Mangatainoka Hot Springs

Name: Debbie
Rating: 10/10
on 19 March 2009

Beautiful clean and clear pools at start -Mangatutu pool at small carpark before start of Te Puia track and at top of Mohaka -Mangatinoka hot pools. I went mid week and had pools to myself -so peaceful and refreshing to have a soak half way thru day’s tramp and at the end of 7 hours walking. I went up to the Mangatinoka pools via Te Puia hut track and then returned via Mt Makino track and walked back down road to carpark and final hot pool soak. Great way to spend a day off work! Takes about 3 hours drive from Pahiatua to get to start of track. Takes 3.5 hours to walk to Mangatinoka hot pools. The climb up Mt Makino is steep -took about 1.5 hours to climb ridge. You do need to allow full day -I had daylight until 7.30pm.