs the nice clean pools and lovely surroundings.
Rating: -/10
zita - tauranga
07th May 2014
I probably like this best compared to Mt Hot Pools and Fernland Spa for the simple reason the hot pool is the best temperature (hottest of the 3) and uses natural thermal waters that you can feel on your skin unlike the other two that seem cloriney. Well done. Keep it hot and natural please!
Rating: 7/10
Bren -
18th May 2013
Had a family bbq here and was surprised to find that non swimmers paid the same price as swimmers. Found this to be expensive, pools were clean and bbq area great but the attitude of the owner to be a bit rude, and then he over charged us!
Rating: 7/10
Mandy Blanchard - Te Puke
01th December 2012
This owner has some serious personality issues, in other words NPD. I'd say he needs counselling a the least. We live in the area and it's very well known amongst the locals to not support this buisness............be warned Frazer has been know to spoil many happy family outings!
Rating: 1/10
Fred -
16th November 2012
Has an outdoor warm pool - great for active time and a large spa connected to it. I love the fact that it is truly thermal, that they renew the water every day and it does not have chlorine!
Rating: 7/10
Lisa - New Zealand
20th September 2012
Is the big water slide still up and going? one of my best child hood memorys on that slide!
Rating: -/10
Joel Sheely - Papamoa
26th April 2012
Have been to the pools many times and always enjoyed the experience.The owners are always friendly and keen to talk with anyone who will take time to chat.The pools themselves are very clean and the smaller hot pool i am sure is the hottest in the bay which is great.Would advise anyone coming to Tauranga to pay them a visit cannot recommend it high enough.
Rating: 10/10
Ian - Tauranga
08th April 2012
They don't accept credit cards which in my opinion is mandatory in this day and age!
Rating: 1/10
Jesse A -
03th March 2012
we had the best time and Frazer and Chris were more than accomodating and the campsite is everything we needed and wanted and more.The hoTpools were fabulous ,clean and relaxing.The campsite was clean,friendly, very inviting and tranquil.THANK-YOU it was home away from home,ideal for families.
Rating: 10/10
weldon family - uk
01th January 2012
Great place to go and relax..very sfe enviroment.One be in the pool and fell very safe especially from the dive bombers.The dude in charge runs a tight ship and tries to avoid accidents by preventing them before they happen.There are signs informing swimmers of rules...easy they are safety rules..he is very fare 1 warning then its all over... Great stuff to the owner..Like to remind all readers that this complex is host to approx40 + Balinese for aprox 4mtns of the year and provided ethnic as possible cooking facilities for them....and the pools are often full of Korean and Japanese families..I know as I frequent the pools on a regular basis.These would be the cleanest hotpools in Tauranga
Rating: 9/10
mike - Tauranga
10th December 2011
Its funny the different perspective people have. While the owner is a little unusual, I actually love this because he keeps ANYBODY who is misbehaving on a tight leash. It means I can always go with my small children and know that we will not be bombarded with inconsiderate swimmers. Nothing worse when trying to get kids happy in water for a teenage boy who is trying to impress his friends with a huge bomb to ruin it for everyone. The setting is magical and a wonderful breath of fresh air. I suppose if you accept his rules of no bad behaviour then you wont have any problem.
Rating: 8/10
T THomas - Tauranga
17th November 2011
No rating. Owner is a dick! Sorry about the language but he is one very RUDE man. He didnt actually do anythin g to myself but there were 2 lets call them ethnic families there and he kept growling and the children of these families just for standing near the edge of the pool, or near the cubical s insinuating that one of those boys was monitoring the people and the other was looking thru the belongings - I watched the whole time and they were doing no such thing - he came over to me because he assumed I was on the "look out" so he put it. I was looking alright........ at him and his obvious racism. This sort of behaviouris is appaling - RUDE, DISGUSTING - I do NOT recommend.
Rating: -/10
Karen Adams - Tauranga
12th November 2011
the owner is a sad little man. Payed good money to be thrown out almost instantly because a random boy dived in. He drained the pool because of this boy. idiot.... I want my 10 dollars back.
Rating: 1/10
john -
03th October 2011
just great! stay there twice now and will be back great people to be around. thanxs guys we will see you again soon.
Rating: 10/10
24th April 2011
Lovely setting surrounded by mature trees, we go there a lot and have never found the owner rude, I don't know why the last few comments are so negative maybe they have something personal against him. The pools are great as no chlorine or salt, we like to get there when it opens, there is free use of BBQs and picnic tables to cook up some lunch, over all a very nice family day out to go there. The pool temps are nice and the range of depths is good, our young children can touch the bottom in some places. The only thing missing perhaps is a shade sail over one end or something, but not a biggie. Recommended :-)
Rating: 9/10
Greg Scrivin - NZ
05th February 2011
poolz were great but the owner wos down right freakn rude wont be going bak there eva AGAIN!!!
Rating: 1/10
alez - tga
27th August 2010
I took my two boys to Welcome Bay Hotpools. The pools themselves were very relaxing, the owner though was a very rude man. He shouldn't even be allowed to own a business. I thought the customers was always right, but according to the owner apparently not. I don't recommend these hotpools to anybody until the owner sells the business.
Rating: -/10
Anonymous - Tauranga
28th May 2010
I visited my daughter and took my 3 grandchildren to the pools for a swim. My daughter has been in the uk but on retunring back to the pools we found them in the same excellant condition as when we left. Children ages 3-7 (tall for their age) but not at one stage were any of the three pools too deep for them -so excellant for families. There is excellant barbee facility and changing rooms were clean. The pools were sparkling clean a+++ The owner - well I cannot comment on other peoples encounters but it always seems to be the people who moan put comments- so just remember that hundreds of others attend the pools without any issues. I found the staff to be friendly. For a family there is no question for me - The Welcome Bay pool is the best family pool in Tauranga.
Rating: 10/10
Elaine McCabe - New Zealand
22th March 2010
Very Very rude hot pools owner, disgusting customer service. If you own a business like he does you do not talk to people to way he spoke to my sister & myself. NO RATING GIVEN, will not be going back there, plenty of others to choose from in Tauranga.
Rating: -/10
Lisa - Tauranga
01th November 2009
The pool setting was good, the kids enjoyed the clean pools, the ATTITUDE of the owner was disgusting, he was rude obnoxious, intimitating, dis-respectful to WOMEN, creepy, threatning, i would not re-comend these pools because of this owner. This is a person that OWNS a business & treats his customers that helps him pays his bills & feeds him every week & keeps his business a-float in these tuff times. For us to go to these pools & ENJOY an evening swim was ruin by this RUDE/OBNOXIOUS man....I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT ON THIS PUBLIC PLACE AGAIN....
Rating: 1/10
Jo - Mt Maunganui
01th November 2009
Excellent clean hot pools set in the .country side,yet not too far from Tauranga.Pools included in camp ground fees too. Friendly owner,discount for Motor home Association members
Rating: 8/10
Grant and Donna - NZ
01th October 2009
I've given these hotpools a 5, only because of the pools themselves. If the owner was a bit more friendlier then maybe I would've given it a rating of 8+. I recomend Fernland Spa on Cambridge Road or Oropi Hotpools.
Rating: 5/10
Anonymous - Tauranga
13th September 2009
I love these hot pools. They are always very clean and the surroundings are very peaceful. The owners have always been very, very friendly towards us. I go every other week and just love it! Could do with a bit more foliage around the pool area tho.
Rating: 8/10
Alex - NZ
23th August 2009
Beautiful spot with very clean hot pools, emptied and cleaned daily. Plenty of space with barbecues and picnic tables to socialise with friends. Very friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Rating: 10/10
Margaret - New Zealand
14th March 2009
Lovely pools, pity about the grumpy ass owner. Attitudinal to the max. Not worth the visit. Such a shame
Rating: -/10
Bill - NZ
07th March 2009
Fantastic place to stay, quiet, clean and with lovely owners who couldn't do enough for you. Camp facilities some of the best I have come across although kitchen area is small. Hot Pool facilities are great, very clean and pools cleaned daily. We intend to be back there regularly as one of the best we have visited and stayed at.
Rating: 10/10
LM - Wanganui
13th January 2009
Clean fresh pools,wonderful hot pool and when that gets to hot for you theres nice luke warm pool top place to sit and chill
Rating: 10/10
Mat&Hilda foster - Tauranga
13th November 2008
went there, there was no water...pools were full of sand
Rating: -/10
fred -
01th August 2008
Great place Nice and friendly to .... I would ignore the prev comment.
Rating: 10/10
Steve - Tauranga
20th April 2008
the new owners are absolutely RUDE ecspecially the man owner he is also rasist to maori people i am not joking dont even let yourself go thuru what me and my famly did!!!
Rating: -/10
jamie - tauranga
28th March 2008
This place is pretty cool, but you should open the hydroslide again
Rating: 7/10
Joel Wilkinson - Tauranga, NZ
03th December 2007
Rating: 10/10
anonymous -
25th October 2007
lovely setting, nice and warn highly recaomended. thanx for a lovely time
Rating: 8/10
mjk - canada
06th June 2007
My mother came over for a day visit and suggested that she take her 1.5yr grandson for a swim. We came to these pools as kids, maily for the slide and could not remember what the pools were like. We were just blown away by the cleanlyness of the pools and the grounds. The pool sign says water changed and cleaned every day - I can believe it! We all had a great time and nana wants to bring the other grandchildren over for a swim. We are thinking of having our childs party at the pools - will make a great event place as there are barbee's provided with heaps of shelter. Well done on being one of the best hot pools we have been to in a very long time!
Rating: 10/10
Karen McCabe - New Zealand
06th May 2007
Excellent clean modern pool, set in the countryside. Slide no longer operating sadly. I found the balance of temperatures just perfect. It was a welcome relief to get into the cooler pool from time to time, but it wasn't too cool. I usually like my thermal waters murky and smelly. But I have to say thanks to the Welcome Bay pools I've come to appreciate that natural, un-chlorinated crystal clear thermal water is fantastic. The neighbouring camp ground has also been done up in recent times and is very clean and organised. Either the pool or the campground could do with a trampoline to keep the kids happy.
Rating: 8/10
Milomo - Auckland
24th April 2007
This is my favourite when we visit family in Tauranga. I love it because you can sit in the really hot plunge pool and watch the kids playing in the cooler pool. The only negative is I took kids there at night once and lighting over pool wasnt good thought it a bit dangerous, but that was a while ago and I think there is new owners now so might have improved it, Very reasonable prices to.
Rating: 8/10
nikki slocombe - Kumeu
13th April 2007
Nice and clean. I found the hot pool too hot and the cooler pool too cold, however where the hot pool flows into the cooler pool it was quite pleasant but everyone seems to want to sit there!
Rating: 6/10
Jen - Tauranga
20th July 2006
Has a nice hot pool and a larger pool that is also warm, good for the summer weather.
Rating: 9/10
kt - new zealand
24th August 2005

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