Latest 100 Hot Pool Reviews

Rating: 8/10
This historic thermal pool complex has had a lot of TLC in recent years and is barely recognisable from the days when the pools were enclosed by ugly corrugated iron. There are three pools to choose from with the top lap pool being the hottest. One of the lower pools has a gravel bottom with hot water visibly bubbling up to surface. Changing facilities are on the basic side but the current caretaker (2022) is doing a great job keeping the pools spick and span. Lovely riverside and bush setting. Consider staying at the historic hotel onsite for a unique olde worlde experience.
Bevan - Hamilton
07th August 2022
Rating: 9/10
The Okoroire Hot Pools are almost unrecognisable from my earlier visit some 10 years ago. The corrugated iron fences are long gone and the indoor pool is now open air. The pools are nestled amongst native bush and along side a river and waterfall. The top pool is the hottest but don’t overlook the bottom pool which has a gravel bottom and hot water bubbling up to the surface. The current caretaker (2021/22) is doing an excellent job and the water was crystal clear when we visited first thing in the morning. If you’re looking for a unique experience combine the hot pools with a night or two at the adjoining hotel. Note the changing rooms are very basic.
Bevan - Hamilton
08th August 2022
Rating: 8/10
When here, and what an awesome place, couple of people were there, no swim suits required, I’m pretty conservative, however decided to strip off also. Just glad I had just got a Brazilian week before lol
Julie Thompson - Auckland
12th August 2022
Rating: 10/10
We visited in August 2022. First of our branch of the Butcher family to visit. G grandad HR Butcher gave this to the people of the area and it is now maintained by the Council and cared for and valued by the community. It was wonderful.
wendy Butcher - Christchurch
29th September 2022
Rating: 10/10
I buit the pool 20years and go in most years to maintain it ..Went in last week for 4 days 28/4/22 and spent 10hrs extending it by a mtr /digging it out /built up the outside wall and built a small wall near the source to slow it down before entering the main pool...the hot part is 46 deg c and the main pool around 38 deg c...enjoy
chauncey elcock - Rangiora
04th April 2022
Rating: -/10
A sign stating that trespassers will be prosecuted is now situated by the gate on the road to the Lady Knox Geyser.
Philip - New Zealand
07th March 2022
Rating: 3/10
Quite a few years ago now I wrote a review for what I thought was this place but was actually Akatarewa Stream. Recently I returned to this place on a nice warm sunny day to have a soak, but couldn't get near it due to the driveway packed with cars and people in the water with their boats and bottles of alcohol. The place has got worse since my last review all that time ago - really disappointing and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go here (especially if they want to swim nude) unless it's the middle of winter when the boating group are less likely to be around.
25th February 2022
Rating: 9/10
River low, no rain for a week. Walked in via lake karapataka and eased up through the gorge river crossings. Beware a wasp nest on track between lake and saddle! Pools still awesome after ten years .camped the night and walked out via Otehake river bed in good conditions.
Fran Cohen - Nz
27th February 2022
Rating: -/10
We came after heavy rain, so pools totally under water. Could find where the water came up thanks to someone's written instructions on rocks and arrows pointing the way. Maybe 25 minutes to walk there following the old 4wd track to a small river crossing and down a very slippy bank.
Morgan - NZ
08th February 2022
Rating: 10/10
DOC trail and most riverbank washed out, bridge removed so description is not right. GPS coordinates are good. 4wd track until you have to cross the creek (bridge removed), follow it downstream true left until you reach confluence with the river. There stay true right of the big river and boulder hop about 50m upstream. Cairns or gps coordinates help you navigate. Few small pools, one bigger one, depending on river level some shoveling may be needed. Can be too hot. Sandflies very present
Pavel - Czech
30th January 2022
Rating: -/10
18 Dec, 2021. 2km walk from Amethyst powerhouse on old road to washed out bridge. You will get wet crossing the creek, river crossing experience recommended. Didn't make it to the pools (300m past creek), so can't say if they are still there
Andy - Hokitika, NZ
19th December 2021
Rating: 10/10
Went to pools yesterday , bike in and out great bike ride and pools were great clean as.
jonathan - New Zealand
01th December 2021
Rating: 3/10
24 Sept 21 Many fallen trees over the track. Water temp was only Luke warm.
Chris - NZ
26th September 2021
Rating: 10/10
Love re energizing clothes free in the pool never that crowded were you cant be naked and relax
Dennis - Hamilton NZ
19th August 2021
Rating: -/10
the road in is badly in need of the grader again
Dennis - Hamilton
22th August 2021
Rating: 10/10
Unfortunately my favourite spot is no more. Looks like geothermal activity has blown the waterfall and pool apart, the whole lanscape has changed, ground drops away and very soft, dangerous.
Kat - Wellington
25th August 2021
Rating: 3/10
Stayed there for 3 nights in our caravan in January 2021, unfortunately no hot water in the top block so no showers, middle block was just filthy, pools were dirty, lots of hair & floaties. Alot of it being used for social housing & long term living unfortunately. Very run down and no where near as good as it was in the 80's/early 90's.
Cindy - Taranaki
30th August 2021
Rating: 10/10
Rustic and private. Great spot in the valley. The owner was very kind to let us go through his bull farm to get to the springs. Will be going there again :)
Susan Fry - Auckland
31th July 2021
Rating: 5/10
We could not get our pool as hot as we wanted. We even specifically requested a hotter one several days in advance. We left the little flap open the whole hour, but it didn't really do much. We were there at night in the winter, and there was a bright light shining directly at the pool, making it so we couldn't really see many stars. The change room's heater turns off after about 1-2 minutes so there is no real way to not be freezing as your getting dressed again. They were nice, but we felt like they were way overpriced.
Nick - New Zealand
30th July 2021
Rating: 8/10
We loved staying in the Heritage rooms in the hotel. Cosy and attractive. Pools have been done up alot over the past few years.
Debs Chase-Paterson - Te Puke
29th July 2021
Rating: 8/10
Both the private and public pools were clean and delightfully hot. The private pools are fed from the mineral springs so you should expect small pieces of organic matter. Cold poolside showers only. Excellent value.
Paul Kathro - Kerikeri
24th June 2021
Rating: 8/10
We drop by the stream back in 2019. The stream looked inviting but we were not prepared for a dip in the pools. There were some local teenagers swimming n frolicking in the stream. It looked fun enough for another trip here.
Yeo hk - Subang Jaya
11th June 2021
Rating: -/10
Thanks for the info - I went to these pools based on the info in this website:
Joshua Johnson - Christchurch
15th May 2021
Rating: 10/10
Beautiful surrounds. the hot pools were perfect qs it was raining when we arrived and the river was freezing.
Joshua King - Dunedin
17th February 2021
Rating: 1/10
Very disappointing! Bathrooms dirty very unfriendly staff. Paid showers not running for 10 minutes as specified. Lovely trees and spring but unfortunately unpleasant staff spoilt it will not go there again!!
Ansa Strydom - New Zealand
03th February 2021
Rating: 5/10
The creek was clean and quite when we visited but there need to be great warning around the risk of using this area. When visiting I stepped in a sink hole with the water going from ankle depth to thigh deep and received 2nd degree burns to my foot. Please be aware of this risk.
Paul - New Zealand
21th March 2021
Rating: 2/10
Don't give up on these springs just yet. I popped in a couple of weeks ago to see whether anything had changed over the last few years. Reaching the vicinity of where the pools used to be I was immediately aware of the strong smell of sulphur in the air. The water level of the river must have been just right as I was able to find two small warm pools at the river edge. The largest of these pools was only about 30 x 30 cm and around 10cm deep. The smaller one was only just larger than my fist. The temperature of the pools appeared to be mid to high 30s, although this was just a judgement call from the feel of them. The river level was quite low and a rise of just two or three centimetres would be enough to hide the pools completely. I left a cairn to mark the larger pool but it won't survive the next decent rain. Hopefully, this is early signs of the springs re-establishing themselves and a few more years will see them usable again.
Straggler - Auckland
21th January 2021
Rating: 10/10
Walk is dog shit from the otira side , but it’s 100% worth the hot pools , some of the best in NZ in my book.
Adrian - Christchurch
23th November 2020
Rating: 3/10
Nice walk into the pools, the actual hot pool was hard to find but i walked upstream from river and ecentually found it. It had a layor of oil on the surface and i did notice a few long thin worms lurking in the pool which was a bit offputting but other that that and the beer cans floating around, it was just warmer than luke warm. Nice sceanery all around and sheltered by a slightly overhanging rock
Guy - Timaru
28th November 2020
Rating: 10/10
Oasis Motels. My wife and I treat this place as a destination. It is well laid out and the grounds are well maintained. We stay in a campervan. All services are handy yet we can keep our privacy. The owner and his family are very friendly and helpful. Coffee is great. The zoo is wonderful. First time I have ever seen a yak and fed an alpaca.l
Bob Renshaw - Kapiti
16th November 2020
Rating: 10/10
I visited these pools in October 2020 and what an experience. Ring to make your reservation and you are blessed with an hour of luxury and healing. The basic accomodations just enhance the options offered in the various temperature of the pools. The staff and locals attending were very welcoming and helpful. I would highly recommend. PS don't forget to take your old "togs" and towels.
Alison McNab - Waikanae Beach
11th November 2020
Rating: 10/10
i have been there lots and i do not see why people are making rood comments about it i had so much fun and i think some people are just to stuck up to have any fun at anything that's not bling
larry - cambridge
13th October 2020
Rating: 6/10
As of 29/07/20 Hot spring now here: -43.167813,170.629063.
conal ryan -
29th July 2020
Rating: -/10
Hi , owned Eskhead Station from 1978 , the bath was installed by the Dampier Crossly . This hot spring is on the same fault line as the Lewis Pass hot springs . It is not difficult to find, as it has a strong sulphur smell . but it is half way up the South branch after the Stoney creek fan , at least 1 hour walk and a dozen river crossings . Did not know the top bivi had been burnt down . This was a great river valley for sheep and Cows , In my time it belonged to Eskhead The first time I went up this river I thought I would never find the Bivi It was August , You will have to read my book to find out more
Chris Bridgeman - Auckland
21th August 2020
Rating: 3/10
Trash. Someone left plastic all over the place to try and give the pool shelter and contain the mud which now has holes and it’s just a mess , not enough hot water for anything.
Adrian - New Zealand
31th August 2020
Rating: 8/10
Great place, no swimsuit needed as many people swimming nude, so we did the same
Ann van Engelen - Holland
26th June 2020
Rating: 10/10
A great stay with friends. Everything was clean. There was lots to do, and the hot pools were wonderful. Value for money. We highly recommend Miranda Holiday park and cannot wait to go back.
Bob and Janet Francesco - Inglewood NZ
12th July 2020
Rating: 10/10
Love it here
K H - Nz
19th July 2020
Rating: 10/10
Visited Welcome Flats many times in the 80s. Crossed over Copeland Pass (east to west) a few times but most of my visits to the hot pools were in from the West Coast to stay a couple of nights, then out. Sometimes in a group, sometimes just a couple of us. Flew in there by chopper once too which was pretty cool. It was the old smaller hut back then and someone had written the words from a Bob Dylan song on the door which read “Come in she said, I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.
Ray - Perth
05th June 2020
Rating: 9/10
Great semi natural pool the scum is natural and underneath is clean and fresh bubbly only issue would be the odd car load of hoons having a drift in the gravel car park other locals very friendly and welcoming
Richard - Kawerau
14th May 2020
Rating: 8/10
Loved the private spa.and my grandchild and family loved the pool. I have been several times and cant wait for it to open. Thankyou
Rita James - NZ
15th May 2020
Rating: -/10
The best most private pools in New Zealand Take a net to remove the leaves Temperature 30degrees plus so ease yourself in It may be hotter great after the walk to get there Take a lunch as it is a full day walk to return to car park Track is a little rough but not steep The pools are in the grove across the junction of the Cone Creek and Haupiri Not accessible in rain
Steve Harris - Nz
29th May 2020
Rating: 3/10
Very disappointing really. $11 per adult! Water so heavily chlorinated I literally stank of chlorine all night! Last visit I am afraid to say. One likes to support local businesses but I will pass on this one from now on.
Iain - Tauranga
29th February 2020
Rating: 10/10
Down to relax for a few days on wedding aniv. Stayed at the lodge and went up to pools both afternoons. It was amazing, refreshing, relaxing and very hood unwind in beautiful surroundings. Once I got used to the plunge pool I found it really good. Fantastic, we're planning to come back 2x per yr if possible. Carole, Whangarei, Northland
Carole - Clark
22th November 2019
Rating: 7/10
Actually, as at October 2016, one of the pools was not cut up, and was still working. (Am writing about 3 years later now. ) Someone had fed a new hose into this pool. Water pretty hot, but enjoyable!
T Williams - NZ
13th October 2019
Rating: 9/10
We flew in from Sydney Australia, picked up our motorhome and drove straight here for our first night of our holiday and returned for our last night before flying home. To relax in the hot pool after a day of travel was amazing, I would recommend staying here to anyone arriving in Auckland even if you are planning on heading north as it’s only about an hour out of Auckland. We found the CP good , clean and the facilities were good. The total relaxation of soaking in the pool after a day of travel cannot be over emphasised. Next time we fly in we will certainly be back here.
Phil Howell - Newcastle, Australia
27th October 2019
Rating: 6/10
We went on a wed afternoon just after Labour weekend 2019. Not the best signposted, uses same driveway as campground in front of it, advertised early but almost missed on approach. Entry $15 per adult. There were half a doz customers when we arrived, had doubled by the time we left. We were there for maybe an hour and never saw any staff outside the office (one at entry, 2 diff when we left). Signs all over the place telling adults to supervise their children and that health advice was not to put your head underwater (ignored by some). No lifeguards etc. Note that in the main pic used on this website, the big pool is mostly what you're paying for, which claims to be the biggest hot mineral pool in nz. Temperature depends where in the pool you are - inflow (hottest) is a pipe halfway along the left side, the further you are from it the cooler it is. Steps by the changing rooms were more like cooling bathwater. Depth is about 1.4m, wide steps good for sitting on run along both long sides. The booth-looking thing at the far end is an adults-only "sauna pool" (higher, more stable temperature, pipe running along the front providing constant water jet upwards). There is a split level paddling pool on the left, bathwater temp. The entry and restaurant (closed on weds) is behind the photographer. Secure lockers available (far end) and chair lift into main pool (also far end but didn't see it used). Partner dehydrated himself (lost track of time) in the "sauna" but I didn't notice any drinking fountains around so glad I was carrying water bottle. Also no shade in the big pool or paddling pools. (No provided pool floats that we saw either). We didn't use the private pools. Apparently average temp of the main pool was 37C that day, their website says the "sauna" is about 41C. Overall... not certain its worth the long detour to find, as pretty basic and lacking in atmosphere but IS the only public hot pool in the area. I wonder if the camp ground next door, that apparently has its own set of guest-only pools, is any different. Highlight: talking to a couple of fellow hot-pool enthusiasts in the changing rooms. Low light: just underwhelmed I guess.
AMC Whangapirita - Wellington, NZ
01th November 2019
Rating: -/10
Stayed here for 1 night in the Motel 1 accommodation. Across the road down a driveway shared property with the locals What a dump @ $210 per night for 3 people - feels truly ripped off Pools looked scummy and dirty and didn't dare enter the water Shower in unit had very slow running hot water Unit needs a major make over - had 4 new coffee cups though - price tags still on it Smelt of cigarette smoke
Keith - NZ
09th September 2019
Rating: 9/10
It was fabulous. Quite unique. The balance of hot and cold throughout the pools made it easy and fun to navigate. Nice depth for young children. Very relaxed and casual. Nothing too flash which made it quite cosy. The staff were very friendly. The hours are extensive! A must to experience!
Wayne Freeman - Auckland
02th October 2019
Rating: -/10
Stayed here for 1 night in the Motel 1 accommodation. Across the road down a driveway shared property with the locals What a dump @ $210 per night for 3 people - feels truly ripped off Pools looked scummy and dirty and didn't dare enter the water Shower in unit had very slow running hot water Unit needs a major make over - had 4 new coffee cups though - price tags still on it Smelt of cigarette smoke
Keith - NZ
09th September 2019
Rating: -/10
Heavily chlorinated water to the point where I could not endure the fumes. The private pool was at best tepid. Disappointing.
Philp - Auckland
21th September 2019
Rating: 8/10
No available to the public, only staying guests.
E Ala - NZ
06th August 2019
Rating: 10/10
Wow. What a view!! Set in a slice of paradise. Great set of pools that with different temperature. A nice place to relax with the family. It's a best kept secret. Wish we could drive there though.
Lisa S - Auckland
31th July 2019
Rating: 10/10
We stayed 3 hours until lights came on. Was so great to be able to drift seamlessly in & out of different temperatures as we needed to cool off. Staff wonderful & we took a few bottles of water home to remember.
Marina - Russia
17th July 2019
Rating: -/10
This used to be awesome but there are not hot pools there now as they lost permission to draw the thermal water.
Sadie - Wellington
08th July 2019
Rating: 10/10
Totally relaxing -.Best sleep ever too after that soak....Private Pool is the way to go. Great prices. Nice staff.
Ari - Auckland
16th July 2019
Rating: 1/10
This place is like stepping back into the 80s literally! The whole park is in desperate need of some serious maintenance. everything is rundown and looks bad. The entry prices are too high given the poor condition of the place. Don't waste your money here.
Paul - Tauranga
20th June 2019
Rating: 10/10
Fantastic! Lucky Kawerau having this facility for free,for everyone to use. Amazing ❤️
Sue & Lloyd Jones -
13th May 2019
Rating: 7/10
The last time I was at hot&cold (Jan2019) there was rubbish, beer bottles, human faeces, drunk people, an people doing drug deals on the side of the road. These pools are free of charge and people think they have free range to do whatever they please and treat it like a halfway **removed** crack stop. I am utterly disgusted that we let this **removed** happen. The only way this place will restore and hold its natural beauty is off it is closed off to the general public OR put a charge at the gate to cover costs of the **removed** that want to damage these taonga!!
Tangata Whenua - Reporoa
02th May 2019
Rating: 3/10
Have been going here for over 30 years... Its been a couple of years between soaks... The smelly short drop is defo better that people using the bush as a loo... But the number of rats was a bit gross... In the carpark and not scared of people.... Is one thing.. But when they join you in the pool for a swim is eeeekkkk it was a big bugger too.... Some trapping needed... Yes realise they are there cause of the food rubbish from all the humans, cause its now on the tourist map... The small pool is still my fab, water temp is fab, and the massage from the waterfall is great.... Just cull some rats....
Delene - Palmerston North
09th May 2019
Rating: 10/10
The young lady that attended to us Ally is just a gem so polite and friendly well worth the visit
Gaylene hill - New Plymouth
27th April 2019
Rating: 10/10
April 2019: This hot pool was absolutely incredible! Well worth the 3-4 hour walk in for sure. It was a bit cool when we got there and we dug it out a bit exposing the hot ground and when we came back after dinner the temperature was just perfect!! We put candles in jars around the pool and it was very romantic! One of the best things I've done in my life!
Christan long - Queenstowwn
22th April 2019
Rating: 1/10
nice place but all the locals ruin it by smoking and drinking to much. very over grown, very crowded and we saw a rat run along the bank when in the water. wouldn't want to see a couple nudist to show or take the wrong turn and go to the nudist camp instead of paradise.
jeff - nz
23th April 2019
Rating: 10/10
A bit of the beaten track - there is a short path through the bush from the road to the geyser to the pool - but thoroughly worth it. Much less crowded than Keroscene Creek and Hot 'n Cold, which meant we could finally ditch our togs and enjoy the pools properly.
Chris - Australia
30th March 2019
Rating: 10/10
I simply cannot believe I've been coming to Rotorua for so long and have not found this place. I arrived after dark to find the pool empty so stripped off my clothes and got in. An Indian couple who had just left promptly came back when they realised I wasn't a threat, followed shortly after they left by a Canadian dude and a chick from Melbourne and another couple of groups of locals. Was really cool chatting to them lying in the pool. I didnt notice if anyone else went nude and it didn't really bother me and no one either mentioned or seem to be to care about my lack of clothes. The pool itself was wonderful and easy to adjust the temp you had by moving closer or away from the heat. I can't comment on litter as it was only illuminated by the Stars and coukdnt see. It is a bloody amazing place and I will definitely be back and surprise my wife next time we are in Rotorua.
Ben - NZ
30th January 2019
Rating: 8/10
Really loved this pool. Peaceful green location, nice temperature, friendly staff. We were almost the only people there. Nice cafe and small play area with playhouse and sandpit.
Rose - Auckland, NZ
17th January 2019
Rating: 7/10
Almost didn't come here because of some of the other reviews, but actually it was totally fine, and we had a nice day here. Nice pools - one fairly hot, the others cooler. Lots of kids around (including ours) but no issues, person at the entrance was friendly.
Rose - Auckland, NZ
17th January 2019
Rating: 8/10
Really like these pools - been here a few times over the past few years. Possibly slightly pricey compared with some of the others, but they do have more facilities. The kids always enjoy coming here too.
Rose - Auckland, NZ
17th January 2019
Rating: 9/10
Me my wife and 8yr old son loved it, the private pool gave us all an enjoyable hot soak to the bones, 20min is perfect. Clean. My only suggestion to improve would be a quiter overflow level drain, to assist with relaxation. But not a deal breaker by any means. Thanks for the experience!
Brad - Brisbane
21th January 2019
Rating: 9/10
We are visiting from Australia and have enjoyed the hot springs now and previous visits 2 years ago . We love the natural surrounds and the peaceful location . The hot springs are so relaxing and the natural setting is great. A must when you are visiting Rotorua area.
Helen - Innisfail
22th December 2018
Rating: 10/10
My partner and I (and our 4 month old twins) stayed at Maruia hot spring for 3 nights at the end of 6 weeks travelling around NZ. We had an amazing stay, the staff are all lovely and very accommodating. We are big fans of natural baths and these are completely natural. They do have an algae that forms from the mixing of the thermal and cold springs but it feels great to rub on your skin and can apparently be eaten (like spirulina) so isn’t a problem. There are three different outdoor pools with varying temperatures and one indoor but all were around 39/40 degrees when we were there. The dry sauna and steam are great and the new Infrared sauna works really well. We started every day with an infrared sauna followed by jumping in the fresh cold water spring pool which we would thoroughly recommend before breakfast. All the food we had was excellent with a focus on being very healthy (fermented foods etc). We did the room/breakfast/dinner package and would recommend it as a treat! The one down side is that there are lots of sand flies but they give out a free oil that really works so they didn’t bother us and the babies didn’t get a single bite! If you fancy splashing out on a quality pool this one is highly recommended. On the opposite end my other favourite was ngawha springs in the north (also completely natural with lots of different muds).
Ruth - Brighton, UK
13th December 2018
Rating: 8/10
Visited the pools yesterday (28/11/18) and was not disappointed! There was one main pool, depth just below the knee and a good temperature. Some other pools have been dug, but there was no water in them. Rating would be 10, but the sand flies do make it hard to relax completely. Since visiting these pools 2 and a half years ago, there is now a sign at the first gate on the 4wd track saying no public access, and to use the marked DOC track instead. The gate was open, but I decided to leave the ute here and walk. I opted to walk up the river itself as I wanted to check if there was any hot water coming up where the old pool below the rocky terrace was (this pool is mentioned in some of the older reviews below), as when here last in 2016, that pool had been swallowed by the river. There were a few hot puddles, so a pool could likely be formed here (currently) with some digging. When returning, I walked back along the 4wd track and the gate at the bridge (Amethyst Ravine) was locked as a portion of the road has slipped away, so driving past the first open gate only would’ve saved about 10 mins of walking.
Michael - Christchurch
29th November 2018
Rating: 8/10
Clean private pool and public pool great since it has the spring water in it too and was at least 39C. Our skin was so soft afterwards. Cold showers okay for rinsing off but would like to see lukewarm showers at entrance for everyone to use before getting into pools. Price is fantastic, good value. The thermal walk was lovely with bird song, natural vegetation and many photo ops. Would go again if I could.
Dagmar Hughes - Campbell River Canada
15th November 2018
Rating: 8/10

I have been coming here since a kid. It's always had the little dam, don't know why people think this is new? Never had a problem with mozzies, probably happens sometimes though I guess. Water is always scummy, natural texture, sure beats non-natural pools. The iron/manganese can discolour your togs, it'll rinse out. $8 a swim sweet as. People have jobs. This is important, and they give you changing sheds and maintenance. Will always go back.

Kent - Rotoiti
03th November 2018
Rating: 10/10
Twelve months since my last visit....hobbled in with a badly sprained swollen ankle and after a healing soak in these ancestral waters I walked out pain free....would so love a healing soak today....will have to visit again very soon. Keep up the good work team!
Heather O - Blenheim NZ
16th October 2018
Rating: 9/10
Pros: We went to this spa because it offered a variety of options to choose from. We discussed options with an Indian girl at the reception who helped us choose the right option for my family of three. We took the option of $55 pp for unlimited time. The time in the pools was so great that our skin started to glow and my weak and achy knees started feeling strong and pain free. In this option we had the constant supply of towels and a range of temperatures to choose from. We moved from one pool to the other after spending about an hour in each. We took the cold plunges from the alkaline and acidic pools for detoxifying which really really worked for the three of us. I had swelling on my face and feet which just vanished after the bath. We completed all the alkaline first and the did the acidic pools returning to the 36 degrees pool to relax. In between we rested on the heated recliners to enjoy the gentle cold breeze and views. We felt very rejuvenated and relaxed that we went back the day after and did the exact same things. Cons: The staff didn’t bother giving us any directions on how to use the facility. I suppose this is because we knew it being from the same country. They shouldn’t assume that we know. Luckily for us I had done enough online reaserch to optimise our time. There is no onsite information about detoxification or the order of pools. If there is no order, then they should mention that as I heard everyone asking the same question. Some staff are very rude. But we didn’t care for what they are as they don’t matter to us. I think they have become rude after managing visitors from different cultures who may or may not comply easily. Pricey. Overall : This is a tourist place and I suppose such places don’t naturally thrive on customer care. If they did, then that will attract returners and recommended people. But to the customer I think expectations on service should be secondary in this place as the advantages of the geothermal pools both acidic and alkaline all in one place with the detoxifying cold plunges in unlimited time is definitely greater. We will certainly go back unless we could find a similar option elsewhere. I am giving them a 9/10 for the effects we received health wise from their facility and the option we chose.
Shree -
12th October 2018
Rating: -/10
Could no longer find the hot pools...would it be possible to re-dig? Such a shame.....Any way of locating the original source of water?
Edd - England
12th October 2018
Rating: 3/10
Not bad for a swim and that is all
Jeff - Napier
11th October 2018
Rating: 7/10
We stopped in for a quick soak. The three pools are basic but perfectly adequate; each one a different temperature. The changing rooms are rudimentary but you would more likely be staying in a motel unit so it would not be a bother. Would certainly consider staying there if in the area.
John Rogers - Auckland
07th October 2018
Rating: 8/10
A large pool in good surroundings. Facilities are good. Had a look at the private pools and would book one on the next visit. Such a good setting I would have done coffee and cake if available. Well worth a visit.
John Rogers - Auckland
07th October 2018
Rating: 8/10
This place is in the hidden gem category. The water was good, surrounding area and change rooms clean. Did not do the cafe but will next time round. It looked good. This pool is on my return visit list..
John - Auckland
05th October 2018
Rating: 10/10
Fantastic!! Ok so not your usual place on Hot Pools NZ but it is pretty cool. We had to book a room to stay though so you can’t just call in as it’s private property, but once in the pools are open 24/7 and we stayed in the Large pool having drinks until really late, the stars were out and it was amazing, in the morning we got up and enjoyed the amazing foggy tundra. I wouldn’t say it was cheap but we were the only ones there and saw no one not even staff! so for us pool lovers it was awesome and we will be back.
Mike Lovell - Auckland
03th October 2018
Rating: 1/10
Absolutely disgusting, watched a “life guard” using his cell phone while guarding the pool, what a disgrace you people have no clue what so ever
M Wellz - Nz
03th October 2018
Rating: 3/10
Went to Waingaro Hot Pools for the first time with my family today...The customer service was great, however the hot pool was disgusting with floaties the appeared to look like skin. There is not tuck shop as all pools have... The hydroslide was only turned on for approx 20 minutes then turned off again, so clearly the owners are "TIGHT" on money when we have just paid $6 each for a "DAY PASS". The concrete leading up to and flooring at the top of the hydroslide were slippery and full of Lycan which causes accidents when wet. Once our day had ended due to the hydroslide still being off and my son not being able to use it again, we went to have a nice shower to clean the pool gunk off...However the shower floor was slippery with sludge and the water is COLD AS HELL in the shower...Yet another TIGHT ASS way to take our money and skim on provisions... I hope the next owner cares about their customers more buy providing the service we are paying for buy not cutting costs to make profit off us and especially in regard to the many HEALTH & SAFETY issues the Waingaro Hot springs has. That aside Lovely staff.
Michelle Weir -
11th August 2018
Rating: 10/10
Absolutely love these pools, so relaxing and the perfect temperature. Always feel a million dollars after a dip. Highly recommended
Sally - New Zealand
18th July 2018
Rating: 1/10
What a dump. If we hadn't had to pay for accommodation in advance and the weather wasn't so foul we would have left. The accommodation was appalling... Dirty oven, had to wash dishes before using, one window in a room didn't close properly and there was a broken tile on the floor in the kitchen. It was just really run down and unkempt. Pools were nice but paid extra for the kids to go on the slide and they opened them for 15 minutes during the 2.5 hours we were there.
Julie - New Zealand
16th July 2018
Rating: 10/10
These pools are incredible,beautiful and smell just as they should! The staff is very friendly and there are so many options of diffferent temperatures for everyone from 55celcius to almost freezing cold. Going from the hot to cold pools is very good for your heart and helps your bones become stronger. Each pool has a different mud in it with its own unique minnerals to rub all over you that you have to wash off each time before entering the next pool. Unfortunately you have to wear clothes but still worth going. The review of the lady who fell on the not even step is completely ludicrous and the fact that she did not say anything to the employees but then wrote a negative review is just wrong. It was hers and is always your responsibility to look where you step ALL of the time EVERYWHERE. Be warned:() and even though I left no valuable belongings in the locker room someone 100% for certain went threw my things I left in my locker unlocked attempting to steal from us. Overall amazing and incredible experience just remember to lock your car and leave your valuables with the kind employees in the office:-)
Chandler Corbin - Lake Toxaway/ Wanaka
13th July 2018
Rating: -/10
This is a description of this one or the other one in the area from the 1800's
ij -
04th July 2018
Rating: -/10
This is a description of this one or the other one in the area from the 1800's
IJ -
04th July 2018
Rating: 10/10
Great memory of 1972 ....oh to be young again...on my way to cross the Copeland Pass , ice axe and crampons at the ready. Skinny dipping at night in the hot pools surrounded by mountains with a full moon and scudding never to be forgotten.......happy days.
Peter Edgington - UK/Australia
24th June 2018
Rating: 1/10
Tried to find these pools despite 4 years old reviews but no luck. No signs of the pools or the big pool. Could someone prove me wrong?
Boris - Slovakia
28th May 2018
Rating: 8/10
Had a lovely time here today- we didnt spend the whole 20 mins as we didnt really need it. We were a little worried about going due to the comment about TLC being required- I have made a suggestion to remove this statement as it potentially puts off customers- personally I have seen much much worse! We didnt use the public pool as we were travelling home. My only suggestion for improvement is that it would be nice to have some sort of privacy screen for changing as not all couples wishing for a private pool may be comfortable changing in front of each other- new couples, groups of friends, for example.
julia scanlon - Te Awamutu
26th May 2018
Rating: 3/10
Small, muddy, a bit difficult to locate. Could only really soak our legs. Was nice after a long rainy day of tramping though. To access, give Gloriavale a call and let them know you'd like to tramp up the Haupiri. There is a DOC parking lot and signage. We actually came in from Lake Morgan and went out down the Haupiri, which was a 3 day loop.
Kevin Fraley - Alaska, USA
22th May 2018
Rating: 10/10
The total destruction of Sylvia Flats Hot Polls is now happening. Contractors arrived about Monday 7 May 2018 are are building a rock wall beside the river and a road along the cliff bottom. When finished there will be a placed rock wall dropping into the river with deep river water. This is being done to save the road above. There will never be hot water here again. The only hope of a pool will be crossing the river when it is low and exploring the other side, IF they leave the car park open. The other pools at the bush edge across the river were covered by the expanding shingle fan some years ago. All this is the result of the large slip in the head of the creak across from the car park. This slip has for years feed gravel into the Lewis river, keeping the river bed higher than normal. This gravel "wave" finished some years back and the river bed level drop up to 1000mm over the next few years. This led to erosion of the banks by the pools and the under cutting of the road cliff. The river "fall" that was 100m up stream of the pool is now at the pools and the river coarse is now toward the pools and the cliff. I visited the pools the night the first erosion of the cliff started. I have got video of trees and rock falling into the river. The bottom of the cliff is now some 10m closer to the road. This looks to be the end of the only road side free pool in the south island. I would like to add a photo of the digger that is there now. Owen
Owen Pearson - New Zealand
14th May 2018
Rating: 10/10
Since leaving Te Puia Springs as a 6 year old to move 62 years ago up North with our parents, my ,brother and I, with spouses, returned and stayed in the Te Puia Spring hotel as a bit of a pilgrimage . We are all thrilled to see the Hotel in such caring hands with restoring the now 100 year old beauty back to all its glory. The restoration thus far is fabulous. The welcome and friendliness was superb, the staff and owner were so hospitable and went beyond the norm with their hospitality .. the linens and beds and new fitting are modern and fit well with the era of the Hotel. A long soak in the mineral bath was just bliss and we all slept extremely well in lovely comfortable beds. We can’t wait to go back and stay. A beautiful old building. A unique Hotel. Learning that there is a takeaway at the dairy not a few minutes walk away from the Pub is a bonus. And of course. The fabulous beach a mere five to ten minutes drive away to Waipiro Bay. (We visited specially to see where our parents were married . At the lovely old church Waipiro Bay.). Thank you Zhu. And wishing you all the best with the project.
Raey Fulton - Tauranga NewZealand
07th May 2018
Rating: 10/10
after reading the reviews it totally surpassed expectations, the place is lovely! clean pools, Lovely staff, Highly Recommended , loved the short walk around the geothermal area and feeding the Trout off the bridge,, we loved it so much we went twice during our short stay..
ManyHawk & WhiteDove - New Zealand
03th May 2018
Rating: 10/10
Absolutely Fantastic! We biked in from St James Homestead, made a perfect day trip. Hot pools were super warm and in an awesome remote location. Would recommend to anybody and everybody.
Tom Robinson - Nelson New Zealand
01th May 2018
Rating: 10/10
Tokaanu hot pools were "the place to be" growing up in Turangi.. Mum (Lorraine) and dad (Ashley) would always take me there as often as possible.. I can't wait to visit next weekend and relive many childhood memories..
Shanna Wilson - Hamilton/New Zealand
28th April 2018
Rating: 10/10
Very good, very hot. Best spot is behind two large boulders in the dried up creek bed on the true right side of the island. Good campsite and two shovels provided. So hot you will need cold water out of the small creek to cool the pools.
Nick macbeth - Cheviot
25th April 2018
Rating: 8/10
I've been going to Waingaro since an infant. Yes it may be outdated compared to other wealthy Springs but in general it does the job I expect it to do. It's become neglected somewhat but doesn't change the fact that the water is why I'm there; relaxation temperature, hydrotherapy, peace and the childhood memories flashing by when I look at each area of the site. I love the loud laughable characters of the owners and the smiling humble staff, they have shown me no bias, ever and I'm all honesty the owner will clock you, real loud, on the intercom if she has to because most times its needed. Be responsible and she won't call you out.
MeiMei - Hamilton
17th April 2018
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Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
Lower pool with gravel base
Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
Lower riverside pool
Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
Top pool, formally enclosed prior to recent redevelopment.