Mangatainoka Hot Springs

Name: Ben McEwan
Rating: 10/10
on 30 May 2008

Great pools. Note: There are TWO hotpool locations: There is one fiberglass hotpool in the bush near the camping ground at the road end, before beginning the walk. The Hot Pool is 5 minutes walk from the camping area. Would fit 6. The second Hot Pool is up the valley, about a 3.5 hour walk. Check DoC’s website for info on the walk. There is a hut (Te Puia Lodge) 30 minutes before you reach the hot pools. I recommend taking a tent and camping at the pools. Good times. They’re the fibreglass ones pictured above. Space for up to 12? Could cram more in though. Note that the hot water PVC inlet pipe can be slid back to stop hot water coming in. A few buckets of cold water from the river are well worth it too. Good times. My recommendation: Arrive at the road in the evening and camp the night there. Have a hot pool that night. Next morning, have a hot pool. Tramp up valley to the next hot pools, pitch the tent and have a hot pool (or several) that evening. In the morning have a hot pool. Pack up, tramp back to the car, have another hot pool! Enjoy.