Ginns Ngawha Spa

Name: Marcia Wilson
Rating: 10/10
on 3 April 2006

We have recently visited twice and I am impressed that now someone is there to greet you. Connie and her dog she is friendly. The children had a place to run around after we had our long soak and we were able to have a cuppa on the lawn that had just been mowed. They have done alot of work you can see the place making a change. It was popular in its day. My husband who is now 50 can remember coming here when he was 5 a trip from Hikirangi. It has won our vote to come here quiet and you can feel you feet in the sand the warm and hot spots feels natural and it is. We live in Kawakawa(where the famous Toilets are so just take the extra time towards Ngawha it won’t be a dissappiontment. Now they have rooms that could be used if they were fixed up it would be awesome. At the moment they not under the builder code so your support would be really good. From The Wilson Family.