Kerosene Creek

Name: Tim
Rating: 10/10
on 10 September 2012

I’m a Kiwi and this would be the number one thing to do with visitors to NZ. Kerosene Creek is easy to find but hidden enough to be peaceful. There’s a choice of three pools, with the downstream one featuring a waterfall. Temperature is perfect; I would guess low 30s Celsius, so you don’t get too cold or too hot and stay in indefinitely. Don’t know why some people are uptight about beers in the water… it’d be rude not to! I guess just exercising common sense by drinking from cans (not bottles, for safety) taking away empties/rubbish and not being noisy does no harm to anyone or anything. Very relaxing to lie back and enjoy the of random eye candy that comes and goes from time to time. 🙂