Maruia Springs Thermal Resort

Name: Caroline H
Rating: -/10
on 3 April 2010

Our room ($339 – room 10 of Garden View) leaked shower water from the room above via a sagging water damaged ceiling – we had to move the bed and set up a cup to catch it. We reported it to Management who said they couldn’t see it (apparently went into our room while we were eating) then blamed us as it was our friend’s in Room 2 above who were using the showers! There was no hot water at all – not in the unit, the bath house or the changing rooms. First we were told it had run out but when pressed as to how long before it recovered they admitted it was “a little bit broken”. In 2 hours playing cards in the room we chased 5 mice – most vanished into our bed bases then kept us awake all night in and out of our gear. The entire complex excluding the restaurant (which was surprisingly good) was run down and a health hazard, not to mention overpriced. Very disappointing, especially the rude and dishonest management.