Miranda Hot Springs

Name: Ben
Rating: 9/10
on 25 March 2007

Hi, having read the comments relating to that fateful day in December, I feel compelled to comment. Yes, the incident was tragic for all concerned, especially the whanau but to lay blame on the staff at Miranda I believe is unfair. I feel they reacted as quickly as possible once they realised the incident had occured and did as much as they could to assist, unfortunately to no avail. I’m sure they were traumatised by the event as much as anyone and the memory will live with them forever. It is easy to lay blame, but ultimately parents or caregivers are responsible for their children. Having been back to Miranda since, I know that they have taken measures to avoid such a tragedy occurring again. The complex is a bit dated but it is always clean and the service is on the whole excellent. A day at Miranda is always an excelleny day out!