Information for the Owners

Information for the owners of commercial hot pools.

The website is now 119 months old (started June 2006) and in that time we have had 4,700,354 views of the hot pool details pages!

The average number of times the details on each hot pool has been viewed is 52,226.

We offer you the opportunity to upgrade your hot pools profile from FREE to PREMIUM for these benefits:

6 immediate benefits of upgrading your hot pools profile to PREMIUM

  • 1. Increase the number of daily views of your hot pool’s details by 57%
  • 2. Provide the information about your facility that visitors want such as a how to contact you, a link to your website, photos, driving directions, a map, a list of products and services and more…
  • 3. Your logo is featured in several prominent places so your brand gets the exposure it needs
  • 4. We drive more visitors to your web page and ultimately your facility as paying customers by providing a link to your details on every page on this website, and your logo rotates with the other PREMIUM members
  • 5. Your hot pool is exposed to a growing audience of hot pool enthusiasts from around the world and here in New Zealand
  • 6. Our website is search engine optimised for hot pool related searches on Google and other search engines so the traffic to our website grows daily, steadily increasing the number of potential customers to your facility.


How much does it cost?

To find out how much it costs to upgrading the profile of your hot pool to PREMIUM:

Contact Sheldon Nesdale:


What difference does a PREMIUM listing make?

We have mentioned that the average number of times the details on each hot pool has been viewed is 52,226. The average views per PREMIUM hot pool is 91,960, which is 57% more!

We think this clearly demonstrates the effort that puts in to promote your hot pool and the value for money that a PREMIUM listing is.

And this year we aim to direct much more traffic to your hot pools webpage and ultimately to your facility as paying customers!


Information PREMIUM hot pools may display:

  • The name of your hot pool
  • Short description (teaser)
  • A full description to truly motivate patronage
  • Your logo
  • Three photos
  • Full contact details, address, hosts names
  • Regional map of NZ showing your general location
  • A detailed map pinpointing your location
  • Detailed driving directions
  • The collection and display of bathers comments and ratings
  • The collection of bathers suggestions for improvement to your facility
  • Private access to these suggestions
  • A list of your products and services
  • A link to your website
  • A link to your Twitter page
  • A link to your Facebook page
  • An embedded YouTube video


PLUS: We work hard to increase the exposure of your hot pool

With a PREMIUM profile, your hot pools webpage benefits from greater exposure:

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation has been performed on by specialists which means this website and your facility appears near the top of hot pool related searches on Google and other search engines
  • Your hot pool is displayed at the top of search results for your region
  • Your hot pool is rotated in the “featured” list which randomly selects the logo of a PREMIUM member to display – on every page.
  • Your hot pool is included in the “members” list, providing a link from every webpage on this website to your hot pools details

Upgrade to PREMIUM today

Contact us to find out more, or to upgrade to PREMIUM today. reserves the right to review the pricing structure at 12 month intervals. get in, relax, enjoy

Latest Photo
Wren Creek Hot Springs, Cedar Flats
Small pool dug below the main hot springs. Small flow down from the main pool keeps this one a perfect temperature. Tip: bring a shovel and this could be dug out.
Dave Hume Pool, Katikati
Me an my darling kati pools
Amethyst Hot Springs, Lower Wanganui River