Amethyst Hot Springs, Lower Wanganui River

Name: Justine
Rating: 10/10
on 11 July 2013

I went yesterday to find the pools (10th July) and found a small pool at the site specified above which was big enough for two people when lying down however if you take a shovel you could fit more. However, on walking back to car, right below where we were walking we noticed steam, went to explore and found a HUMONGOUS crystal clear pool right below the slip near the beginning of the track near the locked gate (we have a 4wd so could make it over the start where the bridge has collapsed, not too bad but need a 4wd for sure). This pool is around 50m long, directly below the path, you can access by finding the point around 50m from the Wanganui Track sign in which you are able to get down to the river. Then right in front is a separate pool not connected to the river below the slip, very long with perfect swimming temperature in most parts, up to just over the knees. The only thing is that the slip overhangs quite a bit so it might be a bit dangerous with a few precariously attached rocks etc, but if you want to risk it, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and big enough to swim!!!! Will soon put up a photo. Also, sign at turnoff is still a coca-cola sign and construction site is still occuring but does not stop access.