Wren Creek Hot Springs, Cedar Flats

Wren Creek Hot Springs, Cedar Flats
West Coast
Toaroha River, 30km southeast of Hokitika

The hot pools are located about 10min walk from the Cedar Flat huts. The main pool (and hottest) is located on the opposite side of Wren Creek to where you arrive and is situated right beside the cliff wall. It was dug deep enough for four of us and we had to add 6 buckets of cold water to be able to get in. Was wonderful and the sandflies were minimal (but still there). We didn’t go to the other pool further up the river as others at the hut had mentioned that it was about 17degrees (compared to the 40degree pool we were in). Would expect, however, that when the creek became flooded the pool may disappear and need to be re-dug. [Carrie, Christchurch]

Sep 2014: Main pool further up valley (Close to Hotel Ruins) are better, deeper and (normally) a comfortable 45 degrees C. If colder it means cold river water is infiltrating pool. This normally post flood [Ben Moore, NZ]


Drive from Hokitika east to Kaniere then continue to Kokatahi. Turn left and follow Upper Kokatahi Rd for approximately 11km and turn right onto Middlebranch Rd.Once at the carpark follow the track up the Toaroha River to Cedar Flats, allowing approximately 4 hrs. [Steve Hudson]

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Bather Reviews
I buit the pool 20years and go in most years to maintain it ..Went in last week for 4 days 28/4/22 and spent 10hrs extending it by a mtr /digging it out /built up the outside wall and built a small wall near the source to slow it down before entering the main pool...the hot part is 46 deg c and the main pool around 38 deg c...enjoy
Rating: 10/10
chauncey elcock - Rangiora
04th April 2022
Nice walk into the pools, the actual hot pool was hard to find but i walked upstream from river and ecentually found it. It had a layor of oil on the surface and i did notice a few long thin worms lurking in the pool which was a bit offputting but other that that and the beer cans floating around, it was just warmer than luke warm. Nice sceanery all around and sheltered by a slightly overhanging rock
Rating: 3/10
Guy - Timaru
28th November 2020
April 2019: This hot pool was absolutely incredible! Well worth the 3-4 hour walk in for sure. It was a bit cool when we got there and we dug it out a bit exposing the hot ground and when we came back after dinner the temperature was just perfect!! We put candles in jars around the pool and it was very romantic! One of the best things I've done in my life!
Rating: 10/10
Christan long - Queenstowwn
22th April 2019
Good heat. They often get filled with gravel by floods & need digging out/building up to make deep enough. Great when properly constructed!
Rating: 7/10
Trevor Kaniere - Kehutahi
01th March 2011
It's NOT private property! Who says it is?? It's all on public conservation land [Thanks for letting me know Robert! I have made that change - Sheldon]
Rating: 10/10
Robert S - Hokitika
03th March 2010
Feb 08 main hot pool was well built up with room for four. Hot enough to require slow entry, and of course exit... muddy bottom but plenty of flat sitting on rocks, remove these when you leave so they are clean for next weary bodies.
Rating: -/10
Mike Newport - Blaketown
10th February 2008
The other pool is a few more mins upstream on the other side of the creek. The water seeps from under some large rocks (covered with tall grasses). Silty sand might need digging out...depends on the last flood. However nearby are some neat COLD pools in water-worn rocks. JR
Rating: 3/10
16th March 2007

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Riley James
Source: Small pool dug below the main hot springs. Small flow down from the main pool keeps this one a perfect temperature. Tip: bring a shovel and this could be dug out.
Steve Hudson
Source: Taken Aug 2012
Trevor Kaniere