Latest 100 Hot Pool Reviews

Rating: 4/10
Lovely clean facility and spacious. Unfortunately the owners are incredibly rude and intolerant of children. Each time we've come for a swim we've had a negative experience with the owners being grumpy at the children as well as us. Also non swimmers supervising their children getting charged the same as non swimmers does not make sense and makes for a very expensive trip.
Lisa - Tauranga
05th December 2017
Rating: 6/10
We’ve been here a few times, different days of the week. Although it seemed fairly quiet on Saturday what I did notice was the lack of staff actually monitoring the pool, it’s the same during the week when we’ve stopped off on our way to Whanga. I doubt many of the staff have ever worked in hospitality prior to working here as they aren’t very polite or friendly, the young ones seem to only know how to grunt, they don’t even have knowledge of the place the work at, general stuff like the size of the main pool, or what minerals are in the water. The food was good, still don’t know why we can’t pay for drinks at the same time as ordering our burgers. Obviously this place isn’t being run as a business, more of a hobby. Oh and the changing rooms, ok I get that they are pretty old, but considering there weren’t many people there they could have been cleaner.
Tom Larkins - Auckland
04th December 2017
Rating: 10/10
Was here over the weekend - a lot of works has been done and its looking amazing. Awesome place. Excited for the summer ahead and spending it on the lake.
Jeff - NZ
27th November 2017
Rating: 10/10
Amazing facilities! I can’t believe it’s free - what a wonderful place!
Christina - NZ
26th November 2017
Rating: 9/10
Had an amazing time at Onsen Hot pools when we visited Queenstown. Lovely staff, really clean facilities and the view is breathtaking. It was a little hot for my partner and I so we had to add more cold water throughout the hour we had there. But really good that there is the option of being able to add the cold if you need. Completely private rooms which was nice.
Tara Jayne - Auckland
08th November 2017
Rating: 2/10
Pretty crappy place. The smaller hot pool was super gross, could see skin/toenails etc floating in it. The bigger pool was ok. No life guards half the time, and the other half was an old lady that could barely walk.
Petah -
04th November 2017
Rating: 10/10
I moved to NZ from Australia 13years ago, I've been to about every pool on the North Island,and some on the South Island. Ngawha Springs are the best by far.The choice of pools, the variation in temperatures, colours, and aromas is amazing. I moved to Kaikohe 1 year ago so i could go daily to the pools.I never get bored as each days the pools are in a different "mood". Recent renewal of the timber and pathways has made the experience much easier for anyone who is mobility challenged. If you come to Northland and not visit Ngawha then you missed out on an experience of unequaled awesomeness.
jude de angulo - kaikohe,NZ
05th November 2017
Rating: 8/10
Staff were friendly and helpful. The experience was unusual but a fun experience. Started with 20mins in the mud pool then a rince off, followed by a soak in the thermal pools.
Raymond - AKL
18th October 2017
Rating: 8/10
Recently visited with my wife, it was a really cool experience. Found the self-regulation of the pools a small nuisance as you had to get out to adjust the temp.. But other than that it was great and staff very friendly.
Vincent -
18th October 2017
Rating: 8/10
We loved it here, the surroundings were beautiful and peaceful. Would recommend for the atmosphere! Maybe a little pricey but that's just my opinion. :)
Talia - NZ
18th October 2017
Rating: 8/10
I visited with my boyfriend earlier this year. The atmosphere was wonderful, it really felt like a mini paradise. The only thing I would comment on is that there isn't many different pools to choose from and the water temp not quite hot enough. But, we were there on a very rainy day! And it was a lovely experience.
Jayne - Hamilton
13th October 2017
Rating: 1/10
If you don't know the owner, then you don't go there. It's pretty basic and not that warm so your not missing anything.
Naike Local - Naike
14th October 2017
Rating: 7/10
Central to lots of activities. Clean and very friendly staff. Outside needs a paint to freshen it up and sign revamped. Would have loved another hot pool and a games room.
Kelly - Nz
14th October 2017
Rating: 10/10
Such a wicked place! Loved it here. Spent a day soaking in the pools with friends. Highly recommend! :)
Rina - New Zealand
14th October 2017
Rating: 4/10
Went here recently, was nice but over priced! Nice facilities though. Not so great customer service however.
Rina - New Zealand
14th October 2017
Rating: 10/10
Beautiful place, been going for years. An amazing place to relax after a long day on the lake!
Morgan -
14th October 2017
Rating: 8/10
Loved this place the tubs are very neat to sit in especially on a very cold snowy day. Service from the staff was very professional and helpful possibly a little hot for kids we actually had to keep getting out so the temperature regulation was a little average.
David D - Marlborough New Zealand
15th October 2017
Rating: 8/10
Free public swimming pools. Hot spa, kids pool and water play area and swimming pool.
Keith Watson - New zealand
12th October 2017
Rating: 7/10
It is just an old pool to go swimming in. Has potential to be amazing just needs a good tidy up. Spanish style built, two warm pools on side and big lap pool in the middle. Was very quiet which was great. Had whole place to ourselves.
Conrad Pedersen - Rotorua
10th October 2017
Rating: 10/10
Love Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools! We go every summer. Always look forward to it at the end of the year
Anna - Auckland
10th October 2017
Rating: 8/10
A great day out and the whole family had a good time at a decent price. The people were really nice and friendly and the facilities were just fine. The place is good value and we would recommend it. Unsure why there are negative reviews out there - maybe some people have unrealistic expectations of what to expect from hot pools in the middle of the North Island!
Stu - Tauwhare
06th October 2017
Rating: 10/10
Love this place, always a treat visiting. The kids love jumping into the lake after a hot swim. Wonderful location!!
Angela - NZ
05th October 2017
Rating: 4/10
Went today for the first time with family. Staff were friendly at the gate. All of the rails around the pools and inside the pools are rusted and in need of renewing. Many parts of the concrete were slimey and slipperey too especially up by the hydroslides, was quite dangerous. The hydroslides were awesome though, kids had a day of fun. Plenty of shelters to sit under with many tables and seating, great for family get togethers. The walkways around the pools are odd, not spacious or level, gotta be careful all the time there. Pools are geat though. Biggest complaint would be the 'life guards'. I saw 4 life guards today. 1 was an elderly woman who struggled to walk up the steps, another a large plus size woman (Im very plus sized so I know the physical limitations well) so I doubted their ability to actually save someone from drowning. The other 2 were men, 1 was very aware of the swimmers, walking around watching constantly, compared to the other who sat on his phone majority of the afternoon. An incident did occur too while I was there, an elderly woman was trying to get out of the hot pool but so many people occupy the stairs and sit in the way blocking the entrance and the use of the rails. She ended up slipping and hitting her head while trying to squeaze through them. No life guards saw it, took awhile for someone to get the attention of one, and they didnt really do anything, just came over asked if she was okay then helped her get out. Thats as far as the lifeguards assisstance went, the elderly woman ended up being concussed and her family took her to the hospital. After that I complained saying to a lifeguard that the stairs into the pools should be kept vacant because thats why the elderly woman slipped. The lifeguard listened, went over to all the people blocking the stairs and asked them to move, they did, then as the lifeguard turned they all returned back tot the stairs to sit. He didnt ask them again either. Another lifeguard occasionally asked them to scoot over every now and then. People blocked the stairs all afternoon. The place needs to invest in replacing the fixtures, and cleaning the pavement. But most of all they need trained life guards that enforce safety rules. Apart from these grievances my family had fun, but definitely didnt feel safe, so 4/10.
Maree - Hamilton, NZ
20th August 2017
Rating: 3/10
Too popular now. Very crowded with people. Lots of rubbish. Car park has glass everywhere from broken car windows. The site needs someone to take charge and upgrade it to handle the heavy use.
R Streiff - New Zealand
16th August 2017
Rating: -/10
I remember going there as kid in the eighties. I will always remember one experience I had there. I was in a pool and started talking to a guy, mid to early twenties with long blond hair and black roots. This guy was able to tell me accurately information about myself that someone only who knew me intimately would have known. The memory of that experience has left a lasting puzzle to this day, since then I have always associated the springs with the intangible and the presence of the supernatural.
Max - NZ
15th August 2017
Rating: 2/10
It's a real shame that the segregated Japanese Bathhouse is no longer the same under the new owners. It used to be so relaxing and traditional. Prices are a bit steep too now.
Fred Leverton -
03th August 2017
Rating: 10/10
Been here many times a pool to soak pool to play and swim awesome highly recommend. Water clean and staff. Places to have a picnic.
Lynnette - Hamilton/NZ
29th July 2017
Rating: 9/10
Stopped by here on Monday 14 July 2017. Whilst some travellers describe to access road as if it was tough, it is just a short gravel forestry road and would not be considered difficult by local drivers. The track to the hot pool can be muddy but it's only a few minutes walk through the bush to the hot pools. Once there it's great to bath in the warm pool by the cascade on a cold morning. Dig you toes into the sand by the water fall and you can feel the hot water as it bubbles up from the springs in the bottom. When we were there there was no rubbish although it would be nice if those who are compelled to drink could take their empties with them. All in all a great treat for the family and plenty of people around by day to feel safe.
Nick Brougham - Auckland
19th July 2017
Rating: 7/10
I used to love soaking in the spa under the mountain and listening to the birds. Unfortunately the (very) loud radio blasting ads has killed the ambiance to the point where I don't enjoy this any more. Please can the radio be stopped? Nature and laughter is all that is needed...
Marge -
15th July 2017
Rating: 3/10
We paid for a private pool thinking it'd be relaxing away from the crowds but instead the water was dirty, so many floating hairs and bits of paper etc. The filter was really noisy and the office ladies could be heard constantly talking over the loud speaker. It was gross so we got out early. The outside pool was ok, needs upgrading but at least it was a lot cleaner. It's embarrassing the state of the pools, considering the number of overseas tourists who come and the cost of $40 for two adults and two kids! There needs to be some serious upgrading happening!
Kim - Auckland
15th July 2017
Rating: 10/10
Amazing, surreal and worth travelling to visit, specially for a soak and unwind. Will be back.
James - Hastings NZ
10th July 2017
Rating: 1/10
Cabins are just ok but the kitchen, toilets and showers a disgusting, filthy mess. Everything damaged and had not been cleaned for weeks. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
B. Foote - Taupo
07th July 2017
Rating: 8/10
It was a great nite?? Definitely going back more organized than wat I was though!! One thing is they need 2play movies!!
Hine-Porete Paul - Hamilton
07th July 2017
Rating: 4/10
It's in a nice bush setting, but unfortunately the water was not warm enough. Also the pools and building are a bit run down and need some maintenance. I visited in early June and being the Kiwi fruit season, it was quite full with seasonal workers who tend be quite noisy late into night, so camping wasn't much fun either
Ranjan - Auckland
03th July 2017
Rating: 10/10
Just beautiful, I'm not sure what is wrong with children seeing naked bodies though, we all came that way? Surely hiding something only makes a child feel that there is something to be ashamed of?
Liz - napier
16th June 2017
Rating: 10/10
Who do you people think you are whineing and carrying on about the entry fee? Shameless!! This is a privately owned stream on privately owned land. The owners have every right to charge you for the privilige of its use. So you used to come here for free? Well lucky you but now you have to pay. Simple really get over it.
Monique - NZ
17th June 2017
Rating: 9/10
Great Spot, and amazing value for $4 a head for all of the pools. Can get a bit packed on weekends. Soaked in the 42 degree bulldog and was warm for days! It is a bit "simple" and there are no showers, so if you don't want to smell "Thermal" take that into consideration. I will frequent anytime I am within an hours drive for sure!
Dan - Auckland
06th June 2017
Rating: 8/10
Nice pool. easy to find. pitty i only had time for a brief foot warmer.
James Ivey - NZ
02th June 2017
Rating: 10/10
Waingaro Hot Springs is the best day out for the whole family. The owners and staff are so warm and welcoming. It burst with character, so relaxing and always clean. I feel so lucky to have this just half an hour away and great all year round what ever the weather!
Joni Mathieson - Raglan
29th May 2017
Rating: 9/10
A hotpools complex with plenty on offer. Four pools that are part of a holiday park and can be accessed independently. The 3 thermal pool range in temperature from 37-40 degrees. The complex has a well maintained retro feel. There are private pools available. Looking forward to visiting again and spreading the word about this hidden gem. A rural setting and close to Matamata.
Sheryldeen McCollum - Hamilton
07th May 2017
Rating: 10/10
Beautiful location, amazing atmosphere, perfect for couples and families, one of New Zealands hidden gems.
Jonathan Hester - Auckland New Zealand
19th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Great place for a relaxing break.
Ross - NZ
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Paradise on earth, it's a highlight of our family holiday every year. Beautiful and relaxing in the rain or in the evening and fun in the daytime heating up in the pools and sliding down the slide into the lake. It's always been immaculately clean every time we've been over the years and the managers are friendly.
Nicola - NZ
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Great family atmosphere. Awesome for the kids to slide, bomb and wrestle on the pontoon. You know it's a good place when you struggle to find a spot to park your boat.
Adam - Hamilton
18th April 2017
Rating: 7/10
Not too bad, nice big rooms, but a bit worn out....
colin - Auckland
18th April 2017
Rating: 8/10
Very kind and friendly service, always happy to see you from year to year . its like seeing an old friend each year . quite and laid back . very cool spa pools with each room
Doug - Rothesay Bay
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Awesome ripper of a place beautiful setting and very relaxing
Maurice - New zealand
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Love going to these pools, such a lovely spot, so relaxing and great atmosphere!
Tarina MacKay - Auckland
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
There's nothing better than soaking in these hot pools! Options of different pool temps is a really nice feature and I really like that every pool is emptied, cleaned and refilled every day. My family holidays at Lake Rotoiti almost every summer and they all love going to the pools, there's enough to keep all age groups happy. There's plenty of easy access boat parking and change room and toilet facilities and a snack bar! I can't wait to go back!
Tracey - Auckland
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Have been to Lake Rotoiti for summer holidays 7yrs in a row, and my highlight of my holidays are going to these hot pools, love going for a refreshing swim in the lake then hopping straight into the pools.
Paula Johnson - Hamilton
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
This place is a real gem. Won't find a better place in NZ to relax and take in the scenery.
Bryan - Auckland
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
One of NZ's best hidden paradise's !
Brad - NZ
18th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
Love it, perfect for relaxing in after wakeboarding and dinner
Jason - Auckland NZ
18th April 2017
Rating: 5/10
Bit of hike but a nice spot
Paul - NZ
18th April 2017
Rating: 2/10
I have been here many times over the years and often stopped en-route to or from Christchurch but in January called to find new owners and new prices, $40 per person. No more visits at that price.
Kerry-Jayne - West Coast
16th April 2017
Rating: 10/10
I remember wen I was between 6and 8 about 20 years ago my mum and dad use to take all us kids here wen you couldn't get there through spa park u had to go down spa rd and turn onto a gravel road just before you hit the car park at spa park. And we would come to a locked gate were we would leave our car and walk a short distance to the hotspot and river back then we would leave our car fully open and there was no worries at about theives. There was never anyone else there wen we went there we were always the only ones there i think there was one time we were there and another maori family arrived we made some awesome mates that day lol.we use to go there almost everyday. I also remember the nxt time we returned the gate was open so we could drive straight up to the river and after that my dad put his padlock on the gate and for years his lock remained on that gate. it was so beautiful there so peaceful and relaxing but also so much fun for us kids because of the river we would go up the river and float back down to the hot spot. We use to dive in dunk our heads under even wen the signs said not to lol but hay nothing ever happen to any of us. This was my favorite place it the world it felt like it was our own lol piece of waikato river. I recently went back home to taupo and visited this place and was so disappointed because of the lack of care people have for it it is way too over populated and people don't clean up after themselves and leave rubbish laying around and local theives r a big let down too as it all ruins the beautiful atmosphere it can give you. I am just so glad I got to experience this beautiful part of nature wen it was unknown and we always had it to ourselves. ??
Ngardz - Perth
24th March 2017
Rating: 9/10
Always enjoy coming here, place is always tidy and in a good state of repair. Pools themselves are clean, I enjoy the bigger thermal pool mostly as the smaller one is a tad too hot (others may like this) Only issue is the $22 fee for adults to get in is rather excessive.
Carl - Lower Hutt
20th March 2017
Rating: 6/10
Place feels a bit dated and needs some TLC. Main pool had some foliage in it from the bamboo alongside the pool. The 1.2m Geothermal pool needs a fresh coat of plaster as the water has eaten away at it over time, ground in it is a little rough. The Hotter pool is a bit too shallow but nice and warm. Access to the pools will be tricky if you have a disability as there are some steps and steep path. Water itself is nice and warm, can't smell anything like sulphur. Signs around the pool do note it is filtered. Overall the place would be great if a bit of money was spent on the place.
Carl - Lower Hutt
15th March 2017
Rating: 9/10
Nice, comfortable, lovely quiet place to stay. Hot pool is very relaxing. Definitely be back!
Tatanera -
31th January 2017
Rating: 8/10
Wonderful place to visit after a rainy hike on Ruapehu. Great price, friendly and helpful staff, and soothing water. We had 20 minutes in the private pools which was enough because of the heat. The public pool felt great after that. The only shower facilities are a couple of cold poolside ones, but it does the job.
Jo - UK
09th February 2017
Rating: 2/10
When I arrived I asked what time they close. I was told 9pm. I asked would we have 5 min to ba able to change. No problem was the answer even if we stayed longer it would not be a problem. There is a clock however not enough light to see it from the other side of the pool late at night. Then suddenly the lights went off. I ended up hurting myself in the dark as a result I have a light concussion and whiplash. Saddest thing is not even a sorry from the owner as we should know what the time is. I had overseas guest with me and they are both fire officers. They thought it was rather strange the pool was not checked if it was empty. We have been visiting there for 40 years although not regularly lately however this attitude I have never experienced before. The middle pool needs some maintenence also.
Marjo - Lichfield New Zealand
15th February 2017
Rating: 10/10
What New Zealand is all about.
Mrs SF - Auckland
23th February 2017
Rating: 10/10
Used the private pool service and found that very relaxing. The staff led by Phil and Tina Smith are very friendly and helpful. The walk around the woodland thermal pools is free, very interesting and and well worth the effort. Would recommend anyone to go there. It may need some TLC but it is clean and well maintained. Well worth the $10 each.
John Harrison - Gloucester UK
26th January 2017
Rating: 1/10
Massive slip decimates Sylvia Flats Hot Springs, Lewis Pass: 20th January 2017 The famous Sylvia Flats natural thermal hot springs that has been a secret haven for locals and their friends for years, has disappeared following a massive landslip in the advent of the torrential rainfalls on the West Coast on 20th January 2017. The Lewis Pass region is host to numerous natural thermal waters, many in remote locations accessible only on foot. Sylvia Flats is located alongside the Lewis River, 20 kms past the Maruia Springs thermal resort. The weekend's downpour triggered a slip on the side of the highway, completely burying the geothermal pools. The access track from the car park has also completely collapsed . A DOC warning sign has long warned thermal bathers to not use the pools and be mindful of rockfalls, however has not deterred visitors to experience the wonder of the natural geothermal pools, that usually reach 40 degrees.
Michael Moore - Christchurch, New Zealand
22th January 2017
Rating: 10/10
We found the Secret Spot today at circa 4.00pm, (I suppose not so secret now given all of the reviews). We had a fantastic time and it was free, it was not crowded, the area was clean and only one discarded bottle was found, no broken glass was found in the area. Everybody was friendly and in a good frame of mind. It was textile bathing today which is fine as would skinny if that had been the majority mode of bathing. There are good wooden steps and railings to the stream which added to the experience and if they were provided and maintained by DOC then thanks. But whoever did this its a job well done. I will return when we are next in the area and would recommend it to others
Tim - UK
09th January 2017
Rating: 1/10
We booked a private pool online via the day before and received confirmation of our booking within the hour. Unfortunately, the following afternoon we turned up 30minutes before our allotted time of 2.30pm and were told that the private pools were fully booked! The woman at reception responded as if this was our fault for not double checking if our booking still stood, despite us producing the confirmation letter and the fact the money had been taken from us. Apparently nobody had checked 'the system' since the day before and so our booking did not go through, it would have been nice to have received warning of this via phonecall or email before making our way to the hot pools. We were very disappointed when we arrived to be turned away in this manner, as we had planned our day around this activity.
Nick - Australia
05th January 2017
Rating: 10/10
Beautiful emerald lake, temp like a warm bath, swam about three meters out. Nobody around. What a delight!
Amelia - Nz
02th January 2017
Rating: 2/10
Its definitely pretty and easy to find, but there is a huge government warning sign next to the pool because of Meningitis amebas, which by the way at 100% fatal if contracted. The sign advises to keep the water out of your noise, but is it really worth the risk? Also the entire trail leading up to pool is covered in used toilet paper. Ew.
Andrew C - Pleasanton, USA
01th January 2016
Rating: 5/10
Um I don't know what to say it was half and half the water slides were amazing I would recommend that but the pools are disgusting ???
Marco - Italy
23th December 2016
Rating: 1/10
This place is a bad advertisement for an Kiwi Holiday Park. We had some Canadians staying next to us and they were concerned that all Holiday Parks in NZ were as bad as Golden Springs. The place is untidy and mostly unkept. Our room had leaking guttering over the entrance, maintenance required everywhere you look. I don't say this easily but the place is a dump. Some of the caravan and tent sites looked ok. I would never recommend Golden Springs and the review average score they have from the online booking site I used to book must be rigged. In order to run a Holiday Park you have to pay attention to the grounds and buildings, not sit behind a computer.
Scott - New Zealand
28th November 2016
Rating: 1/10
Really annoyed (and I am sure I am not alone here as a lot of other people were turning up when we did) that when we arrived at 7pm on Saturday night with a birthday girl and friends for a swim to be informed that they were closing early for a staff Christmas function!! No notice on door, or website or anywhere else I could find. So disappointing :(
Kerry - Mount Maunganui
26th November 2016
Rating: 9/10
We visit this place every summer. This year in March is was unbearably HOT, too hot for the children to enjoy. At the time I wondered whether the temperature was connected to geothermal activity in the area. Has anyone been recently given the slew of earthquakes?
Maren Williams - New Zealand
27th November 2016
Rating: 5/10
My wife and myself have been coming to waiwera since we were kids we are now in our early 50s so I feel we are able to comment on the pools . It was the place to go when we were young everything was new and exciting but it is in a very worn out state now the tubes were awesome but they no longer exist and that's so sad.also the camp grounds no longer exist that was a cool place to stay the hotel was knocked down a few years back now it's just vacant land its just so sad to see a NZ icon going down hill so fast .the locals keep the place propped up but since the freeway went through its a ghost town.this unfortunately is a sign of the times no money no people no business.we still go to waiwera but we don't go to the pools anymore we choose to stay at the coach trail lodge which has its own pools .love waiwera but it's like watching someone slowly die very sad indeed.
Lisa and Jim Palmer - Whangarei
21th November 2016
Rating: 1/10
wow.rude owners.long way to access with the crapist food,service and over all experience.go to the aroha.
bather - hamilton
28th October 2016
Rating: 9/10
Awesome place to visit alone, with friends or Whaanau. Clears away the aches and pains
marina pouesi - Aotearoa nz
19th October 2016
Rating: 6/10
Check the tide heights as well as the times. We tried on a midday tide with a predicted low of 1.1m, but after 11am the hot spot we could feel under the sand was still knee-deep.
Dennis - Australia
12th October 2016
Rating: 10/10
Love these pools, the camping ground and the meals served in the cafe.
Maureen - NZ
02th October 2016
Rating: 10/10
Kia Ora Marilyn & Knox Thankyou so much for your tautoko to us whilst we were there to attend our Aunty's Tangi at Tikapa (21-22 Sept 2016) and for your kindness providing transport for us - this we will not forget. We look forward to coming back. Nga Mihi - Arohanui Hana, Laurayne, and Lawrence (Skipper/Konia Whanau)
Laurayne Mariu - Wellington
27th September 2016
Rating: 10/10
Loved this place! It was quiet, peaceful and just off the beaten track. Went here early in the morning (about 8:30 am) and practically had the place to ourselves apart from one local lady who was very informative about the springs and its healing properties. Kids loved it as it wasn't too deep. So much more authentic than many of the commercial operations back in town. Really affordable for a family of five. Highly recommend the Soda Springs.
Joanna - Melbourne
24th September 2016
Rating: 10/10
What an amazing experience! My parents are in NZ for a visit and thought it would be good to do the tourist thing and delighted we went to Hell's Gate! Very informative and helpful staff members explained everything, we did the the walk, the mud and sulphar spa! Would definitely do it again.
Stefni - Auckland / South Africa / Saudi
16th September 2016
Rating: 7/10
I went a few times last year and really enjoyed the place. It's nice to see a pool complex for adults at Palm Springs with a relaxing environment to wind down and have an alcoholic beverage with out all the mayhem of yelling and screaming kids. Plam Springs targets the adult market segment which is great, that way they bring something unique to the their target audience. Ruckus families with kids can pop over the road, while us adults can be left in peace. Palm Springs number 1 fan.
Malcolm - Auckland
03th June 2016
Rating: 8/10
My partner and I went recently to the springs. First thing I would say is it is a bit pricey (over $30 if including the slide pass) especially as you only get really short "pass-outs" & can't leave for longer than 15 minutes at a time. The pools aren't really that hot except for the three sulfer pools at the top. Other than the first two points, the pools layout is awesome, the slides are awesome, the facilities are modern and first class & the staff are pretty good at not letting you put your head under water :P I'd go again, but I'd try other ones first.
Nicholas Wisniewski - Ashburton
08th June 2016
Rating: 10/10
The BEST hot springs. Have been coming to the pools since approx.1954. Cant get enough of the soaking and feeling so great afterwards.
Pam - New Zealand
14th June 2016
Rating: 1/10
NOT THERMAL HOTWATER! Pools are artificially heated and there is no mention of this. This listing should not be on this website; I thought this site was dedicated to thermal pools only?
Nick - Hastings
15th June 2016
Rating: -/10
This was a great place, ive been going there since like forever 1985, a little off the main road but was worth it, nice and open with no buildings, free for everyone as nature intended, so yeah not happy that this has become a money grabber, when ever i visited i would to do my bit to maintain the place, but last time i visited these buildings were there and they wanted a fee so i offered a donation which was refused, so have never gone again so sad really,should have been left alone, maybe a sign stating where you could leave a donation, this was free in open 24hrs a day now people dont know when its open 0/10
Kevy - NZ
19th June 2016
Rating: 10/10
Tokaanu Thermal pools has been my favourite for 20+ years , always stop there on my way north and back home if I can Love the place and it's old fashioned ambience , I recommend it to all my guests
Hilary - New Zealand
08th July 2016
Rating: 10/10
due to the disrepect by many back in the days, rubbish, broken bottles everywhere, in out and around the baths .. basically it almost went from a Nice Free Clean baths to a rubbish tip so owners decided to put a stop to it. The results is what you see now, lovely, clean maintained always. If one feels paying an entry is wrong, i suggest one goes elsewhere ..
mar - rotorua
14th July 2016
Rating: 9/10
I visited this fantastic pool often about 45 years ago and am now disappointed that it has become so well known and now being further ruined by DOC as the beauty of the secret pool was its natural nature and surrounding . I will not return to it now that has lost its charm. My friends and I often visited another secret hot pool in the area and on checking with my friend who still lives in the area I am told that it is still secret only known to a few locals and never put in a guide book or this site , it is this pool that I will visit soon .
J A Walker - North Canterbury
31th July 2016
Rating: 6/10
It should be noted that this is not on private land but you have to cross private land to get there , so stop at homestead and ask the nice people
Jeff - North Canterbury
31th July 2016
Rating: 9/10
Great place to be here, had an awesome time with my family. Will be dying to come back here. Also the staff was really nice and well behaved.
ritesh - india
05th September 2016
Rating: 6/10
It should be noted that this is not on private land but you have to cross private land to get there , so stop at homestead and ask the nice people
Jeff - North Canterbury
31th July 2016
Rating: 10/10
Lovely spot. Brought a party of 23 (West Auckland Tramping club). Stayed the weekend Holiday Park. Everything was spotless. Hosts very welcoming. Excellent value for money. Highly recommend.
PETER TUOHY - Auckland
11th August 2016
Rating: 6/10
Good and bad: Good: Great that they are open again. Apart from a few new coats of pain and fences, it's much the same as before. Which is ok by me because I loved soaking in the hot water looking up at the mountains. Bad: We hired a private spa only to find out that the bubbles weren't working. (You pay 40 bucks for a spa, you expect to get bubbles not just a private hot pool with a view of some gorse) The attendent was a lovely guy and went to get help immediately. Someone returned every few minutes telling us the problem was being looked into. Then after 15 minutes nothing. We sat there in the tub for a further 30 minutes without the problem being solved. After waiting long enough we gave up and went back to the main pools. My partner later when to Chood Singh up at the office for a refund and he got very irate. His manner was very intimidating. He only agreed to refund the amount after my partner threatened to go to Consumer Affairs. Despite the unprofessional management I still love Waingaro Springs. Have been going there since I was a kid in the 70s. I may have trouble convincing my partner to agree to come back again though.
80sfan - New Zealand
11th August 2016
Rating: 9/10
Exactly where you think it is. Turn off on Waiotapu loop, and park at the creek bridge. Either side of the bridge is hotter or cooler, literally walk the stairs down right into the welcoming water. We came in August and tremendously enjoyed the hot stream, the cool moonlit night, and the amazing local hospitality! Shout out to the snowboarders Josh and Caleb from Whangarei! :D P.S. Only a 9/10 because of that damn feral cat!
Jason - Duluth, MN USA
13th August 2016
Rating: 2/10
Closing the cafe at 7pm on a Friday night and telling a single mum with a party of four pre teen girls their only option was to go over the road to the pub for snacks! That is bad!! Waiwera thermal resort your operation is dilapidated, overpriced and broken and you don't deserve access to our natural resource.
Mark -
19th August 2016
Rating: 9/10
My family stayed there for 1 week awhile ago. Safe and clean both pools and camping area. I found the owner to be so helpful and we are maori and poly and all good for us. Sad if others didnt have the same experience.
Frankie young - Manawatu
20th August 2016
Rating: 3/10
Clean which is nice but didnt like the staff taking about - a 'Fat blob' of a woman in the pool that would empty out alot of water when she gets in. We were shocked. How dare they talk about customers like that cause they didnt think we could hear. Hate to think what else they say about other unaware customers. Ruined it. Our family wont return.
Frank Young - Titahi Bay
24th August 2016
Rating: -/10
I was just passing by so wanted to stop and see The place, but was unable to enter from the Te kopia Rd, as there were closed gates everywhere with lot of signs, that the places are under surveillance and trespassers will be prosecuted :-( . So nudists probably do not want companions :-D .
Tomas - Slovakia
25th May 2016
Rating: 7/10
We went there last month, the young lady who took our admittance was pleasant and helpful, pointed out where we could park in the shade so our dogs wouldn't get over heated in the car. The pools and buildings are old but appear to have had quite a lot of painting done of late, were clean and tidy, and the water temperatures were nice at 32 deg in the main pool and 40 in the hot smaller pool. It was not the fanciest, and their little shop is pretty bare but we enjoyed our afternoon there. Reading through the other reviews, I think we had a better experience than some, but I can see that some investment to make improvements might be a good thing.
John Welsford - New Zealand
16th May 2016
Rating: 10/10
We have been a fan of these pools for a while, but the new management has turned a great pool to a truly fantastic venue. The private pools where the cleanest and nicest we have seen them and the team where just lovely to deal with! Well worth us getting a babysitter for!
Jenny - Tauranga
03th May 2016
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