Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve

Name: David Woodhouse
Rating: 7/10
on 13 August 2005

Brilliant. we were driving from Auckland to Dunedin & decided to spend afternoon unwinding at the pools complex. Around Xmas 2004 – it was busy – but we found it extremely enjoyable – with some very private areas alongside large open pool areas for all the kids & a really nice flowing stream area with rocks etc. The perfect place to spend the day – I see why the Canterbury rugby team use it for some R & R. Really nice cafe / restaurant / bars. (Waiwera in Auckland should really take a lead from Hanmer which specialises in quality, fair- pricing & great friendly staff – in contrast Waiwera is utterly commercialised, like sitting in the playground at Macdonalds – except that the staff at Waiwera seem oh so grumpy ). Gotta hand it to you Mainlanders – you know how to relax in style…