Hawkes Bay: 4 Hot Pools in the Hawkes Bay Region

Interactive Map Showing Hotpools in The Hawkes Bay Region
Ohane Stream Hot Springs
Taupo-Napier Highway
Sadly we don't have a decent description for this hotpool. Can you write one?
Mangatutu Hot Springs
Kaweka Forest Park, Northwest of Napier
Small but pleasant pool situated halfway down a mountainside overlooking the Mohaka River. Water is drawn from the hot stream via a pvc pipe so you can adjust the temprature by filling fresh hot water into the tub. Makes a nice day trip/picnic.
Mangatainoka Hot Springs
Up the Mohaka River
There are two small fibreglass baths surrounded by a decking. You can adjust the temperature by filling fresh hot water into the tubs with a pvc pipe. It's best at night when you can sit in the hot pools and watch the stars, glow worms and look for the 'Faces'! You might get a small furry visitor too. Run across to the river for a cold plunge.
Waipiropiro Hot Spring
Between Taihape and Napier, Taihape Road
Please Note: This hotpool is on private property. You will need to seek permission from the land owner before visiting. Contact details will be listed below if they are available. this pool is on private property, very unlikely to get permisson to enter the property, pool is muddy and small anyway and not well used.
Latest Photo
Wren Creek Hot Springs, Cedar Flats
Small pool dug below the main hot springs. Small flow down from the main pool keeps this one a perfect temperature. Tip: bring a shovel and this could be dug out.
Dave Hume Pool, Katikati
Me an my darling kati pools
Amethyst Hot Springs, Lower Wanganui River