Maruia Springs Thermal Resort

Name: Lynda Williams
Rating: -/10
on 29 January 2013

We have been regular visitors to the Maruia Hot Springs over the last 20 years. We have not been for the last 2 years due to circumstances (we have been badly affected by the Chch earthquakes). We made a special effort to take my father, who is visiting from the UK. Our visit on (27.01.13) was more than disappointing. I have to say I was disgusted with the state of the pools and facilities. Weeds and filth abound. The grounds were overgrown and generally unkempt. The shower facilities were dirty and the floor was covered in slippery mud deposits. Dead flies and spiders hung from cobwebs on the shower roof that was cracked and obviously rotting in places. I should imagine that the floor was a result of the excess sediment in the pools. I realise that these are natural springs and that a certain amount of natural matter is present in the water but the pools were a mass of slimy “seaweed” type floaties and at 39 degrees were almost unbearable. It does nothing to enhance your relaxing experience when you are surrounded by lumps of sediment, one of which was so big it looked like a dead cat floating in the pool. Surely removing the larger deposits with a pool net would not be too hard. I don’t think pulling out a few weeds and some general maintenance would be too hard. The $19 entry fee per peson should more than pay for maintenance. I won’t be visiting again .