Maruia Springs Thermal Resort

Name: anonymous
Rating: -/10
on 20 May 2007

After two long years of hard graft we were looking forward to a relaxing holiday which included Maruia Thermal Resort…………BIG, BIG MISTAKE. At a distance the resort looks great including their website pics. but at a closer look the upkeep of the accomodation is appalling. Our chalet (no.5) was cramped and in need of some basic TLC. The wash basin was cracked and crazed and totally unhygenic, so was the toilet unhygenic, which was badly stained beneath the water line. The paintwork on the woodwork was second rate, but the price of the accomodation wasn’t, they are asking five star rates for two star service. The shower unit is woefully small, so if you are a little on the large side you will be constantly knocking the water control off or knocking the water either onto hot or cold. The service in their resteraunt has little to be desired too, being the only eatery for miles around you are at their mercy! There were four of us for dinner, two of our main course orders arrived before the starter, which finally arrived ten minutes later with the waitress stating “It went to the wrong table, no worries”, then TWENTY FIVE minutes later the other two main courses arrived. There was no management available to talk to until the morning of the next day, and when informed that one of the owners was on site and we asked to see her, she didn’t want to see us! We eventually were recompensed 10% (the price of the starter!) and offered a voucher of $60.00 to use for a free spa at the resort!! We fully recommend that anybody wanting to unwide and relax at the Maruia Springs Thermal Resort NOT to waste their money and time there but to go to Hamner instead, which by the way has no sand flies that are ready to attack you the moment you are in the open! PS. Be warned, if you do risk going to the resort, the rocks that lead to the pools are very, very slippery.