Hell’s Gate – WaiOra Spa and Wellness Centre

Name: Peter Woods
Rating: 8/10
on 31 December 2012

If you are going to Hells Gate for the geothermal park walk, no visit is complete without paying a bit extra to experience a true Mud Bath. The mud is amazing – silky smooth, warm and squishy. Smear it all over your body and face and after a shower your skin will feel as smooth as a babies bottom! Then after your mud experience hop into the milky waters of the soda pools. Luxury! My advise is to pay a little extra to have a private mud bath, that way you can go naked and your togs wont end up smelling of sulphur for weeks. Hells Gate has just gone through a major upgrade with all new pools and landscaped areas, the communal pool now has a view over the thermal park.