Mackenzie Stream Hot Springs

Name: Honora Renwick
Rating: 4/10
on 26 November 2014

On the day, it was barely worth it but out of principle, I jumped in. One has to factor in sandflies and ambient weather conditions i.e. not so hot that it’s pointless and not so cold that one ends up being quite cold once one exits the pool. I considered the wx conditions on the day to be the best. One small gust of wind only and 3 sandfly bites: not bad. However the pool was a little too tepid and full of revolting algae. I used the upper pool to splash this muck off afterwards. The depth and dimension for one bather was fine. There is a rusting shovel blade nearby which could be useful. This is the lowest ranked hot pool I’ve encountered of about 10 I may have hopped in. It was pretty much hop in and sit for a minute and hop out.